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Thread: Fly your "Phone Drone" wirelessly with your own FPV Goggles
09/07/2020 15:41:24

Hi everyone.

I have been working on a way to use my own FPV goggles with my Mavic Pro and what I have come up with will work for any drone that has a phone to display it FPV stream along with any goggles that have an AV IN or HDMI port.

The aim was to avoid having any wires between the controller and goggles as previsou methods tend to use a tablet holder, tablet with HDMI out and then a cable to your goggles - my method does away with all that.

It is not for high speed work or racing drones and inevitable there is a fraction of a second lag, but for normal photo / video work it works fine.

Hope this is of interest

All of the details of what is needed is in the text of the YouTube video so open there to find out everything you need


Edited By Mark Stringer on 09/07/2020 15:42:33

Thread: What's flying over your house
18/06/2020 12:59:38

ADSB is here: **LINK** - suitable for work unlike the other link wink
360 is here, you can't see it all until you get involved, but it is well worth it and you feel like you are making a difference: **LINK**

Hope that helps


01/05/2020 09:36:42
Posted by MaxG on 01/05/2020 09:29:26:

Which is the best of all the various apps for this sort of stuff?

I have Flightradar 24 but it does not show all the military traffic we get over North Lincolnshire including American stuff.



I use 360Radar but you have to either subscribe or contribute.

I contribute so get access for free - just a usb stick to buy and setup in your PC or attached to a PI and left running to gather the aircraft data and feed it into the system. I bought a decent stick but did my own aerial from some satellite cable so it doesn't cost much to do or maintain - it could be done for £5 but worth spending a bit more on it.

22/04/2020 15:46:02

OK - here is a week or twos worth of pics - many at quite a height so quality isn't great

Easiest to see my album here for all of them so far - will update as i get more.


A300 Beluga at 16000ft 1

22/04/2020 11:47:05
Posted by Eagle 899 on 22/04/2020 11:39:34:
will have a look at 360Radar smiley

The A400 has already been and done his bit this morning .. started in Newquay then BHX and just finished at Cardiff.

Not sure if he will do it all again today?

For anyone down south a Eurofighter is trailing a Voyager tanker at the moment - heading towards the Isle of Wight at the moment

22/04/2020 10:10:34

Looking a busy day ... i have 2 Hercules heading towards me as well as a Beluga and the A400 is already doing touch and gos' at BHX as well as a Beech King mapping right next to me

22/04/2020 09:51:45
Posted by Eagle 899 on 21/04/2020 18:57:08:

Just had three big RAF transport aircraft landing at BHX. We live about four miles to the east, inside the ATZ.

Well done chaps yes

Yesterday this was a single C17 Globemaster from 99 Squadron at Brize Norton. They did announce that they woule be doing it via their twitter feed yesterday morning.

These and the A400's have been doing this a lot lately doing multiple circuits and touch and gos' at international airports around the country.

They say it is not connected to the RAF support to the fight against Corona virus but i assume they are just taking advantage while the airports are so quiet that they can do it.

I have had a lot of Hercules and Chinook recently - all below our house and not over it due to our position overlooking a valley.

I contribute to 360Radar so keep a constant eye on things while being stuck at home with camera at the ready.

I get quite a few Beluga over too so Airbus still seem to be busy. Will add some pictures when i get chance.

EDIT: Today we should get C130J Hercules over Manchester and Liverpol and A400M over Newquay, Birmingham and Cardiff 

Edited By Mark Stringer on 22/04/2020 09:56:39

Thread: Jabberwock RTS (ready To Skip)
12/09/2019 13:29:43
Posted by John Bransgrove 1 on 12/09/2019 13:09:04:

Hi Guys, I usually fly Jiant Jabberwocks on ST3000 or ST3250. So, any suitable similar engine will do the trick. I have a Moki 180 waiting to go in a JJ I'm refurbishing or maybe in one of two I'm building from the plans. I still have ST3000 and 3250 for the others. Also see the white/blue one was one I had ages ago but is sadly no longer with us! J

Edited By John Bransgrove 1 on 12/09/2019 13:10:38


I have seen your email - i have a "real" job these days so will check my stocks to see what parts i can help you with as soon as i get chance but i only have what was left in stock when Ratby became a hobby rather than a business.

Lovely to hear you are renovating these JJ's - do send pictures when they are done.

Be in touch soon


Edited By Mark Stringer on 12/09/2019 13:30:09

Thread: Anet A8
20/09/2018 12:37:26
Posted by Pete Collins on 20/09/2018 12:29:29:

Hi all. Silly question - If I download something from Thingiverse (ie pilot for a model) is it possible to change the scale (bigger or smaller)? I vaguely remember seeing a scale command in Cura but now can't find it, perhaps I imagined it! I presume it's not possible to get back to the original CAD file and edit it from there?

Yes - one of the Markers at the bottom of the screen brings up the scale selection .. you may want to adjust layer height and fill values too if you adjust the scale.

Here is a quick video:

04/07/2018 08:51:30
Posted by Kevin Fairgrieve on 03/07/2018 17:18:18:

Assembled and ready to print.

There are so many settings, where to begin?


One of the most important things is to get your bed levelling right so spend plenty of time on that.

It is well worth adding the auto-levelling sensor but you will want it working first to print the parts its needs anyway so do it the manual way first smiley

After that i have found that the two vertical axes can get out of sync occasionally so i use a spacer that fits in the one gap (white bit to black base - see pic) and gently hold that motor shaft while i very gently adjust the other one to be exactly the same distance.

A symptom of this is having the first layer being stringy / loose rather than nice and tightly meshed together.

X axis distances

Then pop to B&M and get some Duck Tape wide masking tape and a can of hairspray (I started with their own but now have Elnettt - both work well). That tape on the bed isn't great and without decent hairspray will rip off when you take the first print off it.

I tend to do a pre-heat from the menu to get the bed warm which makes it easier to peel the old tape off - clean with something like nail varnish remover then put the new tape on and while warm spray with hair spray the areas where your print will be.

Hope some of this helps - have fun - and learn a bit of CAD ... i am yet to do this but would love to create from scratch as i use mine for loads of things .. i am told Tinkercad is good and is free!

18/04/2018 13:52:53

Here are some of the updates the printer printed for itself smiley

Auto Leveling sensor bracket, filament spool centres, hinged fan bracket to make filament change easier and a filament holder (i changed this for a different one later on) .. i also did a circular fan cooler which you can see in the second picture.

Printer upgrade parts

This is as i printed that lithophane i mentioned .. slow and steady at high resolution. You can see the auto levelling sensor and fan ring here too.

Lithophane 1

And the lithophane completed ... looks like a load of blobs on a curved piece of plastic! It is taken from a photo of my parents before they were married at the six day trials ... i did the lithophane as a present for their diamond wedding anniversary.

Lithophane 2

And then you illuminate the lump of plastic from behind and wow!!

Lithophane 3

Edited By Mark Stringer on 18/04/2018 13:54:15

14/04/2018 22:50:32

Martin - glad you liked that mod... i was going to re-reccomend it tonight but you beat me to it smiley

My first batch of prints were all upgrades which i still find amusing

As i have used it more i have realised that belt tension and alignment are important so i have done an x-axis belt retainer (needed a new belt to be long enough for this) and y axis adjustable tensioner (both from Thingyverse).

I also found that, despite using the auto levelling sensor, my first layer was sometimes stringy ... but just the first layer.

I happened to notice that my one z axis looked a little higher than the other and have found that with time and use one side gets higher than the other - probably due to not being perfectly square or maybe my table isn't level - so i manually set them to be the same whilst unplugged (slowly so that you don't create a current into the main board) and then it prints great.

If you haven't done a lithophane yet you really must! A very slow print and takes hours but wow!

Select your favorite picture and go here: to create the stl file.

I followed a YT tutorial to give me tips how to do it ... just amazing results (I used white PLA which worked really well)

Have fun with the A8 Pete! .... now i must finish setting up that laser surprise

04/12/2017 15:00:34

I have had a couple that have done that but i assumed it was due to my printer being in the conservatory and the heat in there affecting it.

I spent my first few days of printing doing extras for it - one of which was the filament loader modification ....although this has flexed a little it still does the job nicely and i have had no issues with it :

I also added the self leveling sensor and so use the Skynet firmware, did a filament guide and spool centre pieces to make it roll nicely during its feed..... it working quite nicely at the moment

....and Santa is bringing be a 2500mW A3 laser for Christmas plus Z-Axis adapter and CNC motor ... more to play with smiley

04/12/2017 10:20:22

If you do this search then scroll down the list there are a few in stock - many of which are in the UK warehouse if that is OK for you?

Many are 500g but there are a few 1kg rolls there too.

These were free shipping for black Friday but that looks to have finished ,..UK postage is usually pretty good for pretty large deliveries though.... just popped 4 x 1kg rolls in my basket and it came to £4.84 by parcel force 48 ... says it is that price up to 30kg so about 25 rolls i would have thought...

Edited By Mark Stringer on 04/12/2017 10:21:10

24/11/2017 12:48:28

I have had all of my filament from Hobby King EU warehouse from their deals / bargain bin offers.

I have only used PLA so far (and mainly the ESUN brand) as i have my printer in the house and ABS would need venting properly.

The CoLiDo ones in cartridges are OK too as they just pop out of the cartridge to use as normal.

They have a lot of Black Friday deals on today and free postage so it will be hard to beat i would have thought!:

Looks like it is selling out quickly though:

05/10/2017 10:55:41
I have got an A8 and it has been fine but they are prone to melt the hotbed plug ... It may be that
Thread: What's flying over your house
29/08/2017 12:36:37

Not over my house but over my Caravan while staying at Cirencester Park .. this was Sunday afternoon (28th) and i have never seen anything like it.

Looked to be a good thermal which i think was from the lake ... first there were four powered parachutes circling tightly ... they moved off North to another nearby thermal and i heard the familiar whistle of a full size glider ... as i watched others joined the thermal from the South ... some then moved off overhead going West.

This went on for at least an hour with a peak number in the cloud at any one time of 11 or 12 ... my nerves were on edge wondering how they were missing each other and waiting for a crunch!

They were really quite fast and holding it tight in the thermal .. i have added quite a few pics to an album on here of this and have a video too although focusing on white gliders in a clear blue sky was hard work.

Gliders 1

Thread: fitting a new ESC in a Quanum Nova
25/03/2016 18:44:02
Sounds like you are OK...the nova compass is actually an internal apm one ... although physically external it is soldered to the controller where an internal one would normally be .. another nova quirk.
24/03/2016 23:00:19

Each calibration only takes a couple of minutes. ...everything done in 10 to 15 minutes start to finish

24/03/2016 22:50:43

To be on the safe side pop the top off the puck and make sure the compass is secure and square to the quad.

Make sure you do it all away from magnetic things like speakers and metal items. ..outside, just you and a laptop is good wink

Dont over worry about the dots just turn as much as you can and get as many dots as possible.

Once done make sure you check it against known directions in case it is reversed

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