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Thread: Your best vacuum cleaner?
30/08/2014 01:05:36

How about this for something a little different:

Adds new meaning to 'have fun while you work'!

Edited By Down Under on 30/08/2014 01:06:30

30/08/2014 00:57:36

I find this whole thread very amusing to say the least. laugh

Don't get me wrong. I am all for a good vacuum cleaner, and believe in buying the most powerful I can afford.

I own a Dyson barrel vac myself and never looked back.

The fact that there is well read and responded to thread on the matter I find very amusing indeed.

Never a dull moment here, and who says men can't be domesticated.

Of course, the next logical question should be, how many of us actually use it for house work vs how many of us only use it to keep the work shop clean from wood shavings? question

Thread: The Atom Special
24/08/2014 13:23:12

Hi Rich

Another great model for sure. One I intend to add to the very long build list.

Couple of questions:

To order the blades from UK would cost an absolute bomb in freight.

If I were to make them, what dimensions would I be looking at?

Alternatively, would the blades from the Hobby King Crane Fly suffice or would they be to small?


Thread: Jemima Again
08/07/2014 10:36:19

What gave it away? smile d

I have box with a brand new motor, esc, big balloon wheels, covering and servo's ready to go.

I like the retro look, and planning to to a grey and light blue colour scheme. I really like your approach to making the ribs. I am familiar with the sandwich method but you make it look really easy. I am going to take inspiration from your build.

Just need to finish the electrified Ridge Runt and Tim's Pix-E Major that have been on the building board for the last 6 months embarrassed

08/07/2014 04:36:51

Hi F.

I to will be watching. I bought all the hardware to build one months ago, but that's as far as I have gotten, unfortunately. Work, family, commitments etc tend to take up all mt time : (

Thread: Glider ID needed
20/04/2014 15:50:00

Don't know if electrical tape is the best to use as it

gets a but soft in the heat and can distort. I would think

some scotch tape or 3M tape would be just as good.

Perhaps another pilot who utilises this method might be able to

confirm / advise....

20/04/2014 05:39:36

Hi Jack

normally a taped wing joint is to allow for removal of the

outer wing panels for transportation. Not uncommon with larger wing span

gliders. Looks like electrical tape to me so should come off fairly cleanly

and easily.

allows you to fit the glider in a normal size

car boot. I suspect this is the reason for taped joint on your glider.

Thread: Mrs BEB's Birthday Present
09/03/2014 02:34:37

I'll be watching closely with interest BEB, setting up the drive train on a boat always had me perplexed!

I always wanted to try a boat, but the drive train always scares me off.

yours is looking good so far yes

Thread: Sipa 200 (June 2015 RCM&E)
19/02/2014 10:45:31

Hi Stephen. Thanks for the quick reply.

Hmmmm. I see Outerzone has plans for a 24" free flight version. Wonder if I could successfully enlarge these?

Wonder how much work would be involved in modifying it and making it a ducted fan version? Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself....

19/02/2014 08:31:09

Hi Stephen

I'll go one better. Are there any plans for this?

I think it is a great looking little plane that I would love to build.

Thread: Feed back wanted - modified Ridge Runt wing.
29/12/2013 00:38:50

Calling all you experienced modellers for your valued input...!

I want to build a Ridge Runt from plans to take on holiday with me down at the coast, where there are a couple of small ridges I can use for flying.

I am looking at building the Ridge Runt which has a built up wing, but considering using a plank style wing instead (as per NH's Fizza, Whizza & Can Doo).

If I use a plank wing, the chord will be about half to a third of the built up wing. The overall size and shape will remain the same. In doing so, I am guessing the thinner chord will mean 2 things:

1) Less lift (which on a slope / ridge where the lift comes from an updraught and is more or less lifting the plane by pushing up under the wing, so I don't believe will be much of a problem)

2) Less drag, therefore better penetration and more speed.

Is there anything else I should be aware of that may affect the handling / performance of the model?

Do you think I can get away with this, or do you think this is a bad idea?

All feedback welcome....

Thanks in advance

Down Under

Thread: Cutting tool
26/12/2013 08:42:37

Think its called the Gyro Cut. Not sure who you would have bought it off though, but Trapet sells them.


Hope this helps.

Thread: Clean Sweep 36
25/12/2013 22:03:02

If this per chance should be a plan in RCME, add it to my build list.

You have an avid fan down under, Mr Hooper. smileyyes

Love the monochrome colour scheme too, by the way.

Edited By Down Under on 25/12/2013 22:04:13

Thread: Just a bit at a time.
06/12/2013 21:21:17

Giving up work to make more time?!?!?!?!? Yeah, Like I'm going to doing that anytime soon! HAHAHHAHA!

06/12/2013 20:56:20

Hi Brad

I am on the same wagon as you. Only, you're more disciplined than I. I have more projects on the go than I can poke a hobby knife at. And RCME keep publishing such appealing plans that I can't help myself. My must build list is about 20 models long.

Fortunately, the entrance to the garage is across the hall from the master bedroom. So I take any opportunity I can to work on my models. Most of the time its 1 piece of balsa at a time, and usually by stealth, so the other half doesn't get to cantankerous.

Thread: Can-Doo - the new design from Nigel Hawes
02/11/2013 00:01:27

I like it a lot. Must add to my build list. Any videos of it flying ?

Thread: Hand painting detail
08/10/2013 12:56:29

Hi Dylan

For what its worth, I paint rc cars occasionally and have found the best and cheapest to use is pin striping, like you would use on the side of a full size car. Its cheap, comes in 10m rolls and does a perfect job.

Pin striping (here in OZ anyway) is made out of vinyl / plastic, so doesn't absorb paint. Therefore it doesn't bleed either. It also leaves a perfectly sharp edge, no matter how thick the paint applied. The backing adhesive also leaves no residue when removed either.

Try it, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Down Under

Thread: Cox powered gentle lady
28/09/2013 11:33:03

Great for $60NZ. Think the covering alone cost me that when I built one.

Actually, I just bought another kit about 6 months ago. Purely for nostoligic reasons.

I intend to put an electric motor in th nose though with folding prop to avoid the need fiddle with bungies or nitro engines. Even thinking about put some flaps on the wings too. Seen some one do it on RC universe. Helps to land it in very small spaces.

28/09/2013 09:06:13

Hi Wayne

22 years ago a built a Gentle Lady, and what a beautiful glider she was. A friend at the time loaned me a TD .051 on a pod, and it did a good job of getting her some reasonable altitude. A TD.049 or a Cox Black Widow on a 20% nitro would probably do the job, but I think most of the other Cox 0.049's would be lacking a bit in power. I don't imagine you would get to much climb on a tank.

Thread: Thermalling clockwise or anti clockwise?
30/08/2013 23:55:44

I'm hear you Andy. Without my vario, I doubt my flights would have been half as long....

To answer your question Bruce, I used to fly a classic Gentle Lady years ago. It was also the first rc model I ever owned. We are talking some 20 years ago. I just recently bought another more out of nostolgia. I intend to put an electric motor in it so I can get up to thermal hunting height 'quick smart'.

Happy (thermal) hunting!

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