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Thread: How complicated?
17/01/2021 19:28:33

I've been Spektrum user for 15+ years, then JR before that, and even earlier, RC gear some of you may never have even heard of. I have a Black DX9 and a DX20. So far I'm happy, no complaints, apart for the recall on my DX20 some 3 years ago. Since then my Spektrum Tx's, Rx's, have done all I've expected of them.

Remember when mobile, cell, car phones were first gaining popularity ? Why did we want one ? so we could phone and talk to people out side the home. Now they are becoming less of a phone, and more of a camera, mini PC to browse the internet, and chat on FB, Twitter, and much more. I admit I wouldn't be without my Smart Phone now, but I was constantly bombarded with invites to upgrade to the latest and greatest model which I didn't need, and at a cost. So I then cancled my contract, bought new smart phone from Argos that did everything I asked of it, and then got a monthly no contract gifgaf sim card. ..... No more pressure, and guess what, I can still talk to people, plus do other stuff.

I fear Tx's may be heading the same way, Constantly hinting to us that the latest and greatest all singing and dancing Tx with WiFi internet connection etc is what you need, but at a cost, and not just monetary, unfortunately as I've seen on other forums they include more technical complications that are still going through teething problems. Of course I have moved with the times and benefited from many of the upgrades of Spektrum Tx's and other brands. I love my DX9 and DX20 for it's user friendly programming, and updated the firmware as needed, but beyond that how far do we really want/need to go ?

But, .... yes to be fair, each to his own. Some genuinely love the more technical stuff and may call me a dinosaur, but I have learned the hard way with over 55 years of aeromodelling to 'keep it simple'. What do I want from my radio gear ? I want to just be able to pick it up with as little button pressing, program fiddling as possible which my present Spektrum gear does very well, and get my models into the air and have fun. So I will be sticking to my DX9 and DX20 for the foreseeable future.

Thread: Best Heating Option For Your Hobby Shed
09/01/2021 12:43:50
Posted by Andy Joyce on 09/01/2021 11:43:12:

Still debating what to do about a secondary fuel tank possibly with a submersible pump regarding what size and location. Thinking an external tank outside the workshop would be better to avoid the risk of spillage and resulting diesel smells lingering. Ex service 20lt jerry cans seem to be very cheap so this could be an option.

Well I've taken the plunge and ordered one from fleebay. I've gone for the DIY kit type rather than the stand alone 'all in one'. I also intend to mount the tank on the outside wall of my workshop {brick] with a boxed in weather proof cover, this will make it easy to refill, and I'll feed the fuel line through the wall. 1st reason is the heater will be in a restricted space and a bit awkward for refilling if I have the all in one model, I also don't want diesel spillage on the wood flooring, even a small drop will stink. 2nd reason is it comes with a 10L tank as opposed to the 4L tank with the 'all in one' type, so less refilling. As Andy said, a bigger tank could also be an option.

Fingers crossed it's estimated to arrive in a week .but not holding my breath. I've gone for click and collect from my local Argos store, so I'll have some back up from them if it doesn't arrive as I've had some parcels gone missing in the past even tho' courier tracking claim it's been delivered and signed for to my home address !

I'll post more info once it arrives and it's up and running yes wink

Thread: What did Santa bring ?
27/12/2020 18:14:26

That's bad luck Ron, and even worse timing. Been a bad enough year as it is, without the flooding on top of it all ! Hope you get all sorted and dried out soon. Best wishes mate yes

27/12/2020 18:06:30

A joint pezzie, Silhouette Cameo 4 vinyl cutter. Great for lettering etc. My wife is also involved in craftwork, so will be very useful for both of us yessmiley

Thread: Testing Ignition
21/12/2020 21:53:15

Check that you are getting a spark. You may not believe this, but it is true. My club mate bought a petrol RCGF 30cc twin, we couldn't get it to start, there was fuel getting in as the plug was wet with petrol. We checked for spark, but there was none. We then discovered that the prop hub wasn't drilled out and did not have the small magnet inserted that activated the spark pick up sensor. A call and a photo of the hub sent to the supplier. After a few embarrassed apologies, a new prop hub with the magnet fitted was sent out for us to fit (this was much quicker than returning the engine) and the engine has run great ever since, as have all the other RCGF engines we have yes

Edited By Ronaldo on 21/12/2020 21:55:34

Thread: Graphics printing via inkjet
20/12/2020 19:18:48

Yes need to be sealed on all models as I find the ink is not waterproof, can even be smudged with moisture from fingers. I spray a lacquer on all mine.

Thread: Bum ! (I hope that doesn't offend the mods)
09/12/2020 15:43:37

Hope all goes OK Kevin.

Just wanted to share this guys. Nothing morbid. My grandson 15 tested positive just after the last recent November lock down, he had the symptoms, he didn't feel at all well. Obviously got it from school as some of his school classes were shut down, whole family were in isolation for 4 weeks, my son and his wife couldn't go out to work, but all ok now, and grandson has fully recovered. Then my granddaughter 10 was sent home from school last week as covid has shut down some of her school classes, thankfully as far as we can find out she hasn't had any contact with the infected, and the school is playing safe. One of our club members also with grandkids was taken into hospital with covid, it was touch and go, he was on oxygen, and thankfully he appears to be recovering.

So even tho' the numbers of infected are dropping, now that the kids are back at school it seems to be one of the key areas where covid is still spreading, and it's almost impossible for families to avoid. The missus and I have been staying as safe as humanly possible but this is too close for comfort for me. Naturally most club members I fly with have kids and grandkids at school, and who knows what they may be exposed to. I'm in no doubt that all responsible clubs are taking precautions to follow guidelines, and social distancing to keep everyone safe. However I've decided not to fly at my club field for now even with social distancing in place as sadly the odd one or two are forgetting to keep to or are ignoring. I'm waiting until well into next year, hopefully when it's safer to do so.

Unfortunately my wife has lost friends through covid, so the danger is still very real. Stay safe people, don't become one of our 'absent friends'.


Edited By Ronaldo on 09/12/2020 15:46:18

Thread: Workshop Lighting
30/11/2020 21:32:45

LED strip lights. A thumbs up from me yes Got mine from Tool Station, 3 x 6' ones, much better lighting and as a bonus are cheaper to run.

Thread: Covering - how long does it take you?
28/11/2020 11:16:21

Ben Buckle 'Great News' covered in vintage yellow solartex, when it was available. It felt like the covering job took almost as long as the build. I used balsaloc for some areas, but to be honest the iron on adhesive on the back of the 'tex' was so good that I probably didn't need it, it's all about getting the iron temperature just right. Good scissors, and a sharp new model knife blade are essential. 2 coats of 50/50 thinned clear dope were applied with a good quality brush , and Halford's 'rattle can' acrylic car spray paint for the trim and lettering.


Thread: New scam alert!
13/11/2020 14:20:56

I agree Peter. Usually our family washing machines last from 5 to 6 years. Then when they fail we just go buy a new one which so far have cost £275 to around £325. If we had taken out a warranty, the cost of it would have bought 2 or 3 new machines in that time period. So now even if we're unlucky and one machine should only last 2 to 3 years, we are still in front cash wise yeswink

Thread: Ebay problems?
08/11/2020 22:30:40

eBay working fine, but having issues with click and collect. 3 times now the sellers have provided tracking numbers which claim to have delivered the items to my chosen click and collect point, but had no notification from ebay of delivery, and when I checked at my click and collect pick up store they don't have the items. Thankfully I have been refunded for all 3 items.

Annoying to say the least, I chose click and collect to a reputable store such as Argos as a back up, as my parcels were going missing when being delivered to my home address. Seems like whatever method I choose isn't secure for a delivery.

Anyone else had same issues ?

Thread: Anyone know what this low ginger is ?
22/10/2020 17:15:13

Reminds me of a 'Nobler' control line model .... maybe an RC conversion ?

Thread: Alternative to Dural
18/10/2020 21:30:09

If you wish to go with carbon fibre, I've had 3 full solid carbon u/c for 50cc - 60cc models which I've been happy with from here .....

I've had some from carbon copy , but they were just glass fibre laminated with carbon fibre on the outside, not solid carbon . They were OK for smaller sports models, but after a short while on my 50cc - 60cc these delaminated and split along the glass fibre sandwiched between the outer top and bottom carbon fibre layer. Hopefully they may have improved by now, I've not had had any more since.

Edited By Ronaldo on 18/10/2020 21:31:59

Edited By Ronaldo on 18/10/2020 21:36:35

Edited By Ronaldo on 18/10/2020 21:39:03

Thread: CAA Operator Registration Renewal
16/10/2020 11:05:41

I did my re-joining, insurance, and registration all though the BMFA website whom kindly simplified it all for us. Nice one BMFA thanks winkthumbs up

Thread: Is Glens models still trading
05/09/2020 10:24:34

Good to hear he's still around. I used to chat with him at the shows. I had a Glens Cap 232 many years ago, long before the eastern imports took hold and started flooding the market, very nice model to fly smileyyes

Thread: Thumbs up to T9 Hobbysport
15/08/2020 15:30:16

Same here, not had anything recently but have had good service in the past thumbs upsmile

Thread: Is this Power Supply Suitable?
03/08/2020 10:41:08

I use a 12v supply unit from a caravan/camping shop as a spare when needed. You plug them into a mains supply either on a camp site or at home to power 12v cooler boxes. You have to remove the cigarette lighter/socket end and put suitable plugs on to fit your charger.

Thread: WD40
02/08/2020 18:15:55

Good for squeaky hinges {stopping the squeak that is} Frees locks, I squirt some on the key then work it into the lock. Freeing rusted nuts on bolts. Also very good as lubricant when drilling and tapping metal.

Thread: Swann Morton blades
22/07/2020 02:04:33

I use Swan Morton ACM Numbers 2, and 11. Cheaper in bulk from here, plus other blades and handles are available **LINK**

Thread: Windshield fixing to film covering
16/07/2020 11:43:37

I've used canopy glue with success, but first I slightly rough up inside the canopy edge and the film with fine sandpaper. I find the secret is to leave it secured with tape for 48 hours to go off. Sometimes I also use cut down pins as a backup, first making pin holes with a 1mm drill bit and pushing the pins in with a little cyano at difficult points such as corners which look more likely to lift up in the airflow, or anywhere there isn't a good surface area to hold sufficient canopy glue. The small pin heads then look like rivets which look pretty good and scalish.

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