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Thread: Learn to Make Models that Fly
13/05/2013 22:59:33

When I was into aeromodeling last time round , I bought a book called 'Aircraft Workshop' 'Learn to make models that fly' by Kevin Shacklock.

Stating off with a small chuck glider, the book took the scratch builder through various models including a rubber powered Piper Cub, i.c. engined Spirit of St Louis all the way to a 88" span Spitfire with flaps & retracts.

In all the modeling websites I've visited, I've never seen any mention of either the book of the models for which plans are provided. Maybe I have the only copy?

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has:- 1) read the book or 2) Built any of the planes featured. If the latter, how did they go. I ask because there is a rather nice looking 67" span DH 71 which I wouldn't mind trying some time in the future and any feedback would be much appreciated.

Thread: Sort of beginners chicken and egg question.
11/05/2013 15:03:28

Good idea, BEB! I'll see if there is any life left in some of my old packs from last time round. If not, I'll just get a new one.

Cheers everyone for the advice.

Until I get this whole new electrickery thing sorted in my head, I'll probably post more idiot questions in the very near future .

10/05/2013 20:33:15

So once the Rx is bound, will the ESC (this one does need to be taught) need to be set straight away or can I power off and set it at a later date?

10/05/2013 18:44:54

There is probably a very simple answer to this question and hopefully someone will provide an answer without thinking me a complete idiot.

Basically, I'm a complete newcomer to 2.4, outrunners & LiPo's but have decided to come back to this hobby after a 15 year lay off. Having splashed out on a Spektrum DX6i system and all the necessary gear to get my current project in the air, I'm left with one problem. I know I need to bind the Rx to the Tx, no problem there. I know how to do that. I also know that the ESC I have needs to be set to the TX too so that it learns the full throttle position when required. I also know this is a one-off operation. I just don't know which comes first. Do I bind the Rx or do I set the brushless ESC?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thread: Giant Shark website
01/05/2013 10:54:15

Why do these things always happen to me the day after I've placed an order?

At least I can exhale now!

01/05/2013 08:46:52

Anyone else having problems with Giant Shark today?

Thread: Indication where a post has been deleted
09/04/2013 10:22:28
Posted by Olly P on 09/04/2013 09:36:16:

Whichever thread sourced the idea, a small indication would be handy - a few other forums I use have this and it makes following the flow when a comment has been deleted much easier.

I agree. I don't always follow threads as intensly as the one I mentioned but it would have been handy to realise that my (and other) posts had been deleted.

No doubt it would be beneficial in other threads too. I'm also on forums where its used and find it helpful.

09/04/2013 08:25:48

I wonder. Would this question have anything to do with the Margaret Thatcher thread?

Thread: Balsacraft Sea Fury
28/03/2013 19:57:20

To be honest, mine was built so long ago, its still got the original speed 600 in it and hasn't flown for donkeys. I've still got plans for updating it but just havn't got round to it yet. It was a bit twitchy and difficult to get properly balanced. Given the weight of all the hardware, that's probably not surprising. I didn't fly it a lot because I prefer building to flying but if you're willing to make the effort with it I see no reason why it shouldn't fly well.

28/03/2013 19:12:53

I've built the Balsacraft FW 190 and still got Spitfire and Blenhem kits waiting to be built. They all build in pretty much the same way. It's fairly straightforward but the one thing I'd change is the way in which the ailerons are operated. I'd now use two wing mounted servos rather than the one centerally mounted as described in the plans. The route the snake takes doesn't make for smooth operation.

Thread: 'Jemima' vintage model from RCM&E plan - build log
21/03/2013 21:53:40

Boy, that was quick! Thanks, Jim. Should have perhaps thought of that myself.Thanks for the advice. MacJemima is comming along nicely. Is mine the only one in Scotland, I wonder? Where can I get tartan Solartex?

21/03/2013 20:47:22

Can anyone who's got to or past the wing stage tell me what section strip they used for the wing LE? The plan is a bit vague indicating 1/4" LE only. I get a measure of 9/16th off the leading edge of the ribs so ideally 1/4 x 9/16th?

Any suggestions?

Thread: Rugby
20/03/2013 07:15:03

One of the first things you learn in Rugby is to play to the refs requirements. Each ref runs the game in a slightly different way, giving his own interpretation of the rules (within very narrow margins). Teams usually learn within the first 10 minutes how to play so they don't fall foul of the ref. Unfortunatly, England didn't. Please don't blame the ref for Englands loss. Simply put, Wales outplayed them and deserved to win.

Thread: Building 'Jemima' from the RCM&E plan
03/03/2013 13:30:38

There must be something very appealing about Jemima judgeing by the number of people building. I. too, have taken the plunge and started on my version. One of the benefits of starting later is that I can learn from everyones mistakes (sorry guys). I would certainly have made the mistake of cutting the tailplane spar where the fin fits so an easy lesson learnt for me.

Progress is slow thanks to too much work and not enough leasure time, a common complaint these days, I think.

Anyway, well done to all the contributors so far, you're making life so much easier for the likes of me.

Thread: Weekend Giveaway
01/03/2013 09:42:43

Count me in Please. Book(s) or glue would be good, thanks.

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