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Thread: BMFA numbers. Is this true, or a gross exaggeration?
14/11/2019 09:23:15

Spot on Peter different times, I think we had a much more tolerant society then. Too many Mr and Mrs angry today 😩

Thread: Maricardo build
10/11/2019 21:03:46

This is my method of creating template to cut out the wing ribs use pins and a piece of balsa to hold while cutting .works well , think I pinched the idea from Peter Miller 😀👍


Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
31/10/2019 17:15:47

Hi Chris, nearly missed this thread as PSSA is not realy my thing . Great to see you back doing some balsa bashing 👍although I don't fly on the slope I am sure that I will pick up some great building tips and have some interesting discussions on your build. I hope that Gaston has been behaving himself and is ready to assist in the build, we are off on hols this weekend but will be able to follow but posting my be a little slow. Bookmark selected so that I do not miss anything , looking forward to the build 👍👍👍


Thread: New Legislation And Trainee Requirements
23/10/2019 20:33:01
Posted by Jason-I on 23/10/2019 20:11:52:
Posted by Paul C. on 23/10/2019 20:07:27:

Err that's posters not posers 😯😯😯😯 bloomin predictive text and me not reading it , sorry 😱

I've been called worse!

If nothing else some folks have had a laugh at my faux pas, time for a G & T I think 😂

23/10/2019 20:07:27

Err that's posters not posers 😯😯😯😯 bloomin predictive text and me not reading it , sorry 😱

23/10/2019 20:04:30

I have tried to follow all of the threads and comments on this subject but I have to admit that I am getting more confused as time goes by, all of the posers are I am sure are giving their best interpretation of what's happening and giving a heads up on any possible future pitfalls. The BMFA have clearly been working hard to get the best possible results and have done a grand job, I am confident that they will continue to do the best for us all.

To maintain my sanity I think that I will wait for my BMFA email updates on how to proceed and get on the SLEC web site to order some more balsa and adjourn to the workshop for a winter build project. Best get some more gas for the heater it's getting a little chilly out there.


Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
23/10/2019 17:38:27

Cheers Steve , will check the post. There is so much info on this subject that I am finding it difficult to keep track 😨


23/10/2019 17:24:34

Hi Steve , do not understand your last point - The subcategories that those of us who fly at sites with public access don't like the look of arrive.

Could you clarify please, probably just me being a bit thick 😂

Thanks Paul 👍

Thread: Mark’s Peggy Sue 2 Build
04/10/2019 20:01:16

Hi Mark, the Ballerina was the first inverted 4 stroke set up that I did so I was probably a bit over thinking the set up with the fuel tank 😂 . I fitted the remote mainly because I had one (swop meet) and the old glow stick I had was a pain to get on the plug, have since consigned it to the bin and bought a lipo glow stick which it way better. Keep up the good work 👍


04/10/2019 19:21:21

Looking good Mark great build blog. I note that you have gone for an inverted engine, I did the same on my Ballerina thought it looked better than side winder. Decided to fit remote glow lead as fingers and prop were getting way to close when removing the glow battery, if I remember correctly I lowered the tank slightly to get centre line of the tank to the carb. Not sure if I really needed to do that but I have had no problems will engine runs, Peter may have some advice on this.


Thread: SC53 Four stroke
03/10/2019 13:35:30

I used plastic snake for the throttle, only because I had then in my stock. Always try to avoid soldering if at all possible as I am rubbish at it and never know when I have a dry joint 😨


03/10/2019 09:19:38

Hi Douglas I have a ASP 52 FS in mine plenty of power for big manouvers. Started with 11×7 prop but have now changed to 12×6 just to help slow the model down for landing , my fault realy as I tend to set the slow running rpm a bit too high. Most of the flight is at half throttle and i use the throttle through the manouvers , it's just the way I like to fly. You have made a great choice in model/engine combination, let us know how you get on 👍


Thread: Moon Dancer 2
09/09/2019 14:44:52

Good to hear you have found the cause it's easy to get distracted when other things are going wrong 😨 . We had to get wire covers put on our chimneys after a magpie decided to pay a visit , ended up with bird plus a load of soot in the living room 😈

09/09/2019 09:28:50

Nice looking model Peter 👍 sounds like the CG moved back for some reason it's always annoying when this happens on the first flight 😦. Have you any idea what the cause may be ?

Thread: Latest CAA Update
30/08/2019 21:42:48
Posted by john stones 1 on 30/08/2019 21:39:09:

170,000. wink

0 I'm betting that the website will crash on day 1 and no one will be able to register 😂

Thread: Moon Dancer 2
30/08/2019 11:56:21

What film are you using after the loss of solarfilm ? I have gone for the hobby king stuff , goes on ok just needs a bit more heat not tried oracover yet though as it's a bit more expensive.

30/08/2019 11:19:33

Looking good Peter 👍 I always find the covering stage of the build my least favourite part, I keep changing my mind on the colour and trim need to be more strict with myself I think 😁


Thread: OS 40 FP Mixture problem
30/08/2019 08:44:34

I remember struggling to get the set up right on one of these engines many years ago , took me ages to realise that the idle needle worked backwards to the mail needle IN - rich OUT - lean . Not at all sure that this is your problem but is a bit of info 😂, have you checked the back plate for a good seal ? The plastic one on the LA series caused me some grief to get it to seal correctly. When all else fails take the engine out fit it to a test stand and use a new tank, I find that you can see what's going on, easily get at all parts of the engine and try the tank at different heights.

Best of luck, Paul.

Thread: Moon Dancer 2
17/08/2019 08:48:49

Thanks kc I am on the case 👍, I wonder what subject will be Peters 10,000 post will be ?


16/08/2019 20:02:32

Thanks Piers , me and Google were having a bad day 😂 . Just been looking at the firedrake , I have a 61 four stroke that is looking for a home. Every time I start looking at the list of Peter's designes I get tempted to send for the plan, winter is coming think I know what the next build will be. 😉


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