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Thread: Galaxy Domino lower wing dihedral
12/12/2019 22:31:22

I've just measured mine and with one half of the wing flat on the board the wingtip has 1 and 1/4 inches under it (so 5/8" under each tip). Sounds more than I expected, a little less would make minimal difference to flying characteristics. I'm pretty sure I just joined it at the angle it fit best...

It's a great aeroplane, been flying mine consistently for 7 years now and it still flies really nicely. Please do update us on your progress.

Thread: Ferocious Frankie- Brian Taylor P-51
29/10/2019 11:35:25

Thanks Jon, which retracts did he use? I've got oleos for mine and the eflite units seem really good, no slop in the locks and nice operation.

29/10/2019 09:59:53

Hello Dave,

I have not progressed much on this mainly due to work and other projects. However, I still intend to build this and have all the bits ready to go. I have a hangar 9 hellcat artf on the go at the moment (intended for flying practice with a similar sized warbird) and once that is done I will carry on with this.

Thread: Wot 4 Squared
23/07/2019 12:52:02

Thanks John. The extended rudder is only a feature of the Mk3 and Classic models, amongst other modifications. The wingtips on my Wot 4 are the plastic moulded ones from a Mk2 kit from over 30 years ago! I'm sure a twin wot would be great fun.

23/07/2019 11:34:20

It's the Buttermere valley in the Lake District. It was earlier in the year, hence why there is still snow on the peaks.

22/07/2019 22:08:02

Bit of a delay, I've been fairly busy doing quite a bit of this


But I've kept up with the model flying and building. The Wot 4 is now almost ready for covering.



Thread: Weston Park 2019
18/06/2019 13:46:24

I attended with my Dad and Grandparents for Saturday and Sunday, with camping. It was probably the best show I have been to, the full size Pitts and Spitfire were excellent and the night show was incredible. Lots of traders and the swap meet was excellent, particularly on Saturday, and the model displays were very enjoyable, especially the funfighters!

Thread: Dave Burton (BEB)
31/12/2018 20:44:44
Very sad news. A tremendously talented aeromodeller and a great chap.
Thread: Ferocious Frankie- Brian Taylor P-51
08/08/2018 18:37:33

Century Jet retracts from the states. Decent but no threadlock on any of the bolts so I will apply that myself.

Dry assembly of the real retract mount:


And then I glued just the retract mount area to make sure it is right before the rest of the wing assembly is built.


Thread: Wot 4 Squared
08/08/2018 18:33:40

Unfortunately the Wot 4 Pro has been crashed due to an elevator connector failure- subsequently ordered lots of connector locks. The wing is fine so I might build another fuselage for it at some point.

This one is looking decent though, needless to say this one would have survived the crash considerably better than the super light ARTF one


Thread: Ferocious Frankie- Brian Taylor P-51
23/07/2018 21:19:01

Not much spare time today so just prep work for the wing build. I have two copies of the plans so one copy is cut up for build use, the other is kept clean.


Dry assembly, all parts line up well.


If you squint there is a Mustang wing there...

22/07/2018 19:55:18

I've been itching to get going on this one so I took a little break from the Wot 4.

I have been anticipating a geometric battle to get the retract angles correct, but using the rig it was actually very easy. The finished rig:rr014.jpg

Notch in the bearer for the shaft- note that significant reinforcement will be added on the other side of the bearer when put in the real wing.


I had to bring the bearers up 3/4" because the mounts are different to the retracts shown on the plan (which is a benefit because it adds more material in the ribs). Fits in nicely when retracted:


The wheel fits in the well- a slight bit can be seen here because I had not finished adjustment.


And wheels down looks very good. Looking at the Bentley drawings, rake might be a few mm too far forwards compared to the full size, but this is probably due to the rig being less accurate than the wing will be (and slightly forwards helps ground handling which is good). Please excuse the arm:


The legs are very heavy so I might be tempted to try and get some lighter ones at some point, we shall see. Now I can modify the real wing ribs and start building the wing, very pleased with this so far. I have not decided if I am going to try out RDS ailerons or have conventional connections. It would be nice to hide the connections...


Thread: Wot 4 Squared
12/07/2018 21:57:01
Good evening,

Apologies for the silence but I have been on holiday and I am currently at RIAT. Back building next week.

Neil, I've used snakes simply because it is what I normally use and I had some spare. From my experience snakes work very well. I've also used pushrods and closed loop/push pull systems which also work well, so it is a case of personal preference. The stuff provided in the kit will be adequate (although I would reccomend metal clevices- I can't remember but I think the kit comes with plastic ones).

Trevor, a Laser 70 would be excellent. I'm only putting a Saito 62 in! Feel free to post your progress, it can always become Wot 4 Cubed.

I have flown the Wot 4 Pro many times including in very heavy winds and it has been sublime. Plenty of power with the 45S! I think the kit built one will be a bit smoother though.

Thread: Tony's Concorde
02/07/2018 22:37:34

Hahahaha at least it isn't an A380!

Beautiful job- I am excited to hear how she flies.


Thread: New- 2018 CONCORDE for 4x50mm EDF
02/07/2018 22:36:03

Very very nice and I am delighted there will be a plan- it would be cool to have the colour scheme of one of the prototypes, maybe G-AXDN due to the visor.


Thread: Ferocious Frankie- Brian Taylor P-51
12/06/2018 22:51:39

Minor update
It was looking like I was going to have to delay the start of this build due to a house move (hence lack of updates), but that is not occurring now so I can get going again!

Also, I have managed to acquire a BNIB Laser 120 from a fellow forum member. It's beautiful and it easily fits fully in the cowl, obviously cooling will need to be planned carefully.


Got all the important bits now. After my two week holiday and once I have done messing around with Wot 4s that are hogging the board, I can make a start on the Mustang wing (and continuation of the retract rig, getting these mounts right is going to be critical). What could possibly go wrong (don't make a list...)


Thread: Wot 4 Squared
12/06/2018 22:44:23

The Wot 4 Pro with a Saito is now flying!



First flying session was on Saturday, in very light winds. In all honesty it flies pretty much as I anticipated- like a Wot 4 but better. The 20% weight reduction compared to a standard one (roughly) makes a huge difference in manoeuvrability and control feel. It is even more benign at low speeds too. I have got large control throws on it and it is fantastic fun, not as precise an aerobatic machine as the Wots Wot and knife edge has lots of coupling but it is still brilliant. The 45S is an excellent engine for this airframe, vertical straight from take off is easily achieved should you wish and I wouldn't want more power simply to keep the speed down on this weaker airframe. Flew it 5 times!

Today I took it out in breezy conditions which it handled easily, like all Wot 4s. I did lots of simulated dead sticks and you do notice the lower inertia with this light airframe- it just stopped when you turn into wind with no power- and in a way it is more difficult to land in a breeze than a heavier one because the darn thing just keeps flying! Easy to get the hang of though. This is the best Wot 4 I have flown and definitely worth the extra cost over the heavier standard one (but I strongly recommend modifying it for four stroke power!). This aeroplane is so forgiving that it can give you a false sense of security when switching to other aeroplanes- I've done crazy things at ridiculous angles of attack with this aeroplane and it just lets you do so.

So back to the Classic build. Strangely despite the Pro being so good, it has made me more excited for the Classic now, even though it will be heavier. It will be advantageous in some areas, such as in windy conditions, ruggedness and potentially knife edge with Foss' modifications in the Rudder area. I always enjoy flying ones I have built a bit more too.


Using this for the wing band. Good practice before the Mustang which will be entirely skinned in GRP. The Jenny brushes from East Coast Fibreglass are really good.


The weights aren't really necessary, just for confidence that it is flat. Top and bottom done now.


07/06/2018 23:31:33

I think it will be fine, it's very solid even without any triangle reinforcement.

Decided to work on the Pro with the view of test flying on Saturday. Engine is on now, can't be bothered with the cowl at the moment.


Inside, awaiting battery, receiver and switch (as well as a backstop for the fuel tank)


Tail servos


Aileron servos


There's always time to put the big bits together



It is so very lightweight, about 4lbs with just the battery, switch and receiver left. Should be hovering into the wind easily.


04/06/2018 22:57:50

Plenty done on the Classic today

Snakes for the tail controls inserted


Note the angle of the rudder snake for the angled rudder.


Top deck


I then decided to sand and glue the wing together



And the underside cross grain sheeting.


Very strong fuselage!

03/06/2018 21:28:08

All the standard ones are the same size. The MK 1 was a plan set with foam wings, and it had a different wing section to the later Wot 4s. 52" span and very rare.

The MK 2 looks similar to the MK 1 and was a kit. It had the now standard Chris Foss wing section and mildly modified fuselage design. It has now become ubiquitous thanks to the ARTF Wot 4s using this design. Standard size is the same 52" wing span, but of course Ripmax have released several different sized ones.

The MK 3 has a much modified fuselage with an enlarged tailplane, a rudder which is angled slightly backwards and extended below the fuselage (I believe to improve knife edge) and a more subtly curved fuselage in the undercarriage area. I've noticed my one is slightly wider than the ARTF MK 2 fuselage too. It also has a 56" tapered wing with new wingtips, but the fuselage is the same size as the other two marks.

The Classic is a MK 3 fuselage with basically the same 52" parallel chord wing as the MK 2, especially on mine because I am putting MK 2 wing tips on.

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