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Thread: Steve Webb ... slightly miffed!
31/08/2012 09:16:13

Daithi O Buitigh (that took some spelling),

I've got three within a 20 mile drive. One is just like you describe, one is a HobbyStores (good, use it most, but use the first one as my small part in keeping him in business),

But the third...

It's quite large, with an old-fashioned 'ringer' on the door. It is an Aladdins cave. Vast boxes with huge composite gliders from floor to ceiling, kts of all descriptions imaginable, some good make ARTFs, glow and petrol engines from small to flat four OS Pegasus, balsa, glue, Kontronik motors, Robbe stuff, Multiplex or Graupner radio, never both at the same time, depending on his current whim, EDF units, everything. Even a retired airline pilot serving when he has his day off.

I am told he is very well off, has even more in his old barn at home, and is thinking of retiring. Shame, it can never be replaced if he does. And he never advertises anywhere.

I am not going to tell you its name or location smiley

Thread: Cut-off voltage
31/08/2012 08:49:02

That's just Multiplex being helpful to justify its 'higher than most' prices. Use the default, that's the real one. They do know what's best, they make batteries too.The cut off means it is not on load anymore. That's the point of it.

Thread: Lipo problems - is it me?
31/08/2012 08:31:11


You MUST have an on/off regular 'physical' switch beteen the battery and anything else whatsover. A voltage regulator still has a leakage, and even a 'digital' switch, such as the PowerBox ones, has a leakage (which renders it rather pointless if you have a regular switch before it). All semiconductor devices have a leakage, small, but it is there..

Otherwise you must disconnect the battery.

Thread: Steve Webb ... slightly miffed!
31/08/2012 08:15:08

This is why I asked the question -

Drop into my LMS about once a week.

Often want one simple item, yesterday a sheet 1/16 x3 balsa to replace a too soft one in a kit.

Buy glow fuel, T-pins, a bottle of Aliphatic glue, one can of Flair Spectrum paint, 'oh, while I'm here I will get some epoxy, an old MK Atlanta kit (very rare), A Junior 60 kit, knife blades, etc.etc.

If I can't do that, and many things are one off spur of the moment purcgases, I will give up modelling. Can't be bothered most of the time with online, and don't want to have to stay home waiting for its 'sooner or later' arrival.

Can I even get a length of 1/16 square balsa from Hobbyking or whoever, and how much will the postage be on this 3 pence, long and fragile item?

And he has to answer silly questions on the phone from some total newbie who hasn't bought his totally unsuitable 8 engined gas turbine B-52 foamy he is asking about from the shop. And the newbie moans when he cant get a part for it , after his inevitable crash, from the shop.


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Thread: Electric Racing?
31/08/2012 04:46:15

And these things are even faster than the top IC pylon class!

Thread: Lipo problems - is it me?
31/08/2012 04:24:02

I was going to say exactly what Garbo said. An NiMh or NiCd setting (or just an NiMh/NiCd charger) works well for me too. Only needs a few minutes and watch it all the time. But I thought I might be stamped on by the 'Elf and Safety nannies. So kept quiet. As Garbo has now blown the gaff, I am just backing up his experience.

It's no less safe, PROVIDED YOU WATCH IT AND ONLY DO IT FOR A FEW MINUTES than  a regular charger. At the beginning of the charge process the NiMh/NiCd and Lipo charging 'regimes' are much the same. Not so long ago , before these things were common, the 'authorities' , including the model magazines, were saying you could charge Lipos on an adjustable 'stabilized power supply', and that was/is true., but again, you have to observe all the time. 

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Thread: Steve Webb ... slightly miffed!
31/08/2012 03:58:18

One grumpy (and wrong) assistant. It happens.

'Go mail order' And I am not commenting, I have heard this so many times. So I would genuinely be interested in an answer.

What are you going to do when your LMS closes and all you want is one 36 inch length of 1/16 square balsa?

Thread: Hanger 9 Sopwith Camel (Pig) Land-Dings
30/08/2012 22:21:52

Don't give up. Yours could be fine. A lot of it is your rough landing area. In principle there should be no more difficulty with a Camel than with any other short nosed, narrow track biplane. I think your lowering of the noseweight will be good, even if not a complete solution. Also try putting more or tighter 'O' rings on the U/C to stop it wobbling about. But only after you try what you have already done.

Move the CG back (again later) The Reeves video pilot was in a panic at first but he soon got over it.

The real Camel's trickiness to fly for first time was caused by the high torque of its more powerful than the others engine.  Doesn't affect our models. Also, deliberately, its rearwards CG. Would not fly level for more than a second or so without attention. Would spin at the drop of a hat but came out equally quickly. More feared by the enemy than any of our other aircraft.(all from Winged Victory).

CG? with respect, your model should be much touchier than it appears to be in the videosmiley

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Thread: Phone call scam- received call from a technician who said my system was infected
30/08/2012 21:50:39

I was in the computer industry for 30 years. These scammers are pretty thick. Fairly easy to detect. But they are a danger to 'innocent' ard 'older' people. I'm 67, but by no means innocent.

I have NEVER had a 'cold call' of any kind, honest or dishonest, since I changed my land line to a supplier other than BT about a year a year ago. Mobile? It is 'pay as you go', paid for using cash, always topped up using cash, so no money trail at all. I ignored the mobile service providers 'special offers', as I had to 'register' for them. So no one on the planet, other than my close friends and wife, even know that I have a mobile. Not even the service provider. I never use it from home, as I don't want it to be connected to a location. It is usually switched off when I am driving, as I do not want its position to be located. Paranoid? A criminal? No, I just value my privacy.

I never use credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, or anything like that, though I have them all. My car was paid for by a bankers draft, and your name is not on those. Of course the car dealer knows my name, but there is no financial trail.

Thus for most purposes I simply do not exist, or at least have no financail history. So I don't get cold calls.

Email? Some. But Microsoft don't make spelling mistakes. I don't have an account with the Halifax., or HSBC. so pretty easy to detect them. I have no financail stuff on my computer and I don't use computetrised banking. I do use my banks computerised 'voice' telephone service, but my computer is not involved in that.

BUT - I am here under my real name. I will not voice my opinion (which I often do) unless I am prepared to put my name to it.

Thread: Shopping for Batteries
30/08/2012 14:33:52

Pete B's statement.

I do not think I have seen anything in my 67 years that I agree with more. Every single word.

Thread: Twin brushless config'
30/08/2012 13:22:27


You both make very good points. I have had Four ESCs fail in ten years. None were overloaded, neither in terms of motor or radio supply. Two Jeti, one of nominally Axi make, and one Chinese. I have never had a battery fail, in all my equipment, model related or not.

As I have said, Kontronik say the internal BEC, where fitted, should be thought of only as a battery backup. Yet they make much of their 'advanced' BECs and also much of how many of their higher voltage ESCs (but not the highest voltage ones) have integral BECS where others dont. Odd.

High voltage? I have ESCs up to 50 volts, and one, not so far in use (Schubeler integrated ducted fan, motor, and ESC) that can be 60 volts . None of these have BECs. The weight saving in the planes that they are typically used in would be negligible.

Battery supplies have a 'handling safety' advantage. One can test all sorts of other things while leaving the power battery disconnected. I still have a small scar inflicted by my little Comet! The plane was OK.

I use mainly Multiplex receivers, many of which have a dual battery facility as standard. But I never bother. Such 'integrated' things also introduce complication which may reduce the reliability. Do it yourself, as Chris does, you have control over what's going on.. No battery failures in ten years and one has to draw a line somewhere.

PS: You want a high power, High voltage ESC?I thouroughly recommend the new OS ones. A 100 amp/12 lipo one is  only about £130 and so far is reliable.  And they have a good name to take care of.






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Thread: Turnigy 9X, is it legal in EU?
30/08/2012 12:19:07


Best we forget him. I am interested, in a small way, with WW2 history, and it comes to mind.

Rex, another thought. Tell him to look at B&O HiFi. That's made in Denmark. Mine's got a CE mark

30/08/2012 11:47:45

Looked it up on Wiki. It stands for "Conformite' Europe'ene", not China Export or anything else. It means... etc.etc.etc. Legally required on all sorts of equipment. Why not print it off and show it to them. It should 'unconvince' him. If not, unelect him. Or don't your members support each other?

Why should you be disadvantaged and have to buy a new radio just because he is wrong?

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Thread: Ebay sellers...
30/08/2012 09:52:34


It looks like it has no struts. Put some on, and they are NOT decorative, even though the instructions say they are not essentiual. The wire wing rods are not enough. The engine mount is poorly designed too. Two little alloy plates. Make a full 'U' mounting plate and fix it with the original bolts. Flies fine, but will spin if you don't watch it. Needs a separate aileron servo for each wing, not the daft centrally placed one on the plan, as the wings can move slightly. I put mine close to the roots, and used the original pushrods and bellcranks.

Good condition and well built, fair engine ? Worth £100. As you have to collect it you can always back out.

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30/08/2012 09:44:49

Look ok. All yellow aircraft are Cubs, I thought you would know that. Same as it has a 'Nitro' engine, our 'glow' name for the last sixty years has been incorrect.

A nice Airsail Auster, though its small tailplane and short moment arm means it not not a beginners plane. Had one for ten years, still flying. Make the struts and their fixing stronger. I redesigned the engine mount too. The real aircraft from which Airsail took the colour scheme was at the Middle Wallop museum, may still be there.

Thread: Turnigy 9X, is it legal in EU?
30/08/2012 09:12:05

The CE sticker proves it is legal in the EU. That is its main purpose - to show that it is legal safetywise, telecomminication wise, etc. It is a demonstration that a 'Certificate of Conformity' exists. You don't need to show it to them.

Your club does not know what they are talking about. Twll them to check  what a CE sticker is before making rules of their own.

Does not matter what country you are in, as long as that country is in the EU.

Ask if they have ever exceeded the speed limit. That's breaking the law. You aren't

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Thread: Maximum Flap angle for a P51
30/08/2012 08:32:34

The idea of flaps is to reduce the stalling speed, so you can come in slower. This gives a steeper descent. I have even seen it said in a model plane magazine that flaps 'increase the lift', which is the last thing you want when trying to come down. Flaps do increase the lift, but nor by themselves.  They allow the speed to be lowered, because they allow a high angle of attack, but they are 'part of the wing'. You have to open the throttle and raise the nose to keep the speed low. Always remember "The elevator is for control of speed, the throttle is for control of height'

You are coming in too fast. Be brave in small steps!  With the flaps down it is very unlikely to tip stall, as Martin said.

And whatever you do, if you have to do a 'go around', don't pull the flaps up until your reduction of elevator from your 'nose high' approach has considerably increased the airspeed. and your opening of the throttle has made you climb..

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Thread: Shopping for Batteries
30/08/2012 08:15:11

All businesses involve risk. If their supplier produces unreliable batteries (I am not saying they do) then that is GS making a bad decision. Tough, that's business. Their 'warranty' so-called, is an attempt to pass the risks in their business decisiions on to you, and the law , via the Trading Standards Officer (part of the local council, I believe) does not allow them to do that.

High Street shops try it on all the time, with this 'We will send it back to the manufacturer' garbage.

Most warranties online or not, and from the most reputable of manufacturers , suppliers, and retailers, are a try on. They are always less than your TSO, or the Fitness for Purpose' laws state. Try this, legal processes have stated that a high-priced car should last longer than a cheap one. Being big or fancy does not come into the 'legal value', but long and reliable service does. I'm off for a Ferrari. The TSO says  he will make sure it lasts my lifetime!

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30/08/2012 07:16:24

Of COURSE you have your rights.

Sale of Goods Act. Via the Trading Standards Office (there will be one locally).

Some model plane shop (whichs is what it is) can't take your legal rights away. Their 'warranty', which is no warranty at all, is  just a 'try on'. 

Personally I would not bother with them at all.  Probably fine for things other than batteries. Just go buy from my nearest Intellect (Ripmax), Overlander, or Thunder Power outlet. Trying to do model aircraft on the cheap all the time always ends up in hassle.

Example? On another thread. Someone bought the cheapest radio he could lay his hands on. Now, a year later, it does not do what he wants. So he is going to have to get another one. Cheaper to have bought a Futaba, JR, or Multiplex in the first place.

My wife is just the same. She is always taking the 'cheapest' stuff back. Two jorneys rather than one, and now she has to look for a 'good' product. Daft. She even drives a five mile round trip just to but ASDA petrol!

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Thread: Sipa 200 (June 2015 RCM&E)
30/08/2012 03:18:48

There was a talk of the Optica. The Sipa 2000 'Minijet' was a French (?) plane many years earlier. No connection with the much later piston engine Optica at all.  Any 'pusher', such as the Optica effectively is, or very small jet almost dsigns itself that way. It had a small jet engine, A Turbomeca Astou or something, and like all these they are difficult for EDF the intakes are so small. For modelling the Miles Student has the same difficulties. There was a 'Model Aircaft' plan available for the Sipa Minijet many years ago for a Jetex 150 Jetmaster. Slightly smaller than yours, but much lighter as it was, of course, free flight. Also a smaller one for Jetex 50 in a 'multi plan set' of various small planes from Aero Modeller. I sent off for the 'Model Aircraft' plan and built one. Nice to see something similar 50 years later.

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