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Thread: GTC by Levanter
21/04/2018 23:00:40

I for one appreciate you taking the time and effort to share your tips and ideas, Fantastic - Brilliant thumbs up

Thread: How did that happen?
17/04/2018 13:25:23

As Dave C mentioned with both full size and models, if you let the speed bleed off to much over the top a stall occurs (inverted), wing drops followed by a spin.

Thread: The 2018 Transmitter Survey!
09/04/2018 23:30:02

Spektrum DX9 does everything I need although with mainly third party receivers, Lemon, Redcon and Orange due to genuine receiver costs. - ALL ROCK SOLID performance

Thread: Moles!
08/04/2018 10:47:56

Our mown car parking area along the lane was being attacked so we also set traps with marker canes. Both the canes and traps disappeared, so either walkers were against killing moles or nicked them for there own use angry 2

07/04/2018 09:54:32

Moles have been steadily getting nearer our patch which is located in a large pasture field. When one actually made a home in the patch we set traps both pincer and tunnel observing to minimise scent the best we could. It took a number of repositionings (smart blighters back fill and go around) before success. We have now moved out to meet them and so far its TDMFC 3 - Moles 0.

Jury is out on whether pincer or tunnel work best (both have worked) although pincer are much easier to set.

I like the principle of the sound detection - anyone listened looked into it?

Thread: P.A.W engine factory vid
03/04/2018 13:13:46

Thanks for that, real proper cottage industry British engineering - fantastic insight, all be it briefly.

+1 for an article - would make interesting reading thumbs up

Thread: Acro Wot build advice
29/03/2018 18:16:48

My interpretation of the above Q & A would be it's referring to a butt joint ie. root to root with no reinforcing. So yes a BIG NO NO.

However if adding glass cloth either bandage or diamond pattern (my preference) then Poly C, Water based Polyurethane Varnish or Aliphatic would be strong enough.

On my Acro Wot I used a larger and then smaller diamond pattern of 50g & 25g GF cloth with WBPV, which after getting a 90' crosswind practice landing all wrong, the following cartwheel failed to inflict any damage to the wing. Tail was not so lucky sad

As previously mentioned Polyester resin eats foam.

NC - Nice job on the Challenger thumbs up

Thread: wot4 on floats
17/03/2018 17:41:51

As a starting point I believe the step is usually under the C O G or 10mm behind .This enables it to get up on the step and rotate. But as Don suggested - try it.

Thread: GTC by Levanter
12/03/2018 10:51:43

Great demonstration of a skillful builder sharing tips - very much appreciated thumbs up

Following and stealing borrowing ideas for my GTC build.

Thread: Correct tool for securing TX switches?
09/03/2018 09:39:28

I have used successfully a set of Circlip pliers which have interchangable heads - 90' works best.

Circlip Pliers

Thread: Vac forming
05/03/2018 20:20:16

Hi Mark, PM'd you earlier. thumbs up

Thread: Building Jim Newberrys Puddleduck
03/03/2018 22:20:18

DD, nice workmanship as usual thumbs up

Looks like Boomerang with the 3 side cutouts, round nose and a DD electric motor mount.

Thread: Peterf's 1/4 scale Falcon Models Tiger Moth
01/03/2018 18:10:47

Its where you heat your engines in the oven to change bearings then blame the dog for the smell when the wife comes back devil

Really nice work there Peter thumbs up

Edited By Ace on 01/03/2018 18:12:29

Thread: Spring 2018 is here...been flying?
01/03/2018 17:46:41

Stopped snowing in Yorkshire but wind is now drifting the powder - oh and thank goodness for heated front screens thumbs updrifting.jpg

heated screen.jpg

Edited By Ace on 01/03/2018 17:47:54

Thread: SLEC
28/02/2018 17:20:34

Can't claim the fastest but when they come up to the LMA Elvington show, I have sent down my order about a week before so they can pick, wrap and bring it up for collection. That counts as excellent service in my book yes

Thread: Getting Edgy
28/02/2018 16:14:53

When you watch most US videos they use a round metal handled knife and call it an X-Acto. By far the most common in its various handle designs with others such as Revell and Excell, both usually round. You have to search quite hard to find something like our SM 1 or 2. Squadron Tools make one.

Possibly they say X-Acto to describe a knife as we use hoover to describe a vacuum?

Personally I like a SM 1 with either a 10a or 11. For heavier work a metal X-Acto style handle which takes stronger blades and small finger saw attachments. I also use the heavier handle for the various hinge slotting blades.

Thread: 4,6 v 6v receiver batteries
19/02/2018 16:17:08

This may help from a few days ago.


Thread: Not so ordinary indoor planes.
15/02/2018 08:45:32

Great to see the unusual with a huge splash of fun thrown in - excellent.

Thread: Best given the right of way
10/02/2018 10:37:36

"out to kill you" wildlife that I saw were a few bad-tempered kangaroos.

John P - Its the wildlife you don't see that does the damage wink

I am from WA and on returning after each visit to the folks, it takes me weeks to stop taping my shoes before putting them on and to this day I can't step over a log, always on nor put my hand in a dark opening unless I can see into it.

Box Jellyfish probably kill more people than Sharks, Saltwater crocodiles and all the other water nasties put together.

Seen plenty back home but closest in Uk was an Adder under my jacket while resting at a checkpoint in an Enduro at Dalby Forest/ North York Moors. Gave me an initial shock but stepped back and it ambled away.

Thread: 4.8 v or 6 v receiver battery
10/02/2018 09:26:18

I use Spektrum and have many models on 4.8v (2600 NiMh) which of course start at 5.2/5.5v when fully charged without any issues. Mixture of Spektrum, Lemon, Redcon & iRangeX receivers. Admittedly they all use 3-5 std or smaller servos. My 63" hack has 5 servos and runs on a 6v sub c 3300 purely for duration. The additional speed and power from 6v AAA / AA I understand comes at a price, in that they draw more giving reduced duration assuming of the same capacity. Once over 5 std servos then its either sub c or 3.0 LiFe for me. From experience I have never been able to drag down a NiMh 4.8v sub c in any aircraft using 5 std servos.

IIRC don't Eneloops / Instants because of their chemistry struggle to deliver the same current when loaded as a NiMh? If so then that is a good case for using 5 cell if using these.

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