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Thread: The big question, WHEN
03/05/2020 15:25:46

On the subject of 'us' oldies, I don't know if anyone picked up on this but there was some interesting research out of China and France concerning smokers. Apparently, in both countries the percentage of smokers catching Coronavirus in comparison to the percentage of smokers in the population was approx 50%. In China 26% of the population smoke but only 13% of those contracting Coronavirus were smokers. Similar results from France although both percentages were lower. Downside is that if you're a smoker and DO catch Coronavirus your chances are slim.

Such is the interest that the French are trialing Nicotine patches. The theory is that the ACE receptors that Coronavirus attaches to are the same receptors that nicotine attach to and that the nicotine may block (partially) the Coronavirus.

As a gentleman of a certain age, I was a smoker for most of my earlier years. Gave up ciggies for cigars and now vape. I wonder what percentage of forum members smoke/vape being as we tend to be of that dangerous 'certain age'.

03/05/2020 12:57:23
Posted by Bob Cotsford on 03/05/2020 12:43:12:
Posted by leccyflyer on 03/05/2020 12:31:28:

The thread is dealing with very real issues which affect model flying..The desire to constantly close down threads simply because some people don;t want to read them should be resisted.I don;t know about anyone else but if I make an on topic post on a thread discussing a serious issue I don;t want that thread shut down because someone else makes an off topic post. The thread should continue to discuss the topic at hand, which is when we can expect to get back to model flying again.

Unfortunately it has (no surprise) strayed into politics in a good number of posts. Nothing to do with when we go flying again. I agree, "The thread should continue to discuss the topic at hand, which is when we can expect to get back to model flying again".

On that very subject, when the lockdown was just announced, I recall reading posts from a (by me) well respected and influencial member of this forum suggesting he was going to achieve his allotted exercise time by mowing his local strip. To say it left me disappointed in his attitude in the face of a rapidly growing crisis was a major understatement.

Lets be realistic, there will be no opportunity for anyone to consider their former leisure activities as being appropriate in any any circumstances any time soon. Unless, of course, it involves isolating oneself. Even then, it's difficult to justify. I enjoy hill walking, what happens if I take a fall and need to call Mountain Rescue. You drive to a flying site and some fool pulls out in front of you. Police, Fire & Ambulance have to attend.

We have to be realistic, this is not going to change for a VERY long time.

03/05/2020 12:43:22

I disagree Paul. This isn't about politics as in right v left, it's about our governments ability (or lack of it) to prepare for an event such as the one we are experiencing atm.

I blamed the Conservative government for failing to implement the recommendations of Exercise Cygnus but I really doubt a Labour government would have done any better.

The debate should be about the priorities we, as citizens should expect our government to deliver on our behalf and the likes of health and education should be top priority, not the likes of HS2, Trident, Crossrail and all the other billions of expenditure programs. If there is anything left after we prioritise the likes of health & education then, fine, spend what you can on vanity projects.

03/05/2020 11:36:37

What's the better alternative? 30,000 + deaths and rising? The simple fact is, as pointed out above, other governments around the world have been better prepared in terms of PPE and ventilators (along with support services) than we have. The fact that the recommendations of Exercise Cygnus weren't adopted was down to the austerity cuts introduced by the Conservative government.

03/05/2020 10:45:56

If anyone is under any false assumptions about how inept the government has been in this matter please read about Exercise Cygnus carried out in 2016. This exercise revealed how under prepared the NHS would be in the event of a pandemic. Ventilators, PPE shortages and NHS overwhelmed within days was the outcome. Recommendations were made. Did the government take action? Watch the death figures rise and guess the answer.

Government doing their best? Don't make me laugh.

Thread: 2020 Six Nations Rugby Union.
23/02/2020 18:14:20

Holding players in at rucks is aggressive defending? Don't think so. Hence the penalty against Farrell. I think the Itoji offence was missed by the officials. God knows how because he was holding 2 Irish players back. True, the tackle on May might have been considered differently.

All in all, England did deserve to win, probably by a bigger margin.

23/02/2020 17:19:39

Ireland all at sea but England did outclass them Having said that, Itoje and Farrell should both have been given a yellow card.

Thread: Full size aircraft displays
23/11/2019 18:55:34

My son's had a ride in one of those (a Typhoon, that is).

And, yes, he was sick.

Boy, was I jealous.

Not the being sick part obviously.

Thread: Rugby World Cup 2019.
02/11/2019 21:55:18

Don, you're quite correct. I'd be happy to see any Nh team bring the cup home and, yes, even England.

Martin, apologies. You're correct too. I should have said runners up medals. Still think the attitude was wrong though as was the teams 'stunt' before the AB game and rightly fined for it. However, please don't assume I'm an 'average punter'. I doubt you know anything about my involvement with the game as I don't know anything about yours.

The day rugby players start acting like petulant, overpaid footballers is the day I give up being involved with the game.

02/11/2019 19:05:16
Posted by john stones 1 on 02/11/2019 17:07:09:

Not into the digs. You show disrespect with the here's where it went wrong comments, it went wrong because the Boks played better in every position, and gave a World Champions performance, plan B doesn't exist when the opponent plays that well, look back 1 week, where was the A.Bs plan B ?

Lads are down because they gave everything for 4 years, I forgive em a bit of sulking, not as if the rest of our Countries set much of an example of late is it ? Here's a dog, looks a bit down, you can kick it if you like. dog

You done your online tests yet and ready to register. wink

Not into digs? "not as if the rest of our Countries set much of an example of late is it ?"

Pot, kettle, black etc.

Next time I won't bother supporting England.

And, no. I haven't indecision

02/11/2019 16:36:20

I also feel it was a bit disrespectful to refuse/take off losers medals. Not a good example to kids looking up to their heroes.

02/11/2019 16:34:14

Token Scotsman here.

Bit disappointed that England lost if only for the desire to see the cup come to the NH for a change.

However, I feel England continue to suffer from a problem I feel they've had for a long time and that is the inability to execute a plan B when things start to go wrong. If the game plan works, they're amongst the best in the world but when things start to go awry there seems to some sort of mental blockage (the Calcutta cup comes to mind). Having said that, when your scrum is so comprehensively dominated, it's always going to be an uphill struggle.

Just a pity they couldn't save their best game for last.

01/11/2019 10:13:28

Sadly, it looks to be all over for our Celtic cousins (just as the AB's score another try).

Or not, just ruled forward.

Hope England have more than just one good game in them.

27/10/2019 21:40:31

As a Scotsman, this is really hard to say.....but best of luck to England next weekend.

However, if you do win, PLEASE don't bang on about it for the next 12 years.

Thread: Stash clear out
04/08/2019 10:30:53
Posted by Ray Wood 4 on 02/08/2019 19:48:52:

Hi Micheal,

I admire your pricing strategy with the Balsa Craft kits, I will watch with interest as I have the kits and the original plans also, keep us posted.

Regards Ray

I will, Ray. They will be going on Ebay shortly if there's no interest here.

04/08/2019 10:28:37
Posted by Chris Bott - Moderator on 02/08/2019 17:48:02:

Fixed, Michael. I'm going to remove the duplicate thread too.


Thanks Chris. Much appreciated.

02/08/2019 13:48:52

Darn. Must have missed the time limit.

Any mods online that can help??

02/08/2019 13:32:03

Errr... can someone remind me how to edit posts please?

02/08/2019 13:25:21

Given the amount of junk mail I get I doubt it would make much difference but I guess you're right. I'll edit. Ty.

02/08/2019 12:55:03

Having a clear out of kits I know I will now never get around to building, sadly.

All are boxed in original packaging and are complete with all plans, parts, mouldings and decals where appropriate.

First up are 2 blasts from the past, a Balsacraft Bristol Blenheim and Spitfire Mk IX. The Benheim is in as new condition as is the contents of the Spitfire box although the box itself is a bit faded and bashed.

£150.00 each plus postage ovno.

Secondly, a Ben Buckle Super 60, Again all complete and as new in original packaging. This is an early 3 channel kit for 4 or 2 stroke engines but I guess could be easily converted to electric.

£70.00 ovno plus postage.

Lastly is a real rarity. A Micro Mould version of the David Boddington Tinker. I believe this was the subject of a mass build some 6 years ago and I know an updated version is still available from DB at around £120.00. This is a complete kit and contains all the original accessories including wheels, bent wire u/c, screws, wire push rods and linkages. This is described as a 2-3 channel version 09-15 engines but, again, I'm fairly sure could be converted to electric power fairly easily.

£100.00 ovno plus postage.

Photos of all kits can be sent to interested parties but, as stated, the contents are all in excellent as new condition although some of the boxes are showing their age.

I'm open to sensible offers but 'will you take £10.00' chancers will just be ignored.

I'd rather see these go to someone who will build and fly them than lie around in my man cave.

I can be PMd on here if you have any questions.

Edited By Chris Bott - Moderator on 02/08/2019 17:47:24

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