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Thread: BBC2 Fri 21.00 Cold War, Hot Jets
07/11/2013 22:50:02

... and if anyone does miss it, you should be able to catch up by watching it online on iPlayer on BBC's website ...

Thread: You will not have better service then this
16/10/2013 18:22:16

Agreed !

Myself and a club mate have also had very good service from Horizon Hobby.

Nice one 'HH', and thanks again.

Thread: Phil's Model Shop
30/06/2013 20:01:45

Nice one John, and nice one Phil's Model Shop !

Good model shops are few these days, and deserve our help and support. Best way to get a good word around, is by word of mouth ! Just as you have done wink 2

Thread: How many build projects (ARTF and trad') do you have running?
19/06/2013 00:31:13

whoops ... correction, just got the duster out looked again ... make that 6 unflown !

19/06/2013 00:26:27

3 for me ... and 3 waiting to be flown, .... and 3 kits still boxed up. Trouble is, whatever I've got on the bench, unflown or still boxed up kits, I'm always looking to my next model to buy thinking ...... its never ending ...

Thread: weston park model air show 14/15/16 June 2013
15/06/2013 20:39:20

I went today, Saturday, and enjoyed it ... (apart from when it rained, when everyone stampeded into the trade tents and almost crushed me to death as i was buying goodies LOL ) Loved the turbine powered gliders .... somehow I gotta have one ! face 1 ... Full size flying was good. Good turnout of trade stands. BUT ..... Sorry D B sound ... nice bloke, but you do go on a bit much ...... So yes, for me a good day out . Will be there again next year face 1

Thread: Are Britain's Air Defences that stretched?
27/05/2013 10:43:05

... oh dear, there's always one ....

... read again, I said ' reminds me of ' .... No criticism against the movies, merely an observation, as I mentioned to Phil in a later post I've seen them and enjoyed them ..... they used whatever materials they had available at the time

as for news papers ... I read them but not the cheap 2 minute 'comics', ... draw your own conclusions, I've seen enuff 'misinformation' and 'sensationalism' in them in my lifetime !!

Nuff said ... over and out .....

26/05/2013 20:21:21

... just googled The Blue Max , made in 1966 !! Oh god I'm getting old .... crook

... LOL

26/05/2013 20:08:13

... Hey nice one Phil !!

Yep, I enjoyed the film too smile

26/05/2013 17:58:59

..... as usual they think the general public are ignorant morons who believe anything they show us ... reminds me of those aviation war/action movies where on close inspection we spot that the formation of Fokker D7's are actually Tiger Moths with German crosses hastily painted on them, and the Japanese Zeros turn out to be American Harvards with japanese markings etc etc ... Judging by the 'pic' above they must be getting better with their 'free trial' eddition of photo shop that came with their printer, other wise we would have spotted the thin fishing line holding the 2  'Airfix' model aircraft up smile p

Edited By Ronaldo on 26/05/2013 18:03:56

Thread: Pull-pull cable crimps
18/05/2013 23:32:57

Hey, we're in luck teeth 2 'brass tube' in the B&Q search box found it. They do 2mm 4mm and 6mm.

I'll have to call in on my travels and stock up again. must have been 3 years or so when i last bought some. A metre goes a long way.




18/05/2013 23:07:06

Thats a pity NigelH, I could do with some more. There must be some other hardware suppliers somewhere that sell brass tubing by the metre, would be better than buying by the foot at model shops, cos i've also been using other sizes for fuel tanks, smoke systems, etc, its surprising what other uses they come in handy for. I'll post if i find another supplier. Thanks for the info'

18/05/2013 22:39:07

i've been using thin brass tubing i bought from B&Q some time ago , it was cheap, and sold by the metre. I cut mine with a stanley knife, i just roll it under the sharp of the blade on a cutting mat and it cuts easily. Last time i looked, they still stocked it. If you do a lot of closed loops as i have over the years, a metre does many models.

Thread: DX8 RF board fault
14/05/2013 21:20:29

The more I read the forums since I've 'converted' to Spektrum, it seems this is a problem cropping up right across the range of their Tx's. I had to have the RF board replaced on my 'QQDX18' when new 'out of the box' ! ... luckily I never lost a model, I spotted the fault at the field when doing 'reduced power' range check, and lost the signal at 14 paces even when the model was held up at head height. Returned it to Horizon Hobby, and credit to them they repaired and returned the Tx within 4 days of me sending it to them, ... but how it ever got past Spektum quality control ...... well I dunno ! ! face 11

Working great now ... so far. Had powered gliders (unintentionally) thermal almost out of sight, and still had control. Its only my second Spektrum Tx, I had the silver DX18 first before getting the QQ edition and had no trouble with that at all. Been a JR disciple for donkey years till the price of a DSX12 nearly gave me heart failure...... £1600 ! So now fingers crossed ... hope I have no more trouble with my QQ cos I luv it, programming is so user friendly, and does everything I am ever likely to need from it smile

Thread: How 'wet' can a brushless get?
14/05/2013 20:15:42

Hey !! ... at last a perfect solution for those 'aquaplaning' takeoffs and landings on my wet flying field ... go electric ! teeth 2

Thread: Too Windy To Fly
11/05/2013 00:39:43

Wind ... ?? Wots that ?? .... yes its not pleasant at all flying in very windy conditions, but since i have now also ventured into fully molded electric powered gliders .... wind isnt a problem ( within reason ) I got myself an RCRCM Sun Bird and a Hornet, they cut through a strong head wind like a hot knife through butter .... but flying back on the down wind leg is a bit lively and quick ! LOL, and you need to remember not to leave it too late to turn round back into wind again as the model can get quite a distance away, but a good powerful motor soon fetches it back over head again. But having said that, ..... yes I'm also looking forwards to calmer days again so I can get the sun lotion on, deck chairs out and my big petrol models out again without having to hammer tent pegs into the ground and tie everything down.

When I was learning to fly I often met with frustration .... either the day wasn't good, wet 'windy' sometimes both ... or an instructor wasn't around,.... and then again when everything was 'just right' .... I would be at work ! The thing to do is to keep at it and learn when you can, and then all the frustration is soon forgotton when you do have a good day with a few good flights behind you ... and then sure enough comes that magic moment when you discover to your amazement that you really can take off, fly a dozen or so circuits, and land safely all on your own !! teeth 2

Thread: Big thankyou to 'Model Shop Leeds' and Horizon Hobby UK
29/04/2013 00:56:44

hmmm ... well i did another more detailed search for any DX18QQ RF problems, and this time found on that another 2 modellers had to have not only an RF board replaced, but an antenna replaced too. Unfortunately the loss of signal cost one a model ! I guess i was lucky and realised something was wrong when i did a range check from new, before i did any serious flying. Bit scary tho as I have a couple large 100 cc models, but you can bet i'll only be flying smaller stuff a while till i'm 150% satisfied that all is ok !

Still love the DX18QQ tho', it's so user friendly for programming. Can only hope this a rare occurence and we have no more probs. I'll be watching out in the forums in future for anymore news.

Yes cymaz, appreciation of good services should be shouted out from the rooftops, nothing gets round better than word of mouth amongst modellers ... and as you say this could encourage other outlets too. I always try to support my local model shop, they have been around for as long as i can remember, when i first started out buying balsa, dope, tissue, KielKraft rubber power kits, control line kits from them as a kid, ... ohhh happy days ( and a long time ago ) They have managed to stay in business and keep their heads above water, while i've witnessed other model shops close down.

Well hey i'd better go .... my candle is almost burnt out surprise

27/04/2013 22:18:38

thanks for the info, wasn't aware of that, haven't been with spektrum very long

my bro' is just starting out in the hobby, he's got a dx6 ... seems ok up to now, but i'll check it out for him

27/04/2013 20:35:05

.... well thats true Percy, it should have been faultless when i bought it .. ... just glad it got back to me within 4 days , i've heard others have had to wait months for returns with other brands, plus as it is a limited edition, the Tx isnt really replaceable with another as i believe they have all been sold. Not had any probs with spektrum gear in the past, so lets hope all is ok now.

... Ben, it was loss of range on the range check. when i did the range check on the 'reduced power' setting, i could ony get as far as 14 to 16 paces then i lost all signal, as the manual says, the range check should start at around 30 paces ... i've since tried it and now its good for at least 50 paces and more on the 'reduced power' range check setting.

They replaced the RF board. I've 'googled' this problem with the QQTX online, but no news of it happening to anyone else, so lets hope its just a 'one off'.


27/04/2013 16:14:16

Ps .... I must not forget the rest of the guys at 'Model Shop Leeds' they are all a good helpful bunch.

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