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Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
17/01/2018 18:26:11

"I would be interested to know if you’ve tested this fuel?"

Ron - a quick search back will highlight quite a previous debate on Prosynth in Lasers with IIRC Jon expressing quite a strong view. wink

Thread: Making glossy film covering less glossy
17/01/2018 18:05:19

The area I have previously tested on which is usually out of site, is the wing area facing the inside of the fuz.

As Simon mentioned make sure you mask off well to prevent any overspray.

Thread: Cleaning gummed up Castor oil residues from engines
23/12/2017 11:11:42

Used boiling antifreeze a number of times and :-

A - Works really well

B - Toxic (outdoors only)

C - Stinks

D - now have very clean "silver" Irvine 53's

Thread: Christmas Caption Competition!
23/12/2017 08:18:41

New poster for "Gimbals R Us"

Thread: Does your club welcome multirotor flying?
22/12/2017 17:54:53

We are a fixed wing club with a single 60m TO/L circle, with no dedicated multi/Heli members. However if an existing member wanted to have a go its only by consent of those present.

Thread: Filler for balsa/woods
21/12/2017 09:53:17

As Jon mentioned - Polycell, "Advanced quick drying Polyfilla." And yes it does feel empty when you pick it up.

You can even mix in a little water based acrylic brown to tint it balsa in small batches.

Thread: Second oldest trick
17/12/2017 13:13:29

His skill is superb but its his banter that makes it great. yes

Thread: The 'DogFighters' Club
16/12/2017 09:10:09

"WoW" skeleton airframe in 3 hours- even if it took a day is quick - like it yes

Thread: 2018 Mass Build Sign up Thread
15/12/2017 20:07:56

Cheers Tim for the reassurance. I could probably give most a good run in who has the most tools wins competition - its time that is in short supply and a short cut is always welcome if available.

My fav tool is a bench combi disc/belt sander.

Thread: Grumpy Tiger Cub by John.
15/12/2017 19:54:44

I know "cut " was a figure of speech but for clarity, just lift the plastic tab and remove the red wire from one esc plug and tape it back. You can then replace it later and use the esc as normal in another model enlightened

Thread: 2018 Mass Build Sign up Thread
15/12/2017 09:36:49

Spoken to Sarik this morning and they are happy for me to pass on that a CNC kit is planed and should be available early to mid Jan, sorry no indication on cost.

Looks as though i will have to do it the traditional way over Christmas.

14/12/2017 19:39:35

"John, Sarik are producing a CNC kit of the Grumpy TC, in time for the 1st of Jan start date"

Has anyone any further details on the CNC kit such as when and how much? Only I don't want to invest a load of time transferring and cutting out a kit only to finish at the same time ones available crying

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
14/12/2017 19:21:30

Trebor, if you have or access to an ultra -sonic cleaner, you may find that will dislodge the internal crud faster.

Thread: Fuel Proofer ?
08/12/2017 17:19:02

2w - curious as to why you want to fuel proof the whole aircraft? Have you painted the whole airframe and need to protect it?

Only if you have used film or coloured solartex they are fuel proof, although tex can sometimes get grubby.

Another for clearcoat around the engine/tank and any other exposed wood such as wing seat etc.

Edited By Ace on 08/12/2017 17:20:07

Thread: Wish to use 12v dc charger for lipos and Nimh at home on mains supply
08/12/2017 16:16:19

+1 yes

Some work required and IIRC will put out up to 50 amps at a regulated 12v? - but worth the effort.

Overkill but powers my 1m hot wire cutter through a brushed esc and servo tester.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
07/12/2017 19:03:47

Not in the same league but here's my 40" effort.

waco 2.jpg

Thread: Twin power set ups
07/12/2017 18:48:19

Within reason 2 mid sized engines/motors generate more power than 1 large engine. Therefore total capacity or watts can be lower for the same performance. 2 engines/motors with a combined total of 15% less than a single engine/motor will deliver similar or marginally better performance - in my view. I doubt this level of power will sustain level on one engine, so we are now into cut and glide or controlled powered decent.

However if you want to actually fly on one engine (as opposed to a slow controlled decent) you are going to require 50%+ per engine/motor (due to extra yaw drag) compared to a single engine/motor to sustain flight. Working on the assumption level flight requires 50% of one single.

My 2 cents worth - Australian not Euro wink

Jon I know it was just a point but the swept area of a 12 x 7 is 113 sq in, so the 150 would need to swing a 18 x 7 to be equal cheeky

Thread: Parallel Charging
05/12/2017 16:10:18

Personally I have 3 and one is shot the other two are ok if I don't push them but have never been that impressed - however they were cheap so the jury's out regarding value for money.

One old member had a couple of Dynamics but they failed after 1yr (and pre parallel charging). These were a mixture of HI-Energy and Overlander Red/Blue. All were 2yrs old and had about the same level of use, so may be not surprising they failed together.

One has replaced with more Overlander Blue, the other with a obscure brand of Fleabay at £12 for 2. Be interesting to see how they compare regarding value for money vs use???

I am trying the Zippy compact 60c 2.2 3&4s and so far they seem ok.

05/12/2017 13:30:27

Cheers Denis, Matty.

I don't believe they gave them a hard time in either discharge rate or to deeply. Laid back stogging around with Riots, Mamsells and electric gliders is their style. They did charge them after a session then possible kept them a few weeks waiting for the next weather break before using. But we are talking weeks not months.

They were bought a couple of years ago and were the same make, so may be they were just unlucky and it was their time crying

Thanks Ace

05/12/2017 10:31:44

Although a diehard IC man I do have some 2.2 3s batteries I parallel charge without issue - I love it yes I do however only connect 3 x 2.2 to a 7a charger and connect the power cables only to the board for a few minutes, to balance the cells out before connecting the balance plugs and charging. I therefore get a 1c charge.

A couple of older club members who adopted parallel charging before me have recently had 5/6 batteries each all developed high internal resistance resulting in only delivering/ accepting 500mha from 2.2 batteries + puffing. On questioning neither connected just the power leads for a few minutes first, to balance and both connected 6 x 2.2 3s to 5a chargers meaning they only charged at 0.37c.

Question - (Power lead balance first obviously) However will the 0.37c charge rate have contributed to the mass fail or are they just unlucky?

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