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Thread: Military paint supplier.
13/04/2018 09:40:55

May be of interest to some. I was looking for decent sized cans of camouflage spray paint for a BUSA Nieuport 28 I'm planning on starting. Have any of you tried these military paint suppliers ? They also supply aerosol cans which would be handy. Seem a bit pricey for a can, but not found any cheaper elsewhere.


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Thread: 'Great News' !
03/04/2018 17:33:09
Posted by Geoff Sleath on 03/04/2018 16:34:38:

Congrats on a lovely model. If she flies as well as she looks (and I'm sure she will) then it'll be a trouble free maiden.

What is the drive train? motor, esc, battery. I'm always interested in other people's selections having done a few myself. I use a similar cowl attachment method with pegs into the firewall but attach with 3mm set screws accesses from the rear via the battery hatch.


Thanks Geoff and everyone else for your comments (not sure I can wait till July 19th BEB, may have to fit floats for my club field lol)

I'm using a tried and tested Prop Drive 5050 580k outrunner from Hobbyking, an 80amp Turnigy Plush esc with a separate castle 10amp bec, 5s lipo, and a 15x8 prop. This same setup works very well in another model, but I'm told it may be a little overpowered in the Great News, will have to see.

03/04/2018 15:13:16

Thanks Pete. Now waiting for sunshine and all the puddles in my club field to dry up.

Bob Cosford , yep blue and yellow goes well together. Great looking model you got there !

03/04/2018 14:05:16

Thanks DaveyP.

I covered it with vintage yellow solartex, gave it 2 coats of 50/50 thinned dope. The paint is Halfords acrylic car paint, Fiat Capri Blue. A very nice paint, but was a bit expensive as you don't get much paint in a can, but once I started I had to carry on, also I loved the colour. Will look for a cheaper paint on my next build. Then finally I sprayed it all with 1 coat of clear lacquer.

As you may know, sadly solartex is no longer in production sad, but luckily I have enough left for another couple of models. After that I will have to find an alternative covering.

03/04/2018 13:35:28

Finished my Ben Buckle 'Great News', modded for electric.

Cowl and lipo battery hatch held on with magnets. Cowl removal allows full access to motor and esc.

The tailplane is now fixed rather than held on with rubber bands as per plan.

I fitted a closed loop rudder which was simpler than bending awkward angles on a pushrod to reach the rudder horn

The 'Great News' on the wing was done by printing it onto A4 self adhesive inkjet vinyl, cutting out the letters by hand with a scalpel and new blade to make a 'stencil' masking film. Then sprayed over with the same blue paint trim.

Now just waiting for some half decent weather to take to the sky !


Thread: What has happened to Spring!!!
02/04/2018 22:24:57
Managed 2 flying days so far which would have gone better if I'd had floats instead of wheels ..... but hey I bought a Roku for my workshop TV and can watch model flying on youtube while staying warm and dry as I build my next project !
Thread: Scam or what ?
22/03/2018 11:24:36

We are with talktalk, a couple of years ago my wife could have lost her life saving when she had a bogus call. They had all her personal details, and bank account number from where the monthly bill was paid, so sounded genuine. They claimed that they had compensated £200 into her account because of internet connection problems we had been having, they asked if she was near a computer, and could she log on to her current bank account where the bill was paid from and check that she has received it. She logged on but could see there was no £200 deposited there. In the mean time while they kept her busy talking, the phone line was open, and she was still logged into her bank, unknown to her they somehow managed to hack into her account and transfer a sizeable lump sum from her savings account with the same bank into her current account, making it look like she had received a bank transfer way above the £200 they said they were refunding. The "talktalk" person then said he had made a serious error and could lose his job, and pleaded could she please transfer the supposedly overpaid funds immediately to another bank account before his manager found out ! At this point she realised something wasn't right, came to get me, and I told her to log out of her account , turn the computer off, and hang up ! She got in touch with her bank, thankfully her funds were safe. They explained that thankfully the scammers were not able to move funds out of her accounts, only just move it around to make it look like funds had been transferred into her current account. The bank phoned the real talktalk on our behalf, but they didn't want to know of course, and refused responsibility for my wife's personal details being leaked to scammers, but with a bit of forceful persistence from her bank, they eventually gave us some discount and changed our phone number.

This scam is still on the rounds by the way, after a couple of years with no scam calls, just had 2 similar calls in the past week, and that's with the new phone number ! Beware they are out to rob the unwary !

Thread: It's good to be back!
16/03/2018 10:44:05

Good to have you back Pete.

Have to agree with you about the therapeutic effects of balsa bashing. After a few years of ARTF, going back to the basics of actually 'building' again made me realise what I have been missing ! A club mate has also just built the 'Playboy Senior' awaiting better weather for it's maiden flight, and I'm just putting the finishing touches to a Ben Buckle 'Great News', and we have loved every minute of it.

Best wishes Pete, and most of all have fun.

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
12/03/2018 10:42:14
Posted by bert baker on 11/03/2018 22:45:42:

Hmm, just been there

OUCH ! ..... Club mate of ours sliced his fingers badly flicking over an APC prop. As many of us know they are razor sharp on the back edge and need sanding back to make them safe, but there still the odd few who forget to do this ........ ! face 21

Thread: Pedantic
26/02/2018 10:47:37

Well that was fun guys. Going to cover my model's horizontal stabilizer. Y'all have a nice day now ! thumbs upsmile d

Thread: Hobby Craft
17/02/2018 11:11:30

Just thought I would give these people a mention **LINK**

I was looking for some wide flat brushes for clear doping my vintage model and found these. There are just the job !


They also have lots of other good artist brushes and other stuff/materials that we could find a use for in model building. There are many stores in the UK, and also do mail order. I am lucky to have one 30mins drive way and it was well worth the visit.

Thread: Solarfilm
07/02/2018 17:11:11

I agree with kc, I can relate to UK businesses failing because of lack of support from our government. As a direct result of cheap far eastern goods I was made redundant from a chemical company after 26 years, because they were manufacturing copies of our product (reverse engineering and of inferior quality too I may add) After having no option but to shut down, the factory buildings, offices, and plants were totally demolished, nothing left, so obviously they don't expect the business ever to recover. We had very strict environmental regulations, quality controls, good health and safety, on site Dr and a nurse, ... all these were costly which our far eastern rivals obviously managed to avoid, along with cheap labour it's no surprise they can undercut British industry ! Sad sign of the times I'm afraid, which we often see repeated in many areas nation wide ...........

... anyway to get back on track, ... best get my credit card out and stock up on solartex I suppose ...

Thread: Cockpit cam with a difference ...
25/01/2018 10:33:58

Nice blonde wink !**LINK**

Thread: What on earth are these ???
15/01/2018 14:41:53

or ... it's a short kit for a back scratcher, add your own dowel handle cut to length as required.

Thread: Staufenbiel gliders - nearly all are out of stock!
03/01/2018 14:29:22

Me and my flying buddy used to get great goods and service from Staufenbiel, but seems like HH in their infinite wisdom has slowly choked and killed them off leaving many loyal customers stranded. Now it's case of first finding info on a glider or item we like, then tediously searching the net for a supplier. There are still some glider suppliers in the UK, but not many carry or can supply the more specialised stuff such as composites and Hot Liners. We have had some decent stuff from T9 Hobbysport a couple of years back, they are in the UK, but even their webpage now show many 'out of stock' items, but to be fair he has been helpful in the past and will try to get what you need if he can, so worth having a chat with him. Also had some good stuff from FVK as someone mentioned earlier, was a long time ago, but still worth a try.

Thread: Mike Oldfield
31/12/2017 21:54:18

yep , he advanced from 'Tubular wing joiners' onto 'Tubular Bells' .......... ok I'm off. Started the new year whiskey a little early. Happy New Year All !

Thread: 80" Playboy Senior
18/12/2017 20:49:44

Thanks Montyb. After all the artf and composites I've been involved with and put together over the last few years, it feels real good to get back to 'real building' and modelling from plans and kits as I used to do when I first started in this great hobby some 50 years ago. smiley

Thread: Advice
18/12/2017 19:21:42

Check the ailerons are moving the right way round BEFORE taking off ....... don't ask how I got this advice ... surprise

Thread: 80" Playboy Senior
18/12/2017 18:52:06

Good to know I'm not the only one to forget adding an elevator joiner in a model lol. 'Senior moments'. Build is looking good Montyb, I think I prefer the look of a 'cabin' playboy. Could be tempted ........... smiley

18/12/2017 16:27:47

Hi Montyb. Mate of mine just built the Playboy, it looks great. Not flown yet as the winter weather is off putting, probably something to do with us feeling the cold more as we get older ...... Good to see some great tips and pics for vintage on here, especially the pic of BB 'Great News'. I am just building the Great News, and is now almost ready to cover which will probably be after we get Xmas and the New Year over with, and my depleted funds recover lol. This is my first venture into vintage and won't be my last, ..... I have just been given the plans for an enlarged 78 inch Elf biplane ! I completely re-designed the front end and cowl of the Great News to take electric, installed a ply tray to take the lipo, servos, and Rx. Then made a hatch under the fuz to strap in the lipo battery. I am now trying to decide on a colour scheme, playing with the idea of covering in vintage yellow solartex with black trim. Will post more pics when completed. Hope my pics give some ideas and tips for other first time vintage builders, especially if converting to electric.09.jpg08.jpg07.jpg03.jpg02.jpg

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