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Thread: A question of Balance
05/04/2013 15:43:49

Thanks for your help everyone. Cols

04/04/2013 16:31:19

I need your help again fellers

I'm about to cover the wing on the Tyro Major I've built, but I've noticed that the wing doesn't balance. it falls consistantly to the port side even when the starboard side is pushed down to a flat surface. I don't understand why because the same grade and thickness of balsa was used on both sides. The weight needed to get it to balance is probably not more than a few grams, because it doesn't register on our kitchen scales, but that's probably not very accurate

Should I add a little weight to the starboard wing tip to make it balance before covering or should I not worry about it. It seems to me that there are other factors which could affect the balance of the model. For example, would the position of the three servos have an effect? What about the silencer on the engine? The wing is banded on, if this were not prefectly central this would also affect the balance - wouldn't it?

How critical is it to make sure the assembled model is perfectly balanced?

Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
01/04/2013 09:24:00

bruges menue.jpgSpotted this menue outside a cafe in Bruges a few years ago

Thread: Computer help Internet explorer stopped working
24/03/2013 12:25:56

Myron, Cut you losses with IE and use Google Chrome, it's much faster.

Thread: Aldi Tools Thu 21 March Special Buys
15/03/2013 16:00:23

I can recommed the Tronic battery charger/conditioner from lidl. Cost about £12.99 I think and I've had it for about 5 years. It keeps a car battery topped up without over charging. I've got MGTF which hardly gets used in the Winter and is kept outside. I leave this charger on it for weeks at a time without a problem, The result is that it starts instantly even on the coldest of mornings.

Thread: Luftwaffe or RAF?
15/03/2013 13:31:08

Thanks for your contributions here fellers, good to know I'm not on my own in wanting a reasonable amount of historical accuracy in these programmes. I see the excellent Foyle's War returns to our screens in the next week or so. Here at least the production team make an effort to get the period just about right.

Thread: Renault Megane / Scenic window problem
14/03/2013 14:44:39

If any of you own a Renault Megane or Scenic or knows someone who does, this may be of interest. The electric windows often fail to work due to a fault in the regulator module attached to the motor inside the door. Renault will charge you the best part of £500 to fix it I was told. I've had this problem on the drivers door of my Megane 2 and today I replaced the regulator with a module from Renault Window for £30.70 inc P&P. It looks nothing like the original, just a cube with a couple of wires to connect to the motor. Getting the door panel off and back on again was a bit of a fiddle but it works a treat. Also when I return the old module to them I'll get £10 cashback. Now why would they want the old one back if it isn't to referbish it and flog it back to Renault at a nice profit. LINK

Thread: Luftwaffe or RAF?
10/03/2013 13:44:41

I know it's easy for people like us who have an interest in aircraft to nit pick when it comes to library footage shown on television programmes, but sometimes I see things which realy make me despair.

last week, I think it was, on a BBC programme called Heir Hunters they were tracing the family tree of a chap who had served as a flight engineer in Bomber Command during WW2. They then went on to show some archive footage of mainly Lufwaffe aircraft, a Heinkell 111 , JU 87 on bombing missions.

Now I appreciate that the people who put these programs together were born long after the war ended but you would think they could tell the difference between RAF aircraft and that of the Luftwaffe. The big black crosses are a bit of a clue.

Thread: Plasterboard building board
07/03/2013 14:04:28

You'll find plasterboard an ideal building board. If you are cutting a large piece of down to the size you need, tape up the cut ends with Duck tape or something similar to help prevent the ends getting damaged. When you've finished building on it, store it flat not on its ends because it will bow out of shape. Having said that, it's cheap enough to buy a new piece for a new project.

Thread: Tyro major Wing
25/02/2013 09:52:44

I'm sure David Boddington knew a thing or two about designing model aircraft but why on the wing of his Tyro Major has he only used sheet balsa from the top spar to the leading edge? Why not do the same to the underside to complete a box section with the vertical webbing from the top to the bottom spar which is already there? I would have thought it would make the wing much stronger. If you were building this wing would you consider it a worthwhile modification at a cost of adding a little extra weight?. wing section.jpg

Thread: Solartex or Eze - Kote
22/02/2013 23:04:50

Thanks for that. I have to admit that I hadn't considered a Solafilm finish, but what you say makes sence.

22/02/2013 12:41:13

On a trainer type which is inevitably going to take some punishment, what would you say are the pros and cons of using Solartex as opposed to Eze - Kote and glass-cloth to cover the fuz which itself has a sheet Balsa covering? I'm going to use Solatex on the wings and tailplane. I'll need the finish to be reasonably ding proof and easy to repair without adding too much weight. As someone returning to the hobby after many years, I haven't used either of these products, so I realy would appreciate your oppinions. The last model aircraft I built was covered in doped nylon and by the time I had applied numerous coats of dope followed by paint it was way overweight and flew like a house brick, so I don't want to make that mistake again.

Thread: Prolux Iron
21/02/2013 10:16:17

The digital one it is then. Thanks for your help fellers

Thread: Ebay sellers...
20/02/2013 15:04:47

He's "given up doing planes" whatever that means, and it looks he's given up doing grammar because there's not a comma or full stop in sight. LINK

Thread: Prolux Iron
20/02/2013 14:41:44

I've just been given an Amazon voucher for my birthday - no I'm not saying how old I am but 1947 was a vintage year. As a recent returnee to the hobby, there is still lots of bits and pieces I need to get, but for the moment I think I'll treat myself to a Prolux iron, but which one? Amazon sell the basic one at £27.99 plus £3.99 pp, but they also hve the digital display version for £34.99 plus £3.99. There's only seven quid in it but which one would you go for?

Thread: Building Boards - again
07/02/2013 14:04:07

Ian, Even if you found softwood batterns in B&Q which were straight, they would probably not be stiff enough to straighten the MDF and you would have job pushing pins into it as someone has already said. I use a sheet of plaster board which I think is ideal, and if I had your bowed table top I would glue a thin packing piece to the middle of the underside of the board to keep it flat. Even a long piece of card or something similar would do.

Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
07/02/2013 12:26:58

For all you cat lovers out there Link

Thread: Choice of car .....
03/02/2013 11:23:43

We have a 1.5 cdi Renault Megane estate. It's a fairly unremarkable Eurobox but I can get 63 to the gallon on motorways at a steady 70 with 50 odd around town. A large boot, with lots of room and a flat load space with the back seats down. Reliability is average despite what you might read about Renaults . Like most modern cars it's not realy designed for DIY maintenance, changing the headlight bulbs, for example, is a real performance.

Thread: What Dremel multi tools
30/01/2013 13:03:25

Re my earlir post. Despite saying that I have never got on with it, I felt that I should try and use my Minicraft drill, but the cord the one to plug the drill into the transformer has had an internal break to the wire for some time leaving me to wiggle the cord to get the drill to run. Last week in frustration I cut the plug off, with some lead, to look for the break. Big mistake! Now having chased the wire down to the plug, which is moulded on, I have nothing left to solder the ends with, which is what I had planned to do. Now I've seen a complete cord with the plug for sale, but to change it involves taking the drill appart and with my luck things will probably fly out as soon as I try to split the case. Has anyone who knows this type of drill or has had a similar problem, seen a plug I could use?

Edited By Colin Ashman on 30/01/2013 13:15:51

30/01/2013 12:32:04

I saw a cordless Dremel type multi tool in Lidl last week for £19 odd which looked good value. They were also selling a massive set of drils, grinding wheels etc to suit for £12 something. I'm a bit like Masher though, I have a Minicraft drill which I have never got on with.

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