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Thread: Hobby Craft
17/02/2018 11:11:30

Just thought I would give these people a mention **LINK**

I was looking for some wide flat brushes for clear doping my vintage model and found these. There are just the job !


They also have lots of other good artist brushes and other stuff/materials that we could find a use for in model building. There are many stores in the UK, and also do mail order. I am lucky to have one 30mins drive way and it was well worth the visit.

Thread: Solarfilm
07/02/2018 17:11:11

I agree with kc, I can relate to UK businesses failing because of lack of support from our government. As a direct result of cheap far eastern goods I was made redundant from a chemical company after 26 years, because they were manufacturing copies of our product (reverse engineering and of inferior quality too I may add) After having no option but to shut down, the factory buildings, offices, and plants were totally demolished, nothing left, so obviously they don't expect the business ever to recover. We had very strict environmental regulations, quality controls, good health and safety, on site Dr and a nurse, ... all these were costly which our far eastern rivals obviously managed to avoid, along with cheap labour it's no surprise they can undercut British industry ! Sad sign of the times I'm afraid, which we often see repeated in many areas nation wide ...........

... anyway to get back on track, ... best get my credit card out and stock up on solartex I suppose ...

Thread: Cockpit cam with a difference ...
25/01/2018 10:33:58

Nice blonde wink !**LINK**

Thread: What on earth are these ???
15/01/2018 14:41:53

or ... it's a short kit for a back scratcher, add your own dowel handle cut to length as required.

Thread: Staufenbiel gliders - nearly all are out of stock!
03/01/2018 14:29:22

Me and my flying buddy used to get great goods and service from Staufenbiel, but seems like HH in their infinite wisdom has slowly choked and killed them off leaving many loyal customers stranded. Now it's case of first finding info on a glider or item we like, then tediously searching the net for a supplier. There are still some glider suppliers in the UK, but not many carry or can supply the more specialised stuff such as composites and Hot Liners. We have had some decent stuff from T9 Hobbysport a couple of years back, they are in the UK, but even their webpage now show many 'out of stock' items, but to be fair he has been helpful in the past and will try to get what you need if he can, so worth having a chat with him. Also had some good stuff from FVK as someone mentioned earlier, was a long time ago, but still worth a try.

Thread: Mike Oldfield
31/12/2017 21:54:18

yep , he advanced from 'Tubular wing joiners' onto 'Tubular Bells' .......... ok I'm off. Started the new year whiskey a little early. Happy New Year All !

Thread: 80" Playboy Senior
18/12/2017 20:49:44

Thanks Montyb. After all the artf and composites I've been involved with and put together over the last few years, it feels real good to get back to 'real building' and modelling from plans and kits as I used to do when I first started in this great hobby some 50 years ago. smiley

Thread: Advice
18/12/2017 19:21:42

Check the ailerons are moving the right way round BEFORE taking off ....... don't ask how I got this advice ... surprise

Thread: 80" Playboy Senior
18/12/2017 18:52:06

Good to know I'm not the only one to forget adding an elevator joiner in a model lol. 'Senior moments'. Build is looking good Montyb, I think I prefer the look of a 'cabin' playboy. Could be tempted ........... smiley

18/12/2017 16:27:47

Hi Montyb. Mate of mine just built the Playboy, it looks great. Not flown yet as the winter weather is off putting, probably something to do with us feeling the cold more as we get older ...... Good to see some great tips and pics for vintage on here, especially the pic of BB 'Great News'. I am just building the Great News, and is now almost ready to cover which will probably be after we get Xmas and the New Year over with, and my depleted funds recover lol. This is my first venture into vintage and won't be my last, ..... I have just been given the plans for an enlarged 78 inch Elf biplane ! I completely re-designed the front end and cowl of the Great News to take electric, installed a ply tray to take the lipo, servos, and Rx. Then made a hatch under the fuz to strap in the lipo battery. I am now trying to decide on a colour scheme, playing with the idea of covering in vintage yellow solartex with black trim. Will post more pics when completed. Hope my pics give some ideas and tips for other first time vintage builders, especially if converting to electric.09.jpg08.jpg07.jpg03.jpg02.jpg

Edited By Ronaldo on 18/12/2017 16:36:39

Edited By Ronaldo on 18/12/2017 16:40:36

Thread: Spektrum iX12
09/12/2017 16:59:04

Looks nice but not for me. My DX20 will be the last Spektrum Tx I buy. I like the DX20 a lot and it feels good, but after the re-call, the 2 months wait and a lot of calls to them from my UK supplier to get it back from Germany, even then when it was returned I had to fix some internal issues with the Tx myself that the engineer had missed, as I was not prepared to send it back to HH Germany again and wait another couple of months for its return. ( Remember this was a high end Tx that cost over a grand ! ) Thankfully I know my way around inside Spektrum Tx's as I have used them for years with no probs but since HH moved all servicing to Germany they have let themselves and their customers down a lot. I still fly with my present Spektrum gear, but for any new stuff they bring out I have now lost confidence in them.

Thread: Selling up
09/12/2017 10:51:47

Hi JayCee. I believe I am the one who bought your Propeak power supply off ebay. Was so sorry to hear you have given up this great hobby due to ill health. Rest assured your Propeak power supply has gone to a good home, I have been looking for one of these for a while to pair up with one I already have, so now I can charge all of my lipos at the same time. Not seen any more in any model shop just lately, so yours was just the job. Thanks for the quick delivery, and it certainly was very well padded and packaged.

My best wishes and regards to you JayCee.


Edited By Ronaldo on 09/12/2017 10:53:28

Thread: Powered Glider Recomendation
13/11/2017 07:56:48

I started out power gliding with a foamy ST Model Blaze before moving on to composite hotliners. Reasonably priced and lots of fun. Just avoid doing a full on power dive as the foamy elevator struggles to be effective in the increased airflow. Apart from that its not a bad little powered glider to start with and cheap.

Thread: Rivits
22/08/2017 21:19:07

... yeah to the point where I was still doing them in my sleep.

Thread: RX switch mounting
17/08/2017 13:04:06

I've used the switch inside with a push pull wire with a blob of solder on the end exiting the fuselage for as long as I can remember. Also when I've built models for clubmates they always request I do the same for them. I have it so that pushed in is off, so it can't be accidently switched on when loading/unloading the model in the car, which I've found is easy to do when using the slider switch mounted outside. I also use this method on petrol for the ignition switch mounted up front just behind the cowl, and then next to it a 2mm threaded pushrod outside the fuselage with the threaded end screwed into the inner part of a snake attached just inside the fuselage side and from there going through the firewall to operate the choke. Keeps it all nice and tidy.wink20170817_121923.jpg20170817_121613.jpg

Thread: whats safest and why
21/07/2017 18:10:59

We use 'A' on our field.

'B' wouldn't even be allowed, and rightly so !

Thread: Best place to buy lipos?
19/07/2017 23:50:19

As above ... all mine are from Hobbyking.

In the past I've spent a lot of cash on Turnigy nano-techs for my hotliners, some have had short lives and swelled up, so now I avoid them. I get just as good results and much longer life from the standard Zippys and Turnigys, with the extra bonus of being much cheaper. Just make sure you pick a decent 'C' rating. Better having a higher 'C' than what you need rather than lower.


Edited By Ronaldo on 19/07/2017 23:53:18

Thread: Man on the moon. Really?
19/07/2017 21:44:10
Posted by Martin McIntosh on 16/07/2017 19:42:19:

This has nothing to do with model flying, or does it?

I watched one of the so called moon take offs again on the above program and there is a camera tilting upwards to follow the `space craft` at launch. Who stayed behind to operate it?

Flash Gordon was more realistic. I know that this is an old conspiracy theory subject but really, just how naive do the Americans think the rest of the world is?

Puzzle solved ..... Wallace and Gromit stayed behind and operated the camera ! wink

Thread: BlackWire
16/07/2017 11:36:19

Could be right there Pete. My black wire problem was back in the old days when we used to leave them to charge overnight with the supplied charger which gave no indication of the state of the batteries. Since I now charge everything with 'peak-detect' chargers, and we can see what's happening on the screen read out during charging, I've never had problem.

16/07/2017 08:08:11
Never had a black wire problem with lipos for the last 6 years I've been using them, but had black wire on a couple of nicads and nimhs many years ago. I now cycle and fully recharge my nimhs if I am not using them for a while and not had a problem since. Also if I'm not using lipos for some time especially over winter, I put them into 'storage charge' . Don't know if this helps prevents black wire, but had no problems so far.

Edited By Ronaldo on 16/07/2017 08:09:06

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