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Thread: FrSky x9d plus and Spektrum module
25/03/2016 00:52:11

I will certainly do that, so long as they deliver the mag to my correct address! I thought my subscription was ended but it wasn't, and they were still delivering to my old address, even though I gave my new address as I knew I still had a few issues left in 2014.

Thread: The Dawn Flyer's Club House
24/03/2016 18:39:48

I cannot wait to start on it John, which will be this weekend, but as I have to order in the motor I will have to start on the wing and tail first. Would I be right in thinking (haven't checked, just come to mind) that a WOT-4 motor would be of similar size? I'll have to check, get back to you in a minute!

24/03/2016 18:29:54

Thanks John, would've been a rocket, and swept wings

24/03/2016 17:36:49

Will this motor be ok for the standard size DF?​

Thread: Decisions decisions
24/03/2016 16:50:02

I think so Ian, but you'll have to wait

Thread: FrSky x9d plus and Spektrum module
24/03/2016 16:44:41

Thanks Andy, that would be a good read if they do put something together. Even if its just a basic step through, but it's a shame that the radio manufacturer doesn't bother including a manual.

I ordered 2 x 4ch ones, but nearly ordered the 3 channel X4R-SB by mistake because the title has a "4" in it, lucky there! I m amazed at how cheap they are when compared to Spektrum.

So, you can go forward so to speak with an EU Rx and get it to work with an LBT Tx, so I could buy them ones?

23/03/2016 22:06:07

That's exactly what I'm looking at now Andy, I'll get an 8 ch one for my upcoming large build, and 4 x 6 ch ones for my most likely to be used models, perhaps get a few more next month. I'm confused though in regards to the 4ch Rx's as advertised on T9 Hobbysport. They are shown as EU and not LBT.

What's with the EU and LBT firmware? My Tx is LBT but from what I read you cannot use EU Rx's. this is so confusing. Sorry to be a pain, but computers and technology isn't really my thing. Once I learn how to use it I'll be fine, but will need the guidance of someone with the patience of a saint lol

23/03/2016 21:19:00

Ok, the DM9 is no longer available, there are none for sale on ebay, so it looks like the Orange module or the hack. I'm good with a soldering iron, no issues there, but will I trust the hack? There are 2 Orange modules by the looks of things according to this post in RCGroups

Which one would be best? Sorry but I've no idea with this new radio.

Edited By Depron Daz on 23/03/2016 21:19:24

23/03/2016 19:46:06

It seems the Spektrum DM9 is no longer available but the Orange one is. Do I have to rebind EVERY model when I want to use it? I can't be doing with that every time.

23/03/2016 16:11:28

I am that told the FrSky Taranis X9D Plus can have a module fitted so that I can still use all of my models that are fitted with Spektrum Rx's. However I cannot find these modules for sale, even google just throws up mainly forum chat, so does anyone know where I can buy one please?


Edited By Depron Daz on 23/03/2016 16:12:15

Thread: Decisions decisions
21/03/2016 20:35:03

Hi guys.

Now that the build table is complete, I'm now ready to, er, build!!!! The only question is what? I have the Dawn Flyer to build but need to get some covering for the wings, but have no idea what would be best, Anyone?? What is the best servo size for the surfaces?

However, the DF aside, I need to get back to what I like most, Depron. So, what do I build? There are two that I like; the Supermarine Swift, and the Hawker Hunter. It will be a pusher prop and the motor I'm looking at is one of my 4020/09's, which is fairly big lump, so I'm looking at a 1/4 scale model for either. It will probably need retracts, might be a bit big for hand launch

Is there anyone on here that would be willing to vac form a canopy, or know where I could get one? Of course I'm willing to pay for it, just that I don't have the equipment.

Your thoughts on my choices?


Thread: The build table WILL be built!
21/03/2016 20:14:35

The table is complete! Heavy stout frame with 6mm MDF top covered with Formica work surface, 5ft x 3ft. It is hinged to the shed wall and the front legs are hinged, so I can lift it up out the way and close the legs up. Also managed to get all of modelling equipment out of boxes and sorted out. Ready to build!

18/03/2016 22:26:49

Depron stock ordered from Steve Webb, I've got some sheets here so I want to be cutting by Sunday Now to look at some drawings

18/03/2016 19:39:20

Will it ever be hinged up? It'll probably be so full of bits that it won't Colin!

Thread: The Dawn Flyer's Club House
18/03/2016 19:29:44

That's very kind of you John, I will PM you. Cheers fella!

Thread: The build table WILL be built!
18/03/2016 19:27:04

As the title states, I will be building my build table this weekend in my workshop. I've already made some extra LED bright white strips to be directly above the table for extra "daylight" light rather than depend upon the 6ft strip lights in the roof.

The LED lights work from a converted Xbox PSU and have a remote fob to turn the lights on and off utilising one of the 3 12v leads inside the old plug and one of the 3 negatives, leaving me with two of each so I can run something else if I need to, I wouldn't run a lipo charger from it as there are only 2 positives, but I have an old desktop also to convert for that.

Got to go to B&Q tomorrow to get the table top cut to size, and some stock to make the legs and frame, but it will be hinged at the wall so I can lift it up out of the way if I need extra space etc.

I cannot wait!

Thread: The Dawn Flyer's Club House
18/03/2016 19:16:59

Can anyone help?

The wife bought me the kit for the Dawn Flyer ages ago, but I have lost the plans. Can anyone help please?


Edited By Depron Daz on 18/03/2016 19:17:30

Thread: Nahhhh it cant be surely ???
18/03/2016 17:14:34

Dogging aliens lol I can, with hand on heart state that we weren't up to any shenanigans so the aliens would've been upset. Perhaps that's why when they saw my flashing lights they decided to turn right and head off towards another dogging site

A ghost(?) story: For my wife's 50th, (not the same wife as the alien dogging event - she was finally abducted thankfully, but wife No.2) part of her surprise was a posh meal and a nights stay at Tylney Hall near Hook in Hampshire. It was the early hours of the morning when I definitely heard hard shoes on wooden floor walking past our door. I thought no more of it and fell asleep (hadn't been to sleep up to that point but the missus was), but in the morning I told the missus and she had a perturbed look upon her face, and said that she had also heard the foot steps during the night. When we came out of the room into the hallway, the carpet was full and deep, and springy underfoot. Even stamping on it didn't produce a footstep sound, just a dull thud. The footsteps I heard were definitely right outside our door. We were on the first floor so there were no rooms above us, and below was the carpeted dining room. We mentioned it to the concierge/reception when we checked out, and he didn't even bat an eyelid.

Thread: Those Smart Phone Thingies
18/03/2016 00:20:16

On mine I can control my heating and hot water when I'm hundreds of miles away, can even control certain plug sockets! GoPro control is brilliant. When my birds are breeding, I put the GoPro in the birdhouse and I can view whats going on from indoors and not keep disturbing them. I can also view my home CCTV, and go over recorded files from the hard drive. I can instantly watch what's recorded on my Transcend DrivePro 200 car cam via Bluetooth, I can real-time map my cycle rides via Strava and instantly (automatically) share it to the web.

Always use my converter too. My best app is my medication app to remind me to take my tablets, nothing worse than saying "Did I take my tablets?" as once taken you open the app and tick each one off.

Not like the old days when you always carried tuppence in your pocket in case you needed to phone home

Thread: Nahhhh it cant be surely ???
17/03/2016 23:58:03

Lol guys, we were both late teens, ended up getting married, but both were living with strict parents so no bedrooms allowed for courting! Just my trusty (not rusty) old Mk5 Cortina

Definitely unidentified, and I am a big sceptic, so to think little green men with big eyes was way down the bottom of my list then, and still is now. As per Percy's comments, I tend to believe that more than aliens. The nearest airfield was North Weald, obviously no longer MOD property since WWII, but it probably would've been first spotted around that location if I've got my bearings correct (haven't lived in Essex for some time now).

Just checked Maps, we would've been just West of Toot Hill, facing North, so North Weald airfield would be North West of us, and the object would first be seen about 2 miles North East of the airfield. Having come towards us, it would've passed the East side of the airfield totally before changing course and heading West towards Epping. IIRC, there were 2 or 3 residents that had contacted the local newspaper which my then colleague brought in.

Things like this do intrigue me, and I agree that the possibility of aircraft owned by the governments (probably not ours lol) that may far exceed our beliefs, and may only be considered to belong to far superior minds of a race unlike ours (rules out the Americans then ) may actually exist, as I cannot believe that we still only have simple solid rockets to propel us out of the atmosphere.

Just had a thought, wasn't Doc Emmet Brown and Marty McFly around in the late 80's too?

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