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Thread: What glues do you use?
06/08/2020 12:39:23

Evo-stik PVA: hardwood joints; balsa-ply; ply-ply

Aliphatic: general balsa-balsa structures

Hysol (Aeropoxy): composite- plywood/balsa; composite-composite

JB Weld: metal-metal; metal-wood; carbon-wood; carbon- metal

Araldite 24: general high stress areas

CA: very rarely use it. I don't enjoy the experience!

Thread: The Alpina is back!
31/07/2020 10:27:37

I thought that Tangent owned the IPR on the design of the Alpina, but there's nothing on their website. This moulded version looks identical with the current Tangent Alpina. I wonder whether the wing section has been changed.

I noticed that Tomahawk Aviation do all-composite 1/2 scale ASW 27, ASG 29 and ASG 32 costing > $5000, so the new Alpina Carbotec is a budget product!

I had a Multiplex Alpina 25 years ago that was a lovely glider. Unfortunately, the all-moving tail crank broke when flying it loaded with ballast and inevitably "bit the dust". I currently have a Tangent Alpina Carbon Pro waiting to be built. The wings are very stiff compared to all other versions. I must build it ...

Thread: Top marks to Modelfixings.
29/07/2020 10:27:41

Yes - I have always received a great service from Modelfixings. Thank you Ian

Thread: Multiplex telemetry issue.
23/07/2020 18:37:33

I had issues getting SRXL to work on some Multiplex receivers. The solution was to update the firmware in the receiver to latest version.

Try updating the firmware in both sensor and receiver using the Multiplex launcher program.

HTH Robert

Thread: Aeromaster
15/07/2020 12:10:40
Posted by Nigel R on 13/07/2020 10:05:36:


Nigel - I'm probably missing something here, but couldn't you rotate the throttle arm on the carb so the linkage is above the engine mount. This looks as if it would give you enough room even for a link/ball-ink if you made an appropriately sized hole in the firewall.

I recently finished putting together an Acrowot XL with a 3w 28i petrol. The reason for using this engine is it's both powerful and very easy to start.

Anyway on trying to start the engine in this airframe it would not start easily - lots of head scratching! In the end I found that the linkage to the choke servo was fouling the firewall and thus didn't close the choke fully.

Thread: Flaps. Servo speed.
13/07/2020 09:14:39
Posted by Richard Clark 2 on 13/07/2020 00:29:41:

But I'm not impressed by the new Cockpit.

Richard: what are your concerns with the new Cockpit SX 7/9/12?

I own a SX9 tx, but have yet to use in anger as I have few other Mpx transmitters in use.

Thread: Laser Engines development.
09/07/2020 10:22:42


I would be pleased to trial 180 petrol in either Toni Clark Super Cub or Acro Wot XL.

08/07/2020 13:45:13

Jon, as you know I'm a user of your engines so I would be interested in "beta" testing new engines.

I have a Toni Clark Sopwith Pup to build so a 60cc multi-cylinder that is capable of swinging a large diameter prop would be of interest. Shorter term I have a airframes that could be used for testing new design engines.


Thread: Silencer Gaskets
06/07/2020 10:39:25

Yes - I use Nord-lock washers on petrol engine manifolds - they remain secure.

Thread: Does anyone remember...
30/06/2020 15:57:23

I used to cycle to the Longmoor flying site in Sutton Park as a child in the late 60s to watch the flying. I remember Dennis Thumpston flying his Twin Fin design - powered by a diesel engine.

In those days there were a few Super 60s being flown using RCS Guidance SC radio. I also remember seeing a Pete Russell Striker.

Martin, what were you flying around 1969?

28/06/2020 12:29:10

When I started aeromodelling in the late 60s as a boy the local model/toy shop was Gills in Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire (West Midlands now). I bought my first engine from there, a Cox Babe Bee - I still have it.

Thread: Flair Spectrum Paint
25/06/2020 11:16:00

I have an almost complete Flair Tiger Moth that has been painted in Flair Spectrum paint.

I wish to re-paint parts of it. Spectrum is not fully fuel proof so would prefer to use an alternative paint that is. The Spectrum silver also appears to be a bit of nightmare to get a uniform finish.

My question is: what paints will be ok and will not cause a reaction with the Spectrum paint underneath?

All advice gratefully received.


Thread: Ben Buckle Majestic Major help
25/06/2020 10:16:13
Posted by Denis Watkins on 25/06/2020 05:49:07:

Have read through the post Robert, and must comment on adding double the required I/C power to any model.

When " too large " An I/C motor is fitted to an airframe, the motor never reaches Operating Temeperature

The motor never gets hot enough to run at full power properly and tootling round at tickover and low idle and

Increases the chances of a deadstick.

You never get to use the throttle properly throughout the flight, so the flight teaches you nothing of stick technique.

As others have said, this airframe has no benefits by over powering it.

This is not " useful weight " on the front any more, a little 48 4S and a lump of lead is a lot more useful.

Market the 90 well and buy a little 4S and 2 gallon of fuel

Hi Denis,

The OP was by David H not me!

I only interjected to ask whether people with MMs built in the 2 degree down thrust as depicted on the plan. The MM I acquired did not have it and IMHO it needs it irrespective of the engine size.

I installed a Laser 70 because I have one (in fact two) and they easy to operate and "purr", but not to be used at 'full-chat'. My experience is that Laser engines are fine running all day at reduced throttle settings.

I have a Rohma (similar to Junior 60 - similar vintage) originally powered by a ED 3.46 Hunter (currently an OS 30 FS) and the power on/off trim is fine.


24/06/2020 23:32:48

I appreciate the fact that the MM is basically an enlarged vintage free-flight model.

Nevertheless from a modest power setting from engine on to engine off it should remain vaguely in trim, but my MM doesn't hence the need for downthrust so it glides ok when power off .




Edited By Robert Welford on 24/06/2020 23:33:21

24/06/2020 19:17:29

Yes Paul, I agree it's a guided freeflight model and not an F3A model. However, it would nicer to fly if there was less pitch throttle coupling. Hopefully, the addition of 2 degrees down thrust will improve things.

24/06/2020 17:25:26

I have a Belair Super 96 (slightly bigger MM) to build, but it has yet to reach the top of my build list.

However, during lockdown I acquired a S/H Majestic Major. The previous owner had a Saito 82 in it and installed the elevator servo in the tail.

I've re-engined it with a Laser 70 and installed my radio gear again with an elevator servo in the tail. Surprisingly the CofG is within the range indicated on the plan.

I flew it last week for the first time. It has no downthrust and minimal right thrust and I found that it has significant pitch changes with power and requires right rudder trim. I put in a some nose weight (~500g) and it made no difference. Once trimmed at low power setting it was fine.

It is well overpowered with the Laser 70.

I have now put in 2.0 degree so I hope the power/pitch coupling will be reduced. Out of interest how much down thrust and side thrust have other MM operators used?

Thread: la.40 in an Acrowot artf?
18/06/2020 16:54:15

I have an ARTF Acro Wot with a Laser 80. However, I would recommend using an Irvine 53 or an OS 55 AX. Both are fantastic engines and are the same size as 46 engines. Available on ebay, or BMFA ads, for reasonable money.

Edited By Robert Welford on 18/06/2020 16:54:49

Thread: Things that have dropped off in flight
12/06/2020 11:03:59

Things I've I had fall off airborne models:

  • wheels
  • canopy
  • tailplane half - all moving tailplane on glider
  • Sliding bit on Webra 61 Dynamix carb.
  • silencer

Fortunately, in all cases the models were landed without damage.

Thread: OS GF40 4-Stroke Petrol
10/06/2020 11:31:37
Posted by john stones 1 on 10/06/2020 08:48:51:

Watched a video of one, sounded great, he said 97 db at 10 feet, what you lads think ?

Please provide link - thank you.

07/06/2020 19:34:02

Thanks Alan.

I'm planning to use mine in a Toni Clark 1:3.85 Super Cub. The power should be adequate and sound better than a petrol 2-stroke.

Edited By Robert Welford on 07/06/2020 19:37:39

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