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Thread: Straightening a Twisted Fuselage
11/04/2019 12:04:34

well I left it in the jig for a little over a week and all seemed ok. The twist was much less and only just noticeable. great I thought lets press on with the rebuild.

However over the next couple of days I noticed that the twist had returned, nearly as bad as before!

So I have tried a different approach. I re-jigged it again but this time I heated the inside and outside of the whole fuselage as much as I dare with my heat gun. I had to be careful of the covering as it is the pre-printed type.

I then allowed it to cool and there was a bit of creaking and groaning from the model! This seems to have worked ok but I will have to see if the twist returns over the next few days.


Edited By Cliff Bastow on 11/04/2019 12:05:11

Edited By Cliff Bastow on 11/04/2019 12:06:02

01/04/2019 13:19:37

Thanks guys,

The twist is quite noticeable to be honest.

I have soaked the fuselage internally as best as I can and jigged it up slightly past where it should be and I will leave it weighted down for a good few days and keep my fingers crossed.

Thanks again, Cliff.

Edited By Cliff Bastow on 01/04/2019 13:19:53

30/03/2019 21:12:47

Hi all,

I have begun to to try and rebuild a balsa/ ply model that I crashed a year or so ago and whilst it has gone back together fairly well I have noticed that when I put in the metal wing joiner it sits at an angle in relation to the tailplane.

Does anyone have any ideas how to take the twist out? The fuselage is film covered.

I cannot cut out the tube through the fuselage that the wing joiner threads through, to relocate it, because the wings fit into profiled slots in the fuselage sides.

Cheers Cliff

Edited By Cliff Bastow on 30/03/2019 21:27:06

Thread: Does your club prohibit the use of after-market receivers?
20/03/2019 19:33:40

I would not be very happy about a club telling me what make of equipment I have to use. I have both genuine Futaba rx and both orange and frsky ones and have done for years. The only radio problem I have ever had in all that time was with a genuine Futaba receiver!

Its totally ridiculous in my view.

Thread: Connecting two batteries in a model.
17/03/2019 14:40:23

Thanks for the advice guys, that is basically what I thought.

Lovely models by the way Alan, especially like the Beaufort.

Cheers Cliff.

Thread: BE2e
17/03/2019 13:58:08

Hi Graham,

I always take my plans to my local print shop, he has a photocopier that will take large plans.

I get to copies printed out for a few quid. Then I can cut these up as needed and keep the originals.

I have in the past even used the copies as templates for parts spray mounted directly onto the balsa/ply with no problems.

Thread: Connecting two batteries in a model.
17/03/2019 12:43:21

I wont be charging the batteries together, just using them in the model, By the way they will both be the same make and spec.

cheers Cliff.

17/03/2019 11:24:10

Hi all,

I have a twin electric model that needs quite a lot of weight in the nose so I thought I might as well fit in a second battery as there is room and I might as well make use of the extra weight.

I want to use 2 batteries as all my models use 3s 2200 batteries and I do not want to buy larger ones just for this model.

My question is this, is it better to keep the batteries separate, ie one powering each motor or wire them in parallel so in effect it makes a 3s 4400 battery and run both motors off it?

My thinking is the latter as if they were separate and one battery ran down before the other for any reason i would then get asymmetric thrust but I am by no means an expert.

Thoughts please?


Thread: Gutted!
20/02/2019 16:50:15

Hi Onetenor,

That was my plan yes but due to work and weather I just have not had the chance to fly her yet.

Whilst the wife was watching x factor dances on ice whilst ballroom dancing or some such other stuff, over the winter I decided to spend my time repainting her.

Edited By Cliff Bastow on 20/02/2019 16:50:43

19/02/2019 16:36:02

Well here she is in her second incarnation, wearing her Vietnam scheme and sat on her launching trolley,

Just the undersides to paint and windows to finish.

I am quite pleased how she looks after her rebuild.



Thread: Eric Brown
09/02/2019 20:02:55

Hi Beb,

I am by no means an aerodynamics expert but from my training as an aircraft engineer I think people are confusing swept leading edges and swept wings. To my knowledge a swept wing has the main spar swept back at an angle. Ie Hunter and lightening. A swept leading edge wing has the spar at right angles to the fuselage Ie Starfighter.

Area rule to my mind was a way to lessen drag and is not a prerequisite of faster than sound flight.

Look at some modern aircraft such as Tornado, fuselage is basically square in section but it's supersonic.

Agree that much of this has nothing to do with original post.


Thread: Balsacraft Blenheim replacement canopy.
08/02/2019 19:00:26

As mine had no motors in it when I received it from a friend I thought I might as well fit brushless motors,

I don't really want to end up adding nose weight, will have to see how I get on.

06/02/2019 13:38:28

Hi all,

I have a Balsacraft Blenheim, that I am converting to brush-less power.

It has a solid nose painted to look like a canopy and I would like to improve this area. I seem to remember once upon a time there was a long nosed, clear canopy made by someone as a replacement. Does anyone know where they came from and if they are still available.

Thanks in advance Cliff.

Thread: Horizon hobby E-flite Hawker Hurricane P25e
01/02/2019 09:52:52

Reading Toms post reminded me that I fitted washers under the back of the retract units to cant the legs forwards slightly which greatly helps with the nose over problem.

31/01/2019 21:17:57

I have one and they are lovely fliers and look great in the air. They are a bit prone to nosing over at the end of landing run but otherwise lovely.

New they were about £200 to £250 if memory serves and came with fixed uc so retracts were an extra.

All the supplied equipment is excellent in my experience.

I used the E flight servoless retracts which were not cheap but have worked faultlessly.

I love mine to be honest but I have a soft spot for the Hurricane.

Hope this helps.

Thread: Tony Nijhus Vulcan.
26/01/2019 21:16:57

Many thanks guys.

25/01/2019 17:17:57

For my next build project I am considering Tony's Avro Vulcan twin pusher.

Does anyone have any experience of this kit please?

Thread: Saab J-21 Build (RCME plan)
19/01/2019 08:13:25

Hi Vince,

I built one of these from the plan and it was fairly straightforwards as I remember,

I will try and dig out my old plan and see if i can identify the bits you are struggling with.

It was a good flier until I crashed it on launch one day!



All the best with the build.


Edited By Cliff Bastow on 19/01/2019 08:14:23

Thread: Controls reversed when copying.
16/01/2019 16:18:38

This is all very interesting, but I am not sure how relevant it is to my question? That is why have some of my settings become reversed when copying from my tx memory to an SD card?

I would think a copy ought to be the same? Everything else such as rates etc seem to be the same.

Edited By Cliff Bastow on 16/01/2019 16:19:22

Edited By Cliff Bastow on 16/01/2019 16:19:51

16/01/2019 13:09:32

Thanks for the replies lads. I have checked and it is the channels that were reversed in the original model set up. They seem to have reverted to default settings in the copy's. Something to be aware off in future.

Many thanks.

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