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Thread: Passchendaele 100 years on
01/08/2017 12:16:04

Apologies for the double post. I attempted to edit to point out that I did not describe the subject as 'controversial' and inadvertently posted again.

01/08/2017 11:56:22

For your information, Pete, it has a personal dimension for me too. I can't think that there are many for whom it wouldn't.

However, two of the earliest posting expressed differing views of WW1 and that is, by it's very definition, divisive.

I'm NOT arguing against the validity of this thread, in fact I fully support it's inclusion on the forum.

However, you can't argue that for some, the war was justified and for others it was an abomination and, frankly, yes, it is political. All wars are, in some way political.

However, the point I was trying to make was that it has often been quoted by moderators that subject matter should be restricted to modelling matters and was asking why this thread was acceptable (bearing in mind that it is a) not about modelling & b) on a potentially divisive subject) and a (very) previous thread on the state funeral for Margaret Thatcher was not?

01/08/2017 10:58:10

I'm not going to make an argument for either opinion on this subject for once. I have my own feelings on the subject and will keep them to myself.

However, I would respectfully ask the question as to why such a potentially divisive thread should continue to run when many other threads on similar veins have been closed with the reason being given that 'this is a modelling forum and should be restricted to the subject matter'?

I, and am sure others, have been pulled up for expressing opinions on similar subjects in the past and whilst I'm more than happy to debate this and other non-modelling subjects, it usually leads to widely differing opinions.

I'm just asking the question, what subjects are open for discussion and which are not? At the moment, I'm a little confused.

Thread: Is it a record
28/07/2017 15:33:03

I too PM'd Pete this morning on this very subject.

Lets hope that the proposed discussions amongst the moderators leads to something more than just 'if you want to complain about a moderator it has to be done by a PM' approach.

I appreciate that this forum is a commercial enterprise but, by the same token, it wouldn't be a forum without forum members views and these will, inevitably, vary widely.

As I said in my PM to Pete, I can understand why the original 'Traplet' (damn, said it again!) thread was closed down but not why the 'gagged' one was.

Thread: Classic British Beauty
28/07/2017 11:32:47

The red car certainly appears to be a Series 1. Headlight covers and position of indicators are the tell tail signs if you compare it to the OP. The 'mouth' will be slightly smaller too.

Thread: Is it a record
28/07/2017 11:26:01

and I think I and others were trying to keep it that way.

Naturally, everyone will be upset about the Traplet situation and I appreciate the concerns of those employed there. It's a situation I've been through twice and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

But the point here is that the Traplet situation was merely being used as an example of over-moderation. A problem I've also had in the past on other, unrelated subjects.

At present, I've been quoted the 'Code of Conduct' which, effectivly says whatever moderators decide goes. No room for debate, no room for public discussion. I'm not convinced that's a good policy to enforce so rigorously.

28/07/2017 11:10:18

Don't agree. The thread was about censorship by moderators NOT Traplet. The name Traplet was only given as an example. The abrupt closure of the thread illustrates the point perfectly.

Thread: gagged
28/07/2017 08:27:26

Wouldn't be the first timeblush

28/07/2017 08:10:41

I too thought that. Frankly, I think the deletion of certain recent posts speaks volumes. In fact, I've cancelled my subscription as a result of this and previous posts that were deleted.

Thread: Classic British Beauty
28/07/2017 08:07:25

That's a Series 2 car. Personally, I prefer the Series 1 with the headlight fairings. or 1 1/2. It's also got the wrong seats.

Thread: Destroyed Drone
23/07/2017 14:47:02
Posted by eflightray on 23/07/2017 14:33:05:

It was probably smashed by someone you has a grudge with Amazon.

They probably thought it was waiting for a bus to get back to Amazon, (intelligent software informs a drone to catch a bus when the batteries are low). wink

Once again, it's not the drone that's the problem, it's people.


How could anyone possibly have a grudge against Amazon?

23/07/2017 14:05:54

Sorry to appear harsh but, frankly, leaving it in a bus shelter near a school was a foolish idea.

The Police have a 'Lost Property' department for a reason and if it was a fairly big drone, it stands to reason it had a value to someone perhaps. As Gangster says, there is a possibility the pilot simply lost control for any one of a number of reasons. It wouldn't be the first time. I think it's sometimes too easy to assume all drone pilots are irresponsible.

Thread: Very low mileage older car - should I be suspicious?
15/06/2017 19:01:30

As stated above, don't consider it without checking the MOT history. It's highly unlikely to have been clocked within the first 3 years and every year thereafter, provided it's been MOT'd, the mileage should be recorded unless its been SORNED.

I've just bought a 13 year old car with 30k on the clock and it's an absolute beaut. If you're still unsure, ask for an RAC inspection.

Thread: Hammond crashes lithium powered car, large fire
10/06/2017 22:31:09

It might be worth pointing out that Richard Hammond wasn't completly annihilated.

Thread: Six Nations Rugby Union 2017
18/03/2017 19:21:57

Super Saturday?

More like damp squib Saturday.

Scotland way off their early form.

France v Wales full of mistakes from both sides and ends in farce.

Ireland v England dull, dull dull.

I think every team took a step backwards.

18/03/2017 17:10:48

That was a farce. Confusion over substitute players and who has or hasn't had an HIA. Badly handled by the officials.

If you ask me, it was the French front row that were popping up in those last few scrums. At least 1 French penalty should have gone the other way.

18/03/2017 16:08:16

10-12. No more points for either side, please.

18/03/2017 15:30:30
Posted by Nigel Day on 18/03/2017 09:50:23:

That would be amazing given their performances as little as 18 months ago. Like with England, it shows how quickly things can turn around.

Errm? Didn't Scotland get to the quarter finals of the last world cup and miss out on a semi place thanks to a stupid, blind ref?wink

Anyway, back to the matter in hand. Come on Wales, get the finger out. A nice win by a narrow margin and no bonus point will see Scotland stay in second place.

18/03/2017 09:31:20

For once, I'll be supporting England. I think I'm correct in saying if Scotland beat Italy and England beat Ireland, Scotland move to 4th in the IRB rankings. Great for the next RWC.

11/03/2017 22:06:59
Posted by Pete B - Moderator on 11/03/2017 20:23:57:

Use whatever language you like at a football match but on a rugby thread, on this forum, exhibit a little self-discipline, please!face 5


Not sure if that was aimed at me but if so, apologies for any offence caused but, frankly, I've heard much worse spoken by the players throughout the tournament and inadvertently broadcast.

If you want comparisons with a football match try being in a rugby club post game.

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