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Thread: An old age hobby.....?
29/06/2012 16:06:24

@ Chrisie, I must confess i have bought many aircraft kits, rc, plastic, foam, for the- huhhumm kids, hehehehe best disguise ever that old Santa, oh he has been kind, first present opened gets pushed to the back and forgotten while the other goodies are opened. i love it, that first or second open present ends in the shed. So don't rubbish or make any excuse, lets just keep it our little secret. bbc.

Thread: What camera are you using?
29/06/2012 15:46:54

@Vecchio i didnt pick that up at first in the first photo probably because the second was so dramatic and that is all i was focused on. i dont take joy in seeing any aircraft crash full size or scaled, but a great shot to show in full size and miniature devastation can occur. cheers and happy

Thread: How do you support your Tx when flying?
29/06/2012 15:15:48

what type of field are you flying at RW? are you training to fly unmanned aircraft for Afghanastan or what? parachuting bugs, wind blowing in face, low fly by's, being buzzed while trying to control your model (what man can really control a model any way, i just chose an average lookin woman - or did she choose me?)

Thread: An old age hobby.....?
29/06/2012 15:05:03

hey scooby, my kids still get the orange, apple, and lollies in their stocking, but im older and expect something that fits the stocking, squeezing in still counts. now my tech is craappp so now i need my kids more than they need me, this internet i find very usefull, but a am sure the internet doesn't find me usefull at all so thank goodness for rcme and the people that contribute and hope that the information will be here for my grandkids.

Thread: How do you support your Tx when flying?
29/06/2012 14:48:07

do these neckstraps have a certain brandname or blank? loyalty to the brand, we marketers are telling you, look into the eyes you see nothing but the eyes.

Thread: Model Covering Bargain
29/06/2012 14:39:15

i found a fully intact and covered 2mtr wingspan glider wing FLOATER and damaged fuselage on a council pickup pile when walking home from school as a kid, that was my first rc plane after building a new fuse to match the original outline and structure of the mangled one, then using a two channel car rc system my step brother had neglected (he got all the good stuff) had many years fun with my dad with that plane now that was a good deal.

Thread: What camera are you using?
29/06/2012 14:29:17

Vecchio, shot number two was that a carrier landing? carrying it home in a bag hahaha. sad to see but but a great shot all the same. bbc.

Thread: An old age hobby.....?
29/06/2012 14:23:35

Hello Tom, i have to say modelling components are much more affordable today in arf form but, patience, pride, and perserverance are needed, as these, quick, been there, done that people not just kids, dont have the passion to build a kit and really stand in amazement and watching the creation they have spent many weeks, months, or years, building, fly and land safely; oh what a joy it feels great, but buy today fly today, may spark some. i don't see the passion or joy in others anymore my first was with dad and a cox control line, and wow, me 9 going on 10, rc gliders wow, rc no throttle wow, tissue, dope we used loctite from dads workshop before ca was fashionable, brazing with the oxy welder, using the vices at dads work, creating our own tools, learning from others, asking for help and where am i today starting again and loving it.

Thread: 2.4 Interference????
29/06/2012 14:01:37

did have a binding problem with a bind and fly model when bound solid light on face of reciever, an orange light on the side of reciever would flash and a high pitch squeal would eminate from said reciever. try rebind again, again, again, same, same, same, took outside house no 2.4 phone or internet hub and rebind, this stopped ot. Australia.

Thread: What camera are you using?
29/06/2012 13:39:01

Danny that shot is woooo oowww. i have no camera skills at all but man that shot is good! show more please. bbc.

Thread: How do you support your Tx when flying?
29/06/2012 13:35:20

you blokes only wear a neck strap because the wife told you! now sit, roll over, fetch, forward roll, back flip. does this sound like a flying routine? you guys are gone.

Thread: An old age hobby.....?
29/06/2012 13:21:22

Scoob, you are right in many ways, my kids have a playstation 3, wii, xbox 360, and the other expensive rubbish that goes with them, but now it is just (Face book) and they dont touch the previously mentioned out of date marvels that are only a couple of years old. These kids live in a, move on, see you later old guy, huh, type of world, and I can't understand that they aren't interested in contemplating or empathising with the feeling or thoughts that went through explorers, flyers, engineers, pioneers minds to solve problems that have made incredible advances to not just our hobbies and every day life but to them themselves (Greedy, selfish, little bandits)

Thread: Irbitis spiriditis highwing monoplane
29/06/2012 12:20:18

Thank you will try- over. bbc

Thread: Ideas for new polls
29/06/2012 12:18:30

.10 size models .15 size models .25 size models .40-46 size/ type and why? as most club and sport flyers are not 25-50cccccc up

Thread: Irbitis spiriditis highwing monoplane
29/06/2012 12:06:07

i have tried taking a photo from the scratchy magazine photo and now have it on my computer file but i have no idea how to get it on to my postings for show and thanks again Tim from( humbled)

29/06/2012 11:24:52

Thanks Tim i will have to stop drinking that cheap Whiskey I have been searching with the wrong spelling for years and now i feel i should be sent to the back paddock with the project cancelled lot. i feel such a fool. thank you very much. bbc.

29/06/2012 11:01:24

Thanks Bob, i have searched for three years and only have a black and white magazine photo taken from rear port side showing fuse from front of fin to centre of wing, pilot seated spoked wheels scallopped trailing, edge turtle deck with (Spiriditis) the only text being on the rear fuse section, it looks like it would be a good and simple scale model to build from scratch and would stand out at the flying field. cheers from bbc.

Thread: An old age hobby.....?
29/06/2012 10:51:38

I hate to tell you all this, but history is not what most people, especially kids are interested in ( i am), i have mentioned great feats such as a hawker hunter flying through the tower bridge in London( yes where the Olympic rings are right now) and that doesn't even gather any interest on the RCME website, most questions are not for scale aircraft in this mag, but electric sport and the future, not the history, yes we are discussing flight but it is not as inspirational as during world war one onwards when planes became noisier, faster and many, where the names were constantly in the news, with their pilots feats as the news highlights, then onto commercial flight, from mail to passenger, now our children don't even see or think to look up as one flies overhead. Our sport has control line, rc, free flight, indoor, parkfly, fixed wing or rotary, so plenty of areas, but ask what Nancy Bird or Wilbur Wright did, or what Lockheed Martin did or do, and nary a teen or mid 30 year old could answer correctly. yes we are getting on, i am 40 and machines flying or otherwise, and their history, makes the interest for me. so hoping others find the history of your model and maybe those little did it my self ,scale like parts bring plenty of enjoyment and inspiration to others. Cheers

Thread: Irbitis spiriditis highwing monoplane
29/06/2012 08:46:56

last hope, dire straits, up the creek, or is it all down hill?

Thread: Looking ; Scale Insturment Panels Parts
29/06/2012 08:31:38

I agree with Cyclicscooby, inzpan is very nice.

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