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Thread: Is it just me or do we all take ages to do things?
07/11/2019 16:09:36

Hmmmmm dont know ...... and why am I on here reading this when I've got models sat in my workshop waiting for me to finish ? ...... all in good time ... all in good time ... wink

Thread: SC 91fs will not stop.
29/10/2019 18:53:15

Ok thanks JDB and Jon. I will have a play with the needle settings, and check again for air leaks. Also as you say Jon, the engine runs well, so if all else fails I will leave it alone. The engine idles really nice and slow, so its easy enough to stop by throwing a rag into the prop.

29/10/2019 10:59:18

Hi all, after flying 2 stroke glow and petrol for many years, I now fancy a dabble in vintage. Can anyone tell me why my SC 91 four stroke glow will not cut when I fully close the throttle ? It just seems to be content idling away. I have set the needle settings to manufacturers instructions, also looked down the barrel when closed, and it's definitely closing fully with no inlet hole showing. Also checked inlet for air leaks, all seems ok. I am using the version where the crankcase vent recycles the excess oil back into the inlet manifold, I have even replaced the fuel tube on there to be sure of no air leaks.

Until I am ready to install in a vintage, am running the engine inverted in a Ripmax Bolero, runs great all across the throttle range, but still will not stop when I close the throttle, but I wouldn't have thought the engine position would have any effect ?

Any ideas please ?

Edited By Ronaldo on 29/10/2019 11:13:41

Thread: Advice
13/10/2019 18:59:23

You could try 4-Max, they have recommended setups, you may find something similar to your size of model on this page.


Thread: What's your favourite way of attaching a canopy?
21/09/2019 09:33:30

I'm not a big fan of canopy glue, but it has worked for me. First I lightly key the gluing area with fine sandpaper, both painted and film covered surfaces, then apply the canopy glue, hold down the canopy with masking tape, then here's the important bit ... leave the glued canopy undisturbed for 48 hours. Takes a while to fully set I know, but works for me.

21/09/2019 00:49:44

Nah, ... 12mm cavity wall bolts, can't pull out then thumbs upwink

Thread: Latest CAA Update
11/09/2019 22:30:23

Thank you to the BMFA and all others involved yes

Thread: Prop failure
14/08/2019 10:54:33

On the subject mentioned earlier of the ali spinner drifting on the back plate and the 'cut out' edge fouling and digging into the prop hub, I've had this happen with and without using a starter. Now I 'peg' the back plate by drilling and tapping into the edge where the spinner edge sits in the groove, and fitting a m3 x 5mm grub screw, securing with a drop of thin cyano. I then fit and line up the spinner and prop against the back plate to give good clearance so as not to touch the prop hub, then file a notch in the spinner back edge/rim to fit over the grub screw. Never moves now, even when using heavy duty starter.

Thread: Good luck to the BMFA
08/06/2019 10:52:02
Posted by Engine Doctor on 08/06/2019 09:25:26:

I note that the number of responses received in the news article is 6000 ? That means that around 28000 BMFA members have decided to let their mates do the campaigning for them. Shame on any who have not responded and written to the out of touch authorities . Or are those 28000 lazy lot our problem flyers.

I know that many in my club have not bothered to respond even after repeated reminders from our club. It appears that many just roll over and give up. It was a good job our grandfather's didn't give up on "D Day".

Keep up the good work BMFA and good luck.

At first I looked at the figure of '6000' responses with disbelief, and thought surely it was a typo error, but yes I've read the same elsewhere. Where were all you other non-responsive modellers in our time of need ? Sadly in that case we are still surrounded by members who 'just do nothing' ! and leave it to others to take up the slack. It's been well publicised in clubs and our BMFA magazine, and website. It only took a few minutes to complete. I'm sure they must have had access to a PC to fill in the online response page, if not their own then a family member's or a mate's.

I've been a modeller for 50 + years, and others for even longer. For many of us it's been a labour of love, enjoying the hobby, and selflessly helping others along the way, much so that's it become a big part of our lives. So for those who still 'do nothing', and leave it for others to make the effort, if our great hobby goes belly up then you will have no right to complain afterwards !

Thread: So what is really the truth then CAA ?
03/06/2019 14:25:39

Found this shared on my club's FB website


Thread: Reichard Models
04/05/2019 11:24:22

Try Rich at I've had a few gliders from him. They had 'Reichard' gliders in last time I looked on line.

Thread: Beware - Scammers
25/04/2019 08:50:46

Wise move. Best safe than sorry thumbs up

Thread: Holding screws in
22/04/2019 10:01:46

I solder steel nyloc nuts onto captive 'T' nuts. Sounds impossible I know, but it does work if you can set the soldering iron temperature just hot enough to melt the solder and not the nyloc insert.

I've used this method for all kind of fixings where vibration is an issue.

Thread: Hi I'm Laura
12/04/2019 22:25:13

Hi Laura.

Sorry for your loss, sounds like you have many cherished memories of happy times with your Dad.

Welcome aboard, I'm sure you will find many on here ready to help. Any questions, just ask away thumbs up

Thread: SC 4 strokes. Mark 1 - Mark 2
03/04/2019 22:59:55

Thanks for that. Just checked, and yes I see what you mean thumbs up

03/04/2019 20:59:50

Good evening, I have a chance to buy a SC 91 4 stroke. I believe its a mark 1, not the latest mark 2. Does anyone know what the differences are ?


Edited By Ronaldo on 03/04/2019 21:01:42

Thread: Charging Lipo batteries
13/03/2019 13:46:20

Along with my pro peak 12v PSU's, I also use a camping/caravan 240v to 12v convertor as a spare PSU when needed. If you are confident enough to wire the lipo charger leads into a 'cigarette lighter' type plug, this may be a good inexpensive alternative to use.


Thread: Big Trouble in Model Britain
09/03/2019 23:17:58

Thanks for the heads up ! Just had a pleasant nostalgic hour watching it thumbs up


Thread: JR resurrection?
04/03/2019 21:09:59
Posted by Ikura on 04/03/2019 09:38:39:
Posted by supertigrefan on 04/03/2019 09:15:18:
Posted by Percy Verance on 04/03/2019 06:40:54:

It seems they've not lost the phone number of the previous stylist.........

Hehe....yeah, shame that, would be good to see them go back to when their Tx's looked like a serious item rather than something supplied with a RC toy from 'Menkind', however I do wish them the best of luck.

Edited By supertigrefan on 04/03/2019 09:16:25

I couldn't agree more.

Also have to agree, I was a devout JR follower until they brought out the 'Transformers look' Tx . I moved over to Spektrum and got the cool looking 'Black Dx9', and the 'leather and carbon faced Dx20'. No regrets thumbs up

Thread: DX9 Owners thread
21/02/2019 09:10:01
Posted by Steve J on 11/06/2017 11:46:22:

Spektrum no longer have a service centre in the UK so your transmitter will need to be sent to Germany. I would advise contacting them first.


Als Hobbies are now the Spectrum Service centre. Never had a need to use them, but had good customer service from them. **LINK**

Both my Dx9 and Dx20 peak out at 8.2 volts when fully charged, so I've set my voltage alarms to 7.5 volts. I always felt the default alarm setting was too low for my liking.


Edited By Ronaldo on 21/02/2019 09:17:57

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