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Thread: Nahhhh it cant be surely ???
17/03/2016 16:11:55
Posted by extra slim on 17/03/2016 13:39:01:



I properly spat my tea out with this, you bad boy

Years ago, late 80's I was with my then girlfriend parked up in a field near Ongar in Essex, would've been around 23:00 hours, when we saw a light darting about the clear cloudless skies ahead of us. I would estimate about 5 miles ahead towards the North. It done this for a couple of minutes, covering about 1-2 miles every time it darted. It then started to come towards where we were. I started to flash my car main beams as we were facing directly towards it. It got about half a mile in front of us slowly and stopped. I got out and it was dead silent, not a sound. The light then turned towards my left as I faced it, so it's right, and it started moving away, towards the west, north west. I began following it in the car, but I couldn't make out any shape. I managed to keep up for about a mile as it was wasn't going fast at all, but our headings were converging. I had the window down and at its closest point was probably 200-300 metres, but still no sound, and then it just vanished. Didn't appear to shoot upward or away, but the light just vanished. I stopped quickly and got out, turned my lights off, but the night was still, dead still, cloudless and just stars. Whatever it was it was gone.

I never reported it officially for fear of ridicule, but told a work colleague who lived in that area (Epping) and a week later he brought in his local newspaper, and other people had also seen it that same night, describing the same actions of movements etc, with no sound, just the light. We didn't have camera phones then so I have no photographic proof, but now as a serving police officer of 20 years service, I stand by my evidence of what I saw that night.

Thread: Did I Really Do That?
15/03/2016 20:23:15

Yep, ugly! So long as it works

Thread: Using a desktop PSU?
15/03/2016 20:20:58

Thanks Pat, I think I should be ok with 280 watts. I'll keep the smaller 250 watt one as a back up just in case.

12/03/2016 23:06:50
Posted by iqon on 12/03/2016 22:22:59:

I would have thought you would have had an answer on exactly what you would get....

So yes it will work, but dont ask me how good.......I am guessing at upto 4s at 1c......

Thanks for your reply. I was hoping that there would be someone who can crunch the numbers to give me a fairly accurate figure.

Thread: competitive wife went one better
12/03/2016 09:01:57

Wow this is definitely going on my bucket list for me, not sure the wife would like flying as she hates going on planes, perhaps it's different I don't know. out of curiosity how much did it cost?

Thread: Using a desktop PSU?
12/03/2016 08:33:32

Cheers AJ.

I've just had another look at both PSU's, one is 250watts and the other is 280watts, although the 280 label says 12v+ at 16 amps, so the amperage sounds good but the watts seem fairly low. Will it still be good for a bench top power supply to run an IMAX B6? I will utilise the 5v+ for servo testing.

Thanks again

12/03/2016 00:52:06

Thanks John.

One last question, what would you use -5v or -12v for? This has me stumped

11/03/2016 23:08:28

Thanks guys, some good links there too. The large PSU shown in the link will still need opening up and all the sockets adding though surely?

Thread: Colin Leighfield's Chipmunk build.
11/03/2016 22:45:59

Wowsers, looking good Colin, a lot of work there, well done!​ ​

Thread: Using a desktop PSU?
11/03/2016 00:17:13

Whilst sorting out my workshop I found 2 desktop computers that we no longer use. I stripped them out of hard drives, heatsinks, fans and chips etc, and I also removed the PSU's. I've heard of people using these to power chargers indoors, and one of my chargers, an Imax B6 no longer accepts power from the 240v lead, so I have to use a variable voltage computer transformer on the 12v DC input. Yes I did check the fuse in the plug and for continuity on the lead, so it must be something inside the charger that has failed.

Does anyone else use one, and are they easy to convert for our use?


Edited By Depron Daz on 11/03/2016 00:19:13

Thread: Depron models again.
10/03/2016 23:44:19

I'm watching, nice little fleet there, and very practical for small spaces or when away on holiday. I love taking my 36" foam spitfire away in the caravan with us so I can go fly in the adjacent field in the balmy summer evenings

Thread: I've been busy
10/03/2016 23:40:26
Posted by Dave Hopkin on 10/03/2016 21:54:20:

98" JU-88 since you have two motors....


Hi Dave.

Very similar to my Blenheim, albeit twice the size almost. I think I'll stick with a single motor, then I can build another one after

Edited By Depron Daz on 10/03/2016 23:41:00

10/03/2016 23:36:17

Hi Roy, Thanks for the welcome my friend. I finally managed to catch up on all your recent builds and those of your friends at the shop and field, and may I say, that is one BIG fleet that you have between you! You may wonder why I've become interested in modelling again after (possibly?) seeing me sell most of my fleet on the BMFA Facebook site these last few weeks? Well I was yet again in a bad place a few weeks back, more shocks and the following anxiety, and felt that I would never be able or even want to, stand over the field and fly for fear of more shocks. Well I've decided that I don't want to be beaten and will try and carry on as best as possible and enjoy myself, and one way I did enjoy myself was building models. So a little bit of rain from God has made me need to move my fishing gear inside, thus creating enough space in the shed for fairly decent table.

Enough of that! Moving on........

If I build a twin, then I haven't got another motor for ANOTHER build, yeah, catch my drift??? No I'll stick with a single, fairly straightforward build to start back. I think I've forgotten most of it anyway. I'm definitely in for a second world war fighter. ME109 - No, Spitfire - No, Hurricane - Possibly, FW109D9 - Odds on favourite at the mo, Anything Italian - No (sorry), The Japanese one that was mentioned previously - Good possibility, don't see too many Jap planes at the field (if any!!!) Anything American - No, just sold my Mustang. What else is there.......?

I want 84 or 96" W/S, and although I'll be using depron, at that W/S I'm thinking a balsa/depron sandwich wing spar will be needed for sure especially with retracts. That reminds me, can you PM me a price on electric retracts if you stock them please? I do have some big mechanicals in my 65" Spitfire kit, that's a possibility. I'll do as you say regarding the canopy, didn't think of that, although the FW190D9 seems fairly simple to build in pieces with an ali frame. Toying with the idea of a retractable canopy as well, with a full bodied pilot moving the sticks/rudder/throttle in time with the Tx movements ( and I said I wanted an easy build!) That should get the grey cells working. Moving head with built in camera (not FPV)???? Where will it stop!

Do you think 5kg is too much AUW, might have over estimated. Anyways, whatever I do decide to do, I will start a new thread/blog whatever, and may call upon you to refresh my memory in certain areas, if you don't mind?

Best regards buddy.

10/03/2016 21:29:17

Thanks Dave, not sure if it's my cup of tea TBH, without being disrespectful to any builders, we all have our likes/dislikes. It would be easy to build without a doubt, but if I'm going big, I'd like it to be a well recognised plane.

Thanks anyway.

10/03/2016 20:40:44
Posted by McG 6969 on 10/03/2016 08:30:41:

Hi Daz,

... what about not having a warbird this time...

... and for the sake of changes, having a go at the Mass build with a 150% (or more) Ballerina...

... and I could even 'copycat' your Depron wing building method for my standard size Bella Ballerina. wink

Great anyway to read that you are back at the building board. yes Take care.

Hakuna matata


BRU - BE / CTR Building Board Control

Edited By McG 6969 on 10/03/2016 08:31:37

Hi Chris. I'm not at the building board just yet, but definitely itching to.

Not sure I like the Ballerina, will need to see some more photos first. I've figured that by sorting out a cupboard full of toot in the house could be the new home for all of my fishing gear. The cupboard is an 8x5 area with a sloping ceiling off the bathroom in the loft conversion. It is fully plaster boarded and plastered, and was used by the previous owner as a wardrobe, but seeing as I've built large wardrobes in our bedroom, it was just filled with toot.

I can get all of my gear in there no trouble, including my 15 or so rods! This will free up a big area in the shed for a swing down building table. In our old house I used to have a 12x10 spare bedroom, totally empty, and all mine! I was spoilt a bit, now i'll be resigned to a draughty cold shed lol!

I was discussing it briefly with the missus last night, and I could feel myself becoming happy and cheerful, haven't felt like that for a long while

10/03/2016 01:07:30
Posted by Dave Hopkin on 10/03/2016 00:27:22:

Failing that you could try buttering up the Electricflyer and see if Roy will mail order some....

I'm sure he'll be happy knowing that you've put his name forward, lol. I've had a few bits off Roy in the past, top bloke and top service.

10/03/2016 01:05:42
Posted by john stones 1 on 10/03/2016 00:16:33:

You think this fw 190 would be suitable Daz ?


Edited By john stones 1 on 10/03/2016 00:17:14

I'm thinking of the 190 D9, John. I've found some good 3-views and some with ribs and formers that I should be able to adapt for a depron crucifix design. Just thinking though, the electric retracts are going to be expensive at 1/4 or 1/5 scale

10/03/2016 00:12:40
Posted by Dave Hopkin on 09/03/2016 23:43:56:

Kudos Trading on Ebay


That's where I used to get it, but from what I saw they only had white aero stuff and the grey and white normal wasn't in the big sheets that I used to get. Perhaps I didn't look hard enough. I'll try again.

10/03/2016 00:09:41
Posted by john stones 1 on 09/03/2016 23:54:08:

What you mean by large Daz ? what weight/size you thinking ?


96" John, or thereabouts. I think that motor will be more than enough swinging a 15" prop. Weight probably no more than 5kg AUW. It used to swing a 14" on my Extra and it would pull it vertically after a prop hang on 5s smiley

Not after speed, just a plodder but long fly time if possible.

09/03/2016 23:33:00

Thanks guys I will have to look some of those up as I don't know some of them.

I'll check out Steve Webb too Colin, thanks!

Any other ideas?

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