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Thread: Why Do We Still Build From Plans Which Use Imperial Sizes
13/12/2013 20:59:15
Posted by Prop Nut on 13/12/2013 20:40:48:

Wood in B&Q, or elsewhere, is in feet. If it were metric, it would be 2500mm by 1250mm, or something similar.

I think if you go onto the B&Q website you'll find all timber quoted in metric (the sensible measure)wink

13/12/2013 20:51:12

Well, the biggest kid on the block can't even get gallons right so no point relying on them. Here's an idea, lets go back to rods, perches and poles. That's bound to make things simpler.

13/12/2013 20:22:19

Well, I'm not sure where you guys buy your wood from but the last time I was in B&Q all the wood was in metric. If I buy sheet material (and I do fairly regularly), I buy it at 2440 x 1220 (8 x 4 in old money). I've been using metric measures in my work since I started back in the early '70's and although I can work with imperial, I much prefer metric.

Personally, I don't think it has anything to do with 'national identity' (whatever that is) but trying to use a system that's much simpler and, conveniently, used by the majority of the planet. I certainly think it would help 'younger' builders in their understanding of the hobby.

Thread: Volocopter makes its maiden flight
28/11/2013 10:29:54

Wonder what the flight duration is? Probably not enough to get me to the nearest supermarket.sad

Thread: Bombardier CL415
21/11/2013 22:11:21

Thanks for the quick response. Not entirely made my mind up on it yet as I'd like to have retracts but good to know it's a good quality.

21/11/2013 12:23:23

No idea on the ic conversion, I'm afraid but I'm also considering this model. Can I ask how the quality of the parts you bought look? Not sure whether to go with the laser cut set or do it myself.

Thread: Problems with shop
19/11/2013 18:53:07

Probably just as well. I was feeling seriously tempted to spend some money. Got myself back under control. SWMBO has returned.

19/11/2013 16:33:18

Am I the only one not getting anything on the RCM&E plans link under shop??

When I go onto the 'shop' page, it defaults to ALL. This lists nothing but back and digital issues of the mag. When I go to RCM&E plans service - nothing.

Is it just me??

Thread: Dumas Dragon Rapide
18/09/2013 18:26:04

I, too would be interested in comments. A lovely aircraft but a lovely kit???

Thread: Cheap airbrush
10/09/2013 21:24:40

My wife has just purchased a new toy which may soon become my new toy. She's purchased a 'Rio Airbrush Tanning System' Normal price £79.99, Wowcher price £39.00. A bargain, apparently.

Well, this little device arrived today when she was out and I was in. The kit comprises a neat little airbrush which feels quite weighty in the hand and appears to have a nice smooth action, an airline and a small compressor to deliver the air.

Oh, there's also a couple of bottles of tanning solution but we're not interested in them.

As I will inevitably be asked to do the spray tan job on my Mrs, my plan is to make a bit of a botch up of it. A few runs, a couple of light patches and it will soon be consigned to the 'seemed like a good idea at the time' cupboard. At that point, it will gravitate to my workbench.

Cammo paint job, anyone???

It also comes with an 'Exfoliating Glove'. Apparently this is a bit like a light sand but, personally, I can't see it working.

Thread: Build the spitfire (935mm) only 28 a month
26/08/2013 22:47:05

Not sure that hammering in panel pins to hold the ali panels on is terribly scale.

Thread: Learn to Make Models that Fly
14/05/2013 14:28:56
Posted by Brian Lambert on 14/05/2013 13:10:20:

Hi Michael, yes it must be one of the worst search engines on the web,

That must be why most of my searches bring up nothing.

14/05/2013 12:01:20

Mmmm. I did a search before posting and nothing came up.

I was more interested in finding out if anyone had attempted any of the scale models and what the results were.

The Micro T model that others have built seems to work well but I'm more interested in sacle and potentially converting to electric.

14/05/2013 09:19:09

Yep, that's the one. Some really nice plans in it. They have to be scaled up but include drawings for all the parts and are very well detailed.

13/05/2013 22:59:33

When I was into aeromodeling last time round , I bought a book called 'Aircraft Workshop' 'Learn to make models that fly' by Kevin Shacklock.

Stating off with a small chuck glider, the book took the scratch builder through various models including a rubber powered Piper Cub, i.c. engined Spirit of St Louis all the way to a 88" span Spitfire with flaps & retracts.

In all the modeling websites I've visited, I've never seen any mention of either the book of the models for which plans are provided. Maybe I have the only copy?

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has:- 1) read the book or 2) Built any of the planes featured. If the latter, how did they go. I ask because there is a rather nice looking 67" span DH 71 which I wouldn't mind trying some time in the future and any feedback would be much appreciated.

Thread: Sort of beginners chicken and egg question.
11/05/2013 15:03:28

Good idea, BEB! I'll see if there is any life left in some of my old packs from last time round. If not, I'll just get a new one.

Cheers everyone for the advice.

Until I get this whole new electrickery thing sorted in my head, I'll probably post more idiot questions in the very near future .

10/05/2013 20:33:15

So once the Rx is bound, will the ESC (this one does need to be taught) need to be set straight away or can I power off and set it at a later date?

10/05/2013 18:44:54

There is probably a very simple answer to this question and hopefully someone will provide an answer without thinking me a complete idiot.

Basically, I'm a complete newcomer to 2.4, outrunners & LiPo's but have decided to come back to this hobby after a 15 year lay off. Having splashed out on a Spektrum DX6i system and all the necessary gear to get my current project in the air, I'm left with one problem. I know I need to bind the Rx to the Tx, no problem there. I know how to do that. I also know that the ESC I have needs to be set to the TX too so that it learns the full throttle position when required. I also know this is a one-off operation. I just don't know which comes first. Do I bind the Rx or do I set the brushless ESC?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thread: Giant Shark website
01/05/2013 10:54:15

Why do these things always happen to me the day after I've placed an order?

At least I can exhale now!

01/05/2013 08:46:52

Anyone else having problems with Giant Shark today?

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