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Thread: The get away bit
16/02/2016 11:10:01

Nice one, great to see some still build from plans, and 'balsa bashing' is not yet a lost art .

... just saying wink 2


Thread: Do you think some sort of registration system would protect the hobby from rogue flyers?
11/02/2016 12:51:28

I don't really know what the answer to the problem is. My first thought would be "No" because the rogue flyers would not be daft enough to register and put ID on their models or even be insured anyway for fear of being caught flying illegally.

But then again if everyone had to register as we have seen happening in the states, [ don't kid yourselves, this could easily happen here in the UK, which I hope it doesn't by the way ! ], anyone seen flying in an area or in manner that raises suspicion, then the authorities would have the right to check them out and ask for proof of registration. Then if unable to produce any proof, ID, or insurance, they can deal with them as necessary, and/or confiscate their gear, but that's assuming they have enough manpower to do this which obviously they don't. Similar to police doing a spot check on a motor vehicle, if a driver can't produce documents and is not in the 'system' then they impound the vehicle and fine the driver.

Then of course we would be heading evermore further into being a 'Nanny State' which could put off any genuine newcomers, or even those who have already been flying for years, and so will not help the future of our great hobby.

Difficult times ahead me thinks .....

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Thread: Is there something in the water?
18/01/2016 12:27:15

Definitely 'cabin fever' for me ... I'm a sort of a semi retired 'grumpy old git' as of late, so my swmbo informs me, and so I have time on my hands. My day usually starts with making a cuppa and then migrating out to my sacred workshop ( god knows what I would do without my 'cave' ) , but lately I'm sat spending more time just blankly staring at the lately boring 'idiot box' ( TV ) hung up in the corner, or wishfully staring longingly at my models which have become 'winter hangar queens' because of the wet weather and muddy flying field. I dare not start another build yet to amuse myself ( got 3 unstarted kits pleading with me for attention ) cos' I don't even have room as yet to store my Pica Waco that I'm just putting finishing touches to. Not to worry, got a mate popping round soon to do a small repair job on his model, so should pass on an hour or two ........ and so another cold wet day goes by ...

Roll on Spring and dry weather !


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Thread: Dremel driving me nuts!
06/01/2016 21:00:18

[ I normally warm the stickers with a hair dryer first then to soften the adhesive then use a scalpel blade to carefully lift one corner before removing the sticker. The adhesive on the stickers is good for two or three reapplications. ]

Thanks for the tip Barryorbik , heat gun on the label works great !

Googling ''Dremel faults'' show the speed controller failure is indeed a very common fault ! The annoying thing is that club mates of mine still own Dremels that are 10+ years old, and the variable speed controller are still running as good as when they first bought them ! Mine failed within weeks, I lost the receipt, luckily found it again, but not before I had taken one of the labels off using the heat gun to investigate . The label went back on no probs, didn't have to take it apart, just took it back with the receipt and exchanged for a replacement.

Moral of the story to myself here .... Always save the receipt in a safe place ! ( well ... till I forget again )

Like a lot of stuff these days ...... things ain't made as well as they used to be ...... no over-engineering and built to a minimum budget ! ... but I guess I still wouldn't want to be without my Dremel ......


Thread: It's 2016 !!!
01/01/2016 12:54:05

I've had two Pica kits over the years, and both seemed unnecessarily complicated, with (I thought) too much wood in certain places.

I agree Percy V, heck of a lot of unnecessary beefy balsa, ... ply, ... hardwood, and complications in the build, but it's looking good, just got the paint job and scale details to finish to complete it. It's feeling a little heavy now tho', I wish I had realised before the build how heavy it would come out, as I'm sure I could have made it lighter without compromising strength. Got a brand new Mackay 30cc petrol up front and I only intend to fly in a scalish ( I hope lol )manner, so not too worried.


01/01/2016 10:48:14

..... to actually finish off my Pica 5th scale Waco I started 12 years ago before I start another model for me or anyone else !

Happy new year to all smiley


Thread: Baking soda filler
31/12/2015 16:09:51

I've done similar with 'micro fibres' (finely chopped glass fibre) with thin cyano to make repairs and fill hard plastic. I had a case when a hinge lug broke off a hard plastic cover for my car's cig lighter/phone charger socket. I managed to build up the micro fibre around where the hinge lug broke off to match up roughly to the remaining one on the other side of the cover , then put a drop of cyano on. I was then able to file to shape to match the original hinge lug, drill a hole in it where the hinge pin fits and it works great. That was 4 years ago, still holding up even now.


Thread: Cutting Up A Plan. Is It Sacrilege?
28/12/2015 19:09:05

Plans I've had are usually larger than a single building board. So I carefully cut up plans so I can build individual model parts on 2 or 3 building boards and then I'm not stuck waiting for example the fuz to be finished before I can start on the wings or tailplane. Depends also of course on how the drawings on the plan is laid out. If done carefully the plan can then be re-used.

Great idea guys about having the plan copied if not too expensive ! Have to look into that ..... wink


Thread: Gluing Canopies
16/12/2015 01:37:31

Whatever brand of canopy glue I've used, the secret seems to be in giving it a long enough time to set. I carefully rough up the area where I intend to apply the glue onto, both the canopy and around the fuz cockpit area. This even works on 'iron on' film, and can be carefully sanded just make sure the film has been ironed down and sealed properly around the cockpit area with a covering iron. ! generally put masking tape on up to the edge of the cockpit line where the canopy will fit so that I don't over sand into the area beyond the canopy line where it will be seen. Then I glue and secure the canopy with tape and leave it for a minimum of 48 hours. This works for me and never lost a canopy yet. Any residues after its dried can be removed with meths.

48 hours I know sounds a long time but the glue takes longer to go off under plastic ... but worth the wait to have a secure canopy.


Thread: Looking for 45mm vented spinner for folding prop
09/12/2015 23:54:33

I usually get mine from Puffin Models, but I doubt if you will get one that size anywhere for under a tenner.


You may just get lucky on ebay, but most come from china so could be waiting a couple of weeks for delivery.


Thread: Maplin giving multi rotors a bad name
29/11/2015 01:31:28

Here's a sad tragic report from the Telegraph regarding a drone accident involving a child. **LINK**

I am a fixed wing flyer but I haven't posted this to get at responsible flyers, we have some drones/multirotors flying in our club but in a designated flying field away from the public and beyond a flagged flight line, the same as we do with fixed wing and helicopters, and yes I admit they are fun to watch.

The report says the pilot was an experienced pilot, but it begs the question as to why on earth was he flying the drone near people especially a child ??!! No doubt he feels really bad about the poor child, but this does not sound like a responsible pilot .... experienced or not !

The problem here is that they are now becoming more and more far too readily and easily available for anyone to buy regardless to whether they have flying experience or not. They also buy them because they can conveniently be flown in tight restricted spaces where one couldn't fly a fixed wing .... but usually these tight spaces are public areas and so have more people around especially young ones spectating and totally unaware of the dangers (just like outside Maplins?) ...... just waiting for a tragic accident as above to happen .......

Not good publicity for responsible flyers ...


Thread: cordless drill
05/11/2015 18:43:57

18 volt Makita for me. Had others but always went back to Makita. I suppose it depends what you want to do with it, but then I do a lot of serious DIY, woodworking, making furniture etc .... as well as models. So I also have other Makita tools and they are great. For light occasional work I guess many of the cheaper drills will do the job, just be careful not to work them too hard.


Thread: Balsa Bashing Tools
10/10/2015 10:32:09

For me I always insist on sharp blades for my modelling knives. Sometimes I call round to a modelling mate when he needs help with a model .... to put it politely I get rather ''peeved off'' when I ask him for a knife and all he's got are blunt well used ones !

I get my blades in packs of 50 from

Thread: Paypal Data Phishing
28/08/2015 14:21:38

I also get a few 'limited funds' emails supposedly from "Paypal". I use paypal a lot for purchasing my modeling goodies and never had funds limited, so I know it's a scam, but any emails from a "bank" or "credit company" whether you have an account with them or not ... if they address you as 'Dear Customer' and not by your full name ... it's a scam !

My missus has also been getting a lot of dubious and persistant phone calls from a company claiming to have reclaimed PPI compensation from a HFC bank for her, whom she can't recall ever having any dealings with. What made her suspicious was that they were refering to an account they say she had under a shortened version of her first name, which she never uses to sign any douments, and also they used the shortened name to address her over the phone, but with any documents or dealings she always uses her full first name. They also said they had a cheque for £600 and in another later phone call said they had one for £1400 ready and waiting for her .... so she said 'great just post it to me then' ... to which not surprisingly they replied ...... 'ah but we just need a few bank details from you first ........' so she hung up ......

So stay safe people ... they're out to get us .... don't let them catch you off guard !


Edited By Ronaldo on 28/08/2015 14:36:59

Thread: Carbon copy
01/05/2015 11:06:23
That's good news Chris. Repacement fully carbon u/c are not always easy to get hold of. I wish you every success with your venture.
01/05/2015 10:16:40
Carbon copy undercarriages were fine for sports type fun models, but the ones I've had in the past were not truthfully 100% fully 'carbon',they were glass fibre sanwiched between 2 thin layers of carbon and became delaminated after time when i used them on 50cc - 100cc models. You just need to remember that if you are expecting to receive a 'fully carbon' undercarriage to save disapointment

Edited By Ronaldo on 01/05/2015 10:22:27

Thread: Canopy Glue
12/04/2015 12:56:29

I've also had good success with this glue and also with some other 'canopy' glues. The secret is, as I tell others who ask me ... is to give it time to set !! I secure my canopies down with tape or whatever is suitable and leave it undisturbed for at least 24hrs, ... or I've even left it 48hrs if the glue hasn't gone completely clear, and can still see some white glue that hasn't quite gone off.

Never yet lost a canopy with glow, petrol, or high power electric wink

Ps..... . I find that Meths' cleans off any messy canopy glue residues around the canopy, but first make sure the Meths doesn't react with the surrounding covering or paint.


Thread: Rc flying commandments
09/02/2015 20:55:19

... thou shalt not shout to pilot at your side whilst he is taking off with his new model on it's maiden flight ... " Don't worry matey, I've got a spare heavy duty bin liner in me car"

Thread: Sometimes I am in despair with folks
07/01/2015 00:20:39

Some years a go I helped a good work mate of mine along with building a vintage type model,  I think it may have been a Black Magic.   He did good job of it, I checked it out at the field, taught him to fly reasonably well during the 3 visits allowed before he was expected to join the club, but we did put a lot of hours and fuel in those 3 days. Then on the last day he just managed a decent landing, it was a nice calm summers day, a Vintage type model, so it was a case of low throttle and guide her into the strip. A couple of gentle bounces and she was down. Needless to say, he was chuffed to bits. Then as he was cleaning up and I was having a flight myself, a newly elected budding committee member he hadn't met before came along and reminded him he was now expected to join the club and that it was a requirement by the Park Authorities as we fly in a public park in the middle of a racecourse , that he needed BMFA insurance, quoted a few club rules, and also needed to be aware of public safety .... etc, etc.

Then as we packed up for the day, on the way home .... he said "I can't be ( I don't want to repeat the 'F' word here ) doing with that ! ..... following rules, being told when and where I can and can't fly ...... " Admittedly I had already explained all this to him while he was learning to fly, .... so maybe he didn't like being told again by a stranger, but I also think it would have been more tactful if the committee member had approached me first and asked if I had already made him aware of how our club works, and then had a chat with him while I was present ........ but whatever the reason, the next I heard was that he sold up all his gear and never came near again. We remained mates afterwards, but he never took up the hobby again ..... Shame tho' as I believe he would have made a good pilot and could have been good for the club ......

Edited By Ronaldo on 07/01/2015 00:21:27

Thread: Signal Loss with Spektrum?
06/01/2015 23:02:11

...  I also hasten to add ... nothing against Spektrum, I love the DX18QQ, but it will be a real shame if have to move on to another brand because of a recurring fault on their part  .........


Edited By Ronaldo on 06/01/2015 23:03:28

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