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Thread: Rc flying commandments
09/02/2015 20:55:19

... thou shalt not shout to pilot at your side whilst he is taking off with his new model on it's maiden flight ... " Don't worry matey, I've got a spare heavy duty bin liner in me car"

Thread: Sometimes I am in despair with folks
07/01/2015 00:20:39

Some years a go I helped a good work mate of mine along with building a vintage type model,  I think it may have been a Black Magic.   He did good job of it, I checked it out at the field, taught him to fly reasonably well during the 3 visits allowed before he was expected to join the club, but we did put a lot of hours and fuel in those 3 days. Then on the last day he just managed a decent landing, it was a nice calm summers day, a Vintage type model, so it was a case of low throttle and guide her into the strip. A couple of gentle bounces and she was down. Needless to say, he was chuffed to bits. Then as he was cleaning up and I was having a flight myself, a newly elected budding committee member he hadn't met before came along and reminded him he was now expected to join the club and that it was a requirement by the Park Authorities as we fly in a public park in the middle of a racecourse , that he needed BMFA insurance, quoted a few club rules, and also needed to be aware of public safety .... etc, etc.

Then as we packed up for the day, on the way home .... he said "I can't be ( I don't want to repeat the 'F' word here ) doing with that ! ..... following rules, being told when and where I can and can't fly ...... " Admittedly I had already explained all this to him while he was learning to fly, .... so maybe he didn't like being told again by a stranger, but I also think it would have been more tactful if the committee member had approached me first and asked if I had already made him aware of how our club works, and then had a chat with him while I was present ........ but whatever the reason, the next I heard was that he sold up all his gear and never came near again. We remained mates afterwards, but he never took up the hobby again ..... Shame tho' as I believe he would have made a good pilot and could have been good for the club ......

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Thread: Signal Loss with Spektrum?
06/01/2015 23:02:11

...  I also hasten to add ... nothing against Spektrum, I love the DX18QQ, but it will be a real shame if have to move on to another brand because of a recurring fault on their part  .........


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06/01/2015 22:57:17

Good point Ben, there's definitely a pattern there. As I mentioned earlier here they replaced my RF board in my DX18QQ when new out of the box, as they have done in many other modeller's Tx's across the range, .... either to repair a' fault' or for 'peace of mind' .... I look forwards to your report ......

05/01/2015 18:42:35

Good points you mentioned there Masher and Dave. Noted. Cheers angel


05/01/2015 18:13:35

After reading forums here and elsewhere on other RC websites, it would seem there have been problems with signal loss on 2.4 with all brands of radio. So for me with Spektrum, at this moment in time one solution is to fit Rx's that have a quicker reconnect time after loss of signal. I did a comparison bench check with a setup using my DX18QQ, a DSM2 Rx, and a DSMX Rx, simply by switching the Tx off and back on again. I was already aware that the DSM2 Rx was slower to reconnect, but after testing again it does seem rather painfully slow to reconnect after switching the Tx back on, where as the DSMX Rx seems reconnect almost instantantly in comparison.

I am now convinced that had I fitted a DMSX Rx in my moulded glider, the loss of signal I had would have reconnected much much quicker, and more than likely I would regained control and saved my precious model from trying to burry itself 6 foot under ! I know that doesn't solve the signal loss issue, but at least I would have had a chance to recover the situation.

I've decided to gradually replace all my DSM2 Rx's for DSMX Rx's. ...Also I read a report on another RC forum website of a rumour that all new radio sets will now be for DSMX , with no more support for DSM2, I can't confirm it as true, but I wouldn't be surprised, as from what I've read it seems a lot of people out there don't like DSM2 because of the slow reconnect issue ......


04/01/2015 19:48:51

.... maybe we all should all go back to good old reliable 'control line ' flying cymaz ...... cheeky

.... but then again maybe not, I would have to sit down and recover my bearings after each flight

...... and probably feel the need to puke ... bad enough just watching the speed C/L models and pilots going round and round at the Nats ...crook

04/01/2015 19:34:53

Hi WolstonFlyer,, thanks for your input. Yes already seen that DSM2 Rx bulletin. I was using the AR9300 carbon fuselage 9 channel Rx, so I don't think that's the problem. But no .... I have not updated the Tx software. I'm afraid I'm of the old school ... 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' class. I've had such a great year flying with no problems at all with my DX18QQ previously, so much so that I became reluctant to make any changes or updates while it was working well. But maybe I'm missing something here and should update asap ... I'll log in to spektrum again and check it out.



04/01/2015 18:21:51

... oh dear ... this has got me going as well now, and left me not quite sure where to go from here ... As Ben Goodfellow I also have the DX18QQ, but don't get me wrong I love it, ... user friendly programming, ... and the layout ,etc. When I first bought it at the beginning of last year, from new straight out of the box I first range checked it down at the field on the 'range check' reduced power setting, and I was lucky to get even 8 or 9 paces away from my model and lost signal. Even on full power range I would lose signal at around 50 paces. So I returned it to Horizon and they replaced the RF board and I had it back at the end of the week, I thought this was very good service, but still disappointed that it had got passed any checks or quality control with a dodgy RF board before it got into the model shops ! ...

Anyway all went well, had some great flights, ... electric, ... 50cc and 100cc petrol, ... slope soaring all last year. Then late last year I was flying my favourite moulded electric glider, I climbed high, did some thermalling, then turned inverted into a half loop/dive to build up speed, I've done this many times before with same glider, so I knew what I was doing and what to expect, I  intended to level out to do a fast fly past and hear it whistle past .... except .... it wouldn't fully pull-out of the dive. I had plenty of height, it wasn't way out in the distance, so I wasn't too worried at that point. I tried every thing ... elevator ... ailerons ... but got no response. Then at the very last moment I got my signal back, ailerons and elevator were working, .... but too late, my lovely moulded glider hit the ground and broke it's back, the fuz broke in half after the wing root. I've been flying 30+ years, I'm 'B' certified, and I know it was definitely signal loss. In fact as someone else mentioned earlier, I also wish it was pilot error so I could blame myself instead of now doubting my radio.

After collecting the bits, I had left the radio gear switched on, back in the pits everything appeared to be working fine !! Range checked ... OK, all control surfaces working as they should. Double checked back home, got a mate to twiddle the Tx sticks as I walked further away from him up the road, all ok within the expected range checks. So where do I go from here ? I've invested too much time and money to risk any more models, as well as safety of others. I could return my radio to be checked out as I did when had range problems new out of the box, but now I'm not very confident it still wouldn't happen again. I was using a Spektrum DSM2 Glider Rx with the aerial antennas l exiting outside the fuz, and on 6v so I know it wasn't a brown out, it's possible that if I had used a DSMX Rx I may have recovered the signal much quicker in time to save the model, but still the fact remains that I still lost the signal.

I've gone and now bought a data logger, so when the weather improves I'm just going to fly my cheap foamies, expendable models ( if there is such a thing, I suppose some models are more expendable than others ). All I can do is fly them and keep checking the data logger for loss of signal and take it from there.

Even thought of changing my radio, but as reading here others have had similar problems with other brands. This is a first for me, all other crashes I've had I put my hand up and admit to obvious 'pilot error'. So I dunno, maybe I should just put it down to ... bad luck, interference, gremlins and goblins or whatever, and just hope it doesn't happen again .....

Just my tuppence worth ....



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Thread: Replacement Car
18/12/2014 00:14:53

Ford Galaxy for me smiley I got the new type, the one where the rear 5 seats fold down flat, so no troublesome seats to lift out and having to find someplace to store them when I want to take a big petrol jobby down to the flying field, as it all folds flat all the way to the back of the front seats. Also because I had the useful extra height in my Galaxy I went one step further and made a sort of 'posh carpeted' mdf flat bed table in the back on supports that stretch all the way from the tail gate to the back of the front seats, this has about 9 inch gap underneath for storing wings, flight box, Tx case etc, and my models just wheels in over the top. The table is in two halves, so I can remove the front half and slide it over the back half for when I want to put the middle row of seats back up to have a 5 seater again, still leaving me with a useful shelf in the boot for storage underneath and above ....... and on the odd nice summer days in the school hols when my grandkids are driving their mums an' dads insane I remove the tables into my workshop, make my Galaxy into a 7 seater again, pick my grandkids up, ......... and drive me'self insane face 7 ..... simples !




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Thread: Home Made Wing Bags
08/12/2014 22:51:27

Yes agreed Andy ! Johnny, the double sided silver foil stuff is far more superior and worth the extra cost. When I've used the other type with the clear bubble wrap on the inside it soon rips, especially if you remove or insert a wing with an aileron standing slightly proud of the wing surface it catches the bubbles inside the bag, same applies to control horns/clevises, but the double sided foil type seems to resist damage better. I also use it for glider wing bags, but rather than make two, one for each wing, I make a single bag roomy enough to take both wings with a single sheet of the material gaffer taped inside down the middle to separate the two wings. Just remember to allow a little more room inside.

I usually prefer to use silver gaffer tape. I try and pick a couple of rolls up whenever I'm at a carboot sale, or cheap tool stalls at outside markets, or at the £1 bargain type shops, or even cheap tool stalls at the model shows . Much cheaper than buying at big name DIY stores.


Thread: Silver Solder Suppliers?
08/12/2014 22:14:24

Thanks for that Plummet. Link saved. yes


Thread: Have a Rant
11/11/2014 02:18:33
Posted by Tony Bennett on 10/11/2014 10:59:01:

every thing gives me the hump these days for some reason.

i must be getting old. sad

My Dad is getting grumpier and getting the 'hump' more as he's getting into his old age ......

Now if I get the hump and have good old well deserved moan .... my 'swmbo' tells me to shut up cos' I'm getting to sound like my Dad .... !! Must be an 'age thing' ... sad

Thread: Unusual use for tools??
11/11/2014 01:59:07

I've had about 3 'Dremel' type drills that were nice and cheap, they did the job ok but they couldn't hold their speed even under a light load, and decided to stop working after a short time. So I went and bought the real thing .... a Dremel ... now I'm in Dremel Heaven! It keeps it's speed under load and runs much smoother than the cheapies, and so far has never missed a beat. I've also had cheap 3 wheel bench bandsaws that had to be gently persuaded to cut anything harder than butter! So I then went and bought a 2 wheel Kity bandsaw and I use an 1/2 inch 6 tpi blade. Done me 15 years of faithful regular service for both modelling and some serious woodworking. All I've had to replace is worn blades, the rest of the machine still runs as well as from new.

In my experience if you're on a tight budget some carefully chosen cheap tools do work well if you respect their limitations, but for more serious heavy work there's no substitute for good quality branded tools.


Thread: Have a Rant
10/11/2014 10:49:38
Aero Model Mags on bottom shelf in WHS .... Yep valid point ! Especially when i have to ask my young grandson to reach down to get me my favourite mag from the bottom shelf, then i have to pick up his favourite children's comic from a shelf that was too high for him !!! .... Madness i tell yer ..... Madness !!!
26/10/2014 21:08:27

.... oh don't get me going off on one about smokers ! The recent news articles about whether they should ban smoking in public places in London got me thinking about when I went to visit relatives in the lovely town of Tunbridge Wells, I was walking along toward the Pantiles ..... [ brilliant aviation bookshop in Tunbridge Wells I may add, so you can guess where I was heading ! wink] ... anyhow walking on a narrowish path in front were two people, a man and woman smoking like chimneys, it was pretty obvious they were heavy smokers by the pungent odour of tar and smoke emanating from them and their clothes, you could cut through it with a knife! All the pedestrians behind, including myself, had to unwillingly endure breathing in their thick smoke trail as there was no way to escape, traffic was running up and down the road at our side, and behind us the pedestrians were all going in the same direction as I was. The only relief was when the two smokers turned off at a crossing and crossed the road, and I wasn't the only one to literally 'breathe' a large sigh of relief judging by the negative comments the other pedestrians were making!

Children have to endure smokers in play areas when I've taken my grandkids to the park, I've witnessed non smokers standing out in the rain because smokers were in bus shelters. The atmosphere outside the doorways of some public buildings, cafes, pubs etc are thick of smoke from smokers cos they cant smoke inside, but it's enough to put one off walking through them to enter the building .... I know ... I could go on, it's time to give it a break, but I know a lot of you non smokers must feel the same way. But if you must smoke at least find yourself a private place and show some consideration and respect to those who don't, ..... especially young children.

And yes I've also been a non-smoker all my life ... thanks to my dear old Dad. He's smoked since he was about 12 years old ! He was from a family of smokers, it was the done thing then ! He's 81 now but he finally managed to break the habit about 20 years ago, after many attempts, and I know it wasn't easy to do, but bless him he did it ! He didn't get off easy tho' but he's been healthier for it, must have added some years to his life, but now a short walk of a few yards, and soon gets out of breath. I guess all the years I saw my Dad coughing up and hacking his lungs up from smoking during my youth was enough to guide me away from picking up the habit. ....... Anyway, nuff said ....... off back into my workshop to finish a model for a mate smile

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09/10/2014 17:24:00

... sorry but I'm here again ... rant number 2

Here's a copy of my son's post on FB. Concerns the chaos caused by impatient aggressive drivers and cyclists outside my grandson's school. I my self have witnessed idiots selfishly forcing they way through children to either drive past or even just to park illegally/dangerously to drop their own kids off !!


Just been to school to pick the kids up to find out our lolly pop man was beaten up yesterday for trying to stop a cyclist who didn't think he should stop when children were crossing the road. His face is a right mess. I take my hat off to him tho' he is still there today helping our kids get across the road in the chaos that is school home time. So apparently in this country now when somebody shows authority the reply is to first shout and swear and then punch the authority in the mouth, whether or not that person has authority for good reason. The guy needs locking up. So if anybody was around The Rookeries School Carleton road yesterday school opening time and saw anything please be sure to do the right thing and talk to the police or the school.


... whatever is the world coming to ?, ... even seems like the local police don't seem to care anymore ...


07/10/2014 17:26:14

My rant ? ........ Cyclists who believe that the 'Red Light' does not apply to them ! I've seen this happen often. Almost knocked one over at a junction cos he came thru' a 'Red' traffic light .... with all the TV media coverage lately on aggressive/careless drivers versus vulnerable cyclists, it would be interesting to see who would have been held at fault if I had knocked him off and killed him !

Also had a VERY near miss with a biker with a passenger on the back, he came up behind me whilst on a roundabout, overtook me on my right/drivers side and then cut in front of me to take a left exit ! I would have clipped his rear wheel if I hadn't had slammed the brakes on !

And we see road signs saying 'THINK BIKE' ! ...... I've been a cyclist and a biker in my younger days before I decided to add another two wheels to my choice of vehicle ... but these days I think its them that need educating !

Rant over angry 2 smiley


Thread: eBay warning
23/09/2014 22:04:12

I buy a lot of stuff on line and very much so on ebay. Had my share of dodgy websites, and dodgy emails trying to direct me to suspect websites. Don't know if this helps, but if I feel I am being asked for too much personal information or information/bank details I know they should already have because I've given it already, and/or refer to me as 'Dear customer' instead of my registered name, I back off and stay clear of it ! Not had a problem so far .............. I hope.


Thread: CA Glue
23/09/2014 21:40:00

Same here ... been using CA for years no problem then suddenly now I only need a slight whiff of the stuff and it makes me sneeze and I'm reaching for a tissue. Makes me feel like I've got a bad cold.

What works for me when I'm using CA, and I use it regularly, is firstly to keep my workshop well ventilated as best as I can, as well as wearing a carbon activated mask - 3M 9913 FFP1 Face Masks- These are not the heavy canister type, they are like the paper folding masks with elasticated straps. Much more pleasant to wear than the heavy canister type. You can buy them single or in a box of 20 (just Google it). They can be expensive, but I got mine in a box of 20 for a bargain on ebay. If kept clean, one mask can be used many times, so a box of 20 should last a while. Worth it in the long run.


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