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Thread: How do you buy your Balsa?
16/04/2019 19:33:42

After many years cutting strip with either a knife and a straightedge or a SLEC balsa stripper always ending up with strips that weren't quite square. I finally bought the smaller of the Proxxon circular saws. I couldn't justify the cost of the larger one. What a neat bit of kit, accurate square strips at lastsmiley

Thread: Crash resistant electric motor mounting suggestions please
21/03/2019 15:48:37

I built a Mam'selle during 2002, it's 1.5 times the original so about 54" span. Originally fitted with a geared 600 brushed motor and powered by a 7 cell nicad pack. control was from the RCM&E speed controller. Other than leaving out the engine bearers and substituting a cradle like arrangement for the motor no other changes were made to the original design. Of course balsa sections were appropriately resized, e.g 1/8th stringers became 3/16th stringers. The model flew well but with the original power set up the wing loading was rather too high which meant that the stalling speed and of course the landing speed were higher. Eventually I replaced the power set up with a brushless and lipo and commercial ESC. The result is a viceless and delightful to fly model. The only damage that has ever occurred is when she was caught by a dust devil close to the ground. I also have another of Vic's designs whose name escapes me but built to the original size with the same engine mounting set up it too flies well and has shown no signs of the motor falling out. So don't be over concerned, it is a vintage free flight model treat it as such and all will be well so no prop hanging, rolling circles or Harrierssmiley

Thread: DB Sport and Scale Corben Baby Ace build
15/03/2019 18:18:14

I too have a Corben Baby Ace built in the mid 70's powered by an OS 40 FS. It still exists but hasn't been flown for perhaps 15 years it needs some TLC..Mine flies beautifully, can be tricky taking off from grass but excels at slow low circuits.

Thread: UK supplier of balsa in METRIC thicknesses?
10/02/2019 12:16:37

SLEC certainly advertise and supply metric sized balsa it's in 1 metre long pieces. I believe Balsa Cabin do the same thing. Metric sized balsa is also available from Mantua models based in Windsor.

I'm not sure about SLEC cutting all balsa to metric sizes but certainly their 4 inch wide sheet is 100mm wide as I discovered recently.

Thread: Doubler mistake
07/02/2019 18:32:58

It's not that we've all done it, two identical fuselage sides, two identical wing panels, up thrust instead of down thrust etc that's so frustrating but that we know it's possible and we've done all sorts of things to stop it happening and it still does that's the really frustrating thing.

Thread: Drilling ply/balsa
04/02/2019 07:39:06

I agree with Denis here. Use a spur tipped drill which is specifically designed to drill holes in wood. Finding an imperial sized one could be the biggest challenge.

Thread: Eternally optimistic
26/01/2019 11:31:45

Much simpler reason, its priced in Lira!

Thread: Chisel Headed Scalples
25/01/2019 17:22:08

Scalpels and blades have them at £7.90 for 5. Expensive compared to their prices for the more common blades they sell. I think I would find a different method. Surely an ordinary blade working from both sides should achieve the desired result?

Thread: Laser cutting Depron
26/12/2018 21:48:53

Also bear in mind that laser cutting some plastics releases toxic fumes. I'm not sure what the composition of Depron is.

Thread: Best Heating Option For Your Hobby Shed
29/11/2018 17:58:58

Interesting, two things concern me. 1. The unit burns diesel, so it must presumably have and exhaust external to the building, not obvious in the video. Otherwise there must be a build up of CO in the shed. 2. Burning fuels such as diesel creates approximately the same weight of water as fuel burned not clear how this is dealt with.

I think I would act with caution. I use an oil filled electric radiator.

Thread: mini lathes
12/11/2018 20:03:48

Sorry it's not even a good wood work lathe. Even at the offer price it's still a waste of money.

Thread: Out of trim
10/11/2018 08:45:00

'Autotrimming sounds like a brilliant invention. So good, I think other manufacturers are bound to follow suit.'

Auto trim was available on the Ace R/C Micropro 8000 Tx in the 1980's! Based on an encoder first published in RCM (US mag) in the early '80's. I thought it was a clever idea back then and was surprised no mainstream manufacturer picked up on it.

I recently acquired a MP8K Tx, converted it to 2.4gHz and can confirm auto trim works.

Thread: Home DIY
06/11/2018 11:02:58

Can I deduce that there is a space between the plasterboard and the lintel? If so the simplest answer would be to use a plasterboard fixing. Lots available from all the well known DIY chains. Blinds are quite light so you don't need to drill into the lintel.

Thread: Moonglow
31/10/2018 19:29:51

A fellow club member had one for many years, probably built from the original plan. I recall the model had som dihedral, possibly 2-3 degrees.

Thread: Some nice engines for sale
28/10/2018 18:12:31

Well the Taplin Twin went for £483. A motor that was built some time in the 1960's has never run and will almost certainly never be run. It will likely just become an ornament. I have several MDS motors which can be used as ornaments for much less than £483smiley

Now where's that thread about when does a model become too expensive?

Thread: The Bunt
19/10/2018 22:41:14

I would add to Martin's description start the manoeuvre whilst flying downwind. The reason is that wind distorts the manoeuvre. the down going half then gets pushed fairly round whilst the second half is also helped by the wind and will stay pretty much where you would like it to be. Do it the other way and you get an elongated egg shaped manoeuvre with a strong possibility of the aircraft twisting or flicking out on the upward half.

Thread: BMFA Online Membership portal open for 2018 membership renewals
08/10/2018 14:52:11

Hi has anyone logged into this new portal yet? I received two emails about it. the first, last Friday was clearly addressed to a club officer/ committee member. the second, today is subtly different and is aimed I think at ordinary BMFA members.

The first makes it clear that membership secretaries should find it easier to renew members using this portal. the second email would seem to suggest that everyone will renew on line.

Or am I being thick? (don't answer that I know the answer)

Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 08/10/2018 15:28:11

Thread: Government Consultation on Drone Flying in the UK.
29/08/2018 11:19:08

Surely there is no need for increased Police powers My guess is at the moment if a police officer asked you to land your drone/UAV and you refused without a clear reason. You will be arrested for obstructing an officer in the execution of his duties and duly dealt with.

As far as the validity of the achievement scheme is concerned in its present form its difficult to see what the CAA could add other than a compulsory medical and psychological assessment with say an annual review, that shouldn't more than quadruple your BMFA sub sad

27/08/2018 13:25:09

The 27Mhz band was and AFAIK still an ISM (industrial scientific and medical band) and we shared it with others albeit all users were low powered. Initially CB radio was imported from the USA where 27Mhz was a citizens radio band and could be used for a variety of applications such as radio control. At the time transmitting speech on 27Mhz ISM in the UK was illegal. However the tide of imports and subsequent use proved unstoppable simply because the purchase and ownership of such equipment is not illegal, but using it is! The powers that be had no real way to stop it. so, initially a frequency allocation away from the frequencies was permitted for CB use. However the equipment for this band was more expensive than the imported USA spec equipment so saw little use. Eventually the 35Mhz band was allocated once the military abandoned its use, but there was still a problem because in the UK at the time the TV IF frequency was or close to 35Mhz! So we could interfere with TV at short range.

BTW 2.4Ghz is also an ISM band!

22/08/2018 18:59:06

I completed the survey last night. My overall conclusion is that whoever the author of this survey was he/she is either a very junior or very naive member of the DofT. Clearly the author(s) have very little knowledge of the operation of conventional fixed wing or helicopters or indeed of multi rotors or the technology that supports it. It seems that for many of the proposed 'solutions' to the drone 'problem' the proposals are a very large and unwieldy sledge hammer to crack at best a miniscule or non existent nut.

It also seems that the powers that be already have at their disposal enough law to achieve what this consultation is alluding to.

The section on detection and effecting drones looks like science fiction. If we are to assume that future legislation is to enable the powers that be to counter the potential criminal use of multi rotors, the type of system that appears to be being proposed is unlikely to work or it could seriously backfire. Scenario, I am a terrorist hell bent on dropping some IED on a location that is bound to get maximum publicity. I develop and programme my multi copter to do one of two things if it encounters a jamming signal. 1. to immediately detonate and if this is in an urban area collateral damage is virtually assured even if the planned target is missed. 2. On detection of an interfering signal the device reverts to its internal programming and heads off to some pre-planned landing spot to be saved for another day.

The final art of this survey about growth in the use of multi rotors also seem over optimistic. If the exoectation is that many drones will be used for routine delivery tasks for example. the chances are that most will fly along a relatively narrow corridor relatively close to built up areas. How long will it be before protest groups are formed to lobby against such events. Not long when you consider that almost all infrastructure projects meet opposition.

The bit on FINs seems somewhat unnecessary. If there is a requirement to file in effect a flight plan, if only moments prior to take off, will there be a need ti withdraw the flight plan if the flight doesn't happen?

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