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Thread: Civilian Coupe (1932)
24/05/2017 21:32:18
You have made a lovely job of this one Tim. Well done!
Thread: FT 3D trimming for knife edge?
22/05/2017 12:12:48

Most of my models have required a small elevator to rudder mix for relaxed knife edge.

Thread: Show Us Your 3D Prints
20/05/2017 11:04:58
Looks good Ian. Perhaps the sharp corners on the slot could have rads applied to reduce stress concentration.
16/04/2017 18:22:20
Same here Tony, I am also new to CAD. I just thought to mention this sort of capability in case it proves useful to you in the future.
16/04/2017 11:55:44
A decent cad program should be able to repeat periodic features.
Thread: Is traditional building a disappearing art?
13/04/2017 22:35:42
There will always be people who will want to design and build their own flying machines. That side of the hobby will never die, but it is probably already a minority interest.
Thread: hobbyking tundra
02/04/2017 22:22:42
Velcro is a lot easier to separate if you slide an old credit card or similar in between.

Edited By Delta Foxtrot on 02/04/2017 22:23:03

Thread: Original Prusa i3 Mk 2 kit
21/03/2017 11:15:39


Good to hear you are making some practical use of your Prusa.

I have turned my thoughts back to my Druine Turbulent build, after parking this to get the Prusa sorted. I have just started experimenting with printing the engine cowling. The first attempt is close in terms of shape, but needs a few tweaks. It is far too heavy as I printed it with 2 mm thick walls. Next pass, after tweaking the shape, is to learn how to get the wall thickness right down. There are some fully 3D printed models that use a single perimeter to print so it can be done, I just need to work out how.

Edited By Delta Foxtrot on 21/03/2017 11:17:07

17/03/2017 19:35:22
Good stuff MM!
I hope you will be as pleased with your printer as I have been so far with mine.
Thread: 3D Printers, where do you store and use yours
10/03/2017 12:35:25
Posted by Colin Leighfield on 04/02/2017 08:48:02:


That's a great idea Bob, it would be really helpful. Mine only arrived a few days before we left for an early holiday, but as soon as I get back I want to get on with it.

I really lack some of the basic understandings such as CAD to get the best out of it. Is there anybody looking in that lives not too far away from Sutton Coldfield that might be able to spare me a few minutes for some practical guidance? It would be greatly appreciated.



I can recommend FreeCad as a good start to learning and using CAD. As the name implies it is free, and it is quite easy to use for a new starter, but is clearly very powerful for expert users.

Check out the FreeCad website, there are several tutorials that you can follow to get started and there are some very good YT videos showing how to use the program. There is also a forum where there are many experts who can help solve any problems you have, I have used this personally and was impressed.

Edited By Delta Foxtrot on 10/03/2017 12:36:05

Thread: Somewhere to share our own 3D designs
09/03/2017 12:33:22

Great idea. I have just started up with 3D printing I will certainly add to this as an when I have something worth sharing.

I like Bob's balsa stripping and triangle cutting tools, I will print these.



Thread: Original Prusa i3 Mk 2 kit
09/03/2017 12:26:54

Thanks Trevor. I agree that designing the parts to eliminate / minimise support material is a good plan.

I would certainly be interested in tips others may have on optimising the print settings for support material as eventually I will need to print parts that require it.

Good to hear that you are printing away. I have not used Pritt either for the last few prints I have made. I have tweaked the live adjust up a little and still have no problems still with first layer adhesion. The parts need a little persuasion to part with the bed, even when it is fully cooled. I can pull them off with a little effort, not excessive force. Hard to know what is normal from a base of zero experience.

08/03/2017 12:20:57

I had a go at printing the model in the first file, scaled down to 40% to suit my model. It was printed with the cylinders vertical with a mass of support material which took a while to remove. The resulting print is not bad, certainly useable, but I think that there must be a better way of printing this, perhaps a better print orientation to minimise supports and better support print settings to aid removal. Being new to this, and this being the first print I have done requiring support material, I am sure I am missing some tricks.

If I design a dummy engine similar to this flat four I would be tempted to split the cylinders in half, to remove the need for supports, and glue the parts together.

Any advice on this would be welcome.




Edited By Delta Foxtrot on 08/03/2017 12:22:13

05/03/2017 22:58:39
Thanks Mal!
I also spotted the first one on TV. I have downloaded it and will scale and print it to see how it comes out. It is a good oportunity to learn about printing with support and to undetstand the slic3r settings. This should be a useful exercise even if I wind up designing my own.
05/03/2017 20:57:13
I had taken careful note about the need to fully raise the z-axis before calibration, it is good that the software tells you to confirm this has been done.
05/03/2017 20:54:15

Sorry to hear you had a frustrating day, but you learn from these experiences.

I too had the foot on the spool holder break off. I glued it back on and adjusted the fit with a file, works fine but there are better solutions on thingiverse I am sure.

I am working backwards up the design chain by getting used to slic3r prior to getting back to Freecad and starting some designs. Goal for the week is to join up all of these bits of the process.

Hope you get more joy soon.
04/03/2017 09:46:23
I just had to print Adalinda and I am blow away by the quality of the result.
03/03/2017 14:34:55

Funny you should suggest that Mal. I parked my build of a Druine Turbulent to build the Prusa, one of the first items I want to design is a dummy engine for that project. I plan to start designing on in CAD unless I can find something suitable already available.

03/03/2017 12:42:24


The frog printed, I left it on the bed overnight to let it cool and it came away fine this morning, I just held it by the body and pulled it off without too much force. I think I backed off a little on the z-adjust after the logo print which may have helped as perhaps letting the bed cool probably did. A bit more experimenting here to be done.

Like you, I am impressed by the detail and quality of the tree frog test piece. The smoothness of the print is amazing.

All in all a satisfying experience. I did enjoy the build and on the whole it went smoothly with just a few minor issues, these have generally been good learning points anyway. I am glad I bought the machine, the quality is very good.

Thanks for the info


Thread: Am I drinking too much?
03/03/2017 12:24:00

Well done Ted, keep it up. It is just not worth it.

best wishes


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