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Thread: Ask..Peter Miller
17/06/2012 09:22:35

I remember you posting something along the lines of "I had to give away the parts needed to build my planes as long as they were built from my plans." Well i'll be a happy recipient, and boy oh boy now your gonna have my wifes' , mothers' grand daughter to answer to. OH my punctuation is rubbish

From Bounce.

Thread: So you have everything you need as an aeromodeller BUT ?
17/06/2012 08:34:41

John Olsen 1 and Peter Miller are right, The Wackett Boomerang check it out on google, Shuttleworth collection, any museum of flight that you can visit, maybe a Military airbase, the problem becomes what to leave out, or, as roald Dahl said "so much to do so little time."

Thread: A couple of q's re running in and after run oil?
17/06/2012 07:52:13

Take the glow plug out first, no pressure no sparky( ever )-use machine or air tool oil, WD 40 (W)= water (D)= dispersant- spray. But rule number 1; The Boss is always right, and the Boss passes on the rules= Read the instructions or rules that came from the manufacturer. (Manufacturer)= Boss- so rule number 1 applies.

cheers. I'm not trying to cause arguments but the makers have many years of engineering skills and they really do know what is best for their products or they wouldn't have any warranties at all.

Thread: Depron Spitfire
17/06/2012 07:23:22

g'day Glenn, I must say you are setting the real theme of adventure and the true spirit of flight -eg experimentation (now that is true scale) I hope other balsa boys will have a look, and a second look, your models and building style are something kit manufacturers should look at and i will be waiting for the next serving for sure. cooool maaan.

Thread: repairs and building
17/06/2012 03:18:45

buffetslayer you are a champion, that is the Aussie way, down here in the sunburnt country that is the (backyard) law.

cheers and happy modelling.

Thread: Biggles' Mess (the renamed cafe!)
16/06/2012 23:04:50

After blaming the kids yelling at them don't touch dads workshop tools and threats of no santa, no easter bunny, no birthday for taking my small screwdriver i had searched everywhere, well an hour later the wife said the washing machine was making a funny noise, so having a look, and, yes! the little screwdriver had worked its way into one of the holes on the outer drum. Well now im not taking the blame for that, I blame the wife for not checking my pockets. Thats right isn't it?

Thread: Jubilee flypast - from BBMF's point of view
16/06/2012 09:25:26

Black Caviar should give a good flypast this weekend

the Aussies are coming home for the weekend. hahahaha haa

Thread: repairs and building
16/06/2012 09:08:18

to Peter Miller, nothing wrong with the plans of models you have designed comes down to the learning curve of the builder.

to Mike S right, right, exactly right this is what modelling and engineering is all about passing on the skills and we need more of it.

good oh!

16/06/2012 08:24:57

most modellers repair their own stuff or get advice to repair, but if you were kind enough to repair without asking a price, or thinking of a price, then bartering for parts, kits or a service from the other guy seems the most fair?

Thread: Depron Spitfire
16/06/2012 08:08:52

I have never used depron, but man you guys are producing crackers, i might have to check this stuff out and give it a go.

thanks for sharing

Thread: Jubilee flypast - from BBMF's point of view
16/06/2012 08:01:13

Very nice, but why wasn't a Hawker Hunter flown through the Tower Bridge to top it off? the royals don't know how to put on an airshow, get some action in. (Just laughs) but great to see these machines flying after all these years.


Thread: repairs and building
16/06/2012 07:41:56

I don't think it comes down to money only, maybe an old kit or accessories would be good bartering for the usually cash strapped aeromodellers?


Thread: So you have everything you need as an aeromodeller BUT ?
16/06/2012 05:34:05

G'day Myron, sounds like you need a couple of mates that, build, fly, try, laugh and carry on like young guys. A bit of building from plans if you have a workshop. Sometimes inspiration comes from a pilots history eg Who was the pilot that flew his Hawker Hunter through the Tower Bridge? he even said there was a double decker bus crossing at the same time. I'm only using this an example but famous pilots and their planes make good reading and might inspire you to research and build a range of scale models.


Thread: ic days may be passing?
05/06/2012 11:49:02

I'm glad such a great response from you lot as engines are part of my family history, one of my Grandads' worked with steam in Scotland and India (rollers, trains) my father, his dad and his three brothers Diesel and petrol (Scotland) my brother a retired Qantas engineer. i went with the hairy four legged horse power as a teen but now find i enjoy engines more now than ever, my first flight was a cox control line .049 jobby when 9 years old, awe man that was cool, then with first wage at 14 bought a magnum .25 rc, an enya .09 cL followed by os .10 cL, that was my collection untill my late thirties, my largest are 46 size, plus a 54 4 stroke that i smile at alot, they are nice lot to look at and yes i own a couple of gliders and foamonstrocities so long live powered models of all skin types but to the point our hobby stores in Australia are stocking less ic for air, sea and land, in comparison to five years ago and hope they arent going the way of my great great great grandmothers uncle.

cheers from downunder.

Thread: Sandwiches; Cut diagonal or across?
04/06/2012 15:41:35

If you are German your sanwiches will be cut across diagonally, if you are British they are cut straight and proper with no across to be seen, and dont forget the HP saucesmile p

Thread: ic days may be passing?
04/06/2012 15:34:09

Are the days of ic models numbered with so much electric rtf, bnf, pnp models shipping our way? over 100-10 minute flights on a battery worth $60 Aussie, or fuel at $14 Aussie per litre at a minimum?

Thread: Custom-made building boards...
04/06/2012 14:52:55

I own a book written by a New Zealand man called 'Aircraft Workshop: Learn how to make models that fly by Kelvin Shacklock' and he uses custom made building boards and explains why with excellent pictures to boot. I couldn't do without this 'how to' book.

Thread: Harvard! Tony's 2012 design for the Special Issue
04/06/2012 13:11:33

maybe an Irbitis I-12, I-14, I-15, I-16 from Latvia?smiley

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