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Thread: Mass Build general chat
19/10/2013 09:04:15

Thanks BEB, What does "signing up" exactly mean. What do those involved in the mass build need to do?

18/10/2013 13:49:50

Wow, I've only just caught up with this 2014 mass build thread. I must have some sort of six sense because as a returnee to the hobby, my last balsa bashing was about 40 years ago, I've been building a Tyro Major for about a year now.

Yes I know I've taken ages but I've started from scratch without a building board let alone tools an engine or radio gear. Also SWMO has a knack of diverting my attention to doing work around the house. However it's nearly finished, I just have to change the hinges on the tailplane and rudder because the ones I used are a but stiff causing the servos to buzz a bit. Power is an Enya ss 30.

I bought the plan and set of ribs from DB Sport and Scale who I have to say have been very helpful whenever I contacted them for help or advice.

Thread: The Tinker bi-plane hangar
16/10/2013 18:10:51


You've probably seen this Tinker put through it's paces, but for those who haven't............


Thread: Build your own SLR camera for 25
15/10/2013 13:27:40

Here's an interesting project


Thread: Lidl Multitool with Accessory set available soon
15/10/2013 13:15:34

Available from Lidl from Monday the 21st. Can't go wrong at this price.


Thread: Biggles' Mess (the renamed cafe!)
10/10/2013 20:08:02

Sorry Mike for "wind up" but it did get the little grey cells going.

It can't be done. The driver would be unable to average 60mph for two continuous laps, if he's taken two minutes to complete the first one.

Now let see if I can find another little gem like this - or perhaps not!

09/10/2013 19:44:33

Here's a little brain teaser for your coffee break :- A driver is asked to test drive a car around a track exactly 1 mile in length. He is told to do 2 laps at an average speed of 60 mph. During his first lap, however, his average speed is only 30 mph. What does his average speed need to be during the second lap to bring his average speed back to 60 mph for both laps?

Thread: Now That's What I Call Great Customer Service
04/10/2013 10:54:49

On Tuesday afternoon this week, I place an order on line with the Servo Shop for a Hitec Optic 6 Sport RX/TX servo combo. Within minutes someone called to say it was out of stock, but they were hoping to have more in on Thursday. It arrived this morning ( Friday ) . Now that's what I call great customer service. Also, whoever I spoke to at Steve Webb/Servo Shop thinks that J Perkins have discontinued the Optic 6. Only the Optic 6 Sport is now available.

Thread: The stupidity of some people is amazing!
02/10/2013 18:32:02

Texting whilst driving is very stupid, but you see every day on our roads.

Thread: Ebay sellers...
01/10/2013 13:11:50

It's EBAY buyers which alwasys supprise me. This listing hasn't ended yet someone has bid £122.00 plus £10 delivery. Slough Radio Control Models are selling this TX/RX combiation with 4 servos for £159 post free. To quote terry Worgan, "Is it me"


Thread: SLEC Tanks
19/09/2013 16:40:14

Neil, I thought the seal on SLEC square tank I bought was poor, and there was no way it was was going to tighten properly. So, to make sure it didn't leak or worse still fall out, I used Araldite to seal and secure it.

Thread: Ebay sellers...
11/09/2013 17:04:39
Posted by PatMc on 11/09/2013 12:30:44:
Posted by pete taylor on 11/09/2013 09:20:36:

Has anyone suggested to ebay that they might start a new catagory for 'Any old tat' ?

There's an early contender here

Do these folks seriosly think that anyone will buy this stuff?surprise

Edited By Pete B - Moderator on 11/09/2013 10:01:09

Hees speld Arfur rong. teeth 2

Dear God!! If he makes any profit he should spend it on spelling lessons.

Thread: RC World Ltd
10/09/2013 17:01:46

I also want to mention the excellent service from RC World. Placed my first order with them yesterday which arrived this morning. They are only about 20 miles away, so I could have called in, but it would probably have cost me as much in fuel as the £4.68 delivery charge.

Thread: Airbrush and compressor suggestions?
09/09/2013 08:49:50

Michael, In my experience, albeit spraying furniture, you have to spend a lot of money to get a decent finish out of a conventional spray gun/ compressor set up. After using a conventional compressor and various spray guns, I finally bought an Apolo HVLP ( high volume low pressure ) system which I have to say has been excellent. It is basically a turbine producing warm air at low pressure which puts more paint on the job that in the air. The spray pattern can be turned down to spray a very small area akin to using an airbrush but can be opened up to cover a large area as well. You'll find lots of info about this kind of system on line. Apolo systems are not cheap but Earlex have a decent range and are less expensive aimed at the DIY market. Both makes often turn up on Ebay. Before you make a decision check these systems out.

Thread: Futaba T6J or 6EX
03/09/2013 18:27:30

Thanks for that. I had looked at the rechargeable pack for the T6J, but in addition to that you have to buy an upgrade battery compartment cover. Thats about £20 saved.

03/09/2013 10:58:05

I would appraciate your oppinion again fellers,

In simple terms and from a beginners point of view, is there anything to choose between the Futaba T6J and the 6EX? I think I'm right in saying that the T6J is the newer model, but does that mean it's necessarly better?

Thread: How Many Cows Dd It Take To Build a Zeppelin?
01/09/2013 10:03:26

Attack of the Zepplins was an interesting programme on Ch 4 last week. Worth watching if only to reveal the answer to the question How many cow did it take to make a Zepplin?


Thread: Servos Direct from China via Ebay
29/08/2013 13:57:32

Sorry fellers, hadn't noticed the previous thread dealing with theses fake servos. It's the old story again. If something seems too good to be true...................................................

28/08/2013 17:54:23

Has anyone bought servos off EBAY like these Futaba 3003s from China and had a problem? I know the lead time in several weeks, but they are about half price even allowing for the VAT if that gets added, but I think I'm right in saying that orders less than £15.00 are exempt. I am normally cautious of prices which appear too cheap but they are probably made in China anyway.


Thread: Ben Buckle Online Store
25/08/2013 10:53:27

If you serch this forum, you'll find lots of comment about Ben Buckles customer service. You can draw your own conclusions from that.

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