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Thread: Martin's Skywriter, aliitle late but....
15/02/2017 22:03:09

Today's efforts were aimed to get the top wing looking ummmm more wing like!

most ribs in place, top wing.jpg

The first photo shows most ribs in position, but importantly there holding the rear spar in place whilst the glue sets. The next photo shows the wing at close of play. With all the top wing ribs in place and the top spar glued in place. The LE and TE are for tomorrow.

ribs and top spar.jpg

15/02/2017 22:03:08

Today's efforts were aimed to get the top wing looking ummmm more wing like!

most ribs in place, top wing.jpg

The first photo shows most ribs in position, but importantly there holding the rear spar in place whilst the glue sets. The next photo shows the wing at close of play. With all the top wing ribs in place and the top spar glued in place. The LE and TE are for tomorrow.

ribs and top spar.jpg

14/02/2017 20:50:12

tail weight.jpgHi,

I enjoyed building the Ballerina last year. As a notoriously slow builder I found following others progress made me build quicker! Slow? well 31/2 years to build Peter Millers RF4 is slow!

I am by nature a scratch builder, start with a heap of materials, drawings sharp scalpel blades etc and I'm off...slowly! I've been building models since I was 12 and now HMG pays my wages!

I thought I would start with the tail group because it is easy and I'm considering closed loop linkage for the rudder so having the tail group to hand should help with the positioning with the holes for the closed loop wires. Nicked the laminated LE idea using 6 lams of 1/16th balsa around a MDF former.tailplane laminating.jpg

Thread: Why learn aerobatics? How learn aerobatics?
13/02/2017 19:32:31

It has been argued that aerobatics is the ultimate test of flying skill Here we go 'oh no its not'. I agree with your basic plan, it's certainly achievable. Definately go to each flying session with a specific plan, 'today I will practise three consecutive loops' etc.

I would strongly recommend Neil Williams book 'Aerobatics' long out of print and Neil sadly deceased. It's about aerobatics in full size aircraft but many of the hints and tips apply to our models. Apart from that it's an interesting read Tr your library, second hand bookshop Amazon etc.

Thread: Any Idea What This Is?
13/02/2017 08:01:52

I'm with Nigel on this one, Saturn Sandpiper. I had one in the mid seventies, nice model. I still have a canopy.

Thread: Planning laws, clarification sought
10/02/2017 11:14:34

Whatever the governments policy is on housing development at the moment this proposal falls outside it? My understanding is that it is a holiday development not a proposal for permanent dwellings for families and therefore adds nothing to the national housing stock. Perhaps the developer should be 'persuaded' that some of the duplex apartments have to be affordable homes.

Thread: Should you invite drone pilots to your field?
06/02/2017 11:45:23

We have had multi rotors flying on our site for a while, several years in fact. Most of our MR flyers came by way of heli flying some of whom are very good 3d flyers. The early adopters mostly scratch built their MRs and so when they flew mostly from the heli patch most stopped to watch. We now have a couple of members who have the CAA certificate and joined so they could have somewhere to fly in order to maintain their hours. Most will stop when a large camera carrying octo-copter takes to the air! The benefits are we have some nice aerial footage of our field. However a couple of FPV MR flyers tried racing, we had to ban that activity because our site is open to members of the public dog walking, jogging etc so FPV racing flying at head height is just not acceptable! So our response initially was we are 'drone tolerant' seemed reasonable but unfortunately the BMFA doesn't have such a category so we are drone friendly but with restrictions.

Oddly one of our FPV MR flyers tried to find a drone friendly farmer who had a small area of woodland which they could fly in and out off. No luck I gather which did surprise me as it would have provided an income from a part of the farm which doesn't usually show a profit.

Thread: Shaving
22/01/2017 08:41:30

Many years ago I had a colleague who before becoming a teacher worked for Gillette looking at the sharpness of razor blades and how they became blunt. Much work involved examining the blades under an electron microscope. He said it was impossible to distinguish by examination a sharp,new, blade from a blunt, used , blade. The only way to tell was by shaving with the blades! In frustration he decided upon a career change.

It's certainly true that these multi bladed 'shaving systems' are certainly expensive, intended to bleed you dry in both literally and metaphorically!

Thread: LMA v BMFA insurance
18/01/2017 11:54:58

It puzzles me why quite so many forum members, both on this and other forums, get quite so agitated about the cost of BMFA membership, the cost of insurance and the printed BMFA News. The annual cost for an adult member is £33. That's about 1/3rd of the price of a Seagull Boomerang trainer kit about the same as a mid priced 40A esc and a lot of mid specification servos come in at around that price. So the sub is a small fraction of most peoples average modelling spend. Yet feel it quite in order to whinge endlessly.

The BMFA News is a journal of record. In it are reports of the activities of its members whether they have just got their ;A cert or have become a world champion. It records and reports how our hobby is faring in the larger world, note the amount of effort being expended trying to moderate, with some success, the EASA proposals caused in the main by commercial business selling products to those who aren't aware of the possible consequences of their activities and certainly couldn't care less about it as long as the profits keep rolling in. The insurance is excellent value for its scope, just try equalling it as an individual buying in the market.

The NFC when completed will present a first class image of a sport/hobby often seen as stupid old men playing with toys in a wet and or windy field. Sad, but hey they're harmless.

Stop whinging about our national body and perhaps support its aims!

Thread: To much down thrust????????????
10/01/2017 08:31:17

The only experience I have of excessive down thrust happened a long time ago with a friend's rebuilt Tiger Moth. Take off needed more than normal up elevator but once air borne flew perfectly well. The interesting bit was the landing. set the model up for the approach, fine, just before touch down decide to go round, open the throttle and the down thrust very firmly landed the plane unless you were very quick with the elevator.

Correct it before flying to avoid interesting challenges.smiley

Thread: Setting up new field.
29/12/2016 10:53:38

Before actually applying for change of use I would suggest having a chat with a planning officer that serves your local authority are. They are always helpful.

Things to bear in mind. Proximity of noise sensitive premises. access and egress on to the public highway, the LA may well require some restrictions. Noise assessment, fortunately these days have a chat with Andy Symons BMFA. are things you need to investigate before you turn a sod on your new strip.


Thread: Time to confront problem with my OS60GTs petrols
21/12/2016 09:56:39

Thinking back a year or so my LMS had an OS petrol returned with a cracked crankcase after little use. Engine returned to Rip Max. Fault diagnosed as a misaligned casting. Apparently fault diagnosed and rectified by one Peter Halman who knows a bit about model engines!

Thread: Christmas Caption Competition!
08/12/2016 08:30:02

Don't you remember your mother said it's rude to point.

Thread: YouTube Where do they get them from??
05/12/2016 08:37:03

Well done Phil! You've won the worst video by a country mile!!smiley

Thread: Ebay sellers...
05/12/2016 08:22:50

Curious, this seller often has engines for sale on ebay. Where does he get them from? Always exotic high performance motors in unused condition. Clearly not a modeller.

Thread: Civilian Coupe (1932)
02/12/2016 08:42:41

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away a friend used to make spoked wheels regularly. The hub was a piece of brass tube with two brass discs with a ring of holes drilled around the circumference soldered to it. The rim was laminated ply ring with a cross section to retain the tyre. The spokes were made from fishing line. assembly required the use of a simple jig to hold the hub and rim. The spokes were laced from the hub through holes in the rim, the whole lot in reasonable tension. The tyre was a suitably sized O ring. You would think it would be to fragile to survive on a model, but you try breaking one!

I recall there was an article in on of the mags way back, start searching around 1971

Thread: A tacking adhesive
02/12/2016 08:24:59

If Cow gum is 'old school' then do what plans often used to suggest 'tack with spots of balsa cement' when done slide a modelling knife through the spots and it separates easily.

Thread: Spektrum Dx6 Black Edition - Elevon travel
20/11/2016 21:52:56

From memory, without checking. The right elevon servo is plugged into the aileron output on the Rx and the left elevon servo into the elevator output. Setting the servo travel correctly for ailerons should then give the correct travel for the elevator, assuming the travel direction for elevator and aileron were 'norm' to begin with.

Thread: 2017 Mass Build Voting Thread
03/11/2016 13:40:54

1. Flea/Kwik fli

2 Skywriter

3. Evans Volksplane

Thread: Dual Rates on DX6
03/11/2016 13:30:02


assuming that your transmitter is currently at default settings as an initial starting point proceed as follows.

Tx on, press roller, scroll down to D/R and expo press roller. the next screen shows a graphic of the current D/R expo setting should be a diagonal straight line. Default channel is aileron at top of list. Current setting for switch in position 1 is 100% rate 0%expo. Do make sure that you have selected switch F as the D/R expo switch. by default it simply says switch ON Scroll down to dual rate and change to your preferred rate (125%) although why you would use this for an initial setup I. Press roller don't know. then select second switch position and set your required rate. Job done. The only reasons I can see for your problem could be selecting 125% for rate 0. I've just done this with my DX6 (gen 1) in front of me. If it doesn't work try max rate at 100% and set control surface travel mechanically rather than over driving the servo to 125%. That's the only reason I can see for your problem.

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