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Thread: April issue
07/04/2017 10:57:38

RCM&E is the best value rc magazine Available in Australia. A pullout plan, plenty of advice and techniques along with great photos of some very good models that are far from the ARF scene. purchase one or two OZ publishing's and you will understand what I mean.

I know we are a very small market down here and the costs to make anything including dinner send accountants to the bottle. but we down here in Oz just do not produce a magazine of the same Quality. Long live RCM&E

Thread: Caption competition!
06/04/2017 08:51:37

Congrats David , well done.

Thread: Covering disaster
06/04/2017 08:27:18

Thank you gentlemen. I tried the Engine Doctor treatment first and it worked a treat, I am grinning again.

well this hobby is great another lesson learned.

cheers bbc

Thread: Opterra
06/04/2017 06:00:53

Good on the Pilot, this a good inspirational story Steve. makes you smile seeing people overcome barriers that stop most . thanks for posting.

Thread: Covering disaster
06/04/2017 05:54:06

Disaster has struck while covering my horizontal stab. covered bottom and top rear 3/4 with white hobby king then turned down the iron for leading edge 1/4 with orange Easycoat, well the edges bled and i grabbed metho to wipe the bleed it spread further and has stained the white like a curry on a white shirt. boo hoo have to peel the white off and start again unless there is another solution from fellow RCM&E-RS

that is my first experience with Easycoat, have used the other name brand coverings with never a problem.


Thread: A + B Tests
05/04/2017 14:39:14

John Stones, No gripes here either, and definately not questioning integrity of any examiner at all. Just another way of assuring our sport maintains a safeguard from idiots that don't care about the consequences.

I have witnessed experienced pilots performing worse than those that have been solo for mere months.

I have also seen non certified pilots that fly better than examiners too.


Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
05/04/2017 14:30:01
Posted by Bob Cotsford on 05/04/2017 14:08:13:
Posted by bouncebounce crunch on 05/04/2017 11:03:54

Cracking model Bob, I still covet that King Altair in your hangar.

Wanna buy it? I really, really need to have a clearout.

I would jump on that like a woman on a handbag and extra pair of shoes deal. Now Australia post would be getting pricey. I would love to take the Altair model home if i was nearby. Hope you get a good sale nearby, it cost me $3.50 Oz to post weighted mail of 50 grams a distance of 35 kilometres today.

Genuine thanks for the offer, and i am genuine about the joy of owning her.


Thread: A + B Tests
05/04/2017 12:09:41
Posted by john stones 1 on 05/04/2017 12:03:08:

Yes BBC i understand it can be difficult and fall outs are unpleasant, nothing the BMFA can do about it though.


Well a better way is two examiners.


05/04/2017 11:52:36
Posted by john stones 1 on 05/04/2017 11:43:07:
Posted by bouncebounce crunch on 05/04/2017 11:29:46:

John You are proving the point.

But two examiners being in cahootsa is a very realistic issue for our hobby/sport.


It could be the case BBC, but that can only be addressed by clubs and it's members, nothing the BMFA can do about it.


Well how do we address this possibility? I don't want to argue with my clubmates, this type of disagreement will go on for months if not years. Do we have a five yearly examination of the examiners and one of the pilots they have passed?

this is a sport that is gaining a danger to others reputation because of idiots and i would rather we all pass well with a registration number as has been the norm. If we need an outsider as the second examiner then all is fine with me.


Edited By bouncebounce crunch on 05/04/2017 11:53:57

05/04/2017 11:45:34

Thank you very Much Martin. A very good explanation without bias.


05/04/2017 11:29:46

John You are proving the point.

But two examiners being in cahootsa is a very realistic issue for our hobby/sport.


Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
05/04/2017 11:03:54
Posted by Bob Cotsford on 04/04/2017 17:00:51:

it flies! Black Horse Percival P56 Provost, Laser 100, FrSky radio and miscellaneous servos.


It needed a lot of right aileron trim despite having a few degrees of sidethrust built in, but not even a single click of elevator trimsmiley. The only fly in the ointment was a heavy landing - my fault for coming in too slow but I'm going to blame it on the wind strength. Both U/C legs bent the pins holding the oleos to the mounting plates in the wings. Could have been worse sad

Cracking model Bob, I still covet that King Altair in your hangar.

Thread: A + B Tests
05/04/2017 09:34:31
Posted by john stones 1 on 04/04/2017 12:36:36:

Been reading up on my M/R A test and got to pondering things wink

What's the thinking/logic behind needing 2 examiners to take us for a B test ?

I get the logic of Examiners for differing types but why 2 Club examiners for a B and 1 for an A.


Edited By john stones 1 on 04/04/2017 12:39:26

My understanding in reading between the lines is to stop a seemingly "he got his easier than i did" etc.

The "mates help mates" scenario. No i am not slapping the examiners and never would, but imagine for a minute i had a close mate pushing me to give him wings and it would make our friendship a struggle if i said you are not up to standard. Then i would rather another examiner be part of the test too. Safety in numbers............

Thread: Wight Maiden
03/04/2017 05:39:45

Thank you Andy.

Wait a minute! how did you go with the Cutlass? Yours was an aeromodeller in action that was forgotten. Aeromodellers try to fly the aeroplanes they build.

Edited By bouncebounce crunch on 03/04/2017 05:40:30

Thread: Is it Murphy's law
03/04/2017 05:34:40

Murphy's law? don't be ridiculous. I had a door slam on my fingers on a windy day as an old guy, a horse kicked me on one side of my Head needing plenty of hospital care as a late teen, One got to get home quick driver hit me while on my bicycle when 12 and i flew over the windscreen but was only bruised..( they tried to sue for damages to their pewjow---failed), i have 8 children from hundreds of bedroom encounters.

Murphy who is he?

Thread: Cardboard clone of a Funjet / Radjet
01/04/2017 14:18:05

why was i grinning while watching that? they should be arrested for having too much fun.

Thread: Wight Maiden
01/04/2017 13:39:28

Thanks Kc. I ended up doing the full span after reading the article, and added a little extra strength to the wings, i put on a false leading edge of hard balsa strip before the medium leading edge and sheer webbing between ribs/ main spars. rather than single servo and bellcranks i will use 2 Hitec hs81. still a fair bit of shaving and sanding to do but i am happy with the progress.

Thread: Model flying photos you're proud of
01/04/2017 10:11:06

I have gone through all of this thread and you would be hard pressed to pick a winner. Absolutely enjoyable.

Thread: Caption competition!
01/04/2017 09:58:03

Member of The throw away society

Thread: Wight Maiden
01/04/2017 09:53:47


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