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Thread: hole saws , lightening holes
19/10/2013 11:09:16

Depends what you are building, I've removed 5 grams from a rudder this morning by inserting holes and I consider the effort worthwhile; others may not.

Forstner bits are very good for drilling blind hols in softwood but nowhere near as good as the grit cutters mentioned above for cutting holes through balsa. I have both types by-the-way.

Thread: Shorting, Arming plug
19/10/2013 10:17:29
Posted by Toni Reynaud on 18/10/2013 18:42:27:

Another thought on the Arming situation is to put the Arming connection (such as those described above) into one of the three leads to the motor. This will allow the motor to act as loudspeaker during initial switch-on and battery checking, but with one phase effectively removed from the motor input, the motor can't turn. End result is a system which allows checking of the radio system without the possibility of the motor running.

I'm not completely sure of the electronic theory at work but if you did this to a mains three phase motor you would risk burning out the motor.

Thread: hole saws , lightening holes
19/10/2013 10:13:44

I disagree with Danny and Peter, every gram saved is a worthwhile saving and will result in improved performance. One gram off the average tailplane for example will result in 5 grams less nose weight being required. Lighter models have a wider speed range and can land more slowly than a heavier ones. wink

Thread: Barnstormer Boys
19/10/2013 08:03:15

The instructions for the 88" contains an unquantified wood list which is not very helpful, I just ordered sheets of the appropriate thickness and appropriate grade and strip off the parts required.

Thread: hole saws , lightening holes
19/10/2013 07:57:30

For small clean holes up to about 10mm in balsa I use sharpened bass tube, over that size I use the cheap diamond grit tile cutters mentioned above. All are used in a pillar drill. For plywood I use standard wood bits.

Thread: Shorting, Arming plug
18/10/2013 08:02:33
Posted by IanR on 17/10/2013 22:53:14:

Erfolg, is this the kind of thing you're looking for?



I'm supprised that no one markets these in the UK, I imagine that they would sell well.

17/10/2013 19:28:37

I have some 6mm plugs on order so that I can make up a plug such as Chris illustrates, in my case it will be housed under a flip-up hatch cover.

Thread: Barnstormer Boys
17/10/2013 19:23:51
Posted by BayNavigator on 17/10/2013 18:51:26:

How about the biplane versions, the 58" & 72" Bi-stormers? I have an unstarted 58" version. I might just make it my next build.

You could leave the lower wing until later. cool

Thread: Shorting, Arming plug
17/10/2013 16:59:51

Thinking on this subject further it is probably better to use a different style of connector for the plug to those used on the rest of the system to make it harder to connect the shorting plug directly across a battery.

My club has a simple rule regarding electric models and it is that batteries are only connected on the strip immediately before takeoff and disconnected immediately on landing. Further advice on the use and fitting of battery isolation switches can be found on page 27 of the BMFA manual.

17/10/2013 16:42:08

It's worth doing a search as this subject has, I think, been discussed here many times. Purple Power list them as Battery Plugs others call them Arming Plugs. Since the plug carries the motor current it should be made from the same connectors that you are using for the rest of the system.


Thread: Barnstormer Boys
17/10/2013 08:20:36

D.B. Sport and Scale also do plan packs which speed up the building process and, I think, are reasonably priced.

Thread: A national flying site?
17/10/2013 08:05:45

Well you have the advantage over me because I haven't got a clue who you are. You will also be aware that I was not at that Full Council Meeting.

If you answered "No" there was still opportunity to expand and explain why. Seems that option was not taken.

The option was taken and I fully explained my reasons for my opposition to this daft idea.

Thread: Barnstormer Boys
16/10/2013 18:57:33

I'm working on a Mighty Barnstormer 88" which will be electric powered so I've ordered a noise machine from Model Sounds for it. Can Barnstormers have machine guns? devil

Construction is underway since I brought a plan some months ago.

Thread: Mass Build general chat
16/10/2013 17:08:09
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 15/10/2013 22:14:50:
Posted by Eddie Stocker - DB Sport and Scale on 15/10/2013 21:11:37:

Anyhow, surely gluing bits of wood together is better than getting into the legal depths of copyright law, is it not?


I couldn't agree more Eddie - let's get on with the real business!

When are folks thinking of starting? SNIP!


Started! You mean to say that you haven't yet, surprise I have a wing and fuz part built, should I slow down and wait for you to catch up? wink

Thread: A national flying site?
16/10/2013 16:35:19
Posted by FlyinBrian on 16/10/2013 14:29:16:
Posted by Greybeard on 15/10/2013 19:50:36:
Posted by Allan Bowker on 15/10/2013 16:47:46:

So who has completed the online poll regarding this subject, currently on the BMFA website?

Time to have your say guys and gals

I voted against it as it's a daft idea; nice but unfundable. thumbs down

Edited By Greybeard on 15/10/2013 19:50:5

It most certainly is not "Daft" the US MFA national site and museum in Muncie Indiana gets loads of usage and support and people travel thousands of miles to use it. I have sympathy with the funding issue but with 35000 plus BMFA members paying - say an additional £10 a year and some out of the box thinking regarding how the site could produce revenue I don't think its "unfundable". I understand that the MFA leases parts of their site to farmers with the proviso that if model flying impacts their farming that's just unfortunate for the farmer. The site is large enough to avoid noise issues and lets be honest if everyone abided by the noise code noise should not be an issue.

This is not America and I still believe it is a daft idea.but am prepared to be converted when I see a properly costed plan. On reflection I feel my earlier cost estimate is understated by a factor of three so will be very interested in seeing a professional cost proposal; in the meantime dream on.

Thread: Signing Up Thread
16/10/2013 13:16:30
Posted by Danny Fenton on 16/10/2013 10:26:09:


That one isn't on the list!

Thread: A national flying site?
16/10/2013 11:23:38

Putting some rough figures to the cost of procuring a national flying site of say minimum 300 acres at £10,000 per acre with developing costs of say at least a further £1,000,000 suggests a budget of at least £4,000,000. To this must be added annual operating and maintains cost of around £300,000 then one begins to see the scale of the proposals. It’s only about £150 per member initially with a further £10 a year on the subs and that's without the museum.

I going to cut some balsa to cool off.

16/10/2013 10:56:16
Posted by GrahamC on 16/10/2013 10:35:28:
Posted by Dizz on 16/10/2013 00:14:46:

BEB - You obviously replied "No" to question 2 and therefore no need for further comment.

Forgive me Dizz, but I can't agree with you on that.

You seem to be saying that if your initial response to the survey is 'No' then your opinions are of no further interest to the creators of the survey.

So.. There's no interest in finding out why members might have voted no?

Frankly, as one of those who voted 'No' I think there is a need for further comment. and I find it difficult to see how I am not being treated with contempt by those who designed the survey.

It's not perhaps the best example of how to canvas the opinions of the members.

Mildly narked rant over!

Unsurprisingly I am in complete agreement with you on these points, whoever is pushing these ideas in the BMFA needs pulling back down to ground level and given a proper job to do or better still the sack.

Thread: Phil's Barnstormer
16/10/2013 08:09:37
Posted by Phil Winks on 15/10/2013 20:32:48:

Hi Greybeard I do take your point here!

However is that gangster lite a traditional stick and tissue/solatex build ? Or, has it very thin balsa sheeting over formers, covered in solafilm or similar. This is, in my experience, a lighter way to build but would not be following, in my opinion, the original design of the barnstormer, My intention is to make the Barnstormer look indiscernible in flight from the original, colour scheme excepted, and even that will hopefully have a real retro feel to it.

As for going well on electric I don't doubt it mate, in fact I've yet to find a model up to, and even beyond, this size that can't be made too. Brushless and lipo's are possibly an aero modellers dream come true.



Just got a little further down that page the Gangster 63 lite is in fact sheet on former with huge lightnening holes cut along the whole of the fuse looks engineered close to minimum limits to me. Not a bad thing but not good in a hard (and we all do them occaisionally) arrival

Edited By Phil Winks on 15/10/2013 20:40:38

It’s a bit off topic but deserves a reply. The Gangster is a very durable and bounce proof design but like most doesn’t appreciate being flown through trees (don’t askcrying) my present version is powered by a 52 four stroke and has proved to be equally durable since I have so far avoided the aforementioned shrubbery.

Light models crash gently. thumbs up

16/10/2013 08:03:12
Posted by Phil Winks on 15/10/2013 21:11:20:

Thanks David to be fair I'm expecting approx 5+ lbs and if it comes out lighter then thats a bonus, the power train is chosen to allow up to 8lbs though I don't expect to need that much. I am working on worst case here as info on its designed flying weight and for that matter the wing chord is pretty sketchy at best and non existent mostly


It’s a sensible approach after all your radio will have a throttle so you don’t have to use full power all the time.

As an aside do all us Barnstormers post in this thread or are we expected to start our own?

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