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Thread: Dambusters Raid
14/06/2019 17:14:56
Posted by Tom Sharp 2 on 14/06/2019 01:05:17:


Was Robert Todd the brother of Richard Todd? laugh


Yes sorry bit of a senior moment there! I meant Richard .


Edited By Cliff Bastow on 14/06/2019 17:15:23

13/06/2019 21:26:36

Many years ago I was stationed at Conningsby and on one occasion I was lucky enough to get a flight in the BBMF Lancaster, yes that is me you can see in the mid upper turret!lanc2.jpg

Also along for the ride was Robert Todd who played Guy Gibson in the Dambusters movie.

He told us some interesting stories about the making of the film.

13/06/2019 20:58:12

There is also a bouncing bomb at Newark Air museum, It is very like an oil drum in shape. I believe the first ones were clad with wood but this was found to be unnecessary during testing.

If you get chance to visit the BBMF visitor centre at RAF Conningsby there is a tallboy and a Grand slam on display.

Big to say the least. The grand slam is still the largest non nuclear weapon as far as I am aware.

There was a program on sky last year about what 617 did after the dams raid including the sinking of the Turpitz.

Thread: Durafly MK24 V2 Spitfire
12/06/2019 20:45:27

I find this a bit strange, I have been flying one of these since they first came out. The early one with the 4 blade prop.

I find it easy to land especially for a spitfire, the only thing I find is it is a bit prone to nose overs on take-off. I packed out the back of the retract units with washers which helps with this.

I agree it is lovely in the air and really nice to fly.

Thread: Kings Lynn Model Shop
12/06/2019 18:28:57

I have always found them very helpful although I admit its been a few months since I have used them.

The last time I called in about 3 months ago they were well stocked.

Thread: TV Licence petition
12/06/2019 18:23:59

if this helps you decide,

Over 60 MPS have claimed for tv licences on there expences allegedly, Prisoners in prison get free tv but a D-Day veteran cant?

Make of it what you will.

Thread: Commons Science and Technology Committee Enquiry on Drones
12/06/2019 17:57:23

So it is ok for clubs or the BMFA to register as the operator allowing all there members to just do the remote pilot bit, which does not cost anything?

That would make quite a dent in there expected 170,000 registrations at £16 a time, especially if the LMA and Drone organizations ect, all did the same. Before anybody says anything I do realize this is unlikely to happen because of the legal position but just goes to show how ill thought out it all is.

I despair of the political classes I really do!

Thread: Interesting reply from email to Richard Moriarty, CAA
12/06/2019 17:50:49

I quite agree Percy common sense totally lacking,

If you have watched or read any of the Enquiry that is going on at the minute, you will see that the CAA has basically admitted it wont do anything to stop criminals or terrorists or those who ignore the rules but will allow them to regulate the law abiding!

Also they seem to be saying that it is perfectly in order for the BMFA to register as the operator allowing all its members to just do the remote pilot part which does not incur a fee. Not likely I know but if this did happen where would there 170,000 registrations come from then? Especially if the LMA and drone associations did the same.

Total farce!

12/06/2019 15:46:46

I submitted a formal complaint to the CAA as suggested by the BMFA saying I was disappointed to receive a stock reply and no answers to my actual points.

I have just received another stock reply! telling me the consultation is only about cost and to refer to the D of T with my concerns.

Very poor in my opinion.

I also wrote to my MP again saying I was sad he just sent out a stock reply, with no reference to my actual questions and got no reply.

Still I guess he has other things on his plate bless him as he is Brexit secretary!

I fear we have lost this one chaps! Common sense seems to bear no part in the decision making.

Edited By Cliff Bastow on 12/06/2019 15:47:09

Thread: Battle of Britain film.
26/05/2019 21:44:11

You can teach monkeys to fly better than that!

Thread: Gutted!
23/05/2019 21:57:20

Connie has finally flown again! Took her to the field today and tried the trolley a couple of times. It worked ok but she just did not quite get up to take-off speed. One of my club members said let me feel how heavy she is and how much power she seems to have.

Having held it while I ran up the engines he said I think it would go with a hand launch if you are up for it?

I thought what the heck lets go for it, it can go one of two ways! so he gave it a good throw and she climbed away lovely. She was a bit out of trim and needed a bit of up elevator but otherwise flew nicely. I had a nice 5 minute flight and then brought her in for a belly landing without problems.

She looked great in the air.

Thread: Interesting reply from email to Richard Moriarty, CAA
22/05/2019 21:02:04

I received exactly the same message today Martin.

Did you also notice that it stated this was not being done because of ESA regulations but was to Government request? It also stated that they would look at ESA regulations in 2020 when it becomes active.


Thread: What a sick world we live in
20/05/2019 17:42:46

Yes sorry I meant corporal punishment!

20/05/2019 14:57:41

Please lets not turn this thread into a debate about capital punishment, we all have our own views and lets keep it like that.


20/05/2019 12:39:05

AT my flying club we had a new hut fitted a couple of years ago. Within two weeks all the sockets were removed from the walls . Must have been a member or ex member because the windows and doors all had bars on and the theft was discovered after a club member unlocked the door and went in!

we also had a member who brought his brother as a guest one day. While the guest was packing models away into his car a committee member noticed he had left a pile of old sandwich wrappers and coke bottles on one of the benches, so he asked him politely if he would please take his rubbish home as there were no bins or anybody to tidy up after him. He did not say a word but snatched the stuff off the bench and got in his car and drove off. He got to the edge of the flying patch, stopped his car, open the door and threw the rubbish out onto the patch before driving off!

Thread: Priory models Reflection Biplane
20/05/2019 10:59:54


As far as I can remember mine had two servos in the middle of the bottom wing driving torque rods. The top ailerons were driven by links from the bottom ones. I think I used control horns on each aileron and made some links up with a fixed clevis on one end and a screwed clevis on the other to allow for adjustment.

Cheers Cliff.

Thread: What a sick world we live in
20/05/2019 10:43:04

As an ex serviceman I concur about the army today. There was a campaign being run a few months ago to try to get the forces banned from shouting at recruits during training as it was to traumatic!.

I have a friend whose sun has joined the army and he tells me they are all issued with a red card that they can raise to instructors if they feel they are being shouted at to much!

I have been out of the forces for 25 years now but even in my time I was dismayed about the attitudes to authority and lack of personal discipline of some of the young people who were joining.

Blimey I sound like my dad!  I guess every generation thinks the same about the younger generation and to balance the argument it is always a few bad apples who taint everyone but I do think there is a general lack of respect for others about today.

Edited By Cliff Bastow on 20/05/2019 10:45:20

Thread: Priory models Reflection Biplane
20/05/2019 09:54:40

I used to have one of these, it was a nice flier as I remember till one day I tried one turn to many when the engine cut.

Quite a heavy model as I remember and neaded a 61 at least.

Thread: Tell us about your most embarrassing stories from the field...
06/05/2019 10:38:50

Turned up at the field one day with my new World Models Miss America P51.
All set up and Cg carefully checked. Range test carried out and all controls checked one last time. all good so far. Fueled up and fired up the Motor and tested through full throttle range and the old 45 degree test carried out with no problems.

So model carried out to strip and placed into wind, one last wiggle of controls and then throttle slowly opened. The engine responded nicely but model just sat there! That is odd thinks I. I closed throttle and walk to the model and gave it a test push to see if a wheel or something is binding but no, so tried another take off with same result. By now I am a bit confused . I shut down and retire back to the pits for an investigation. I have just got model on the bench when a club mate walks over and asks whats up? It wont accelerate I say. He glances at model and says No wonder the prop is on backwards!


Edited By Cliff Bastow on 06/05/2019 10:43:40

Thread: CAA registration consulation
05/05/2019 12:52:00


I agree as I have already posted.


Edited By Cliff Bastow on 05/05/2019 12:52:53

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