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Thread: Peculiar petrol engine idle
17/05/2019 17:04:46


Thread: Wanted 2 BA compression screw (diesel)
11/05/2019 19:48:59

Could you not make one from a plain shanked bolt with a hole drilled and rod inserted and head cut off?

Thread: Fuel Soaked ply
10/05/2019 15:45:23

I didn't know Thixofix was still about Glue Film never heard of it. The point is these adhesives contain their own solvent so deal with the waxy surfaces automatically so to speak. I think it is actually oils etc in the wood drawn to the surface and baked into the waxy film we find.on the surface. So yer pays yer pennies an' makes yer choice. Contact types or thinners etc and wood glues. I got a few samples of ply from Enricio Iglesias (Julio's cousin) via this forum but can't find the thread now.. He sent me some useable samples of quite a dark 3 ply about 1/8th thick. Very rigid but no apparent oils/waxes on the surface. Not had a chance to use it yet He was offering it for sale BTW

Thread: ST Discovery - Motor issue
07/05/2019 07:55:39

Beware POR glues go brittle after some time,Especially if kept somewhere warm.You can't reglue the joint it has to be sanded back to clean foam or whatever.before regkuing

Thread: Where's all the stock?
30/04/2019 16:55:35

There is a guy on this forum named Iglesias. No not Julio his cousin. He advertised ply for sale and offered samples. I took up his offer and received 4 pieces of nice quality dark ply. I don't know the wood type but is pretty hard and rigid. Even plies and cuts cleanly. Nice smell too. Could be chestnut. Anyway I recommend contacting him to see what he can supply..I intend putting his samples to good use once I'm out of hospital. They were useful sizes.

Thread: Gone,but not forgotten kit mfg
14/03/2019 03:09:55

Skyleader has been mentioned but what about SKYLEADA Just recall the name, Not models

Thread: Aircraft maintenance
02/03/2019 19:54:07

Looks like faulty tempering to me. I wonder how many more have gone unrecorded?

Thread: OS 46 FX
02/03/2019 19:16:26
Posted by MikeQ on 02/03/2019 13:27:34:


Edited By MikeQ on 02/03/2019 13:27:56

Soak all in cellulose /acetone for a day/ Cleans like magic then you can really check those bearings. Also give that shaft a polish with some fine wet /dry it looks a bit scratched

Thread: Gutted!
20/02/2019 00:54:28

I thought you were going to fly it in the raw first. Did You? If so how did she fare?

Thread: Tornado GR4 (150%)
19/02/2019 21:49:08

Talking of Tornados they are to fly over N Wales for last time this week

17/02/2019 07:53:37

Just seen these on Bang Good

Thread: Digital incidence meter
14/02/2019 12:55:30

Cymaz Sticking needle may be down to dirt. To clean it put some Lighter petrol ( a few spoonsful) in a straight sided container. A jug would be ideal or a mug. Suspend the meter works Tril over the fuel just inside the rim. On a string etc will do. cover it loosely and leave alone few days. Then remove it and look in the container. You'd be surprised how dirty it will be. Then using clock/watch oil and a darning needle lubricate the jewels and other pivot points. Use same method to clean clocks and watches.. Not digitals though. Trike would be even better but try and get some. Ether meths or Methanol would also work.. The fluid evaporates then condenses on the parts and drips off again taking dirt/dust and old oils with it. Dad did a lot of old clocks with that method.. You can't polish the plates though That's the only drawback but if you just want it clean without dismantling this is the way to go. DO NOT be tempted to use WD 40 It dries up quite quickly . Not sure if it leaves a deposit but is only useful for penetrant and water dispersant. Not a lubricant be warned. Good luck John / onetenor

Thread: Tachometer recommendation
14/02/2019 00:22:26

Mine is a vibrating wire (reed ) type I've had about 60 yrs. Not really accurate but does me.

Thread: Dancing Wings Hobby "Fiesler Storch Kit"
07/02/2019 09:28:23

I ordered some props on special offer for 1p Yes one penny From HK When delivered the grey card came first, Not knowing what it was I paid the charge. £13:01 imagine my shock when it was the props.. All attempts to recover the charges have been thwarted. Been passed from pillar to post. Not this section being the usual stock reply.. I've given up all hopes of recovery now. BTW I always thought CN was Canada Never thought of China Humph.

Edited By onetenor on 07/02/2019 09:37:53

Thread: Model Museum ?
07/02/2019 04:09:17

What model? Ask Brum Museum. It could be in their collection museum. A plane I trust?

Thread: Engine Identification
06/02/2019 00:38:46

I imagine 3 holes on the other side of the case. Maybe he never got round to putting them in.

Thread: Uploading from camera chip
06/02/2019 00:28:35

I need to know how to upload pics on a camera chip. Then recover and post them on a website. Anyone advise please.

Thread: Drilling ply/balsa
06/02/2019 00:19:43

FlyBoy Well done. I too lost my darling girl in October and know what you mean exactly.. I'm fixing engines for my distraction struggling with stripped heads on capheaded screws. Probably have to drill them but mini drill/multi tool too fast. I may get away with the lower voltage one or use burrs. Any advice welcome BTW.

05/02/2019 00:01:38

Works better if teeth cut in the tube. Thin slitting file or V file/triangular

Thread: Electric setup advice
04/02/2019 10:07:25

Just 2 points A smaller prop Will allow an IC motor to rev faster, Hence the scream. Two / too small a prop won't have enough weight to provide flywheel effect for starting.. Unless of course using an electric starter.

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