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Thread: A new idea for forum members
10/03/2014 19:54:47

With this competition and general flat field flying in mind I have been looking at electric gliders. I have a personal preference for balsa/composite over foam. With two other builds queued up my first needs to be pnp/arf but when I read reviews of non-foam gliders such as Flyfly Firebird and JP Greensleeves they don't get great reviews. So does anyone have a recommendation? If it has to be foam then so be it, I hope to build something later but just need something I can fly asap. Something between £75 and £150 and suitable for an intermediate pilot.

Your thoughts?


07/03/2014 13:49:09

I not used to people agreeing with me, all a bit unnerving!

I'm reminded of the KISS principle, "Keep It Simple Stupid" (not that I'm calling anyone stupid!)

Now I need a nice motor glider to join in.

07/03/2014 09:48:10

Can I disagree with everyone that has suggested changes to the basic idea. Every change suggested just moves us away from the basic concept of a fun event that anyone can have a go at. It doesn't matter if one plane, one type of site or one flyer has an advantage. What matters is that anyone can have a go, have some fun and improve some flying skills at the same time. All without getting bogged down in rules and complications that will only decrease the number of flyers that will join in. So if the basic idea works in Sweden then don't fix what ain't broke!

06/03/2014 13:10:26

I like this idea very much as it's open to all. Keep it simple and I'm sure it will be popular. It's also the perfect excuse to buy my first motor glider!

Thread: Ideas for articles in RCM&E
06/03/2014 11:43:33
Posted by Stephen Grigg on 08/01/2010 13:20:14:
Conversion of a Free Flight vintage model to R/C

I like this idea for an article. It would be useful to know what's involved .

06/03/2014 11:39:16

As someone returning to the hobby I would love a comprehensive guide to electric flight. The monthly magazine often has useful guides on one subject but it would be useful to have a ‘pull-out’ which covered everything from battery charging to selecting a motor. As the technology changes very quickly most books on the subject are soon out of date but an annual ‘pull-out’ in the special issue would be very helpful for those, like me, who don’t know their volts from their watts! Printed on cheaper paper it could even be sold separately from this web-site after the first publication.

A well written guide with everything in one place would be a godsend. It would then only need updating once a year as technology changes and inserted in the following special issue.

If not commercially viable as a ‘pull-out’ perhaps such a publication could be sold separately, perhaps as a download pdf?

Thread: Joysway Dragonfly help please
02/02/2014 15:38:14

I guess there are a few owners of the Joysway Dragonfly out there and I was hoping you could answer a couple of questions for me:

My first question is can anyone recommend control throws as there are none in the instructions and I can’t find any online.

The second one concerns C of G. I'm fitting 2200 battery as recommended, but am surprised to find that fitting it anywhere near the battery tray makes it very nose heavy and nowhere near the recommended C of G (10mm behind step in fuselage bottom). I may have to move the ESC to site the battery a long way further back. My battery is within the size recommended if at the top end of power and weight (2200 Nano-Tech 35-70C). Even a 1500 lipo would need to be placed to the rear of the battery tray. I'm surprised at this and that I can find only one reference to it on the web.

Being relatively new to the hobby I'd appreciate any help. Any similar experiences or thoughts?

Thank you.

Thread: Choice of Radio Brand and Model
10/07/2012 16:42:56

Thanks Frank, buying a Bind n Fly outfit would simplify my start up and give me some basic components to get going while I build the Maggie. I think I may ebay some of my plastic kits to increase my funds!

Thanks again


10/07/2012 08:45:03

Thanks for your replies, they all give good sound advice. Yes I am joining a club and will be buddied, probably on a club trainer. I have flown before but not for many years. I guess I'm looking for a brand that will give me flexibility in the future but I agree that personal choice comes into it so I'll be handing a few before I buy.

thanks again for your help


09/07/2012 21:17:23

Starting out can have its advantages, I have no brand allegiances and no servos or receivers which need to be matched. So if you were in my position what brand and model radio system would you buy? The following may help you advise me:

  • I am on a budget and have £80 to £140 for transmitter/receiver.
  • I am returning to the hobby and have purchased a Flair Magnatilla kit which I plan to fly electric.
  • I like semi scale aircraft from kits but may consider ARFs that are balsa/ply construction.
  • I like scale like performance and so I’ll be pottering around rather than prop hanging!
  • I plan to fly electric only.
  • I doubt if I’ll ever have more than 2 or 3 models at any one time so the transmitter I buy will have to last and be my only one.
  • 4 Channel would normally be enough although something with flaps may tempt me one day.

I’m guessing I am looking at Futaba T6J or Spectrum DX6i or DX7s or Hitec Optic 6. So what brand would you buy into?


Thread: Hello from a returning flyer and help please!
04/07/2012 09:44:52

Well after much head scratching I have returned to the hobby by buying the last aircraft I flew in the 80s, a Flair Magnatilla. With this weather I may as well spend my time building something. Being a Mark II it's a little different than my original and perhaps even better. It must be an age thing, trying to relive the past!

I shall be reading the electric conversion blogs carefully and getting help from my local club. Now all I need is a building board, glue, tools soldering iron, radio, motor . . .

Thread: Be honest! How many unstarted kits do you have?
28/06/2012 19:30:30

As someone returning to the hobby after many years I have none. No kits, no tools, no radio, no motors . . .

Oh well, at least that means I have some space and no clutter! Interestingly if you asked the same question of plastic modellers (which I also dabble in) the typical answer would be between 100 and 500 judging from my local club. With Hasegawa 1/48 kits coming in at £40 plus each that's some very expensive loft installation!



Thread: Hello from a returning flyer and help please!
27/06/2012 10:22:41

Thanks guys for the help. All suggestions will be considered, there's so many good aeroplanes out there that choosing is difficult. But fun!

Thanks again


26/06/2012 19:57:03

Hi and thanks for your replies.

I think the Wot 4 ARTF isn’t really for me, although I know it flies great, it’s a bit too much of an Aerobatic type for me at this stage. The Seagull range is a revelation, so many good looking aeroplanes and so many with wheel spats which is always good! I particularly like the Spacewalker and at £100 it’s worth definitely considering.

Does anyone have any views on E-Flight Taylorcraft 450? It looks good and small enough to always fit in the car. Or the Blackhorse Decathlon EP ARTF. As a plane that will act as a refresher course for me I need something that goes together quickly, looks realistic and doesn’t eat up the funds I need for the Maggy. And yes Allan, you can never have too many Maggy’s!

Thanks again

25/06/2012 16:10:36

I am returning to the hobby after many, many years and I hope to build a Magnatilla and convert it to electric. I last flew RC in the early 1980s in Saudi Arabia where I built a Maggy with a 2 stroke 40. I was never good with engines, maybe the mix of gritty sand and oil put me off? Anyway the advance in electrics and having more time has got my interest back.

Before the Maggie I need a trainer to start me off. Although I like to build, to give me a quick start, I fancy an ARF but one that is balsa/ply construction, not foam. I want something 4 channel that looks real in the air and preferably not too small. My style is for scale like manoeuvres rather than aerobatics. Being on a budget I don’t mind if the motor and radio is included especially if it may be useful in later projects. I will be joining my local club but any suggestions for a suitable plane, for someone as rusty as me, would be very welcome. Thank you!


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