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Thread: Anyone can build a model plane.
13/05/2018 18:37:09

My Tomboy is covered in Litespan, and fuel proofed, can't remember what I used. Its powered with an Irvine Mills 75, more than adequate. It only has the Mills integral tank and flying carefully gets to around 500'. If I built it again I would only put an elevator on one side, after all it's basically a trimming control with a bit extra to slow the touchdown.

Thread: Anyone have this plan?
11/05/2018 08:25:51

Yes, I picked up an original copy at my LMS about 3 years ago. Built the model last year. I had it photo copied. PM me your address, you can have the copy for the cost of postage.

Thread: Grain direction
05/05/2018 12:59:12

When I built Peter's Ballerina I decided to have the grain on the formers running vertically.My reasoning being that when cutting notches for stringers the bits either side of a notch were less likely to break off if the grain is vertical rather than horizontal. I suspect the ability of the former to resist compression loads in this orientation may well be improved by simply using a harder grade of balsa.

Thread: Your Transmitter History
09/04/2018 08:04:34

My first Tx was a Macgregor s/c the hammer finished grey one with an RCM&E Cotswold Rx, home built.

Next came the RCM&E Galloping ghost TX and RCM&E superhet RX again home built, I was an impecunious school boy!

RCM&E are doing well here, next was their original proportional system.

Followed by a once again home built Harry Brooks 'Sprengbrook' system, worked really well.

Next Skyleader get a look in with first a Clubman, followed by an SLX and finally a TSX system these were the first radiois that I hadn't built myself.

I then changed to JR with their original system, aluminium extruded case and open gimble sticks. wonderfully reliable.

35mhz arrived and i bought a Sprengbrook system made by Brand Electric in Germany.

My next Jr set was the Apex computer radio, able to afford it as the result of some scrote stealing all of the previous Slyleader and JR tx's from my shed.

I had always hankered after a set of Kraft radio and eventually bought a 5 channel Sport outfit. We 'enjoyed' mixed fortunes with this set.

My first 'toe in the water' with 2.4 ghz was to fit an FrSky module to my Apex Tx. improved latency and much better battery life from the Tx.

Finally Spekrum DX8 followed by a DX6.

Thread: HS 2
22/02/2018 14:01:39

I'm not sure that I would worry too much about HS2 if western region electrification is anything to go by. So far the new electric trains can make it as far as Didcot from Paddington, nothing going west towards Cornwall as yet, there are a few poles up as far as Newbury but no wires. The project is years late and very over budget. Many of the new electric trains are run using diesel engines which were retrofitted to them! Personally I think HS2 is a good idea IF they run 180 mph freight trains on the line and passenger fares are the same as the existing standard fares to the north. It just gone dark here as a flock of pigs pass overheadcheeky

Thread: Re: Death of IC
06/02/2018 11:32:30

For the rest, mainly electric. On the other hand a lot of my predictions are either completely wrong or in detail. At present I am convinced that a Manchester Club will win the Premier League.

Erfolg, You sound like my sort of gambler, each way bet on the boat race!!!smiley

Thread: does balsa harden with age?
03/02/2018 21:02:16

I think you will find that the main difference between 'then' and 'now' is how it is sourced. Certainly in the 50's and 60's balsa trees were found in the rain forests of places like Ecuador by local native labour. Trees were felled and hauled to a suitable place for shipment. There was little idea just how old the trees were. A balsa tree reaches its commercial peak at about 7 years. Today balsa is plantation grown and therefore it is possible to harvest the crop at the optimum moment. Therefore there is a greater supply of prime timber today than in earlier times.

Thread: Flying towards youself
16/01/2018 08:32:26

The old flying toward yourself problem is as old as multi channel radio control. Ideally what we should attempt to do as an old flying buddy of mine said is to place yourself in the cockpit so that you are going in the same direction as the model., Very difficult to do but it comes with practice and experience and more practice. The 'prop up the low wing' trick is a way of remembering what to do to remove the banked attitude of a model which is coming toward you. The snag is the explanation is tricky to explain because it uses left and right in confusing ways. So to start with forget about the actual left and right (port and starboard) of the actual model and concentrate on what you are seeing. So, model coming toward you the model is banked to your viewing position to the left, (left wing low from your point of view). The model is actually banked to the right, so the corrective control input is left aileron. How ever from your point of view you are moving the stick to the left, thus propping up the the low wing or putting the stick under the low wing. easier to remember and do when you are relatively new to this flying game.

Thread: DB Se5-how much covering required
05/01/2018 13:22:38

A friend has one at the painting stage. The simple answer is quite a lot. His is covered in Ceconite and doped. Ceconite is used on full size so is sold by the acre! He bought dope by the gallon.

Thread: 2018 Mass Build Sign up Thread
03/01/2018 16:53:57

Just started to clear the decks after a spell of decorating,oh and of course Christmas. I've chosen the CAP20L, 1. because I like Peter Millar's designs (Ballerina RF4 , plus one whose name escapes.)

2. I bought the short kit and canopy a couple of years back. So it will make a dent in my kit cache.

3. I like CAP aircraft.

I shall start on or after 12th night.

Thread: P.A.W. 1.49 plain bearing - can't adjust compression
16/12/2017 20:13:02

I haven't listened? to the video, but the lack of progressive response to the needle valve could be to do with its position. Does the spray bar have two holes through it each diametrically opposite to the other? If yes then check that the holes are across the airflow, if you look down the venturi are you seeing the holes at a tangent? Adjust the spray bar to achieve this. The needle might be bent slightly if this were the case I would expect a lean/rich cycle as you rotate the needle. Best running setting is minimum compression and minimum fuel for the highest achievable rpm. Progressive twiddling of compression and needle will find that spot. Remember reducing compression may sound counter intuitive but that's how it works. Good luck.

Thread: Weighty Matters
14/12/2017 16:20:54

An alternative to a new and heavier model might well be to look at the achievement scheme Basic Proficiency Certificate (BPC) designed for the situation you are describing. The test is the same as the 'A; test but allows for sub 1Kg models, you'll find details on the BMFA Achievement Scheme website. The only downside is your club's attitude to it with regard to flying unsupervised.

Thread: Ebay sellers...
13/12/2017 08:28:27

I agree Peter the present bid is insane. I wonder, though if when the auction ends the winning bidder will realise exactly what he/she has done and not pay up? It's obviously silly season on Ebay. A couple of days ago an ED single channel TX, not a Black Prince but one with a red case sold for £412, You got a red covered case containing a valve or two, no doubt a coil and a capacitor and some battery leads. No antenna, no keying button etc. Madness.

Thread: OS Max 40V. Rear Exhaust Engine. Suggestions for a suitable model please.
02/12/2017 14:35:05

Surely such an engine deserves a classic pylon racer air frame to haul around for example a Manneater?

Thread: 2018 Mass Build Sign up Thread
01/12/2017 11:33:24

I shall go for the Cap 20 as I already have a part kit and canopy. I'm tempted by the Ghost Rider, I have the original GR 50 plan and I expect I still have a rib template dating from 1967-8, sad or what? BTW if you build a GR50 from the original plan DB reckoned you didn't need a dihedral brace, you do, guess how I found out? Mine flew using the RCM&E galloping ghost TX, RCM&E superhet Rx and the Controlaire actuator and powered by an OS15.

Thread: Engines - general questions.
28/11/2017 17:24:26

Another source of bearings that I have used is SMB bearings who are in Carterton Oxon. The lady that answers the phone is brilliant and well used to us modellers and skateboarders looking for bearings. By the way at around about the time the 40 fs was made OS quite often used a mixture of metric and imperial bearings on their engines, measure your old bearings in both inches and mm and it should be apparent which type has been used.

Thread: Unexpected response
21/11/2017 17:18:09

I bought my first Permagrit tool not long after the business started (mid 80;s?), following a club talk by Ian Richardson It was a 300 mm block. Still going strong despite much use and not all of it on balsa and associated materials. It's not as sharp now as another block I bought 3 or 4 years ago. My most recent purchase was last year when I visited the LAA rally at Sywell, where PG had a stand, apparently the full size home builders like them too.

Thread: The Universe Belongs to Me!
15/11/2017 14:56:20

Seems perfectly reasonable to me, after all Kodak hold the copywrite on Kodak Yellow and I believe BP have rights on the particular shade of green they use. I suspect UPS might come unstuck if they tried to control the use of 'brown' as a colour, especially as there is quite a lot of brown substances which might be thrown at them.smiley

Thread: 2018 Mass Build - Voting Thread
14/11/2017 08:38:16

My choice for MB18.

1.PM Dalotel/CAP20/CAP21 Because I have a Cap 20 part kit

2. Flea Fli (60% scale model of a Kwik fli), because I have the plan

3. Ghost Rider 50 again because I have the original plan

Thread: The 2018 Mass Build Ideas thread
14/11/2017 08:32:28

Well I finished my Skywriter some weeks ago but as my camera went into hiding at about the time I was covering it sadly no photos of that stage. Good news, my camera has come out of hiding so I will post pictures of the finished model soon. As to why there was a small take up of this model? It's a biplane, so twice as many wings to build. Now I quite like building wings so that didn't put me off and besides that I hadn't built a bipe for some years. Other attractions I like stringered fuselages so I was up for the build, but not every ones cup of tea. As for this years list on which I will vote as soon as I've posted this drivel! My first choice will be PM's Cap 20, why? I've had a part kit for a couple of years so its about time it was built. I also like Peter's designs, my hanger contains a Ballerina, last years MB, a Fournier RF4 and a Baby OO-TIT.. Second choice will be a a Flea fli. Why, because i built one in the '70s, great flyer even with the standard servos and Rx of the time. I keep threatening to build it again with modern light weight gear, and I still have the plan I built the original one from! Third Ghost Rider in this case the original '50' Again built it originally in the late 60's fitted with home built RCM&E galloping ghost gear, model flew well, might be tempted to build a 2.4Ghz GG emulation outfit and again I still have the original plan! How sad is that? If none of those designs are chosen then I shall go off in a huffsmiley and build a Spook 96 again because I have the Belair kit and a very nice open rocker OS 60 fs.

So for me the choice whether I join the mass build is down to whether I like the chosen model and what resources I already have to keep the cost to some sort of reasonable bounds.

Whether a 'themed' mass build will work better? probably providing the theme fits reasonably within peoples 'bucket list' of models to build. Should it encourage new builders? Yes but that might restrict the choice to trainers and intermediate aerobatic models of simple construction, where perhaps the MB should encourage participants to extend there building skills.

Time will tell.

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