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Thread: Sig Demoiselle, a question for owners please
07/03/2016 15:26:53

Can any owners of this model please tell me if, once built, the wings are removable? It's a question of storage for me, if they don't then it won't fit in my place.

From all the pictures I have seen on the web, I suspect they don't. People seem to hang them in the roof space. So please advise, thanks.

Thread: Computer software
20/11/2015 20:34:08


Vector software such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw can do this but you would have to start with a scan of the plan. I use CorelDraw. The scan will produced a pixel based image which can be imported. To create a vector the ribs will have to drawn over butthis us simple enough. Then to create the other ribs the blend tool is used. e.g. if there are 12 ribs a blend of 10 steps from the root to the tip will give each rib correctly sized. This is a slightly simplified explanation, some extra work resizing any spar slots will be required but it works well.

Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
09/11/2015 16:44:56

Not a joke, but just something on today's ITV Tipping Point;

The question was "who in 1841 organised the first package holiday?"

The contestants answer: British Airways!

I know not everyone knows their avaiation history but that is worrying!

(Correct answer Thomas Cook)

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Thread: Maxford USA PT-17 Stearman.
21/10/2015 19:20:00

Thank you Wingman! That's very helpful and you've saved me from buying another dud. My current favorite aircraft is by E Flight, the Pulse 25e, so I am already aware of their quality. So the E Flight Stearman it is.

Thanks again.

21/10/2015 10:52:21

Has nobody got one of these??

At the start of this year I decided to buy something that nobody else had. The problem was that I soon found out why nobody else had bought one! It was a bit of a disaster.

So I'm looking for some reassurance that the Maxford Stearman is worth the investment.

16/10/2015 21:50:21

I'm interested in buying an electric powered biplane (ARTF) and this 50 inch span model looks good but there are few reviews on line. Does anyone have one? If so any comments would be appreciated.


Edited By David Pearce 4 on 16/10/2015 21:50:54

Thread: Dusty Cropsprayer
24/09/2015 20:02:12

If you are into foam then the American Flite Test site did some. There's a giant scale on here but if you scroll well down there's a flight video and build video of more normal size.


Edited By David Pearce 4 on 24/09/2015 20:06:43

Thread: 3 x 1:1.25 Scale Flying Bicycle Video
15/09/2015 19:07:36

Yes, it gave me a big grin too. One of the joys of aviation, and RC flying, is that watching three of these do simple circuits is as much fun as a warbird screaming across the field.

I'd be tempted by the right scale plan. This is one aeroplane that wouldn't look right without a pilot! Spare Barbie anyone?

15/09/2015 13:22:03

Wow! Yes please Max, surely it would make a popular plan?

15/09/2015 11:40:10

Yes I'm surprised she didn't give him a slap! Apparently the pilot pilots are 5 foot 4 inches tall, they give a real Magnificent Woman in their Flying Machines appeal to the models.

Very much in the Dawn Flyer and Flycatcher mould, an electric version would be good, scaled to take a Cindy/Barbie/Action man pilot. Two wings to build but the fuselage wouldn't take very long.

15/09/2015 09:35:04

I thought this was fabulous:


Apparently based on a channel crossing 1920s aircraft.


Thread: Urgent and important petition - Please sign
27/08/2015 22:39:57


Thread: Ideas for new polls
14/08/2015 13:40:45

Ok Trevor, how about:

  • I never keep records.
  • I log the number of flights only
  • I log flight numbers and flight times.
  • I log flight numbers, flight times and add notes on anything special.

And leave out the spreadsheet/App choice.

14/08/2015 12:27:04

Do you keep a Flight Log?

Since coming back to this hobby I have kept a flight log of every flight. This started as I wanted to record Lipo usage but it contains flight times every flight. So, via an Excel spreadsheet, I know the flight times of every aircraft and battery I own. I make a brief note of each session to go with it. I know that there are Apps out there but I’ve never used them.

I’ve not noticed any other club members making any notes of their flights and wondered how many others keep records. Or how many other control freaks like me are there out there?!

Maybe a poll could list the following options:

  • I never keep any records.
  • I keep brief records of flight times etc using a spreadsheet.
  • I keep brief records of flight times etc using an App.
  • I keep full flight records including notes using a spreadsheet.
  • I keep full flight records including notes using an App.
Thread: T&J Gloster Meteor T7 1/2 as MB's WL419
13/08/2015 17:40:14

Thank you Roy, that's really helpful.

You've just made up my mind on my next birthday present! The Waco and the DH Comet it is. Mind you the Meteor and the Model 44 also look good. . .

Thanks again for taking the time to give me such a full answer.



Thread: top sport models of all time
11/08/2015 09:31:21

I'd go for:

1. Flair Magnatilla

2. WOT4 (Mines a balsa Wot4E with 223 flights and still going)

3. E-Flight Pulse 25E. There's a whole load of variants of the Pulse and my Pulse with 4S is my favourite sport flyer. 132 flights so far.

Thread: T&J Gloster Meteor T7 1/2 as MB's WL419
11/08/2015 09:25:22

Fabulous Meteor Roy.

I wonder if you could comment on the quality of the T & J kit? I'm interested in their Waco biplane and the DH88 Comet but with airmail and duty they're not cheap. They look very well designed and cover some prototypes not covered by many others. What did you think of them?

Thread: Is it possible to bind 2 receivers to one model on a DX7s?
06/08/2015 20:53:32

That's interesting Jack. Mine is having to prove itself tomorrow. If I break one more motor shaft then maybe I'll screw a new motor to the front of the bulkhead with a folding prop. Alternatively I wonder if it would make a slope soarer?!

06/08/2015 18:03:17

In answer to Romeo Whisky; the reason I went for a stearable tail wheel on the dolly is that the Dagger doesn't have a rudder. If it had I wouldn't have bothered.

And Jack; Not that well! But to be fair it hasn't yet flown properly. My first hand launch was a bit weak and it torque rolled into the ground. The pilot was one of the best in the club but I didn't really give him a chance. The result was a broken motor shaft and prop. My second attempt was taxiing trials with the dolly and wind flipped it over in a gust at about 10mph. Again a broken motor shaft and prop! I think having the motor set back and using a long motor shaft gives too much leverage to make snapping the shaft too easy in any rough landing.

I'm having another go with the stearable dolly tomorrow but if I break another shaft then a different motor set up is required. A review said 4S gives a vibration problem but it's fast enough on 3S.


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06/08/2015 09:12:54
Posted by Pete B - Moderator on 05/08/2015 18:44:59:

Binding both at the same time should work - but they both have to be DSMX or DSM2. They both need to be the same protocol. If you've got one of each, try setting the Tx to DSM2 for the binding....


Thank you Pete, yes I was using one of each! Now with two the same they bound simultaneously. Easy when you know how. Now if the clouds woud go away I can go and try some dolly launches.

Thanks again and to Simon

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