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Thread: Overheating Lipo on charging
27/05/2016 16:23:48

Thanks again for all your responses.

I agree with your suggestions and have fully discharged the faulty battery and will put in my local battery bank. I'm going to continue using the charger but keep a very close eye on it. My newer 4S batteries really need an 80w charger so maybe it's time to upgrade.


27/05/2016 12:21:04

Thanks for your replies. In answer to your questions:

The charger is a Tamco 50W TAB6s.

Yes I was balance charging, I always do.

I'm in the habit of checking each cell when I finish charging so it is unlikely that they were seriously out of balance when used. But not impossible, I'm not quite perfect . . .

I agree Nano-techs aren't perfect. I'm gradually replacing all mine with Zippys which have a strong following in our club. I also like Dynamics. So I'm happy to bin this battery, my only concern is whether I need to replace the charger.

Thanks again.

27/05/2016 10:05:53

I have a Nano-Tech 1500mah 3S battery which has only been used 6 times although it's two years old. Like others of this type I own it's already a little puffy. It's not be damaged or misused in any way.

Yesterday I used it and it was at 37% capacity after the flight. On charging, at 1C, it became hot so I stopped the charge. Cell capacity is now 3.997, 4.041, 4.188 or 77%, 82%, 98%.

Obviously this battery is faulty and won't be used again. But my question is this; could this fault be due to the charger or is overheating on charging a typical sympton of a faulty battery? My charger charged two other batteries successfully after this one.

Obviously I will monitor all charging very closely in case there is a charger fault but I'd appreciate any input..

Edited By David Pearce 4 on 27/05/2016 10:06:27

Thread: APC Electric Props - Best UK Stockist?
28/04/2016 21:19:21

Thanks guys, sorted.



28/04/2016 21:00:25

I'm currently trying to buy a range of APC Electric props but can't find a stockist that has most of what I need. I want to avoid buying one size from each stockist.

Anyone recommend someone stocks most of sizes?


Thread: Kit builders, what would you like???
27/04/2016 14:45:41

Although a Whirlwind, sized for an economic electric set-up and using foam core wings etc to simplify, would be my first choice, the Fokker D.XXI would also be tempting.

It's a pugnacious little fighter from WW2 with fixed undercart and some great Dutch and Finnish colour schemes. Not well known enough for the required economics of kit production perhaps but very suitable for model flying. You could even fit ski's as per some Finnish examples.

Yes, I know unlikely to get many votes but I've liked it since building a plastic Frog kit, many many years ago . . .

22/04/2016 10:44:33

Please, please, please:

A Westland Whirlwind sized for 2x 3S or 4S. Often talked about but never available!

Thank you in anticipation! 

Edited By David Pearce 4 on 22/04/2016 10:45:10

Thread: WOT4-E Mk2 Refitting to 4S, what motor?
20/04/2016 20:18:02

Thank you gents. I knew there'd be some experienced owners out there. 

Brilliant, thanks again.


Edited By David Pearce 4 on 20/04/2016 20:19:57

20/04/2016 18:40:46

I have this Wot4-E (The wooden electric one) with 226 flights and it’s time for a refit. You may remember them being the subject of many blogs reference CG problems some 3 or 4 years ago. Anyway despite the fact that it needed large amounts of lead in the nose, which gave it a short flight time on a 3S 2200, mine is still a good flyer.

I know several owners have refitted the battery bay to take a 4S and, with a bigger motor, made some of that nose weight more productive. I've stripped away the covering and have made room for a 4S battery. I am also fitting a HK ‘Candy Dropper’ which is a canoe shaped bomb bay under the fuselage which still allows access to the battery hatch.

I’ve calculated the weight will be about 4.5 lbs all up. I'm using a Dynamic 4S 3200 batteries and have a 60A ESC to hand. Bearing in mind that I want power and endurance over speed, I was wondering what other motor and prop combinations owners had fitted when upgrading this plane?

Interestingly the recently announced MKIII has a Quantum II 40 recommended. This is 980W max 800Kv. Sounds possible overkill and I haven’t yet seen any for sale.

Do any owners have any experience or advice please? Thanks

Thread: Estrella from Hobbyking
18/04/2016 11:21:59

Thanks for the review Dom, looks a good aeroplane and one I may consider in the future.

As for the 'value for money' debate; I spent £125 on my E-Flight Pulse 25e and probably doubled that with good quality motor, 4S batteries etc. Sound expensive but I've now done 216 flights with it (yes I count them!). That's £1.15p per flight and getting cheaper every flight. That's pretty cheap for an plane that is great fun to fly.

They're only expensive if you crash them early, at least that's how I look at it.

19/03/2016 13:19:54
Posted by Erfolg on 18/03/2016 21:57:09:

Is it not possible to purchase a low value item to make the the total up to two?

Yes I think so but the only way to prove it to go through the ordering process. You can always stop before reaching the payment stage.

18/03/2016 12:38:44

I see that the Estrella is the subject of today's HK video.

The UK ware house has it at £149.21 with "Free" shipping But you do have to buy another item and pay postage on that to get the Esrella shipped free.

Looks very nice in the video though.

15/03/2016 13:45:44

Yes Steve, it looks rather elegant.

My only experience of balsa/ply airframes without any servos etc from HK was a small CAP232 which flew horribly but that doesn't mean this one does. If you leave it on the page a while you get offered a reasonable discount.

I also noticed this one which also looks nice:


Thread: Sig Demoiselle, a question for owners please
08/03/2016 16:19:53
Posted by Frank Niess on 08/03/2016 08:34:56:

P.S.: I created an album now where you will find some shots of my Demoiselle.




Thank you, that's very helpful. You've made a lovely job of your Demoiselle. I see you've covered the bottom of the wing, not left open as in the instructions. It looks better that way but can't be easy with that camber.

Thanks again.


08/03/2016 10:41:23

Martin, you are persuading me! I am tempted. I just need to clear the decks of the other projects (as always).

08/03/2016 10:01:03

Thanks Martin. I've read your build blog and others. I love the plane but I'm not yet convinced it's realistic for my build skills. Also, as you say, it needs the balmy sunny evenings where there's no wind and we just don't get those very often nowadays! Or a big indoor space and that's not for me.


08/03/2016 09:28:31

Thanks Martin, that's good news. It obviously needs a safer storage space than normal, not just leant up against another airframe, but that's ok.

It's an aeroplane I always wanted so I'm pleased it's practical. Thanks again.

08/03/2016 07:43:17

Thanks Ian.

Looking at para 36 of the instructions I think you're correct. Although with the u/c struts and rigging all connecting up I suspect that disassembly isn't easy. Whether or not they do come off I think it's just too bulky for my current storage. A pity as it's a lovely aeroplane.

Good luck with yours and thanks again.

07/03/2016 15:26:53

Can any owners of this model please tell me if, once built, the wings are removable? It's a question of storage for me, if they don't then it won't fit in my place.

From all the pictures I have seen on the web, I suspect they don't. People seem to hang them in the roof space. So please advise, thanks.

Thread: Computer software
20/11/2015 20:34:08


Vector software such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw can do this but you would have to start with a scan of the plan. I use CorelDraw. The scan will produced a pixel based image which can be imported. To create a vector the ribs will have to drawn over butthis us simple enough. Then to create the other ribs the blend tool is used. e.g. if there are 12 ribs a blend of 10 steps from the root to the tip will give each rib correctly sized. This is a slightly simplified explanation, some extra work resizing any spar slots will be required but it works well.

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