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Thread: Ebay sellers...
27/01/2014 20:00:26

How not to advertise an engine! LINK

Thread: Slow broadband...Help required please.
23/01/2014 14:07:20
Posted by Dave Bran on 23/01/2014 11:40:53:
Posted by Colin Ashman on 23/01/2014 11:10:03:


If the filters prove to be the problem, fitting one of these BT ADSL faceplate adaptor LINK will save you having to fit new filters on your SKY box, phones etc because the filtering is done by this unit which splits the ADSL line from the phone line. Your phone plugs into the right hand socket and your router goes in the left hand socket. You just unscrew the existing faceplate and replace it with one of these. Simples

Not so simple when the router and phones are some distance from the main socket but near each other, and now two wires have to go the complete distance? Since mains are entry point, often Hall located, all that unit will likely save is one filter if a phone is within reach of it without parallel wiring runs.


I suggested the ADSl faceplate adaptor because Phil says his router is on an extension upstairs and presumably he has a phone or phones downstairs, closer to the BT master socket. Obviously in the scenario you describe it would not be suitable, but in his situation it could be worth looking at.

A neighbour of mine had a very similar problem with his broadband last week, a BT engineer was called and the fault turned out to be a damaged Master socket. That was caused by a nearby lightening strike which blew the roof off a house about a mile away. Apparently the engineer had been inundated with calls in the area, all problems caused by that strike. He claimed in some cases it had damaged smart TVs which were connected ( hard wired ) to the internet to the point where they were a write off.

My neighbours' house was the only one affected in our road of 23 houses.

23/01/2014 11:10:03


If the filters prove to be the problem, fitting one of these BT ADSL faceplate adaptor LINK will save you having to fit new filters on your SKY box, phones etc because the filtering is done by this unit which splits the ADSL line from the phone line. Your phone plugs into the right hand socket and your router goes in the left hand socket. You just unscrew the existing faceplate and replace it with one of these. Simples

Thread: Police turn a blind eye to lane hoggers
21/01/2014 10:55:17

"I'm not disputing that seat belts and crash helmets are a good idea, I'm questioning why it needs to be a law."

The law is there to protect people from their own stupidity. Last week I saw a kid driving a small hatchback with the seat positioned so that he could hardly see over the steering wheel, he was on his mobile and he didn't have his seat belt on. A complete bone head and an accident waiting to happen!

21/01/2014 09:16:26

I'm not surprised at all at these results, so why introduce laws which can't be enforced? LINK

Speed cameras don't catch drivers tailgating, the uninsured, those on mobile phones, those not wearing seat belts or others driving under the influence of drink or drugs. They are a cop out and no substitute for proper policing of our roads.

Rant of the day over

Thread: Advice needed on tablet choice.
18/01/2014 12:49:03

Another vote for the Nexus 7 from me.

What HiFi Sound and Vision did a tablet review in the January edition and voted the Nexus 7 ( 5 out of 5 ) as the best overall when compared with the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 ( 4 out of 5 ), Apple Mini Retina ( 5 out of 5 ), Archos 80b Platinum ( 2 out of 5 ), Asus MeMo Pad 8 ( 3 out of 5 ), LG Pad ( 4 out of 5 ), Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ( 3 out of 5 ), and the Tesco Hudle ( 4 out of 5 )

The nexus 7 cost me £170 on Amazon just before Christmas


Edited By Colin Ashman on 18/01/2014 12:49:28

Thread: Ebay sellers...
18/01/2014 09:24:43

Yep, I think your right about the engine Peter. Having had another look I can just about see the DC Quickstart spring etc

18/01/2014 08:52:47

This "petrol engine glider" is "part built" if anyone does fancy a "new project"

The engine which looks like an ME Heron to me, is the only thing of value here I'd say


Thread: Streaming music to the workshop/garage/hanger
18/01/2014 08:41:33

Thanks everyone for your thoughts on this. So many options! I can't say I'm a great deal wiser, but I will follow them up.

16/01/2014 11:59:47

We bought a new PC about 12 months ago which came with Windows 8 and I've only just discovered the Xbox music app on it. O.K. I'm a slow learner! The PC is wireless enabled, in a spare bedroom with the router downstairs.

Anyone know how if it's possible to access the music I've stored and available to me for streaming on line only, in other rooms around the house or perhaps even in my garage? It's attached, so the signal, if that's the right word for it, would not have to travel far. Would a portable Bluetooth speaker be the answer perhaps? Sorry if that seems a daft question, but a wire less connection seems like a Dark Art to me

Also I spotted this LINK on Amazon. Anyone had experience of using something like this to stream music to an existing HiFi system?

Thread: Every Little Helps
14/01/2014 16:27:38

The 5p off a litre for a £50 purchase has been around for some time. but you have to spend at least £50 in one go. If you bought something for £49 it wouldn't count. This is different, every purchase you make no matter how small, even if you bought a newspaper say, contributes to your total.

14/01/2014 14:21:40

Every Tesco store in Wales ( I don't why it's only in Wales ) in running a promotion on petrol sales. For every £50 spent in store and by using your Tesco Club Card you get 2p off a litre off petrol. if you spend £100 you get 4p off etc. The interesting thing is that it's accumulative and small purchases contribute to the total. The maximum discount you can get in any one transaction is 20p off a litre.

Out local supermarket is a Tesco, so it's great for us.

Thread: Ebay sellers...
14/01/2014 14:04:33
Posted by Captain Slog on 14/01/2014 14:00:38:

I'm on the lookout for a small milling machine. I was watching this, but it's just sold for £30 more than a brand new one, listed on Ebay by the supplier themselves here. The postage is £15 more too!

Are people mad, or just too lazy to do basic research?



Thread: bottled it on the build
14/01/2014 09:07:46

Two suggestions Darlo,

As BEB and kc have suggested Tyro Major was designed as a trainer. I built one last year and it's not difficult. You can buy a set of wing ribs from DB Sport & Scale and the plan comes with building instructions from the time when it was sold as a kit. You'll also get a materials list with it.

I think you'll find that once you make a start, you'll not find it quite so daunting as you first think and there'll be lots of help available to you on this forum. Everyone will want you to succeed.

If you go down the kit road, have a look at another David Doddington design from DB S&S, the Mascot. Again designed as a trainer. LINK

Edited By Colin Ashman on 14/01/2014 09:08:27

Thread: Ebay sellers...
12/01/2014 11:22:03
Posted by Colin Ashman on 12/01/2014 09:38:29:

Blimey!! Those MDS engines are expensive aren't they. I wonder what his reserve is?


He's really got his wires crossed here hasn't he. He claims he engine was bought for a "3 mtr wingspan beaver" I think that would have been a tad underpowered with 40. I can't help but think that the listing is for another much bigger engine altogether.

Recently an MDS 40, unused still in the box etc, just like this one sold on EBAY for £11 odd plus p&p which given their reputation as being a bit iffy, is probably about right.

12/01/2014 09:38:29

Blimey!! Those MDS engines are expensive aren't they. I wonder what his reserve is?


Thread: Dornier found
10/01/2014 12:35:08

I've often thought about this subject when I had the opportunity to rebuild/restore and 1961 Triumph T100A some years ago. It was complete, more or less when I bought it, but very tatty, so I set about restoring it. I took it apart repaired, repainted, rechromed and replated everything and put it back together again,

The question is should I have done? For example the wheels were rebuilt with new rims, and stainless steel spokes, so they were certainly not original. They were better than original. I replaced items like the dual seat and changed the ignition system to something more reliable. As it was there was no ignition switch, all you had to do was kick it over and it would start. A bit of a worry if you left it anywhere in this day and age.

When I finished the bike was roadworthy and usable, but far from original. It had lost it's patina, In antique terms, I had devalued it. On the other side of the coin it is better to not only see, but to hear the sound of a classic British motorbike on the road.

Thread: Why do I support my LMS
08/01/2014 11:36:16

In the 1960s a visit to Cardiff, for me, wasn't complete without a visit to the Bud Morgan model shop. What a magical place that was. After Buds' death it all went a bit down hill and in recent years it was taken over by Antics, Not so good now unless you're interested in plastic kits and model railways.

06/01/2014 16:30:44

It's not in Huntingdon Simon, but it's interesting to know that a receipt is a legal requirement.

06/01/2014 15:09:05

I have to confess that I normally buy my building materials from SLEC, but from time to time I tend to fall back on my LMS which is about 20 mins drive away. It's well stocked and the staff are very friendly but today I was reminded again why I don't use them very often.

I needed a piece of 1/8 ply. The closest they had was a piece of 4 mm x 600mm x 300 mm. As usual whenever I've been there for bits and pieces, the thing I wanted wasn't priced up and when I asked how much, the guy having checked his PC/ price list said £5.20. Now I appreciate that a LMS like this has overheads and can't compete on equal terms with the likes of SLEC, but that piece of ply from them would have cost £2.34, less than half the cost. I was stuck, so I had to have it

The other thing that bothers me is that they never give you a receipt, so if you buy a number of small items you are never sure afterwards how much each item costs.

Any of you have a similar experience or is it me being a tight so and so?

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