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Thread: Starting a new club/patch
04/04/2016 00:23:40

Evening all.

I've been toying with the idea to possibly start a new flying club/site local to me. My local club is 30+ minutes away, but all around me (5 minute drive) it is open fields and some are HUGE! I'm guessing the next step is to locate the farmer/landowner and speak with them to try and establish if they would allow such activity and give us a small patch to play on.

What sort of thing should I be saying or asking when chatting with them? This is aimed at those that have recently, or who have borrowed/leased and kept a patch going. Then if I get said permission, do I have to notify BMFA, have a member who is at least the BMFA holder of an examiner/chief examiner or does it not matter? I'm only an A licence holder on fixed wing, but I am proficient enough to train and buddy another pilot, but unless I get a BMFA examiner on board and (I believe) the club is registered with the BMFA, that pilot will never get his/her A cert unless they went elsewhere, probably meaning they would have to then join that club, just to get their certification.

Any advice appreciated, but it is just a thought at this stage, otherwise I'll just approach the farmer and ask for personal use.


Thread: Servo wire componenets
04/04/2016 00:02:52

On multi servo wings, I use 6s balance plugs providing the current draw isn't too much, otherwise I change the positive and negative lead that comes from the balance plug for something a bit heavier, as all the powers are coming from one lead. Never had an issue doing it this way. The positive is the red lead, the negative is the first black lead next to the red, and then follows the signal wires, one for each servo, but make sure that you match them up on the other wing!!!

I use the male half of the plug on one wing and the female half on the other, so at the Rx I have a male and female also but opposing halves, that way I know I can never get the plugs the wrong way round, simples!

Of course you can use 3s, 4s etc plugs for 2-3 servos.......

Thread: Classic Car Stuff
02/04/2016 02:42:41

Erfolg, I'd rather you gave it on to Reg than mess around boxing and posting seeing as he can collect in person.

01/04/2016 22:36:27

Hi buddy. No need to photograph I had one years ago. No issues if you cannot post, I know it's a pain locating suitable boxes etc. Let me know either way, cheers!

Thread: 1/5th scale Hawker Hunter in Depron
01/04/2016 15:32:15

I've just had a really weird idea with this now that I've had to downsize it.......................EDF! I have a 90mm fan sitting idle. Will need to get a suitable motor but I have no idea about EDF's. The plan I'm working from is for a 50mm EDF and it is drawn in, but has no details about kit used.

Are there any hard and fast rules with using EDF in a model? I read somewhere about distances fore and aft of the fan, but have no idea how they are calculated. Can anyone advise please? If not I'll just stick with a pusher prop.

01/04/2016 14:30:15

OMG, I have just drawn out the fuz, and it comes in at 2.7 metres long, 8 and a half foot in old money! This is just too big I'm afraid guys, it won't fit in my car. It doesn't sound too bad but when you draw it out it is massive. Not sure it'll be hand launch!

Reality is I will have to bring this down to 1/7th scale, that is still 2 metres long which is probably more manageable. I hope I haven't lost any watchers, sorry guys.

Thread: And You Think You Sometimes Work Hard On The Sticks
01/04/2016 02:27:31

I want to marry her! Mind you, typical woman driver, let's go of the wheel during a manoeuvre, doesn't put the hand brake on, ANDY has to be helped when reversing! I dunno 😄

Thread: 1/5th scale Hawker Hunter in Depron
01/04/2016 01:59:04

Thanks chaps. Vodka, beer, tea whatever I don't mind 😊 in regards to the weight I reckon that is doable, there won't be a lot inside her and there will be plenty of coring done. The middle formers are 254mm across, but it looks like I'll need to add plenty more than the 13 drawn into the plans I got hold of. I'll cary on doing some more scaling later after I've had a sleep (just got in from work) when I'll be starting on drawing up the fuz crucifix. Too tired now and just had my night time meds so I don't want to mess anything up. One thing I was surprised with was the fact that there is no wing incidence on the main or the tail. Should I be putting some in?

Thread: Classic Car Stuff
31/03/2016 18:50:29

Darn, can you not post? Willing to pay of course!

Thread: 1/5th scale Hawker Hunter in Depron
31/03/2016 18:38:25

My final decision on what to build is a 1/5th scale Hawker Hunter in Depron.

Not much going on at the moment, just printed a load of tiled sheets, stuck them all together and upscaled the formers so far onto a roll of brown paper. Was going to use lining paper but couldn't be bothered going to B&Q to get some, so having a 10m roll of brown should be ok.

She will be about 6.5 feet wing span and a tad over 8 feet long! I'll design the typical nose off section for housing the battery and electronics area. Might go simple mechanical retracts or as I did with the Valiant hand launch and wheels slightly protruding from the keel for landing. The reason being is that she will be a pusher prop, so rotation will be an issue, if not THE only deciding factor. I might even incorporate a sprung nose hook for bungie launch in case she is too heavy to throw, but I'm hoping for around 6-7lb AUW or less.

She'll run on 5s with a 100A OPTO ESC. Might incorporate a few little trick bits if I can be bothered lol. I'm hoping to get the fuz scaled up over the next 3 days and fingers crossed get to cut some foam from Monday onwards, as I have 4 rest days then.

It feels good to be getting back into building, lets see how I feel in a few weeks lol I hope to upload plenty of photos along the way, and feel free to grab a brew and a biscuit or two and join me!

Thread: I'll never feel bad about hitting a tree again!
30/03/2016 22:04:08

This photo has just come up on the 10 pm ITV news, with some story still to come

Thread: Plan printing
30/03/2016 21:57:05

I've decided to upscale my next plans myself which is a big build onto a roll of paper. Might take me an evening or two drawing them out but a darn site cheaper, so long as they come out ok that is

Thread: Rx's just won't bind
30/03/2016 21:47:38

I have some Flying Dog WWII foamies and a simple 3 ch (T,E,R) powered 1.5m glider that are kept in our caravan for summer holiday evening flying, they are just on ESC BEC's, but everything else are on UBEC's of 5A including my 3s powered planes, but my 58" Extra is on a 8A (Max burst 15A) UBEC.

IMO, if the model is worth around £100 or more then why not spend £10 on a UBEC that could save your plane from total devastation. If I had a £10 UBEC in the Mustang I could have landed it safely, and been £240 better off.

30/03/2016 14:44:30
Posted by Frank Skilbeck on 29/03/2016 08:40:10:
separate BEC plugged into the balance lead would probably have saved that plane.

Now that is a good idea of plugging onto the balance leads, saves soldering to the main ESC power battery leads

Thread: Spektrum Rx price hike???
30/03/2016 13:26:27

I had a fake 6200, the "O" in "THRO" is a "0" (zero), the colour of the satellite leads are paler than the originals, and IIRC the fakes were different when it cam to the "Signal" "Neg" and "Pos" symbols. I believe they were totally omitted. On RCGroups someone took one apart and really studied a fake against an original, and again IIRC there were something like 20+ differences, but more were obviously on the inside. Don't hold me to that, it is just a memory (which is currently badly affected by meds) so you cannot hold me to that, and any rebukes will be ignored, lol

29/03/2016 19:31:10

That's good, I have several Spektrum Rx's to sell soon

Thread: Rx's just won't bind
29/03/2016 19:24:52

Thanks, but I am really surprised that for the cost of a pint or two, some still rely on the ESC BEC. I will not build a model unless it has a UBEC and disarm the ESC BEC, once bitten I guess. Then again, and I do not wish bad luck to be bestowed upon anyone, but would you then take the same view if you had an ESC or the integral BEC go puff?

It is of course personal preference, and we stick with what we prefer. Anyways, ok I will Y lead the UBEC but I'm probably thinking too far into it, but wouldn't the UBEC and the "X" servo be conflicting with one and other at the Rx? I know the UBEC gives power to the Rx but that channel is also giving power out............ Hang on, I think I've sussed it now............. I'm really soory but I have to blame my lame brain on these bloody meds that I'm on, I really hate them, really screw with me. What is simple to someone, and was for for me too, has now made things a lot more difficult. Sorry guys.

29/03/2016 01:32:43

Moving on now that I've conquered binding (LOL) how do I install a UBEC to this seeing as I only have 4 ports, and one of those needs to be the ESC of course? On the old Spektrum Rx's there was a BATT/BIND port so it could be done through that, or do we now trust the BEC on the ESC, because I don't!

All of my planes have UBECs fitted due to an ESC failing and losing an expensive (to me) Mustang.

Edited By Depron Daz on 29/03/2016 01:34:24

29/03/2016 00:51:55

I've somehow managed to do it, don't ask me how, but it is has now bound to my Tx. Just got to do another.

I really appreciate all of your help, honestly I do. Knowledgeable guys like you help dimlows like me, so thank you, and please don't stop helping us! Thank you

29/03/2016 00:15:13

I will keep this lead safe but as it has a different end it will only be used for such things.

BEB I think I'll PM you my email, I just downloaded another RAR file opener and it infected me with something, well it tried to, my Norton stopped it and is just cleaning things up. I'm typing to you on my notepad thingy, not my PC, that's restarting now.

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