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Thread: 4mm battery connector
24/05/2020 21:51:45

I have had the same problem.

I found heating plastic shroud with heat gun allows 4mm plug/socket to be pushed home. Don't over do it with heat gun!

Thread: The Lockdown Restrictions Have Been Relaxed. Who's Been Flying?
13/05/2020 12:01:19

Not a very successful flying session then!

A lesson for us all that we need to be a little more cautious when returning to flying after an extensive layoff.

We have a similar problem (but a more serious one) at my gliding club (same for all UK gliding) where many pilots haven't flown since last September and when (if) we are allowed to fly again 2-seater flying will not be an option because of social distancing (2m rule), so no training and no check flights.

Edited By Robert Welford on 13/05/2020 12:01:54

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Thread: Flair Hannibal
30/04/2020 17:50:50

Kevin - I assume your Hannibal is powered by a petrol engine?

30/04/2020 17:04:56
Posted by Piers Bowlan on 30/04/2020 16:04:46:

Yes, the Cowl is indeed available from Carbon Copy the problem is usually getting the plan. Any chance of me getting a copy Robert? I have an NGH 38 needing a home and the Flair Hannibal could be spot on for it. I will PM you.

Piers, I've sent email to you with CAD plan attached. A clubmate built a Hannibal from the plan last year.

Thread: Glass fibre push rods advice
30/04/2020 09:34:43

Chris, when I have used carbon for pushrods it is tube not rod. I insert a threaded fitting (either threaded rod or threaded adaptor) to each end bonded with JB Weld (better than other epoxies for this purpose).

I think it was Macgregor's who used to sell carbon pushrod kits that included the end fittings and quick links.

I know people use carbon tube over a metal pushrod. For larger models use M3 threaded rod, but sleeve it with >3mm ID carbon tube. This provides additional stiffness.

Edited By Robert Welford on 30/04/2020 09:35:41

Thread: Flair Hannibal
28/04/2020 10:21:36

The contact at Inwoods is David Handley. I believe composite Hannibal cowls are available elsewhere including Carbon Copy.

BTW I have a CAD plan for the Hannibal if anyone wishes to build one.

Thread: Sopwith Pup refurb
17/04/2020 12:02:38

Chris, Is the wing's leading edge carbon tube? I assume the Pup was built from a Balsa USA Pup kit?

Thread: Puppeteer Wheels
15/04/2020 19:24:36

Have a look here and use the pull-down option menu Inwoods link

Thread: Two Wings and a Round Engine
15/04/2020 18:41:07


I'm in a similar position also with a Flair Stearman in my kit collection. I have an OS Sirius fr5-300 radial that I plan to use. It will sound superb.

I am making good progress with a few projects so this may get to the front of the queue soon.

I look forward to following your build blog.

Have fun!


Thread: Puppeteer Wheels
15/04/2020 18:29:59

I believe Inwood Models 3D print Flair Scout series wheels.

Otherwise check ebay. Original Flair wheels come up from time-to-time.

Currently: ebay link

Thread: ED Super Fury Carburettor
12/04/2020 11:14:09

ED plastic parts were certainly around in 1973/4. A friend bought an ED Super Fury marine version and it had plastic carb and backplate fitted.

11/04/2020 20:57:38

Malcolm and Piers thank you for your replies. Malcolm I have sent you a PM.

I don't know why ED decided to use plastic backplate and carburettor body.

I was given an ED 3.46 Hunter as a teenager by the local postman. The Hunter was in good condition, but lacked a carburettor. I bought one from ED that was plastic with plastic backplate. I succeeded in breaking at least two due to vibration. Fortunately, ED replaced both under guarantee.

I used the Hunter in my first single channel R/C model

Edited By Robert Welford on 11/04/2020 20:58:20

11/04/2020 18:19:55

With no model flying available today I decided to run up a couple of diesel engines.

I recently acquired an unrun ED Super Fury non-RC. On attempting to run it I noticed that the plastic carburettor body had a crack where it joins the back plate. It was leaking air so getting the engine to run properly was not possible.

i wondered whether anyone knew the best way of mending it? What type of plastic are ED carbs made from and what is the most suitable adhesive to repair it?

All advice appreciated.

BTW Happy Easter!

Thread: Does the size of spinner effect prop performance ?
02/04/2020 10:36:39

Introducing some thread creep. What effect do large radial cowls have on the thrust generated?

I have a Flair Hannibal with no much of the prop disc area outside the cowl footprint, but it flies fine on a Laser 120 using a 16" dia prop.

Thread: Pin Holes
31/03/2020 09:55:13

Yes the water trick works for removing dents as well. I've done this for as long as I can remember.I use a wet paper towel and squeeze water into the specific area.

Thread: Mark's TN Hawk Build
26/03/2020 13:08:04
Posted by Martin McIntosh on 16/05/2018 21:25:51:

There is a very minor difference between the two switches but blowed if I can remember what it is. I think that the specs reveal it. I am told that the HK one is actually more reliable.

Personally, I have never heard of a Powerbox Sensor switch or Digi switch failing. I use both types of switch in most of my models these days as I've gone away from NimH.

Martin, I would be grateful if you could forward details of PB failures.

Thread: I never thought it would come to this....
23/03/2020 11:49:48

Prune the trees either side of the gap and what's the problem even for a fast aerobatic model

Peter Russell (RCM & E Straight & Level columnist) used to fly his STOL out of his garden. Plan here: STOL Plan


Edited By Robert Welford on 23/03/2020 11:50:05

Thread: Multiplex Cockpit Sx 9
24/01/2020 20:35:42

Yes - you can setup curves on any control function.

Thread: FrSky Major Update for most TX and RX
17/01/2020 15:44:07
Posted by MattyB on 17/01/2020 15:13:45:
I don't think there is a manufacturer out there who hasn't got something like that in their 2.4GHz implementation history at this point.

Edited By MattyB on 17/01/2020 15:15:56

Not Multiplex 2.4GHz M-link

Thread: Do you remove your lipo from your transmitter every time?.
08/01/2020 21:16:42

Why do you use a lipo in a transmitter?

The current requirement of 2.4 Ghz is so low. Application better suited low to discharge Nimh, or Lithium ion.

My transmitters last days on a single charge.

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