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Thread: The Seagull has landed
19/07/2018 04:24:58

Gary Manuel Thicken the carbon tube with a wrap of carbon cloth ( OR glass cloth ) and epoxy resin.. Made initially a fraction oversize then sanded back ( better still lathe turned ) to fit tightly  and epoxied in the alloy one. Or find another alloy one to fit ( epoxied) into the existing one Vhat does Alexander say? I would use a slightly flexible epoxy mix. Resin and finely chopped cotton fibre mix would be ideal..but getting any into the tube if the fit is really tight: which it should be, is the problem... Yer pays yer money etc.

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Thread: What actually is Storage Mode ?
19/07/2018 03:03:23

John Lee And not Or . Why? Personally I steer clear of Lipos as they need too much attention and I'm a lazy ole git. The exception is those supplied in RTF models with a wall wart type charger..I have multi meters but only check the voltages in my Nimh packs.. Some of which are at least `13 years old and haven't been charged for 5 of them and still have a charge in them. I don't know how they'll be in use though: although they still light up the Txs when switched on. I'll not be able to check until I have had at least one hip

Thread: Chris's Vicomte 1916
19/07/2018 01:49:53

Come on Chris if you can't tell us the price at least tell us the place you bought them from.. There may be more where they came from.

Paul C Pilots ????.

Hakuna Matata to coin a phraseyes

Thread: Exess fuel
17/07/2018 15:16:24

Steve hire/buy a good carpet shampoo machine. They draw dirt etc from the carpet. I would be tempted to try something like meths to break up the stain then immediately run the machine over it. Try an inconspicuous patch first of course.

Thread: suggestions on throw launch plane for flying on rough grass pasture land
17/07/2018 14:38:37

Many like the Lidl ones here --

16/07/2018 22:05:05

Would broad skis help?. You know to skate on the grass as it bends> LOL

Thread: Holding Your Nose
16/07/2018 04:38:31

With a carb high on the cylinder am I right to assume that these are 4 stroke engines and induction is direct to the inlet manifold/valve.? Re nose up I've never done it either with non throttle carbs or throttled ones., and guess what! I've never had an engine cut for anything other than fuel shortage. Have I just been lucky or does this tell us anything? I always fit engine and tank such that the spray-bar is halfway up the tank height. The thing is a tanks have got bigger ,holding about half a litre say means there can be an appreciable difference, in plumbing terms, in head.. Particularly if the tank is tilted increasing the head above the pick up in the tank. To my mind richening the mixture not weakening it. Just my thought. Anyway i've never had it happen to me whatever the cause may be.

Good nosing John

Thread: suggestions on throw launch plane for flying on rough grass pasture land
15/07/2018 23:09:10

See this lot

And this

AND THIS http s://

There should be something here for you. John

Thread: How many do you have in stock?
15/07/2018 22:36:46

The follow. Big Chunks kept previous post so this is 3rd go.

P.S. It is always worth an ask for things you want on Free Cycle/ Freely Wheely type sites. I have touched lucky a few times. The stuff I got from the deceased guy came via such a request. So much I could barely fit it in Our Hyundai I 30. Quite roomy. Too much to list all but there were Tx s Rx s Sprayers Airbrushes covering irons Batteries and chargers and much more. His batteries have been amazing. Hanging in his garage for 8 yrs after his death till I got them. All Nimh 's. I found some still had a charge. I cycled them and charged them 5 yrs ago when I could still walk. I still have some in Tx s indoors and they still light up when turned on. Not metered them but pretty amazing after 5 yrs.. plus 8 untouched. previous to this. Be interesting to see how they perform under load eh!

Sorry to go of topic but I felt it followed from the origin of my stuff that replaced ?what I left behind when I moved. Wonder if I can repllace my S..C.U.B.A. gear ? LOL

15/07/2018 21:41:34

A small list from me

1 RTF "WALTOYS" Cessna 28, 1 similar "GREAT LAKES" bipe.

1 Part built DH Tiger Moth from local Free CYCLE site Toni Clarke 72"

3 OD s elec from widow of modeler A couple of which are unconventional. also some gliders one of which is a Flamingo kit and another I can't recall. Big spans though. (also a small RC motor pilot launch )

An Aeromodeller plan Vampie in sections awaiting reassembly. A Veron Velox under refurb. An o/d cabin mono with hangar rash. And a low wing 30" 0'd converted from a control liner Now on 3rd set of wings. ( Each ones different to the last ) Not yet flown but now needs repainting.LOL..

The trouble is everything is on hold awaiting my new hips All except what cleaning etc I can do on my engines.

More to follow

Thread: Glow Plugs
15/07/2018 00:53:02

As I recall starting to use glows~ in the 50s the plugs all used 2 volts or at least they did on British engines. Now all plugs seem to be 1.5v Which is right and where do I buy 2V plugs


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Thread: Does Hobby King stock an APC equivalent range of propellers?
09/07/2018 00:00:56

Regarding Props I repeat Check Gear Best..Gemfan and APC dirt cheap and in stock with free P&P REALLY, REALLY CHEAP. The price would be dirt cheap for one but you get TWO or more. See the link I sent to Erfolg  above. and this one---

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08/07/2018 23:35:55

Thanks John Stones 1 Yes I know that method bur would like the hand back and the connection that way. Anyone know how to restore it ?

08/07/2018 02:25:32

Anyone good with PCs. When I post a link as above and click on it to check the cursor arrow becomes the typing shape I. Anyone Explain what I should do.

08/07/2018 02:12:55

Erf have a look at Bang Good.APC are listed down the page. ---

Example 2pcs 10x6 APC CW £2.38 CCW £1.99 Free postage but time up to 20 weeks. Loads of sizes from about 4"

Edited By onetenor on 08/07/2018 02:31:39

Thread: What glue to repair 2010 Foam Spitfire
06/07/2018 23:14:57


Thread: Lest We Forget
05/07/2018 22:57:59

The problem with the magnet is not all patients got to use it.The other was getting the steel out of the same hole it entered or without twisting thus enlarging the wound.. The eye hospital in Liverpool uses one to remove steel from the eye. The top of the eye to avoid dragging the piece across the interior to avoid further damage

Thread: Warbird Replicas Bf 110 club.
02/07/2018 05:22:31

Have I missed something but I love the camo. Is it a print or did you paint it. Great job all round. Well done.

Thread: Lest We Forget
02/07/2018 05:05:04

My father was in the King's Liverpool Reg't from the Manx Fencible Reg't ( the IOM Volunteers ) he was in bothSomme Offensives Blightyed home 3 times with wounds but after the damage to his left elbow and forearm by Bochen machine gun bullets. A French lady doctor saved his arm by passing saline soaked linen strips through the wounds. To keep his arm still a big hefty masseuse shoved his hand under her thick leather belt and tensed her stomach muscles to hold him still. Back to Blighty he was in hospital blues with his arm raised on a frame when he first met my mum . just to keep the story short they didn't marry 'til 1940 Sept 15th ,Battle of Britain Sunday. ( He used to say jokingly " And we've been battling ever since haven't we love"?. Nothing further than the truth as theirs was a real love story " Reminds me of me and my girl god bless her.Anyway mum nursed him through a number of serious illnesses some of which were caused by shrapnel in his lungs This stopped after the muck came out of his chest and back as a series of huge boils that I helped her clean out as she drew the cores about 3" to/4" long ( the full depth of his chest wall. Then they had to be encouraged to drain.He still went to work as a tram conductor carrying the ticket machine and money belt pressing on each side back and front. He came out of the sheds after 12yrs nights when they married (His arm wounds meant he couldn't go back as a stone mason) After his arm healed he was transferred to the REs and just before demob he was put in charge of a section of sappers moving gas shells some of which leaked so he got a touch of it which didn't help his shrapnel peppered lungs. All this after avoiding it in the trenches. For the rest of his life if the shrapnel moved he would cough up spots of blood.So yes I remember all I have to think of the man I was proud to call dad ( later POP to all after the grandkids came along)Yes my hero. Incidentally I think that's him you see in some clips of the trenches in his vest carrying a guy across his shoulders.No one can confirm this though and the clip is too short to be sure but just the sort of thing he would do.. I'm 75 now and I imagine no one will remember "POP" when I go.

Thread: Discoloured canopy
02/07/2018 02:06:45

You could try a wipe with thinners or Acetone or ethyl acetate (also known as Amyl Acetate ) just a light wipe as it may be soluble which is why it could work. Some people say polish it with metal polish but I've not had this work for me as it's as much a chemical change as anything. If you do try polishing do this first as there is nothing to lose from it. you may have to renew it in the end but finding a replacement could be hard. You could make your own by press moulding or vacuum moulding. There is lots of info online.( Facebook, instructables etc  ) on how to do it. You could use the old one to make a casting from., If it doesn't fall apart, In epoxy or body filler or even plaster. Smear with vaseline as a release agent. Once dry/set add another 1/4" deep layer to give you enough draw depth. Good luckyes

















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