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Thread: Liteply compositionPoplar 87%
21/11/2020 11:22:47

It seems that there is several types of light ply using different materials. Poplar is one timber in use but that seems to be sourced from different Poplar species. Mantua models stock light ply, beautiful stuff, white in colour and dead flat not all light ply is like that. Snag, the pieces are only 200mm wide, so could be expensive to make fuselage sides from it. In the 79;s Graupner used a balsa ply in some of their kits, again beautiful stuff, don't whether they sold it as a sheet material.

Thread: Ebay sellers...
24/10/2020 18:10:03

How on earth do you manage to come up with a £13.70 starting bid ? No views of the inside of the mould. It looks as if it has been carefully stored out of doors so the mould surface is almost certainly useless. Can you offer 0.137 pence for it/?

Thread: Bullet and or Tornado Plans
18/10/2020 08:33:27

Reading kc's post I have a Syncat in the fleet, built a good few years ago. Flies well. The interesting feature is the wing construction. It's a built up and tapered wing. You only need one rib template because it uses the R H W Annenberg's 'equiangular' section. An interesting way of producing a tapered set of wing ribs.

Thread: Ebay sellers...
15/10/2020 08:43:21

Have a look at this lot on Ebay

eBay item number:


Beautifully photographed and such a bargain. Look at his other items he's certainly free with the '0's' after the first number

Thread: Unfairly vilified engines.
14/10/2020 08:20:09

I've never owned an MDS so can't comment! However I've owned and run most of the engines on the OP's list, and some! ST and Enya top the list for longevity and reliability. Two motors I owned did give problems. The first a Taipan 40, an Australian made motor for those unfamiliar with the make. My first one ran OK and was reliable but not very powerful. One day when re-fuelling the fuel filler tube disconnected and sprayed fuel allover the engine. On turning the motor over a myriad bubbles appeared all over the crankcase, the casting was porous, the replacement engine was just fine. The second was a Jen 57, never did get that to perform reliably Running perfectly on the ground, takeoff and it would either go lean or go rich or just cut. Rebuilding the carb made very little difference. The final straw came one day, engine started and idling prior to take-off and BANG an abrupt stop. The crank pin sheared off. So all makes can have 'Friday afternoon' motors.

Thread: New scam alert!
13/10/2020 20:54:20

My response to the 'non fault accident you were involved in' is to agree with them but then say unfortunately the amnesia I suffered following the accident means I can't remember any details, you obviously have them just send me the cheque. They always hang up.

I recently discovered another way to really annoy the 'market research' type caller. They obviously have your name, address and phone number which I confirm they then ask your age or age group which I refuse point blank to answer. They reiterate the question several times getting increasingly annoyed then they hang up. Try it it's good fun!

Thread: Ebay sellers...
11/10/2020 08:38:16

Ah! but then all you have to do is build a pair of wings for the fuselage and a fuselage and tail plane for the wings and you've got two models, oh hang on...

Thread: Enlarged version of Vic Smeed Coquette
09/10/2020 08:33:11

If you have a copy of the original plan, find your local copy shop and get an enlarged copy made. It's usually quite cheap, probably no more than £5. If I was doing the Coquette I'd probably go for 45 ins. The fun bit is then selecting the appropriate wood sizes. I've done a Vic Smeed Mamselle and a Hot Canary using this method. I've simply measured the resulting wood sizes and then applied the TLAR principle to finalise my choice.

Thread: Ebay sellers...
18/08/2020 11:47:08

The seller should also add 'rare' and 'collectable' then the skies the limit even if there are three more on the same page!

Thread: The Restorers
08/08/2020 15:18:45

It may well be David's prototype, but my recollection is that many of David's designs were actually built by David Toyer at the prototype stage.

Thread: Best wet and dry sandpaper?
05/08/2020 12:50:11

You could try Workshop Heaven who stock 3M 'reassuringly expensive' microfinishing and lapping film if you want some very fine abrasive paper.

Thread: Is the hobby dying/dead
25/06/2020 14:42:47

If a couple of conversations I've had recently are indicative then no the hobby is not on its last legs. The first was with George at 4max, How's it going? 'Doing 16-17 hour days at the moment' Same question to Ian at Modelbau UK 'Very busy'.

You decide.

Thread: British Nats in the 60s
14/06/2020 11:42:05

I was there in '66 and '68. Health and safety? Remember the vast majority attending in those days were aeromodellers and well aware of the potential risks and used to dodging models.Also remember back then R/C models were in the minority at the Nats. There were far more control line and free flight models than R/C. Those were the days were it wasn't unusual for a F/F model to land in the C/L team race circle whilst a race was under way!

The Dave Platt T28 was the stand out model of the '66 Scale event. Stood looking at it for a long while and stood about 3-4 yards away when Dave took off for a competition flight! Not any more.

Thread: Medium vs Hard Balsa
03/02/2020 12:30:15

Balsa is a very variable material even through individual sheets, I once cut a 4 inch by 1/4 sheet into four equal size pieces. There was nearly 10 gms difference between the lightest and heaviest piece!

If you want to be OCD, and why not? But a set of 'drug dealers scales'off ebay so you can weigh each part, Over the top? Not really build a pair off wings without paying attention to the weight of each component can mean one panel weighing much more than the other, this will have a much more significant effect on the models performance than a slightly miss selected piece for a spar.

Thread: Which engine ?
11/01/2020 18:06:39

I have a DB Piper Cub. I fitted an OS 61 FS, pre surpass, and it's too powerful, unless you think a 60 degree angle of climb at full throttle is scale like. I agree with John Stones that even with careful throttle use it isn't pleasant to fly. I reckon a motor in the 48 to 52 range would be best. Also that vintage of OS four stroke wasn't that reliable on low throttle with the motor fitted inverted.

Thread: Canards
31/12/2019 08:41:30

In simple terms for a canard which has a fore plane with elevators. The elevators move in the opposite sense to conventional elevators at the rear of an aircraft. So with the elevator moving downward the aircraft pitches up and with up moving elevator the aircraft pitches downwards. With an all moving fore plane with the leading edge moving higher than the trailing edge, i.e more positive angle of attack the aircraft climbs and vice versa when the trailing edge moves higher relative to the leading edge, reduced angle of attack.

Note however you will need to ave the fore plane at about 5 degrees of positive incidence to get stable flight.

Thread: Do I need a new charger
04/12/2019 11:48:26

Due to restrictions imposed by carriers Lipos tend to be dispatched at between 20-30% of full charge. Many will have a note with them advising the purchaser to charge to storage level at least as soon as possible. Storage voltage about 3.6-3.8 v per cell. A fully charged new lipo should show 4.2 volts per cell. so 3 cell is 12.6 v. Hope that helps.

Thread: A new caption competition - winner declared!
27/11/2019 12:25:56

Another six feet to the right and I would have through the gate.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
18/11/2019 11:08:20

Why not make the numbers a feature of the model? Letters as large as possible across the top of the wing, preferably large enough to be read by satellite or a passing survellence drone. That will fox some jobsworth when checking up on your registration.winkwink

Thread: BMFA numbers. Is this true, or a gross exaggeration?
12/11/2019 19:35:07

The demographic drift is nothing new. I joined the SMAE (BMFA) in 1965 aged 16. One of the items I received when I joined was the current copy of the SMAE newsletter. One of the prominent articles was one bemoaning the lack of young people joining the hobby. OK the drift is much more serious now, but it's not new.

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