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Thread: 1/5th scale Hawker Hunter in Depron
18/04/2016 13:52:13

Thanks Martian.

Had a big roof leak in my workshop, right over the build table! Everything got soaked, or ended up laying in a puddle. I'm glad my build table top is Formica covered so it hasn't done any damage to the table itself, but my calculator and digital Vernier are paperweights now lol. My stainless steel scalpel clearly isn't, my stainless metre rule now has rust stains, but managed to polish most off. Fortunately only the nose section was on the table and it was standing up rocket fashion so escaped most, as luckily I hadn't put the last former on which I will be covering with .6mm lite ply, phew!

Now researching a better way to cover the roof. The workshop/shed was new in Sept '14, and it came with rolls of felt with the stone chips on, but having watched some YouTube clips, it seems that this stuff is crap, and I need to get some proper felt called torch on from a proper roofers supply yard, but not actually torch it on, but use clout nails and adhesive on the the factory made overlap part. So that's a job when the weather improves. I've also noticed a drop in the roof line which will need more beefier ply plate joiners on the joists. There are some there now, but they are considerably small in comparison to those I've seen fitted on similar sized builds on YouTube, so that'll be on the list as well.

Thread: Looking for a 1:7th scale Hunter canopy
17/04/2016 15:36:27

Hi Steve, yes I will drop you a message, many thanks

Thread: He's at it again.....
16/04/2016 12:32:02

There is a post on the unofficial BMFA Facebook page at the moment where someone has found a Futaba Tx on Ebay for £35 brand new, and has bought one KNOWING that it is likely to be a scam stating that he's safe because he'll just claim his money back through Paypal. When someone of reason states that this behaviour only feeds the fraudsters and raises Paypal fees, he got quite ratty about it. Unfortunately at the time I had read the post, there were more people agreeing to his behaviour than those who clearly had much more common sense, rather sad state of affairs isn't it.

Sorry but why would you knowingly buy something you know is not going to come, or IF, and that's a massive if, it did and it failed to work, guess where he'd be moaning that it doesn't. Or would he attempt to take it to a Futaba repairer asking for a repair under warranty knowing it to likely be a fake unit? We'll see what happens on that one.

Thread: Looking for a 1:7th scale Hunter canopy
16/04/2016 12:08:01

Thanks Jim

14/04/2016 21:56:35

Can anyone direct me to where I might be able to buy one please? Failing that, if there is anyone on here that can make them on a vac form?


Thread: Open TX 2.1.8 Sound Problem
14/04/2016 21:34:52

Cannot help you i'm afraid, but 2.1.8 must be very new, I upgraded mine about 2 weeks ago with 1.7. I think I'll wait a while before going up so that all these glitches can be ironed out

Thread: Scratch building, or is it?
14/04/2016 21:29:27

Thanks chaps, some interesting thoughts coming out. Of course like others I too think that what does matter is how much enjoyment we get from whatever we build, no matter what we want to call it, or what others want to call it.

I understand that a true scratch build is one that everything used is made/shaped/designed/manufactured from raw material, but many of us don't have the time to do such things, so some items are bought, like hinges, clevises, (I would say horns but a lot of people do make their own horns) wheels, motors/engines and of courses electric items like Rx's and servos. There's a few guys on YouTube that have totally scratch built model cars with working engines/gearboxes/clutches and suspensions etc, but they take years or decades. True dedication. I am yet to see a 100% scratch built model plane, no doubt there is one out there somewhere.

Thread: My First Hobbyking Order
13/04/2016 21:41:38

Only ever had one duff 9g servo, very happy with their service, either from overseas or UK. I placed an order Sunday night around 23:00hrs, was delivered this morning (from UK site of course)

Thread: Scratch building, or is it?
13/04/2016 21:29:38

Some good individual definitions, and its surprising how different some are. It is a subjective matter of course, and my idea of scratch built is this: Regardless of working from "shop" bought plans, or home drawn plans either of a known plane or a home design, or just from 3 views and "ad hoc'ing" the design as you go (pretty much my case with the Hunter) the drawing and cutting out of components from stock material, and the assembly of, to complete a flying model, constitutes a scratch built model.

Thread: 1/5th scale Hawker Hunter in Depron
13/04/2016 12:12:49

battery tray and root formers.jpg

13/04/2016 12:11:56

A few more photos

fuz profile.jpg

Thread: Scratch building, or is it?
13/04/2016 11:41:21

There was a recent discussion on a Facebook page about one guys interpretation of what is a "Scratch build". His interpretation was that of designing the plane itself, the drawing of all of the components, and then the building. Anyone building from a plan (and I take that as meaning including a 3 view drawing and the subsequent making of formers and ribs to fit) doesn't constitute a scratch build, according to him, that is.

However, I do not agree, so would like to hear what others think.

I am building a 1/7th scale Hunter as you may know, from depron. I found some line drawings online, which included fuz formers and wing ribs, and to save money I redrew them and scaled them up to suit. So up to that stage I have NOT designed the plane, but I have drawn it. In all reality all I had to do was draw the plane's outline, and not the fuz formers, as I have actually doubled the amount required and resized them all by 3mm. The ribs are in my opinion slightly wrongly sized and not enough, so I will be making new pairs as I make my way down the wings. There were root ribs and formers missing on the original plan but as it was a small plan, I guess they weren't needed. Therefore, I am having to "scratch build" as I go. I am making everything in matched pairs, and so far everything is spot on.

Once the framework is all done, I then have to make the skins to cover it all.

Therefore, is this a scratch build? IMO it is. Even just using a shop bought plan and providing your own wood and cutting your own parts is IMO scratch building, but what is the general consensus?

Thread: 1/5th scale Hawker Hunter in Depron
10/04/2016 16:57:56

Hi there Chris.

Absolutely mate, I have never rushed a build, and never will. All at my own pace. I like the challenge of these builds, as plans sometimes are just 3 views and have to be built as you go, and that's where I get my enjoyment from getting the ole grey matter going.

Glad you are on board, thanks

09/04/2016 23:49:15

Hi Colin. Finally it begins. Due to my "condition" I have to keep my head warm, and even with a woolly hat and the heater on full, my workshop gets extremely cold, so once the sun goes down I don't have much time to be out there, otherwise I find I get flare ups.

I'll just crack on and do as much as I can when I can. I've never worked to a dead line, apart from Cosford a few years back with the Jaguar club meet and getting the Valiant done, as you know Think I was working on that until the small hours that morning lol.

09/04/2016 22:51:44


09/04/2016 22:45:40

Sorry, photo didn't work, hopefully now


Edited By Depron Daz on 09/04/2016 22:46:46

09/04/2016 22:43:39

Evening all.

Finally started to cut some depron tonight after work. Had to stop because it was getting too cold out in the workshop, but is what we have so far:

Will get the battery tray worked out and fitted in tomorrow, and get the keel plate on as well hopefully. The plan said for 0 deg incidence but I have put in 2 deg.

Edited By Depron Daz on 09/04/2016 22:44:28

Thread: Servo choice for Phoenix 2000 elevator.
07/04/2016 21:14:29

Make a new servo plate to fit the 9g servo and either screw or glue over the one that's already there? I fitted 9g ones to every thing in my Phoenix. Cannot remember if the elevator hole was bigger though????

Thread: 1/5th scale Hawker Hunter in Depron
05/04/2016 21:07:02

Forgot to add, hand drawn plans take ages!!!!!

05/04/2016 21:05:56

Thanks Simon and Shane.

That all sounds very complicated Simon. The model is 2m long and hoping for around 5-6lb weight, so not sure if a 90mm fan will be big enough anyway. A 120mm fan, motor/ESC is going to be costly, so will stay with the pusher I think.

Another day spent indoors waiting on a delivery that never arrived, so I guess i'll be stuck indoors again tomorrow expecting today's delivery! However, I managed to fully draw the fuz side profile and wing out, and only have the wing root area from the fuz left to draw (as if you are looking down on it), but this will just be a short section picking up the fuz formers that it will incorporate. Fortunately the fuz formers are completely round, so the fuz side profile will also be used to draw out the horizontal profile, and then I can "attach" the wing root so to speak.

I won't have any photos of the drawings, as they are on brown paper the pencil cannot be picked up by the camera, I have tried!

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