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Thread: Good Start Plane - But Also For Intermediate
15/06/2012 22:44:01


The equation is simple enough, working out average current consumption is not, as it relies on so many variables. Everyones flying style is different, even wind can determine how much power you use and I think most on here would agree with me when I say throttle management is something you learn with time. So you might start out with a battery giving you 7-9 minute flight times then six months later thesame battery will give you 10-12 minutes because your using the throttle more intelligently and therefore using les power.

However in a nutshell, it goes something like this.

Lets say you have a 2500mAh battery - this means it can provide 2500 milli Amps for one Hour.

Or since there are 1000 milli Amps (mA) in 1 Amp (A) - just like there are 1000ml in a litre.

So you'll get 2.5A for one hour. therefore it follows you'll get 5A for half an hour, 10A for a quarter of an idea and 20A for 7.5 minutes. I'm sure your getting the idea now.

Edited By Redstorm on 15/06/2012 22:46:08

15/06/2012 00:04:40

Hi Teh,

No need to answer your question re "C" ratings of LiPo's as CJ has done so perfectly in the post above.

Right as for the charger, I got mine HERE.

However, be aware this was designed to support the old style 35Mhz transmitters which took 8 batteries (9.6v) whereas the new 2.4Ghz transmitters these days (like Spektrum, HiTec, futaba et al) all take 4 battery cells (4.8v) so whatever you do dont try plugging in the TX charge lead into the transmitter!! Instead use the RX lead with the supplied adaptor. Also be aware that this charger only outputs 100mA so if you go for THESE crazy 3000mA cells I bought then it will take 30 hours to charge.

Two possible alternatives would be to buy one of THESE and charge it with your normal LiPo charger (most LiPo charges are capable of charging NiMh cells as well - make sure you buy one that does).

Or buy a different charger like THIS ONE, which has a much higher output, in this case 750mA. This would charge the 3000mA batteries in only 4 hours! And 2200mA cells in around 3 hours. But again, use the RX output not the TX output due to the voltage again.

13/06/2012 23:36:52

i'll second that, the DX6i can do flapperons and i have done it.

it also has a charge socket and you can buy a charger and rechargeables easily too.

13/06/2012 19:33:53

Hey Teh

Before you jump in and buy the Optic 6, you might like to check out these two links

Spektrum DX6i TX only - £65 Compatible receivers available HERE

Spektrum DX6i TX & RX combo - £85

Spektrum DX6i TX & RX combo - £110

Both new and guaranteed.

If you went for the TX only, you could get compatible receivers (Orange) from Hobby King, here for a fraction of the price of Spektrum gear. I would also recommend the remote receiver to go with it too. Loads of guys using them and saving a small fortune.

Spektrum have the largest market share and are especially popular with beginners, yet have excellent programming features for when you progress.

The other huge advantage being if you buy and of the "bind 'n' fly" type models, they will almost all come with Spektrum receivers so you have a vast choice of good value planes to choose from too.

Hope this helps

Edited By Redstorm on 13/06/2012 19:35:48

26/05/2012 18:42:30

As I mentioned in my previous post, the Super Cub is an EXCELLENT plane to learn on and is very forgiving. Very stable and thanks to the dihedral has good self-righting ability. Highly recommended.

I know you mentioned that flight times were a concern and thats why I thought I'd give the Mentor another plug. You will get 20-25 minute flights from a 4500mAh battery and there is space to put two onboard if you were so inclined, giving you 40-50 minutes airtime. However, I'd suggest whilst learning that you'd probably want shorter flights than that as you'll be concentrating pretty hard on keeping the plane in the air.

I've only flown a WOT 4 once but it seemed -pretty good. The advantage with the WOT being it is quote aerobatic and will take you beyond trainer, but lacks the dihedral and self-righting ability of most trainers.

As for SIMULATORS, you will need a USB adaptor for your transmitter and I found THIS on eBay for less than £9 delivered. including all the software wink needed to get it working with Pheonex, Aerofly, XTR, FMS and G5 (All top Simulators). Don't be put of buying from HK its fantastic value for money and arrives soon enough.

Good Luck!

Thread: m/bike topbox plane?
25/05/2012 23:45:57

how about the little parkzone ultra micro T28?

16.5 inch span. Perfect

Thread: Good Start Plane - But Also For Intermediate
25/05/2012 23:27:04

So as for what plane to get. As many have already stated, you will want a high wing trainer. The suoer cub is an absolute classic and is very stable, having plenty of dihedral and good self-righting ability. It is only three channel but will have you flying in no time at all. Especially if you really must go it alone.

Other great planes to consider would be the ST Discovery mentioned above and the eflite apprentice 15e. I bought a Multipkex Mentor myself and am overjoyed with it. very stable, incredibly strong (survived two crashes into trees so far). Multiplex are known for the quality of their kits so you cant go wrong with them IMHO. You dont have to go with their recommended power set either if youre on a budget. cheaper motors and ESC's can be had for a lot less than MPX's recommended set. The Mentor also has the advantage of long flight times with 20-25 minutes being achievable with a 4500mAh pack.

If you really want something that will allow you to venture in to the world of 3d flying and aerobatics, then the WOT4 foam e is deffo worth considering. on low rates with some expo you can learn the basics then flick onto high rates for something far more agile that you can chuck about all day long.

Hope this has been of some help. good luck.

25/05/2012 23:16:47

As a relative newcomer to the hobby myself, and someone who is largely self taught, I'd like to add my two penny worth.

Firstly, I would strongly second the advice of many above who suggest joini g a club and getting some proper instruction. Buddy bixing will be an invaluable aid in te early days as well as a huge confidence builder. Another advantage is that most clubs will have a trainer that you could fly once you have some radio gear. This will allow you timme to build your skills and get a feel for what pkane to buy as well as getting advice from club members before committing to a purchase.

So that leads us nicely on to radio gear. I recommend not skimping here as your choice will likely be with you for a while. 2.4Ghz is deffo the way forward. Futaba, spektrum and Hitec all make good gear but its mostly personal preference. Spektrum probably has the largest market share and has the advantage of being compatible with all the 'bind and fly' planes on the market from companies like Parkzone for example.

Thread: The Big 182
17/05/2012 06:07:53

Following this thread with interest as I'm looking to the 182 as my next plane. Keep us posted


Thread: Electric Vulcan
16/05/2012 20:23:51


Did you get my PM?

Would really love a set of plans to have a go at building one of these.


Thread: Any ideas where to get tube
15/05/2012 21:36:59

Yes, multiplex warn against foam safe cyano but I have the original multiplex specified glue so I know its ok as I have already built the plane with it.


I note your comments but I noticed the other day that there was a little lateral movement of the wings when installed and bolted down. maybe i had not tightened the bolts enough but with them being nylon didnt want to overtighten them. Maybe one of my 'hard' landings gave the wings a ding and compressed the foam that creates the hole for the bolt when the two halves are put together. So my idea was to glue two short tubes to the end of one wing half thus closing the gap around the bolt and preventing any movement. I also thought that in the event of another rough landing the tubes would prevent the bolts from causing further damage to the foam, hopefully with the tubes putting more stress on the nylon bolts and ensuring they dd actually break.

What are your thoughts Steve as a Mentor pilot yourself?


Which town is the shop in, maybe pop along and say Hi. Is this your day job?

Thread: STUPID honest little old me
13/05/2012 18:00:57

Alan, thats awful mate. Sorry to hear that.

Hopefully karma will pay them a visit before long.

Thread: Ideal trainer - need help choosing plane
12/05/2012 19:20:52

I looked at the supercub too but decided against it being only 3 channels. Ended up with a Multiplex Mentor and am delighted with her. Had 3 or 4 flights so far including one culminating in a tree landing at 50 feet

Plane survived tree and subsequent drop with almost no damage. Very impressed with multiplex strength and quality. The other thing that is good with the mentor is the size (1600mm) means it is highly visible and can withstand a fair bit of wind meaning you get to fly more often.

The Mentor gets my vote.

Thread: Any ideas where to get tube
11/05/2012 22:49:45


Thanks again Alan, will be good to meet another fellow modellor locally

11/05/2012 22:23:13

Alan thats a very kind offer, many thanks.

I need two lengths, one 22mm and one 27mm with an ID of 5mm to hold an M5 bolt. What would you make them from? CF, brass, Alu? Does CA stick metal?

I asume your fairly local to me then? Shall I come and colect them from you?

I've got the multiplex specific glue which is recommended for my plane so I know its ok. 

Edited By Redstorm on 11/05/2012 22:25:14

11/05/2012 22:08:14

will I be able to stick metal tube to the foam wing with CA or does it not bond with metal well?

11/05/2012 21:38:18

I've recently finished building a multiplex mentor and have noticed that the wings are a little loose as the holes that the wing securing bolts pass through are bigger than the bolts them selves.

I propose to cut a couple of 1 inch ( approx the thickness of the wing ) pieces of 7mm OD x 5mm ID tubes and glue them to the end of the wing halves. The idea being this will hold the bolts much more snuggly and prevent the lateral movement that I have currently.

So I see Leeds model shop stock carbon fibre tube of that size albeit in 1 metre lengths which is about 95 cm too long and it strikes me as a bit of overkill, and a long drive from Manchester, just to get a couple of pieces of tube. So I'm asking if anyone else has any ideas for a suitable alternative tube?

Any ideas anyone?

Thread: Electric Vulcan
10/05/2012 13:19:43

Hi Glenn (or should I say Lord Depron)

I'm new to the forum so only just discovered this thread, which I've just read start to finish.

What can I say, absolutely amazing. Your modelling skills are truly spectacular, an artform in the purist sense.

I would very much like to build one, 80" just like yours, how do I get a copy of the plans? Shall I PM you my email?

Thread: "Giant" Cessna
09/05/2012 20:26:23

Hi Steve, great build thread. The Cessna is my next planned plane. I wanted to buy it before but was told it isnt a trainer despite all the reviews commenting on how stable it is and easy to fly, hence the Mentor, but it will almost certainly be my second plane. Hows the build coming on? Looking forward to seeing a maiden video or at least a flight report.

Thread: Is Super Glue (Gel) foam safe
09/05/2012 16:37:39

Steve, I am not familiar with CA, where would I find such a thing? Is it specific to the model industry?

I have ordered some of the multiplex (Zacki) glue that I bought with the plane (from 4 max) today so I could wait till that comes and use that unless you reclon this CA is better? Any suggestions on suppliers?

So 'foam safe' glues are a No No on Multiplex ELAPOR are they then? Oh, well thats worth knowing. And I was on the verge of popping back to ASDA for some epoxy. I will just have to exercise some patients smiley

Steve, you should have seen me though, I was like a 6 yr old in a sweet shop with a free pass. I managed quite a reasonable take off and did half a dozen circuits of the field glitch free. Was just trying to trim her out a bit as she kept diving when up came a huge tree from the ground below. and down through the branches she went coming to rest 10ft from theground suspended by the tail hooked over a little branch. Luckily the battery and "bonnet" were also found on the ground nearby. Apart from losing an inch off my prop and tearing the 'scoop' underneath, there was very little damage. The wings even stayed on which surprised me. Going to have to order some stock of those straps wink

The moral of the story - height is my friend!!!!

Hopefully airborne again for the weekend.

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