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Thread: The Atom Special
26/03/2015 23:08:52

Well done Frank it is such a nice flying and forgiving gyro, that being said there is one tree on the other side of our field and I swear it seems to change color every time I fly a gyro by it. I think I have lost two gyros so far one being my Burky Every time one of my AG fly's bye that tree it just disappears for a second or too and that's all it takes maybe it's just me but it's a curse, oh well it's also a good excuse for my aging eyes

PS like that G2 autorotation conversion to the HK head what a good idea


19/03/2015 19:26:24

Yes Rich it is in California where I live (well about a 30 min drive) it is a closed airport they were going to build on it but too much opposition by the locals stopped that, We are lucky we have not been thrown out that's why we all fly electric the neighbors don't like noise. Just incase you are interested it is for sale at 5million dollars, it was built in WW2 as an emergency landing field, as there was a army flight training school in nearby Watsonville. I must say Rich I have built quite a few of your models but I would say (for me) this is one of your best, my next pick for easy enjoyable flying is the Whippitt Anyhow thanks for the comments I do appreciate all your hard work regards


19/03/2015 15:27:55

Hi everybody I got to maiden my Atom this past weekend there is a video on RC Groups under (Atom Special I need your help) It was built as per RH plan and set up as he instructed all I can say is what a sweet model flew right off didn't even have to touch the trims I used an 1800mah battery with the receiver behind the mast former, AJ blades and the rest was built from the scrap pile, If I can help you with yours fell free to ask me any questions.

Please take a look at the video and let me know what you think regards


PS I cant figure out how to download videos here that's why its over on RC Groups

11/03/2015 14:55:10

Rich you are welcome to use any of my photos, thanks again for another winner


08/03/2015 17:27:10

Thanks for the compliment Terry. As it turned out I couldn't fly this weekend so it looks like next week weather permitting I did get the blades to spin up in a very light breeze so that looks promising. Hope to get a video of the maiden regards


07/03/2015 01:36:48

Finally have my Atom finished had lots to do around the house so I am really behind the times hope to test this weekend weather permitting. I think this is the first one in California that is if Steve did not get his finished first.

Thanks Rich H for another fine model


22/12/2014 01:07:00

Hi Bill yes I am just about ready to start my Atom build, it's been kinda hard with the holidays and all, putting up Christmas trees and all that stuff takes me away from my hobby,, still it's only once a year for the family.

I wanted to ask if you had a problem getting the plan copied? I went to Kinkos and Staples and for some reason they wanted a letter from the designer allowing me to get it copied, I explained that the designer was in England and the plan was from a magazine but no luck they just refused. Never had a problem before, So I just did it myself, I just didn't know what all the fuss was about and wondered if anybody else had a problem.

Well just incase I forget Merry Christmas to all and the best in the New Year.


27/11/2014 01:06:40

Add me to the build list Rich, Mag arrived recently from UK so I am always about 6weeks behind everyone else. Kevin Flynn California

24/11/2014 16:31:48

Rich hate to get back on the Spektrum problem again but I realized the voltage drop (or spike) of any kind causes the dreaded brown out , and I also release the ESC can cause these problems, so I have tried yet another fix which seems to work, I use a separate battery for the receiver. I use a 450mah NMH 4.8 volt battery its very small and light weight the only problem is the extra room required, also you must remove the red wire from the throttle plug ( the one from the ESC to the receiver) you can either cut it or lift the plastic retainer in the plug and withdraw the red wire with the connector (that way you can reinsert it and reuse the ESC) if you leave the red wire connected you will have twice the voltage that powers the receiver. You do have to plug it the 4.8 volt battery to the receiver or use a small switch like I said it seems to work, Hope I explained this OK, didn't mean to drag on but it's worth a try.


19/11/2014 19:22:17

Rich I would say dump the Spektrum we have had nothing but problems with them. 4 of us fly on the weekends here in Calif. and I can tell you without a doubt we have all lost models because of brownouts. The last holdout who refused to admit he was having a brownout problem, until he crashed a very nice low wing model it eventually dived straight into the ground at full throttle, when it hit the ground the lipo caught fire and set the dry grass on fire, needless to say he is now a Futaba owner like the rest of us. I know the Spektrum is priced cheaper but if you account for the money and time lost on models the Futaba is a bargain. In Spektrums defense I will say it was advertised as a park flyer radio, (not full range) but on the other hand how far away do you fly your gyros? I don't think modelers believe they had a radio failure when the have a crash of any kind, but if they look at the receiver and although it works the giveaway is the receiver binding light flashing on and off which indicates the receiver lost signal contact at some point in the flight and that's all it takes.


16/11/2014 18:13:38

Rich do you have any more news on your head kit or did I miss it somehow regards


22/10/2014 18:45:44

Bill I am sure that's it, if you trying holding the model into wind and let the blades spin up when they get up to flying speed you will hear a distinct noise, kind of a whistle you will know you are there as the blades will not seem to go any faster. I think that's a good way to see how fast the blades must go for lift off (ROG) Any other speed and you can bet it will roll to the left Once you get used to this speed it will be easy. That being said it dose take a few try's before you get it right If you notice in some of Riches videos he lets the model run down wind then turns into wind so as the model gets close to him the model (and blades) are up to flying speed. If there is a decent breeze its also easier just point the AG into wind and the blades should easily and quickly get up to speed and makes ROG much easier Hope this helps good luck



18/10/2014 00:56:37

Rich very interested in the new head design you can put me down for two or even three, I am sure Bill will take one or two.



Thread: Fun Cub Gyro
16/09/2014 15:51:27

Thanks Tom I am going to give it a go this weekend weather permitting.


PS I managed to put the roll servo in the bottom of the pylon (mast) I will do some pictures if I can ever learn how to post them.

11/09/2014 23:41:16

Hi Tom I have the Cub just about finished built as your specs But I am a bit worried about the hang angle to get any decent angle (15 or 20 degrees) I have to use a 2200 pack and about 4oz of lead I could use two batteries which is what I might have to do but it sure gets heavy I think each 2200 pack weighs in at 6oz.

I was just curious as to what hang angle you ended up at thank you.


30/08/2014 18:34:51

Thanks for the info Tom I think you covered it



26/08/2014 01:38:46

Hi Tom can you give me a little more information on the conversion. Did you just glue the brackets (that hold the mast) to the top of the 1/8 ply plate then fit the mast into the bracket? How far back is the mast from the wing LE? also how long is the mast? I still have all my Crane Fly's and fly them regularly thanks to you.


Thread: Revolver Pusher type Autogyro trainer
09/06/2013 18:07:48

Very nice Rich looks good, if only with my one good eye at the moment regards,


(PS Looks like this will be my first pusher, by the time it's ready for plans I hope to be able to see it with both eyes)

Thread: Crane Fly Trainer Autogyro
11/05/2013 19:03:38

Hi Tom Kevin here Just wanted you to know I am still flying I have built one of Riche's Burky ll so have been flying that along with my Crane Fly's. Still a lot to learn but I am still at it, I have to go up to San Francisco on Tuesday for an operation on my eyes, so thats not a good thing, hope it will inprove my vison (and flying) Trying to keep up with all the information on these pages it's all so interesting, talk with you later.


22/03/2013 14:50:02

Nice looking Crane Fly kym maybe you will get to fly her this weekend takes a bit of practise but you will soon get the hang of it (no pun intended) I flew all of mine with 1500mah packs just to get the hang angle marginal but since I have gotten a bit of gyro flight time I have switched to 2200mah packs for me this has been a major improvement not only in flight time but in flying itself it seems much smoother and will do easy power off landings with good forward speed, I am not sugessting you try this now it is just somthing that works for me with my models, that first succesful flight will be somthing you will allways remember, I think more so than a new fixed wing model, you will be so busy on the sticks you will not belive it's over, then you want to do it again. It really is enjoyable and addictive, ca',t wait to go out again myself. Best of luck. kevin (CA)

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