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Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
26/12/2019 19:40:19

depending on definition of biggest the solution is as follows.3B,3C or 2D/E

04/07/2019 20:11:01

Thanks Steve but it is E Mails I can't get at the moment.

Thread: Thread in the head
03/07/2019 01:28:13

There is lodsa stuff about thread cutting on the like of engineering forums (FORAE) etc and that prog I can't recall that shows lots of new stuff via the net.

02/07/2019 20:49:48

From the OP's original post it seems that the thread is damaged but no bolt to remove. If so this IS a simple repair. An in your hand job. If experienced a vise job if not. Depending on how much damage there is it may be possible to tap directly with No1 tap then 2 and finishing taps in their turn. If not drill out using the correct drill then the taps as before. Turn taps 1/2 turn forwards and 1/4 back. This avoids the tap bunching and jamming and as is easily done with these small sizes snapping in the hole.Advice as using oil in alloy thread cutting varies but I always use a drop of light oil run down each flute on each tap. NOT MUCH.In fact Paraffin/Kerosene would do the job. Btw giving cutting tools of all types a kero and toothbrush bath cleans off old oil etc and keeps them sharper longer. This also applies to nuts bolts screws etc before re-assembly .Less chance of dirty threads jamming and binding causing stripped or breakage of threads .

Thread: Removing balsamic/coverloc
29/06/2019 19:08:39

it seems like the glue used on car stickers which responds to repeated rubbing with petrol soaked rags but patience is a virtue Even in small things.

29/06/2019 17:06:56

Hence lighter fluid. Once mushy add lighter fluid or meths/ methanol which should lift it or even more of what you've used already which should lift it

29/06/2019 13:36:44

Thanks all for good wishes and attempts to help. However Despite help so far I can't get past theses illegible Captchas. First op 15th April after slip and fall on 12th. 2nd op done to attempt to aid overall hip flexibility as muscles and tendons have shrunk.Legs are like two solid lumps of frozen meat. not much Idea where they are most of time. They tend to flop about just now. Need loads of physio to sort them out. Just putting one in front of the other on the frame is tricky.Stephen Craggs thanks for passing on regards From Colin &Doug However I'm still immunicardo as I need my old password and user name reinstating without messing with blurry in distinct photos.My eyes are bad enough but since the first op they have gone quite strange. I am seeing blotches of transparent colour floating in the air Really weird.I'll speak to the M.O. Monday So if it can be arrange that I can do a NORMAL log in on all sites. I'd be very much obliged all round. Regards & many thanks John.

Edited By Steve Hargreaves - Moderator on 29/06/2019 17:52:59

Thread: Dismantling and cleaning
28/06/2019 01:59:26

My first step is always to dunk it in acetone/thinners to dissolve Castor Oil gum etc The castor itself can leave a white film but it usually washes away with solvent/ Step two try to tighten (a little only)All screw tiny bit of movement then quickly loosen An old engineer's trick, Works better if still moist with solvent/ oil in the threads.Even better if warmed up a bit

Thread: Fishtailing - Cause & Cures
26/06/2019 14:04:54

I would have liked to have seen the result of adding a silhouette fuse to it. Giving different areas at different places and different centres of pressure to see that made any change in behaviour I can't do it right now. I would but am in hospital and likely to be for some time. John one tenor

25/06/2019 23:30:35

Can anyone help in anyway. ?? I'm stuck in Hospital in Holywell N Wales. Mobile phone communication almost non existent. I am also a member of Aeromodeller forum but have got accidentally logged out I don\t know why. I can't get past the stupid captchas which I'm sure aren't needed, Can anyone let the lads know I'm stuck in HOLYWELL community hospital having had two total hip replacements. I'm sure the Mods would sort me out. I hate being out of touch.I'm known as onetenor or one tenor John Mantova In my current state I can't recall my password. As I side mobile coms rubbish so can't use E mail either Can't get the pass nos to get back on E mail. If someone would let Aeromodelller know. I'd be much obliged P.S, Also Model Boats Mayhem and Model boats Forum. Thanks John Mantova

Thread: Battery sag, not battery fault, answers on a postcard please
23/06/2019 11:38:42

Maybe an under insulation break too.

Thread: Beth's off.....
29/05/2019 09:40:09

Congrats Beth. Good luck and Bessos. Do you intend a return sometime>? Regards John Mantova "ONE TENOR"

Thread: Peculiar petrol engine idle
17/05/2019 17:04:46


Thread: Wanted 2 BA compression screw (diesel)
11/05/2019 19:48:59

Could you not make one from a plain shanked bolt with a hole drilled and rod inserted and head cut off?

Thread: Fuel Soaked ply
10/05/2019 15:45:23

I didn't know Thixofix was still about Glue Film never heard of it. The point is these adhesives contain their own solvent so deal with the waxy surfaces automatically so to speak. I think it is actually oils etc in the wood drawn to the surface and baked into the waxy film we find.on the surface. So yer pays yer pennies an' makes yer choice. Contact types or thinners etc and wood glues. I got a few samples of ply from Enricio Iglesias (Julio's cousin) via this forum but can't find the thread now.. He sent me some useable samples of quite a dark 3 ply about 1/8th thick. Very rigid but no apparent oils/waxes on the surface. Not had a chance to use it yet He was offering it for sale BTW

Thread: ST Discovery - Motor issue
07/05/2019 07:55:39

Beware POR glues go brittle after some time,Especially if kept somewhere warm.You can't reglue the joint it has to be sanded back to clean foam or whatever.before regkuing

Thread: Where's all the stock?
30/04/2019 16:55:35

There is a guy on this forum named Iglesias. No not Julio his cousin. He advertised ply for sale and offered samples. I took up his offer and received 4 pieces of nice quality dark ply. I don't know the wood type but is pretty hard and rigid. Even plies and cuts cleanly. Nice smell too. Could be chestnut. Anyway I recommend contacting him to see what he can supply..I intend putting his samples to good use once I'm out of hospital. They were useful sizes.

Thread: Gone,but not forgotten kit mfg
14/03/2019 03:09:55

Skyleader has been mentioned but what about SKYLEADA Just recall the name, Not models

Thread: Aircraft maintenance
02/03/2019 19:54:07

Looks like faulty tempering to me. I wonder how many more have gone unrecorded?

Thread: OS 46 FX
02/03/2019 19:16:26
Posted by MikeQ on 02/03/2019 13:27:34:


Edited By MikeQ on 02/03/2019 13:27:56

Soak all in cellulose /acetone for a day/ Cleans like magic then you can really check those bearings. Also give that shaft a polish with some fine wet /dry it looks a bit scratched

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