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Thread: Full size aircraft displays
23/11/2019 18:55:34

My son's had a ride in one of those (a Typhoon, that is).

And, yes, he was sick.

Boy, was I jealous.

Not the being sick part obviously.

Thread: Rugby World Cup 2019.
02/11/2019 21:55:18

Don, you're quite correct. I'd be happy to see any Nh team bring the cup home and, yes, even England.

Martin, apologies. You're correct too. I should have said runners up medals. Still think the attitude was wrong though as was the teams 'stunt' before the AB game and rightly fined for it. However, please don't assume I'm an 'average punter'. I doubt you know anything about my involvement with the game as I don't know anything about yours.

The day rugby players start acting like petulant, overpaid footballers is the day I give up being involved with the game.

02/11/2019 19:05:16
Posted by john stones 1 on 02/11/2019 17:07:09:

Not into the digs. You show disrespect with the here's where it went wrong comments, it went wrong because the Boks played better in every position, and gave a World Champions performance, plan B doesn't exist when the opponent plays that well, look back 1 week, where was the A.Bs plan B ?

Lads are down because they gave everything for 4 years, I forgive em a bit of sulking, not as if the rest of our Countries set much of an example of late is it ? Here's a dog, looks a bit down, you can kick it if you like. dog

You done your online tests yet and ready to register. wink

Not into digs? "not as if the rest of our Countries set much of an example of late is it ?"

Pot, kettle, black etc.

Next time I won't bother supporting England.

And, no. I haven't indecision

02/11/2019 16:36:20

I also feel it was a bit disrespectful to refuse/take off losers medals. Not a good example to kids looking up to their heroes.

02/11/2019 16:34:14

Token Scotsman here.

Bit disappointed that England lost if only for the desire to see the cup come to the NH for a change.

However, I feel England continue to suffer from a problem I feel they've had for a long time and that is the inability to execute a plan B when things start to go wrong. If the game plan works, they're amongst the best in the world but when things start to go awry there seems to some sort of mental blockage (the Calcutta cup comes to mind). Having said that, when your scrum is so comprehensively dominated, it's always going to be an uphill struggle.

Just a pity they couldn't save their best game for last.

01/11/2019 10:13:28

Sadly, it looks to be all over for our Celtic cousins (just as the AB's score another try).

Or not, just ruled forward.

Hope England have more than just one good game in them.

27/10/2019 21:40:31

As a Scotsman, this is really hard to say.....but best of luck to England next weekend.

However, if you do win, PLEASE don't bang on about it for the next 12 years.

Thread: Stash clear out
04/08/2019 10:30:53
Posted by Ray Wood 4 on 02/08/2019 19:48:52:

Hi Micheal,

I admire your pricing strategy with the Balsa Craft kits, I will watch with interest as I have the kits and the original plans also, keep us posted.

Regards Ray

I will, Ray. They will be going on Ebay shortly if there's no interest here.

04/08/2019 10:28:37
Posted by Chris Bott - Moderator on 02/08/2019 17:48:02:

Fixed, Michael. I'm going to remove the duplicate thread too.


Thanks Chris. Much appreciated.

02/08/2019 13:48:52

Darn. Must have missed the time limit.

Any mods online that can help??

02/08/2019 13:32:03

Errr... can someone remind me how to edit posts please?

02/08/2019 13:25:21

Given the amount of junk mail I get I doubt it would make much difference but I guess you're right. I'll edit. Ty.

02/08/2019 12:55:03

Having a clear out of kits I know I will now never get around to building, sadly.

All are boxed in original packaging and are complete with all plans, parts, mouldings and decals where appropriate.

First up are 2 blasts from the past, a Balsacraft Bristol Blenheim and Spitfire Mk IX. The Benheim is in as new condition as is the contents of the Spitfire box although the box itself is a bit faded and bashed.

£150.00 each plus postage ovno.

Secondly, a Ben Buckle Super 60, Again all complete and as new in original packaging. This is an early 3 channel kit for 4 or 2 stroke engines but I guess could be easily converted to electric.

£70.00 ovno plus postage.

Lastly is a real rarity. A Micro Mould version of the David Boddington Tinker. I believe this was the subject of a mass build some 6 years ago and I know an updated version is still available from DB at around £120.00. This is a complete kit and contains all the original accessories including wheels, bent wire u/c, screws, wire push rods and linkages. This is described as a 2-3 channel version 09-15 engines but, again, I'm fairly sure could be converted to electric power fairly easily.

£100.00 ovno plus postage.

Photos of all kits can be sent to interested parties but, as stated, the contents are all in excellent as new condition although some of the boxes are showing their age.

I'm open to sensible offers but 'will you take £10.00' chancers will just be ignored.

I'd rather see these go to someone who will build and fly them than lie around in my man cave.

I can be PMd on here if you have any questions.

Edited By Chris Bott - Moderator on 02/08/2019 17:47:24

Thread: Six Nations 2019
18/03/2019 07:01:23

Try getting rid of 'no arms' Farrell for a start.

Thread: Gatwick drone incident
21/12/2018 07:01:04


Anger got the better of me.


21/12/2018 06:48:33

Liz Kershaw on Sky News. 'Ban all drones from UK skys!'

And I was told to grow up when I suggested media over reaction??

20/12/2018 19:19:29
Posted by Adrian Smith 1 on 20/12/2018 19:05:01:

Don & Michael.

I really don't think here is the place to be airing petty prejudices against a national newspaper. Time grow up I think. And no I don't read the Mail. frown

No need to be offensive. I only used the Daily Mail as an example of the likely tabloid exaggeration that's bound to be in most of the papers tomorrow. I think it's inevitable that a great deal of assumptions will be made, most of it provided by 'experts' that probably don't know one side of a drone from the other.

20/12/2018 18:46:19

Expect Daily Mail rhetoric to go into overdrive.

'Enemies of the State' perhaps?

Thread: Drones fight back
15/11/2017 22:42:38

Where's my body double??

Thread: Traplet statement
03/08/2017 22:19:31

It is worth noting that the statement issued give no indication which 'products and services' will be offered. Like everyone else, I hope that the plans and parts are part of these products and services.

However, although I appreciate the view that some may not wish to deal with or purchase form the new company for whatever reason, that approach will only lead to the further devaluation of the plans and part service. If the market for plans and parts declines, how long will the service be available.

Whilst it may stick in the craw of some I would guess that this new service (if it comes to pass) will inevitably go the same way as Traplet if the modelling community doesn't support it.

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