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Thread: Malta
18/04/2014 08:54:46


Colin red faced dept

17/04/2014 19:33:27

Sorry to hear about your friend Ziza Ken.

If you are looking for some holiday reading in Malta, try A Pair Of Silver Wings by James Holland. Although a novel, it is based on true events and real characters who took part in the Siege of Malta, the most bombed place on earth at the time. It tracks the wartime career of pilot Edward Enderby from his training in Canada to convoy patrols from an RAF station in Cornwall, to Malta then Italy. A very good read I thought if your at all interested in aircraft.

Thread: Model Boats ???
13/04/2014 11:01:51

I'm with you Avtar, my copy of Model Boats goes straight in the bin after a quick flick through.

l'd prefer a copy of What Shed. Now there's an idea for an enterprising publisher.

Thread: What do you sound like?
10/04/2014 10:54:46

Really enjoyed this.

I have to confess that when I heard recently that Alex Ferguson has been given a post lecturing at Harvard University, I did wonder if a translation service was available, because I've never understood a word he's said. Apologies to my fellow Celts north of the border.

As for me, well I was born and brought up in the Rhondda Valley in South Wales, so I sound drunk according to this guy, and according to Jeremy Clarkson, that shy retiring English chap, we Welsh have problems with our vowels. Well, Mr clever clogs Clarkson, there is nothing at all wrong with my vowels.!

Edited By Colin Ashman on 10/04/2014 10:55:29

Thread: Phoenix Flight Sim/Hitec Optic 6
09/04/2014 13:47:31

At last it's working!!!

My second email to Phoenix prompted a very swift reply - within the hour. This was followed by several others between us over the past few days and they eventually came up with the answer. In a nutshell, I needed to download a version of DirectX which they gave me a link to, from that I had to locate and run a file called dxsetup. exe which, in short, sorted the problem. Straight away I was able to update to phoenix v5.

I have to say that I am very impressed by how quickly Pheonix Support responded to my problem, I just wish I contacted them sooner. Also I didn't need the DX5E adaptor, the standard interface cable plugs directly into the Hitec trainer port.

Edited By Colin Ashman on 09/04/2014 14:04:23

07/04/2014 15:59:42

Thanks Pete.

07/04/2014 15:14:08

Well, here's the latest. After waiting weeks for the Phoenix DXE5E Adapter to arrive in stock with Steve Webb Models, I finally cancelled the order after searching the internet again and again and managed to find to find one, the last one in stock from another supplier. It seems this item is as rare as hens teeth at the moment in the U.K.

The result? it makes no difference. I still can't get it to run beyond the setup wizard. As I said previously, I just get a message saying "phoenix v4j not responding" so it has to be a software/computer issue as someone earlier suggested.

I've now emailed Phenoix again - my first message weeks ago, came back to me undelivered and garbled. I'm rapidly loosing the little hair I've got left now. There is just one question perhaps someone could answer for me. The set up instructions ask you to make sure the transmitter is in PPM mode not PCM mode. What does that mean? I can't find any reference to it in the Hitec instruction manual.

Edited By Colin Ashman on 07/04/2014 15:16:55

Thread: New forum ideas
07/04/2014 09:23:14
Posted by Plummet on 01/04/2013 12:59:46:
Posted by KingKade on 01/04/2013 12:42:23:

Relationship advice.....

OK - Here it is - "Spend less time on that vampkuloubeer forum"


And here I was wondering how you lot got away with it. Nice to know I'm not alone.

Thread: Road Rage. Very bad experience - Why are people like that ?
05/04/2014 13:01:18
Posted by Peter Miller on 05/04/2014 11:54:47:

I live in a village with a very long street, mosts of it narrow with lots of cars parked at the side most of the time. Most people give way to onciming traffic when the cars are parked on their side of the road.

It is interesting that the two types whi insist on pushing through regardless anre the Audi, BMW drivers

BUT FAR WORSE are the lady drivers in their Chelsea tractors.

I have a similar situation Peter, but in our case most people do NOT give way to oncoming traffic where there are cars parked on their side of the road. They just come charging through, often forcing you to pull into the curb. On one occasion, I had my wing mirror clipped by the mirror of the other oncoming car. Men are just as bad as Women I'm my experience and it doesn't matter what they are driving.

Now, I've been told that no one has right of way in these situations. Are there any police officers on the forum who can comment on this?

Thread: A Riley Nine With A Tiger Moth Engine. A What?
04/04/2014 15:29:26


Now here's a rare thing!!

Thread: say hello to you
23/03/2014 22:33:07

Hello Jimie,

I live just up the road from you in Ystrad Mynach. Which club or clubs are you a member of?

Thread: Which Type Of Control Horn
21/03/2014 16:04:11

Thanks for your replies. I've looked at a few ball links which I thought might do the job, but the height from the base to the ball is only about 6mm which I don't think would give much in the way of leverage, they looked more suitable for servo arms to me. Can anyone point me in the way of a suitable ball and socket connector? Failing that, I'll try one of your alternate solutions.

21/03/2014 12:20:04


I'd appreciate your thoughts fellers. What type of control horn would you use for a rudder where the tail fin is raked back like this one on the AMI Trainer I'm building? It looks to me that the point at which the control horn is hinges to the snake linkage will have a small up and down movement as well as a forward and backward movement, or have I got this wrong

Thread: Ebay sellers...
19/03/2014 15:18:08

You have to admire this guys cheek. He admits to finding it in a skip, doesn't know anything about it, doesn't know if it runs, yet his starting price is £25.00


Thread: Lidl Digital Calliper
18/03/2014 18:06:29

I've been meaning to buy a digital calliper for some time - much more convenient than my old, imperial only, M&W micrometer.

So, when I saw one in Lidl today for £8.99 I bought one, and decent enough it is too. Unusually, it's nor made in China and appears to be made in Germany. It's not intended for commercial use, but you can't go wrong for the price.

Thread: Epson Ink Cartridges
17/03/2014 15:44:19

About a year ago we changed our inkjet printer because it was cheaper to buy a new Epson printer than to buy a set of cartridges for our not so old Lexmark printer scanner fax machine. Crazy I know!!

The Epson XP-205 came with set up cartridges which have only just started to run out. Now, in the past I always had problems with refilled or re manufactured cartridges, they have never worked in any printer we've tried them in, and we've had several over the years, so recently I've always gone for genuine replacements which usually involved searching Currys, our local Tesco or Ebay

I assumed that Epson themselves was the last place to look . How wrong I was! I just need the three colours having recently replaced the Black. In Currys they were £12.99 each, and on the Epson website whilst the normal price was £7.99, they are currently reduced to £5.99 with free p&p.

So if you need cartridges for an Epson printer, check out their web site first

Edited By Colin Ashman on 17/03/2014 15:45:22

Thread: Flight Apps
14/03/2014 15:36:01

Good Grief Mike!! It's brilliant!! Just what I wanted thanks

14/03/2014 14:51:36

I sat in the garden this morning with a cup of tea watching the transatlantic flights pass over our part of South East Wales. The morning seems a particularly busy time. Even with a modest pair of binoculars, it was possible to see the livery colours of some of these aircraft.

Now I don't want to be Geeky about it, but I've always thought it would be interesting to find out more about these particular aircraft and I see there are a quite a number of APPs available for a mobile or tablet to do just that. Can anyone recommend one?

Thread: Every Little Helps
13/03/2014 11:29:21

Sorry Bob and Cymaz, I don't really understand the point of  your replies. Obviously it only works if you a regular Tesco customer and have a Tesco club card. i.e it's your local supermarket! If you live 20 miles from one of their stores you wouldn't be spending money in the store to clock up fuel points in the first place.


Edited By Colin Ashman on 13/03/2014 11:30:37

Edited By Colin Ashman on 13/03/2014 11:31:05

12/03/2014 20:08:05

Thought all of you living east of Offa's Dyke may be interested that Tesco is rolling out this scheme across the rest of the U.K. from 12th March because, they claim, it has been so successful here in Wales.

As I said previously, it's different to the present scheme where you have to spend at least £50.00 in one go to qualify for a 5p/lt discount. Now, everything you spend even if it's buying a pint of milk, with your club card, you have to use your club card, contributes to the £50 spend which triggers a 2p/lt discount. The accumulated fuel points are shown on your till receipt. The maximum you can use at one time is 20p/lt

P.S I don't work for Tesco, but SWMBO and I have done really well out of it

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