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Thread: Spektrum Receiver Plugs and Sockets
02/07/2020 17:02:42

I found some servo plugs a tight fit on my spektrum Rx's. I take a sharp blade and scrape some of the plastic off the chamfered area on the corners of the plugs. That does the trick for me thumbs up

Thread: Spektrum DX9 Setup- Help Needed!
01/07/2020 11:08:48

For gliders in the 'sailplane' setup the flaps, elevator, and if you also choose to use ailerons for 'crow' the throws and speeds have to be set up in the 'Camber preset' program, the speed option is found at the bottom of the page. This needs to be set whilst the switch is also in the chosen position for landing. It automatically sets up the speed on flaps, elevator, also ailerons if using crow, but retains the normal speeds for the servos once the surfaces have reached their preset positions.

If you set the speed up in the 'servo setup' program, the Tx thinks you want the slowed servo speed on all the time.

Hope this helps.

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26/06/2020 20:55:59

Great that you're making progress. I've also slowed the traverse speed to full crow . You may also need some down or up trim on elevator for full crow. Each model is different, mine needed a little down trim otherwise the nose would pitch up on full crow. thumbs up

25/06/2020 23:27:43

Hi Tosh. This my set up on Sailplane. Yours looks same as mine, only difference is on 'input config' page.

You have Aux 3 and 4 on the levers. I inhibited these simply as I'm not using them. But if you haven't anything plugged in those ports on your Rx it doesn't matter anyway.

Sorry I can't figure why your motor still works on the switch, and flaps on throttle, all I cant think of it must be 'mixed' in somewhere. All my 'mixes are inhibited.

If all else fails only suggestion left is maybe to start a new 'sailplane' program and start again.



24/06/2020 20:35:33

Hi Tosh I have my Hotliners on my Black Dx 9 with the motor on throttle stick. It looks like you are using the sailplane setup same as I am.

You need to unplug your motor from 'gear' on your Rx, and put the 'right flap' plug in. Then reassign 'right flap' to 'Gear' in 'channel assign' program.

Now plug your motor into Aux 2 on your Rx, reassign Aux 2 to 'motor. . Then on the Tx 'channel assign' page click next at the bottom of the screen to go into 'channel input config', and reassign Aux 2 to Throttle stick.

This is how I've set my hotliners and gliders up.

Ps I set my crow up in the 'camber preset'  program on a 3 position switch 'G'.

Position 1 no flaps for high 'Cruise' ... speed flying.

Position 2 for 'Thermal' ... a little down ailerons, and a little down flaps.

Position 3 for 'landing' ... crow flaps.

Ailerons still work in all positions. All deflections can be set on 'camber peset' page to your preferences using the roll button on the percentages slider to suit your glider.


Hope this helps

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Thread: Prop nut.
16/06/2020 19:25:08

I've also been trying to find the right thread. Nice one. Thanks for that info Jon yes

Thread: Is thread locking needed?
16/06/2020 19:16:52

All my folding props come with nyloc nuts on the blade retaining bolts. You don't need threadloc on those.

Thread: Lipo lead question
09/06/2020 11:30:31

It's for dual purpose sockets, can be used for both 'Tx' and 'Rx'. For example I use a similar 3 lead lipo, and life batteries on my Rx using the 'C' lead for supply and charging through the Rx switch and the 'B' lead for balance

On my Tx I would much prefer to use the provided charger for the Tx and leave the lipo in.

Thread: Just Engines geared starter
09/06/2020 11:07:28

A club mate has one. Starts his DLE 30cc easily.

Thread: Best glue to fix plastic mouldings to balsa wood?
24/05/2020 22:28:53

I use canopy glue. Needs to be held securely and given plenty time to set, at least 24hrs or longer.

Thread: Amazon UK
05/05/2020 11:04:39

Hmmm ... firstly I hold my hand up and say I have bought good quality model accessories direct from China, and not paid duty as it was never charged to me. I have also supported my local model shop for the last 40 years, but I have to ask, Quite often at model show stands, in some models shops, my local included, and even on ebay 'UK' sellers, we see many 'model accessories' in their 'own branded' or 'non branded' packages, as opposed to familiar big name labels such as Dubro, Robart etc. So ... where do all these UK 'own brand' suppliers get their bulk supplies from ? .... China ? on the cheap ? so they can sell them on to modelers in the UK at a profit, who believe they are supporting UK trade and manufacturers ?

Not a gripe, just saying, as many of us have to work to a budget, and UK sellers have to make a living somehow.

Edited By Ronaldo on 05/05/2020 11:07:28

Thread: building boards and plastic over plans ?
01/05/2020 18:59:59

Hi Paul. Assuming you have a solid level and true building surface. Either a work bench, table, or even a light plain surface hollow cored door which also makes a good true flat surface, then my choice of pin board is a sheet of plasterboard from any DIY supplier. Cheap, can easily be cut to size using a 'Stanley' type knife, they take pins very well, when one side gets well used, they can be turned over for a fresh clean surface and used again.

As for covering, I've used the clear plastic from the backing of solarfilm and solartex which I have saved over the years, but sadly not in production any longer. Some have recommended cling film, but never tried it myself. I guess any large sheets of plastic sheeting would work if not too thick and lays reasonably flat.

Hope this helps. good luck thumbs up

Thread: Petrol question
19/04/2020 23:10:56

Well you learn something everyday, been flying petrol 20 years and never even questioned the contents of petrol or it's effects. A club mate and I have had the odd 'petrol' bung degrade and break up, not many, but enough to leak into the fuz and cause more work in repairs and recovering, but could never figure out why. Also thanks for the link cymaz, ..... I think I'll be a bit more choosy where and what petrol I use from now on winkthumbs up

Thread: Stand or sit
08/04/2020 10:02:40

Standing mainly, for hours at a time ...I do have a stool, but mainly use it if I'm soldering or doing some close up delicate work, ... oh yes, and I sit down when my other half brings me a cuppa, bless her wink

Thread: Shops closing
25/03/2020 20:35:05

same here with my local, 'Model Shop Leeds' ... closed but taking online and telephone orders

Thread: great service
19/03/2020 18:54:55
Posted by cymaz on 26/11/2019 16:50:08:

It seems that the UK model shops that are left have really upped their game in the last few years. We should continue to support them

Totally agree yes

Thread: Netflix scam
18/03/2020 20:11:51

Had the Netflix one. Also a 'TV licence' scam going round saying they haven't been able to take direct debit payment, and could I re-enter my bank details ........

Thread: Insanity seems to be setting in
15/03/2020 13:20:23
Posted by Peter Miller on 15/03/2020 12:00:06:

I have just stated that they will have to shoot me to stop me.

I wonder if Amazon sell wigs!? I can dye my moustache black !!

You do realise that this is all an elaborate conspiracy to keep all modelers grounded at home or in workshops so Amazon can justify their 'Drone Delivery' stratergy ......... just saying wink

13/03/2020 16:42:58
Posted by Jason-I on 13/03/2020 11:08:14:
Posted by Basil on 13/03/2020 09:03:34:

Thing is, you cant do without some sort of toilet paper, .


Edited By Basil on 13/03/2020 09:06:42

Really? Most of us have a shower in close proximity to our toilets these days......disgust

Or if you have some short stepladders, ..... the bathroom basin or even kitchen sink could be put to good use ... just saying wink


Edited By Ronaldo on 13/03/2020 16:47:30

Thread: First generation acrowot tail fin
21/01/2020 18:05:16

Would be helpful if you could post a photo of the damage Mark.

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