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Thread: Ebay sellers...
06/11/2017 16:32:49

Well it is in excellent condition even the plan and instructions are in the original German.However the tube of glue is probably dry so a discount may be in order perhaps a 99% discount would be appropriate.

Thread: new workshop
28/10/2017 17:56:42

It goes without saying that paying attention to the roof will have the greatest effect. My 27' X 9' shed has the roof lined with a flooring grade of polystyrene foam, whilst the wall are lined with loft insulation then covered in 6mm MDF. The whole edifice is heated by a 2Kw convection heater which is 30 odd years old. The shed is warm and dry and here in the south is rarely on all the time except in very cold weather The floor is cement screed over a DPM .This is topped with a rubber mat of the sort used in stables. Don't choose the ribbed/grooved style like I did its a b******* to clean! I have a nice cosy retreat.

Thread: Where can I get a Merco 61 mk 11 Silencer?
28/10/2017 17:46:19

I know it's an obvious thing to say but keep an eye on ebay, one came up recently. ATM there is a nice looking example of a Mk4 61 complete with said dustbin silencer £16 at the moment.

Thread: Dremel tools
23/10/2017 07:45:06

Sorry to pour cold water on the Dremel love in. I bought a mains powered one 3000 IRC from the Dremel stand at a major tool show, it came with a range of accessories at a good price. BUT it vibrated quite badly, but not enough to warrant returning it. This was five years ago. It failed after three years. I sourced with great difficulty replacement switch and brushes, but the fault was the main commutator, very expensive. So I dug out my very old B&D version of the tool and discovered that all the Dremel accessories fitted and it didn't vibrate. I will say all the accessories are well made and work well.

Thread: Large Model of a - Flair Pupeteer
22/10/2017 22:14:53

Clearly an antique dealer judging by his/her name. We all know what antiques are worth. He should drill some no60 holes to simulate woodworm and french polish the instrument panel if he wants to achieve that pricesmiley

Thread: Cataract surgery and model flying.
30/09/2017 14:54:48

I've had both eyes done, the first about five years ago. This was might right eye. Prior to the op if I was flying and closed my left eye the model disappeared! Not ideal.My left eye was done this year and now my sight is really very good. I had significant astigmatism in my left eye and immediately before the op was offered an alternative lens that would correct this condition, unfortunately not funded by the NHS. However a little additional surgery during the cataract op has improved the eye significantly.

BTW unless you are VERY scared of surgery have the op done under a local aneasthetic its quite an interesting experience and allowsyou appreciate the skill of the surgeon,

Thread: Novice Build
29/09/2017 10:49:48

I built a Baby Ace in the late 70's, its still in my shed but could do with at least a recover. A nice model to start a building career. Mine is/was powered with a first version of the OS40 four stroke which provided adequate but not excessive power, Great just pootling around at low level. You need to coordinate rudder and aileron to make the turns look tidy though. The only shortcoming is the undercarriage location which made take offs from all but the shortest grass tricky. If you can move the wheel centres/axles forward by a little say about 1/2 inch that should improve this characteristic. Good luck with the build, mine was a band-sawn kit none of this hyper accurate laser cutting back then!smiley

Thread: Horizon Hobbies
19/09/2017 11:40:39

I have a DX6 which does the same thing. Originally supplied with Dry batteries, which discharged at about the rate you might expect. I bought the Spektrum Lithium rechargeable battery pack. After installing it and charging it with the appropriate charger I noticed the same phenomenon. Asked at my LMS which considered it 'normal'. I removed the pack and opened it and beside the battery there is a small electronic circuit which I guess is the charge regulator. I guess this because the Spektrum logo on the TX face doesn't light up when charging unlike my DX8 which does. My guess is the charging circuit in the battery pack is responsible for this self discharge phenomenon, after all lipos have a very low self discharge rate.,

Thread: The 2018 Mass Build Ideas thread
12/09/2017 14:33:42

Pondering a possible model for the 2018 mass build I wondered whether a stand off scale model would be a possibility? I would suggest that the Tipsy Junior, a Peter Miller plan would be suitable. Simple to build and can be enhanced with scale detail, unfortunately only two existed so perhaps not very exciting. Or Peter's CAP 20. A slightly more challenging build with the semi elliptical wing. There are lots of colour schemes around to allow personalisation.

I've also built Peter's Fournier RF4, but perhaps a long tapered wing with washout is a step too far?

Thread: I've just acquired
14/08/2017 17:17:18

I guess the machine you have is ex school or college. If it is I would check the condition of the seals. There are two, a thicker slightly softer one that fits around the edge of the table and another that is quite obvious on the top of the machine on which the plastic is placed and the frame brought down and locked onto it. Unfortunately people often leave the table up and the frame locked down which shortens the life of the seals. Poor seals = poor vac forming. Good seals = excellent vac forming. I think this machine also had an air filter inside the cabinet, rarely changed but a poor vacuum points toward a blocked filter.

BTW K&M supplies who are an educational supplier sell plastic sheet already cut to size for the machine. They are Halfway near Sheffield.

good formingsmiley

Thread: help with robart pin hinges
08/08/2017 12:19:12

I've got a pack of those just the same, They're in the bottom of my hinge drawer right now. If someone comes up with a sensible, cheap and easy way to use them that's where they'll stay.

Thread: Is it a record
28/07/2017 14:07:27

My thread title was intentionally ambiguous as was my opening post. The second post answered the question, so arguably ending the thread.

However many of us, contributors to the forum and the wider model building population are naturally concerned when one of the major players in the business stops trading especially one that appears to hold a large percentage of the plans and part kit asset.

Equally I can see the sensitivity of the owners of this forum who are effectively the other businesses chief rival. Clearly seeming to gloat over a rivals misfortune is not a nice thing, after all, in these uncertain days in publishing you could be next.

I have also been the 'victim' of moderation and put on the naughty step earlier this year when I suggested a post asking about models crashing into houses might just be a malicious posting.

My final point is that what appears to be conspicuous moderation might give rise to a new sport of moderator baiting, it's a blood sport and ultimately there are no winners

Thread: New Laser engines. What do you want?
28/07/2017 13:48:16

Jon, I suspect that your 'correspondent' may well be a single finger typist who has difficulty in turning his/her computer on and therefore struggles to stirng a few coherent words together. Asking what they intended to use the motor for is way beyond their computer skills.

Another possible solution to your problem lies in your telephone system.I don't know whether you have a multi option system. So that 'press 1 to hear the latest stock availability. Press 2 to hear the estimated waiting times for other engines. Press 3 to speak to that nice Mr Harper!

Thread: Is it a record
28/07/2017 10:19:44

Thread opened to locked in one hour and ten minutes. Moderators are you being played with?

Thread: Ebay sellers...
26/07/2017 07:57:03

Now then the ad does say that you are only getting the front bit, that'll be the lump of corroded metal then. The rest is going in the bin.

Thread: Visiting the UK in September
23/07/2017 14:31:11

Just checked and the 'ghost squadron' is doing Middle Wallop on 9th 10th September.. I think your only problem whilst you are here is when to sleep!

23/07/2017 14:25:02

Whilst in the south a visit to the Museum of Army Aviation at Middle Wallop is worthwhile. Its on the site of the largest grass airfield in the country. When you have finished in the museum go to the restaurant, have a cup of tea and watch the current helicopters on the airfield. BTW a number of model events are held there during the year Sam35 and scale aero-tow hold events at MW.

Thread: Credit where credits due
19/07/2017 16:50:54

Talking of quick service. I recently acquired an OS 60 open rocker 4stroke,but the needle valve was bent. A fruitless search ensued looking for a genuine replacement. Then I searched through my OS engines and discovered that the OS 30 Surpass needle although not quite identical works perfectly. I found that Just Engines stocked spares for that engine. A quick phone call confirmed that they had one in stock. A quick exchange of details and a card number and they said it would be posted that day, Tuesday. The rest of the week passed pleasantly enough but no needle valve. I decided that on Monday if it didn't arrive in the mail I would ring. About 10:00 my phone rang, it was JE, 'we've just got your needle valve back with the package marked not 'known at this address'. Can we check your address?' It seemed JE had put the house number the wrong way round 75 instead of 57. 'We'll put in the post today' It arrived yesterday(Tuiesday) so just a week to do one round trip and back to me not bad I suppose. A pity the householder didn't look up my name and walk the 50 yards or so to my door, a pity too that the postman having already put mail through my door on his way to 75 didn't spot the name occurring twice in the same street and my surname isn't Smith or Jones.

Thread: Caption this...!
13/07/2017 16:10:31

Just checking to make sure there's enough sky above us, but it's OK the fuel is still in the Bowser.

Thread: Monkey's new clothes
18/06/2017 13:43:47

I'm told by a friend, a very good builder and even better decorator of models the best way is to apply a good quality and sticky masking tape firmly,iron lightly and then remove whilst warm.

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