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Thread: Downloading updates
03/08/2020 09:02:25

Just updated both of my DX8 gen1 and a gen2 transmitters the only slight problem I encountered was that after I downloaded the file to my pc I then did copy to the SD card and did not notice that windows adds (copy01) or something similar to the file name. If this happens you will need to remove this from the file name (rename) as the file name must be identical to the downloaded name.


Thread: LiPo replacement for Spektrum Tx Li-Ion - care and maintenance?
31/07/2020 17:59:43

Thanks for the info chaps 👍 very informative.


31/07/2020 14:41:36

Actually although the chemistry (lithium oxide with phosphates, iron, or cobalt) and voltage may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer (cobalt gives 4.2 volts) Lipo and Li-ion are the same thing. Only the packaging is different. and that is the only thing 'Lipo' refers to. Nothing else at all.

I didn't know this ! Thought that lipo and liion were two totally different things, never too old to learn something new 👍


31/07/2020 13:56:23

Interesting thread , I purchased a spektrum dx8 gen1 brand new about 8 years ago . At the time of purchase also had the genuine Spektrum lipo battery, a bit expensive but my mate recommended I get one to save having to charge so frequently easy to install and change the to lipo battery in the tx menu. The standard spektrum charger could still be used just found that it took a little longer that's all, I must admit I was a little surprised that there was no ballance lead and that I should use the standard charger. Not had the slightest problem with either the battery or the transmitter and have not noticed any reduced battery life. my knowledge of batteries is less than not a lot but this does appear to be at odds to how we are told to handle lipo flight packs.

Thread: How bad can things get
28/07/2020 22:17:35

Are you sure the problem is in the tx and not the rx, always best to send both back for testing. I assume the servos ,leads etc have been checked by the club expert .


Thread: I said goodbye to an old friend last Wednesday...
27/07/2020 14:25:31

When you get back could you give us the results of the autopsy as I am sure we would all like to know what was the cause of the flyaway. Hope that you will be able to find the cause after all this time 😨

Paul. 👍

Thread: Masks
25/07/2020 23:36:19

As I understand it the most prolific method of contamination is by touching contaminated surfaces and then involuntary touching you face, mouth and eyes . Face coverings come into their own in confined areas shops , public transport etc. One of the concerns about the implementation of face coverings is that folks might forget about the need to sanitise after touching surfaces, to minimise the possibility of contracting co vid is to continually sanitise, socialy distance, and face coverings when required. There's nothing foolproof in all of this but life has to go on , we just need to mitigate the risks as best we can and hope that the rest of the population follow the same path.

25/07/2020 21:55:39

Just about to finish 2 weeks holiday in fuerteventura Spain and looks like we will be having another 2 weeks holiday back at home in the uk 😨. Just going to follow the rules it's for the good of everyone just need to get your head in the right place 👍 suspect the lawn is going to be cut to a mm of its life again 😂.


25/07/2020 14:16:35

We are in fuerteventura for 2 weeks hols everyone over here wears face coverings in shops we have not seen anyone flouting the rules. There are police about but not in great numbers but they will fine you if you transgress we are reliably informed. Tourists of all nationalities are here although not in great numbers, everyone appears to be playing nice at the moment.


Thread: AR620 Loses Connection on Lower Power Range Check
25/07/2020 10:41:02

Sounds like a nice little job for me when we get back home 😂 I purchased a new dx8 gen2 recently and registered and did the outstanding updates , you get the register reminder every time you turn off. While I was on the site I had one outstanding update for my old dx8 gen1 so I did what as well.

The gen1 update was for additional sail plane functions by the look of it, not sure what the gen2 ones were for but did them all in sequence just to get current. Took me about 10 minutes to complete.


25/07/2020 09:56:01


25/07/2020 09:39:37

I purchased a AR620 reciever recently but had a problem when I tried to register it on the spektrum site, could not find a serial number on the reciever case. Will be sending for the programme lead when we get back from our hols , presume that the rx serial number will be displayed when connected. I must have about 8 spektrum rx and have not registered any up to yet.


24/07/2020 21:50:21

So really useful information for spektrum users on the AR620 reciever , just what this forum is all about, it's a shame it's descended into spektrum bashing I had hoped we were better than that.

Disappointed 😩

21/07/2020 18:55:12

Did you purchase the programme lead and update the reciever yourself or send to logic .


Thread: Programmable failsafe on AR 400 and 600 series Rx
14/07/2020 16:17:00

Hi Richard , as i understand it the failsafe on the AR400 only works on the throttle channel . The throttle is the only one that receive power the others will remain in the last position before signal loss. Check spektrum site and download the operation instructions for AR400 reciever to be sure but I think I have it right.


Thread: Advice - A steady hack
19/06/2020 14:40:36

Take a look at the mustang by Ton Van Munson (don't think I have the spelling even close 😩 free plan some time back, sport scale, 3s power ,straight forward build, club member has had one for ages fly a dream and he fly in all weather's.


Thread: Mark’s Peggy Sue 2 Build
13/06/2020 21:29:45

I'm betting that they will line up exactly 👍😆

03/06/2020 07:42:52

Yes Peter 👍 and for some reason it is always your latest model that bites the dust 😂

03/06/2020 07:16:06

Ha the joys of aero modeling 😨 after only a few flights I somehow managed to fly mine through a tree , chopped it up nicely into little pieces. Been playing with model aircraft since I was a kid and this was the largest damage I have managed up to yet, still got the wheels though


Thread: Peter Miller asks what next?
28/05/2020 15:36:19

What a great choice, not seen this aircraft before can't resist something different and aerobatic. Now how am I going to fit a 52 FS into it 😆,

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