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Thread: DX9 Owners thread
21/02/2019 10:04:30

I was under the impression that Logic RC were now the service centre and John Norris was handling all repairs but I may be wrong.

Thread: Nigel Hawes Whizzza Power Train Query
21/02/2019 10:01:01

Thanks for the input guys. It is comparable to what 4max recommend as a replacement to the Hyperion so I thought I was in the approximate right place.

In terms of the other controls, I have never liked aileron torque rods so I am going to go for two separate servos either in the wing like Baz did on his Fizza or one either side of the fuselage under the wing. Would in the fuselage be preferential due to being able to mount them more securely?

Edited By Jon Robb on 21/02/2019 10:01:15

21/02/2019 07:56:32

I am currently building a Whizzza by Nigel Hawes and I am at the stage of needing to spec the powertrain before I can progress further as access becomes difficult to the firewall. Originally a Hyperion 3013-14 was used which has approximately 300w of power.

I cant seem to find any recent builds to compare mine too, however I was thinking of putting in a Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 3536-1050kv motor in the model. Do you think this is a suitable alternative or should I look at a different motor as its considerably more powerful at 500w? (the 1200kv variant is out of stock in all warehouses with no view to restock any time soon apparently)

Thread: WOT 4 Servo Query
03/02/2019 10:11:55

Thanks for your help guys. I shall take a look at the Futaba 3001 / Hitec HS325-HB and make a decision thereafter.

02/02/2019 23:46:16

I have never had to buy servos for larger planes before. In flying wings I use hobby king as they are sacrificial. In my helis I have used Align HV digital servos. I see a lot of people reccomend Hitec but I have also read people having problems with these. I am happy to use any brand that’s is trouble free and gears are easily obtainable if needed. My transmitter is spectrum however I’m guessing there are servo brands which are more suitable than spectrum.

02/02/2019 20:39:45

None currently, however I am looking to place an order for a few things, so a few suggestions should cover most options.

02/02/2019 19:56:18

I am currently working on an old WOT 4 kit I have had for a while. As far as servos are concerned, I appreciate and standard servo would do, but could anyone reccomend a suitable servos for surfaces? I searched many pages of threads but couldn’t find a great deal of information. As this is an electric build a throttle servo won’t be required.

Thread: Jon's 2018 Tucano Build
04/11/2018 15:09:37

This weekend I made some progress on the wings. You will notice I have added a spruce LE to the wings as Nigel used in his later designs, this should help prevent dings to the wing. It also meant a softer balsa could be used for the LE piece.

One wing half 90% shaped, just have to round the LE and TE just before the joining process. I will work on shaping the second wing half in the week. It was a bit of a learning process using the balsa plane, having never used one before, however I found it very good for removing the bulk of the material.


Thread: Hi From Bristol!
26/10/2018 18:19:49

If you are in north Bristol then you could consider the Beaufort Model Flying Club, with three sites one should be fairly close to you.

Thread: Phoenix Sim?
25/10/2018 17:18:10

Yes Realflight is still around, they are on version 8 now which I have been using and find it very useful for days when the weather is particularly bad. It may seem expensive, however if it prevents the crash of a plane in the early stages of learning to fly or even practicing aerobatics then I think it’s worth while.

Thread: Jon's 2018 Tucano Build
20/10/2018 22:22:44

Following on from the success of the 2013 Mass build and what appears to be a highly enjoyed plane. I am staring my first ever build log of my second balsa plane build. Being a fairly slow builder, updates may be sporadic however I shall keep this thread updated as I go along.

I have made a start today cutting on the wing pieces. You will notice the LE and TE strips have been left slightly long so they can be trimmed perfectly flush once glued to the centre section, ready for attaching the wing-tip which will then be shaped to the required profile.

Wing Parts

Tomorrow I shall be working on my fuselage jig, which is a home made Aerotek version and should help greatly in the overall build process.

Thread: Printing of plans
18/09/2018 15:30:14

I have used this company before when printing CAD drawings for other projects I have worked on and I was pleased with the results. At 70p for an A0 print it means you can keep the originals intact and cut out necessary parts from the new print.

Thread: The Ohmen
12/09/2018 22:09:23

After a recommendation to build this model on a thread I posted recently, I to am looking to build this model in the near future. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your build progress in tandem. This will be my first plan build balsa kit, as opposed to a balsa WOT4.

Thread: Sport plane query Whizza / Tucano
08/09/2018 21:29:33

Thanks KC, Looking at the Ohmen thread on here it looks like a great plane and more suited performance wise, whilst keeping the Whizzzer on the back burner as I very much like the shape of it.

Thanks for your suggestions.

08/09/2018 18:42:15

Yes I’ve read through most of the threads on here and spoken to a few of the builders. I was just looking for any other feedback or suggestions.

Regarding the Tracer E, as it was primarily designed as a pylon racer I think it will be a bit quicker than I’m looking for ATM.

Thanks for the suggestion of Stans Tucano, I shall bear that in mind. I liked the simplicity of Nigel’s designs. The speed needed for safe flight is one thing putting me off ATM.

Any other slower sport model suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

08/09/2018 08:11:20

I am trying to decide on a low cost fun sport plane build. Having read through as many threads as I can, it seems like the Whizzza or Tucano would by suitable candidates. So I’m looking for a bit of feedback on performance / ease of build from anyone who has built either of these planes. Would there be much difference in performance as their specs are fairly similar.

Aside from those two planes. I am open to any other suggestions of a plan which fits the bill.

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