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Thread: Six Nations Rugby Union 2017
11/03/2017 19:14:34

I hate to admit it but England just outclassed Scotland in just about every area. Well deserved winners of the 6 Nations.

God, that was difficult to type out.

10/03/2017 22:20:55

As a Scotland supporter, I have to say well done Wales. A huge improvement over two weeks ago. Glad you saved that performance for Ireland.

Now all I have to do is hope Scotland beat England and Ireland beat England next week. Scotland to beat Italy wink

Thread: Bbc2 now
02/03/2017 07:30:29

So what was it called so I can look it up on I Player?

Thread: Six Nations Rugby Union 2017
28/02/2017 08:07:58
Posted by Donald Fry on 27/02/2017 19:41:08:

History lads, gone, finished. Your next performance matters. My lot will hopefully be looking to, and hopefully delivering a reality check, AKA gutting Scotland.

It is unfortunate that Scotland have their tails up.

But all the press reports, insults, are just wind.

Mr Sleath, I enjoyed your missive.

Got to disagree with you, Donald.

One of the great things about rugby is the ability of the crowd to mingle irrespective of which team they support. The banter and friendly rivalry is all part of the fun. If EJ keeps on insulting other teams, how long will it take before that animosity transfers to the stands and segregation has to start. Last thing rugby needs is to go down the same road as football and if Jones keeps on insulting other teams, thats just whats going to happen.

27/02/2017 18:39:36
Posted by john stones 1 on 27/02/2017 18:21:29:

Yep England were baffled, neither the players nor coaches got to grips with it till half time, so we looked foolish n inept ? well you take it on the chin n move on, whinging makes you look even worse.

Italy/ O'shea said Eddie upset em by saying they wanted to take them to the cleaners on T.V, he's right that's disrespectful, we got paid back for the insult, fair do's.

Was it Rugby ? No, but it was amusing


What was more insulting was saying, post match, that England needed to go and practice because they hadn't been involved in a game of rugby.

27/02/2017 15:30:53

It was shown on ITV.

The play that Italy used isn't arcane in any way but rather they took advantage of the rules and caused endless confusion amongst England players because of the unorthodox style.

I find it rather worrying that World Rugby is considering changing the rules because one coach described the ploy as 'not a game of rugby'. Surely the fault lies with the players who were unfamiliar with the rule book and unable to think out of the box to counter the way Italy played.

Apparently this tactic has been used before in Australia domestic games but, one tried, is easily countered.

27/02/2017 11:57:06

Well, at least France and Scotland will have an opportunity to become conversant with the rule book before their respective games.

27/02/2017 08:18:13

Any thoughts on the EJ comment that 'this wasn't a game of rugby'?

I've given my thoughts on EJ coaching skills and comments and feel this is another incident where his off the cuff comments don't do him any favours.

Italy played the rule book and England suffered in confusion as a result.

26/02/2017 20:59:23
Posted by Donald Fry on 26/02/2017 20:08:22:

But as Steve Redgrave said, today we crush dreams.

I think I remember you using this quote during the World Cup, Donald wink

26/02/2017 20:59:22
Posted by Donald Fry on 26/02/2017 20:08:22:

But as Steve Redgrave said, today we crush dreams.

I think I remember you using this quote during the World Cup, Donald wink

26/02/2017 17:56:27

Now looking forward to the Calcutta Cup game with a bit more hope. Having said that, that result might buck England up.

26/02/2017 15:53:25

How many steps backwards was that ??surprise

25/02/2017 22:59:21

Don't get me wrong, I think EJ is a great coach and he's done wonders with England. I just think comments about dressing rooms, lambs and daffodils belittles him. He's good enough without having to resort to snide remarks.

Re the Calcutta cup game, despite my best wishes, I think England will prove to be too strong. Scotlands scrum will be in for a very hard day. Bear in mind that Scotland have gone through the tournament without their first choice props.

Having said that, I think Scotlands back line is more creative and that may even things out.

However, I woke up today thinking Wales by a couple of points so what do I know.

25/02/2017 18:44:07

I do hope not. Whilst I appreciate EJ skills as a coach I don't think his confrontational remarks have a place in Rugby. His lack of respect of the Welsh prior to the game was unnecessary.

25/02/2017 17:51:09

I'm not convinced Gattland is the best choice either. We'll see when the team is announced. I wouldn't be surprised if he relied on the bulk of the team being Welsh again.

Thread: Learning to play guitar
21/02/2017 12:38:45

There ain't no substitute for practicesmiley

IIRC, when I was teaching myself, I'd spend at least 2 hours a day, every day, at it.

Keep going, all of a sudden, it will click and everything will become so much easier.

21/02/2017 11:27:45

I taught myself to play many years ago and got reasonably proficient without any instruction. I tend to play a finger picking blues style but have now probably forgotten more than I know.

I taught myself from various books that were about at the time but if I was starting now and wanted to learn by myself, my first port of call would be youtube. There are literally hundreds of excellent videos for new guitar players covering a variety of styles. Browse through them and take your pick of the ones you feel comfortable with.

Oh, and buy yourself an electronic tuner. There's nothing worse and more likely to put you off than an out of tune guitar.

Thread: Time to change car
18/02/2017 08:50:11
Posted by Rich2 on 18/02/2017 08:34:43:

Posted by Michael Ramsay-Fraser on 17/02/2017 20:18:31:

I'm sorry but admitting to wanting to own an estate car is tantamount to admitting your life is over and you have nothing to look forward to.

Easy answer, buy a sports car (the new Alfa is nice), fit a tow bar. Buy a trailer. Job done.smiley

Percy is clearly not a petrol head!wink

I am and have had a couple of Alfas, however, your advice is not very practical for a family man! And please do not compare the MX5 (hairdressers car!) with a spider! wink

The use of trailers seems to be quite common in the US, and I do like the idea, however, storage would be a major problem for me.

Edited By Rich2 on 18/02/2017 08:35:57

Sad but true, Rich.

Irrespective of the choice of car, I was simply trying to suggest that a smaller car and trailer combination might be an option, I thought I was being lighthearted about it but appeared to have ruffled a number of feathers.

I make the point because I changed from a large 4x4 to a much smaller one. A Panda Cross, in fact and, surprise, surprise, and contrary to (apparently) perceived wisdom is 100% reliable and can go many places that even my old HiLux couldn't.

The lack of space, however, was problematic and overcome by the addition of a trailer to the fleet. I appreciate not everyone can readily store a trailer but it works for me.

I do actually have an open top sports car too (along with a couple of classic GT's restored by myself) and a bald head.

If it came to a choice between it and an estate, I know which one I'd rather be in.wink

17/02/2017 21:41:02
Posted by Percy Verance on 17/02/2017 21:28:19:

Well Michael, I'm afraid I'd beg to differ. I'd rather walk than buy an Alfa Romeo. In fact if you bought one, you'd almost certainly end up walking at some point, such is their somewhat tarnished reliability record. Indeed, it might be fair to say that most Italian produced vehicles have a less then good reputation here. Sure, they're better than they once were, but they don't clock up big sales in the UK.

It was just an example, Percy and irrespective of reliability or lack of, the new Spyder is a very attractive car at least to my eyes. It should be reasonably reliable, though. It's built by Mazda, after all.

Don't like the Alfa? Get an MX5. Basically the same car

17/02/2017 20:18:31

I'm sorry but admitting to wanting to own an estate car is tantamount to admitting your life is over and you have nothing to look forward to.

Easy answer, buy a sports car (the new Alfa is nice), fit a tow bar. Buy a trailer. Job done.smiley

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