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Thread: I've been busy
09/03/2016 22:50:34

Evening all.

I popped into the shed (20x10 workshop filled with crap) to have a look at the few models that I have left, and to perhaps look at maybe tinkering with them, tidy up a few blemishes etc, when I noticed the roof had been leaking.

It had been dripping all over my fishing gear and some kit bags were soaked, bedchairs soaked, day chairs, you get the picture. I've been a big carp angler (do other styles as well) for about 25 years and have accrued lots of gear, some of it very expensive, and was horrified to see it all wet and some bits a little mouldy. A quick clear out and a temporary roof repair by fixing DPC sheet on the inside of the roof and going outside over the eaves, hopefully will get me through what's left of winter until I can get the job done properly.

Anyways, whilst I was moving a few bits around, I found another 5050 outrunner and an 80 amp ESC still boxed and wrapped. So that's 2 x 5050's, an 80 amp and a 100 amp ESC, just doing nothing (the other one I ripped out from my EF 58" Extra). I then find a couple of 6mm depron sheets, and some scraps of 3mm. I find my big box full of balsa and ply, carbon rods, and I gets to thinking, "What if I get all my fishing gear indoors, in the warm, safe and sound, I could have a decent build table just here".

I need to get some more depron, but my previous supplier seems to have gone to selling small sheets, so who is best now for white or grey, 6 and 3mm? Is there anyone local in the Reading or Basingstoke areas?

Next, what do I build? These motors are 470kv 4-6s. Now before you all say "Vulcan or Valiant" I'm thinking something easy to get me back in, and something that won't be too complicated now that I have this illness. I don't know what the future holds for me on that front, so I don't want to throw too much time and effort into it in case I have to stop.

I'm thinking LARGE scale FW190, simple 6mm crucifix design and 3mm skin as I have built before, possible electric retracts if I can find them cheap enough.

Thoughts please gentlemen!

Thread: Drones and the law - item on R4, 8th March 2016
09/03/2016 22:21:17

Darn, I've just bought a drone! I hate the word DRONE, it's a multirotor, multicopter, tricopter..........

Aren't ALL flying RC models UAV's?

Thread: 76" Depron Vickers Valiant
09/03/2016 22:11:08

My first shock was when I was 9 or 10, and then it went for a few years, then another shock, and so on and so on. Yes I've had teeth taken out also, probably unnecessarily. My specialist is at the Spire Dunedin in Reading, a Dr Flossman. I cannot afford to have any operations done privately, but I am having the consultation privately.

Thread: Wirelss router
09/03/2016 16:15:56

His new house doesn't have any phone line or cable as far as I'm reading. Perhaps a little more info Erfolg?

Labgear distribution is just a gadget that can distribute the main signal entering the main TV to other TV's around the house. They are years old, and were used for analogue TV, not sure if it'll work for digital or satellite. May do?

There is one in the loft here, with 10 ports, but they are useless as the amplification isn't that good, and the signal is reduced greatly. We didn't use it, just got Sky man in to set up several of their boxes and run cable to what rooms we wanted Sky in.

Thread: 76" Depron Vickers Valiant
09/03/2016 16:05:24

Hi Paul.

I'm in North Hampshire between the Royal Berks Hospital in Berkshire and the Basingstoke hospital in Hampshire. However, I am paying privately to see the neurologist as the wait on NHS was another 3 months, even though it is the same guy!

I've read that there are several types of TN, and the surgery type is dependant on which one you have. Did your wife also suffer from her jaw not feeling as if it was lined up properly, or her teeth not sitting correctly? I get this as well, and heard that it can go alongside TN.


Thread: Why can't I "enter" to a new line?
09/03/2016 15:48:41

I'm using a Windows 10 Notebook thing, similar I suppose to an ipad but this has a detachable keyboard. It uses Microsoft Edge, that's as much as I know. Computers aren't my thing.

Thread: Wirelss router
09/03/2016 11:57:14

Would've thought you'd need a landline for internet, Whether either of those wireless routers will work is unknown, but if you have to have a landline, then BT and the others will provide a router anyway, that's probably why they were left in the loft.

BT are on their 4th or 5th generation router (AFAIK), we're on the 3rd, no issues really.

Edited By Depron Daz on 09/03/2016 11:58:43

Thread: Why can't I "enter" to a new line?
09/03/2016 11:48:51


Thread: 76" Depron Vickers Valiant
09/03/2016 10:56:38

Posted by Martian on 09/03/2016 10:32:25:

So sorry to hear how poorly you have been I sincerely hope you have some respite from the pain

Hello Martian, thanks very much fella

Thread: Why can't I "enter" to a new line?
09/03/2016 10:27:19


Can you help? When I'm typing a line and want to create a new paragraph, I press ENTER but it takes the cursor back to the beginning of my text, as in this case before the capital M

I then have to press the down key repeatedly to get to a new paragraph. It doesn't do it on any other site I use or Word document, so is it my computer or something's up with this site?

Hope you can help because it's frustrating!

Dippy Daz

Thread: 76" Depron Vickers Valiant
09/03/2016 10:18:44

Hi Paul.

Thanks for the link, I'm a member of TNA already, first group I found, and their literature really helped me. MVD looks horrific but against other treatments, like gamma knife and balloons, I think it'll be the one I go for if it gets that far.

I'm glad that your good lady wife is now pain free, it really isn't any picnic is it? Was she on Tegretol alone or a mixture? It's horrible stuff, that alone is enough to get you badly down.


Thread: P51 - FPV Flight
09/03/2016 10:11:03

Absolutely awesome. A better soundtrack (Rolling Stones with Paint it black?) and some strafing runs would've really brought this to life! Clever though, and I want it!

A guy at our club done the same with a heli pilot in that he had the pilot moving the sticks when the pitch and collective were moved, don't think he was FPV at that time, but knowing him it probably is now.

Thread: Cosford's on the up
09/03/2016 09:59:13

They've not cut the grass, that's all!

Thread: 76" Depron Vickers Valiant
09/03/2016 09:50:50

Thanks guys,

John F, yes mate, nail on the head! I've finally got an appointment with a neuro consultant in a weeks time, so I'm hoping to get some answers, or to move forward with further accurate diagnosis and treatment. The meds are working, although I've had to increase them 3 times so far, but I still get break through shocks, The other facial feelings still remain but at least the shocks are more controlled. However, this disorder has periods of remission which can last for months and even years, so what is it, meds holding it back or remission? There lies the crux, and the anxiety. Unfortunately, TN only gets worse and remission gets shorter. There is no "go to" cure to be rid of it, just meds and temporary treatments. Some people seem to be lucky in that they have had surgery on the nerve as it exits the brain and have been pain free for years, but they do not guarantee it.

09/03/2016 00:45:21

Hi there everybody.

Firstly I would like to apologise for seemingly stopping this blog in an instant, and leaving you all in the lurch. For the last 18 months or so, I have been suffering from ill health, a big house move which happened very quickly due to having to move the in-laws in as her dad is terminally ill (they lived 3 1/2 hours away), lots of DIY and major building works to accommodate said in-laws, and a very unexpected family loss of my own, blah blah blah...........

Anyways, the Valiant never flew. All that was left to do was to slightly readjust the elevators as they were binding with the horizontal stab, fit battery plugs on the ESC wires, and finish the wing retaining pins. I kept the Valiant (and Vulcan) in the shed but every time I went in there I thought "What a waste", and so I decided that because I wasn't getting any use from them, I'd like to pass them on to someone who might. I advertised them both, and a father and (grown) son came down from up North and snapped them up. In fact just from the photos they were willing to paypal the money.

I gave them the links to both build blogs, a USB stick with all the photographs of the builds, and demanded in return that they post the video of the Valiant and Vulcan flying together. When I get this video I will post here if they haven't already.

I am not sure if I will ever build again, or even fly, certainly not in the foreseeable I'm afraid unless a few things change. I've been diagnosed with a fairly rare disorder that causes the nerves in my face and head to fire off inappropriate pain signals which is basically like being constantly electrocuted in the mouth. Words cannot describe the pain, except that in the medical world it is known to be the worst pain the human body can suffer. Sadly it is also known as the "suicide disease", which I admit I came very close to during the worst attack I ever suffered. Apart from the shocks, there then follows the feeling as if I have the worst toothache in every tooth, if I was chewing a mouthful of red hot needles, as if someone was pushing my eyeball in as far as possible, and having a broom handle pushed into my ear, and if I'm not being shocked then my face is tight and tingly. The meds themselves are really bad for side effects, and the anxiety of not knowing when the attacks will start, is in my opinion, worse than the pain itself.

Lol, other than that, I'm good, apart from also having surgery on my arm 7 weeks ago! Just shoot me!!! Obviously if I can start a build I will, and let me tell you something, IT'LL BE BIG!!!!


Thread: Scratchbuild 84" Depron Vulcan Pusher
08/03/2016 23:48:22

Oh you bad boy Roy!

I have just read through this build blog and yet again I am gobsmacked. The airbrakes and landing lights are awesome. What a neat idea. Oh, and you can put that blue strobe light back on top of my police car please!

Sorry that I've come in at the end of the build, but as you know, I've not been in the best of places the last past year or so with health and other issues. I'm not sure if I'll ever build again, space and time (and health) are putting paid to that, but I do miss it. I miss it badly.

I'll keep checking in, but I've just got to go and read all your other blogs that I've missed these last 18 months or so.

Take care my friend.

Thread: Am I Being Followed?
04/02/2015 00:49:52

Whilst on a night shift, we had a radio message asking for all cars to be on the lookout for a stolen Fiat 500 in white. We (my partner and I) lost count on how many 500's we saw, and none were the one we were searching for.

So yes, I have to agree with the O.P. and say that there are far too many of these on the road, and may just give cause for concern surprise

Thread: 1/24th scale Shackleton
01/02/2015 12:36:45

Truly outstanding and amazing Monz.

Thread: Fake I guess, but cool
01/02/2015 12:26:58

I think its fake. You cant get 5 girls to dance as well synchronised as that without some sort of video/computer trickery. Don't let it fool you.

Thread: Soldering gold plated connectors
31/01/2015 13:30:45

In reference to the O.P's original statement, the gold doesn't melt at all. The solder obviously melts and bonds with the irregular surface of the gold connector, as you say at molecular level, which is what I was getting at.

The only joints that I find get dirty are the negative joints, but that is a natural thing with negative. Hope I've explained that correctly. There was a fairly good thread on here about a year ago re the negative side of terminals getting dirty, and someone I believe explained the physics/chemistry side of things as to why it done this. I never did physics or chemistry at school, history and biology were my chosen subjects. Lol.

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