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Thread: Petrol engine cutting out on take-off
24/05/2019 16:54:22

Just wondering if it's worth a test flight with the cowl removed , that would remove any possible restriction.


Thread: New Lancaster Skies Film
22/05/2019 08:23:25

Thanks Percy I will track one down 👍👍

Thread: In The Newsagents ...
21/05/2019 22:17:28

The bending down to pick it from the doormat is not the problem ,it's the getting back up that's the issue 😂

Thread: New Lancaster Skies Film
21/05/2019 22:12:05

Where did you get your copy from Percy ?

Thread: Another thread closed
21/05/2019 21:40:00

We rc modelers are all passionate about our hobby and at times things can get a little heated but on the whole the mods do a good job of keeping us under control but still allow a good debate.

Compare this forum to Facebook which I have recently had the misfortune to use, the subject matter and foul and abusive language is beyond belief , this forum is for all ages to view and use and to be fair the mods are doing a good job of keeping things in order.


Thread: Glitches and crashes
21/05/2019 21:13:20
Posted by Tim Kearsley on 21/05/2019 19:43:53:

Hi Paul,

The model that went in today had an electronic switch, so no moving parts (I don't trust mechanical switches). I used a separate Rx NimH pack in this model which I had charged the night before. I too have used Spektrum for at least 10 years, with no issues. It's the loss of two models with unexplained glitches which has made me doubt the Tx. It could of course be nothing to do with the Tx, but how can you tell?


Hi Tim, I agree once you have checked out the the usual suspects it's time to get the tx checked out. There are some good spektrum service about at reasonable prices, even if they find nothing wrong it's piece of mind and you can start to look for other causes. As a by the by I have only had one rx tx failure since messing about with radio control back in 1969 and that would you believe was with a multiplex reciever 😱 . Over the years the majority of my problems have been with servos not centering, drawing too much power or on off switches. Tracking down the cause of the problem can be a bit of a black art and needs a step by stem approach to find the culprit, a bit like NCIS on the TV 😂 ain't this hobby fun 😂😂😂😂


21/05/2019 19:31:49

Hi Tim , logic rc are the dealers for spektrum and I think that they also offer service. I like many have been using spektrum for years without any issues, check out servos for drawing excess current or stalling , battery packs etc. As your first crash went in under full power it does not sound as though the failsafe activated due to loss of signal, don't forget to give the on off switch a good check (I have a particular hatred for switches) Halfords electrical cleaner is great for cleaning switches and servo extension lead connectors.

Best of luck Paul.

Thread: What a sick world we live in
20/05/2019 08:47:57
Posted by David Davis on 20/05/2019 07:20:09:
Posted by Percy Verance on 20/05/2019 06:39:14:

.............. There's much to be said for reintroducing National Service...

The army doesn't want people like that!

Target practice !!!!! 😈😈😈

Thread: Poll for who intends to register.
17/05/2019 21:49:08

👍 I intend to continue flying so will register and pay whatever the final charge is. Not a happy chappy but I have no intention to break the law, my protest days have been left behind back in the 60 ' s . Just my opinion so have no problems with others who feel the need to protest, my flying days diminish with age so I can't afford to miss too many 😱.


Thread: Digital subscriber versus subscription number
03/05/2019 08:23:53

Hi Mike, recommend you post your question on the 'subscriber thread' as I know Beth keeps an eye open for new posts there your post might be missed otherwise

Cheers, Paul

Thread: RC Mercury Marauder?
02/05/2019 10:21:38

Hi Simon, a daft question just popped into my head (again) presumably the wings will be tissue covered as per original. The only tissue that I have seen has been in small sheets no where near long enough to cover the wings in one piece, are there rolls of tissue covering available or do you join it in some way? Probably an obvious answer somewhere but I just can't see it 😨


Thread: CAA registration consulation
02/05/2019 10:07:54
Posted by john stones 1 on 02/05/2019 09:35:01:

Quit the hobby over this ? Not a cat in hells chance, family next door got their house robbed last week in broad daylight, get a grip.

Well said John , beginning to feel that this thread should carry a health warning !!! You can feel the blood pressure of some of the posters hitting dangerously high levels, time to Google local yoga classes 😉👍


01/05/2019 21:56:34

Thanks Gary I was sure I spotted it somewhere 👍

01/05/2019 21:37:02

I am sure I read somewhere that the age limit was a minimum age, can't remember where but don't have the will to trawl through all of that again 😩

28/04/2019 11:34:25

I have completed the consultation but do not really expect anything to come of it. At the end of the day if it becomes a legal requirement then I will pay up and register there is no way that I am going to leave myself open to any form of prosecution, if that's the price I have to pay to continue my hobby then so be it. In real terms it's 4 pints of beer, one servo, half gallon of fuel, the list goes on! When this comes into force some poor soul is going to be made an example off and I intend to make sure it is not me. There are times when you have little alternative than to just suck it up and get on with it, unfortunately I think that this is one of those times 😩


26/04/2019 20:57:22

Consultation document completed, time will tell 😩

Thread: Where can I buy Profilm (Oracover) by the metre?
26/04/2019 16:01:16

Hi Mike, I believe that the film Rapid models sell is the same stuff that comes from Hobby King I find that it lies the covering iron just a little warmer than solarfilm and on some colours the adhesive 'bleeds' a little but a quick wipe with meths on a cloth and it's gone. I have covered about 4 ic models using this and all have remained in good condition, for the price it might be worth getting a meter and giving it a try to see how you get on with it.

The CAP 20 in my post was covered in this film all was well until a close encounter with a tree 😨


26/04/2019 08:31:30

Hi mike , not profilm but I get all of my film covering from Rapid models. I find it better than profilm and solarfilm, service for Rapid has always been great for me it comes in various lengths you just select between 1 and 5 meters. Worth taking a look for future reference 👍


Thread: Galaxy Models Mystic plans
19/04/2019 18:58:17

2019-04-19 18.42.21.jpg

19/04/2019 18:57:36

This is not a scale plan but shows how everything is put together, shows a hatch at the bottom of the tank bay. Should be the easiest way to get to the tank above is foam veneered covered . I have a photo of the C of G and throws, will post them next .

​​​​​​​Cheers, Paul. 2019-04-19 18.41.42.jpg

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