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Thread: Best Heating Option For Your Hobby Shed
29/12/2018 17:42:19

I've been using an electric convector heater in my workshop for years, which wasn't too extortionate, but now think I may also be in the market for a diesel heater too. Just been hit, stung, bludgeoned, robbed ........ by my energy supplier's price hike with a ridiculous increase in my monthly direct debit !!!!! disgust

Thread: Gatwick drone incident
23/12/2018 11:05:15

Hmmm ... well if all else fails, I could always go back to my control line flying days ... They can't put restrictions on that ... or can they ? dont know

Thread: More flying sites needed!
15/12/2018 16:46:51

By eck ! that dates me ! Citizen Smith was one of my favourite sitcom's back in the days I was a lad, lol.

Not sure if would be too 'un PC' in today's confusing climate, it made me laugh back then tho' ........

Thread: Another model shop closing
09/12/2018 23:09:38

Sad times indeed ...... sad

Thread: Locking servo plugs/sockets.
08/12/2018 18:03:34

Just thought I'd add this link for anyone who hasn't seen these useful self locking servo plugs and sockets before. I've just made up some 'Aileron servos' to 'Rx' extension leads using these connectors for when attaching the wings to the fuz at the flying field. They seem quite good, and secure, similar size to standard servo plugs/sockets. 99pence for the 3way male and female with pins set. **LINK**

Thread: Ebay sellers...
08/12/2018 08:36:05

I've asked him if it was unearthed from a BBC 'Time Team' site ...... no reply as yet ...

08/12/2018 08:28:48

Make an offer for the silencer pressure nipple ... that looks serviceable wink

Thread: Adhesives,Which are your favourite Brands?
07/12/2018 00:22:20

Zap thin cyano,

Soudal high viscosity cyano great stuff at a great price. I build mainly with this. ! **LINK**

Zap epoxy, 5mins, and 30mins. Sometimes mixed with glass 'micro' fibers. Good for reinforcing a glue joint and as a gap filler.

Evostick white pva

Occasionally Araldite, the 24hr setting stuff.

Thread: FlyFly Models
05/12/2018 15:38:32

I have the Fox and the Salto, and have electrified them both (no slope nearby). They both fly well, but I did open up the wings to reinforce them, and then recovered with white profilm.

The Salto has no flaps like the Fox does, and lands a bit fast especially on a dead calm day, even with airbrakes. So as Andy mentioned of his Salto, I'm also considering fitting flaps for crow braking.

They are great value for money if you don't mind doing a few mods

Thread: face masks/respirators recommendations
03/12/2018 18:35:53

I have now become intolerant to CA fumes, probably my own fault as I have been using CA for years, often without respiratory protection ! (please take note if you use CA regularly !) So now I use 3M 9913 activated carbon disposable face masks. I managed to find a new box of 20 for £20 at a closing down sale on ebay.. They are only really classed as a nuisance mask, but I find these carbon activated mask very good for CA fumes, spray painting, epoxy etc. However I still rely on ventilation and only use the mask for the time it takes to do the job, up to around 30 minutes or less, then I abandon my workshop till the air clears. I couldn't find any information on the mask shelf life, but I did read somewhere online that they are effective for 8 hours continuous use. When I've used one for few minutes I put it back in a clean dry cupboard, and can use again later. I can usually tell when they lose their effectiveness as the paint fumes start coming through, then it's time to bin it.

I bought my box of 20 around 18 months ago and I've still got about 10 left, and I do a lot of sanding, building, painting etc. Last time I looked they were selling for £53 for 20 on amazon, so even at full price I still think they are worth having if it protects your health.

Edited By Ronaldo on 03/12/2018 18:49:46

Thread: Tuned PipeMount
01/12/2018 22:38:48

This my method of mounting a pipe/can for a 55cc petrol, I don't know if it's what you have in mind, but may give some ideas. Made from 3mm good quality ply, cut larger than the diameter of the pipe/can. The black supports are silicone tubing, and the two silvery things at the front are two cup hooks which I hook a spring inside a length of silicone tube over the front end of the pipe/can as seen in the second pic.. This makes it easier to fit or remove the pipe/can.

img_20180801_214204.jpg img_20180801_214356.jpg

Thread: Wing bag material
01/12/2018 22:08:43

I use the bubble wrap foil that has the silver lining on both sides, I find it's much more durable than the other with the clear bubble wrap on one side.

Thread: Best Spyware
30/11/2018 15:52:43

Joking aside Rocker, I've also been using 'AVG free' for years. It's not 'spy wear' wink 2 ... but it has protected me from many viruses, and blocks anything it considers dodgy from downloading to my PC thumbs up

30/11/2018 01:35:12

Best 'spy wear', is to wear a rubber 'Rowan Atkinson' mask, and pose as Johnny English .... wink 2

Thread: Building board
25/11/2018 01:26:22

Ha ha ha.

Tha's reet there lad thumbs up

25/11/2018 00:05:11


Yes you still need a true dead flat table or bench. I know this has been mentioned many times before, but worth bringing up again, a good way is to get an interior flat hollow core door, these are usually made flat and true, reasonably light to handle and cheap for the length of time it will last you. You can either make a bench out of that or secure it to the top of an old one that you're not happy with. Then cut a piece of plasterboard to fit the door and place on top. This gives the best of both worlds. You will always have a true flat bench for many years, protected by the plasterboard, and the 'pin friendly' plasterboard will give long service, as well as being easily and cheaply replaceable when necessary.


Yes you are right about the the raw edges spilling chalk, I run a length of 2inch ducting tape folded over the edges, ...... also another bonus, when one side of my plasterboard starts looking a bit tatty, I turn it over and use the other side winkthumbs up

Thread: Ebay sellers...
23/11/2018 22:09:08
Posted by Martin Harris on 23/11/2018 22:00:03:

The bargains are never ending...

...and check out his other items for more examples of eternal optimism!

The British Museum should acquire that to add to their Jurrasic fossil collection wink

Thread: Hobby King
22/11/2018 00:17:29

Sorry to hear so much dissatisfaction with Hobby King, but to be fair I have ordered many items from them over the years with no problems. What I will say though, is to be careful to check the item/s are in stock first and not to order anything on 'back order' as I find they sometimes do not always manage to restock certain items, so you could be waiting a very long time for a refund, or for the item if it should become available again. Also I only ever order if the item is available in the UK warehouse. So far I have always received my orders from Hobby King within two to four days.


Edited By Ronaldo on 22/11/2018 00:19:20

Thread: Solartex alternative?
18/11/2018 12:04:02

Ok John, will take a look at Impex also.


17/11/2018 19:39:54

Not sure if this is the IMPEX type glue mentioned earlier, but here's a link to a Fast Tack glue I was sent. Not used it myself, but I'm told it's good for gluing on covering materials.


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