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Thread: Jet! When Britain Ruled the Skies.
30/08/2012 02:15:28
Posted by Olly P on 29/08/2012 16:43:09:

Mark - working in Engineering still, I don't think the 'blame the production line people' approach runs true to what I have seen in most decent businesses. IF an error is made in production then we must look at why, what in the process allowed it to be made/assembled/placed incorrectly, and how do we prevent this happening again - operator error is not normally an accepted response to customer complaints.

Olly, you are right. Today. It has all changed or if it did not, has vanished. And you do say 'decent' companies. Hmmm..

But I can remember how all failings of British companies were blamed on the guys in duffle coats around glowing braziers at the factory gates. Red Robbo. No one ever asked why they were there. Hundred years ago such people were forcibly shipped off to Australia. They are doing well .Own companies. We don't anymore. Except the still padded aerospace ones.

Thread: Probuild, Blandford, Dorset contact details
30/08/2012 01:53:39

'Blame mostly put down to attending the Nationals'.

So their 'excuse' was to blame themselves. How odd. And utterly illogical. They made an 'excuse' and in the same phrase, told you they did it on purpose. Lots of mad people about though, it's not just them.

Glad you got money back.

Thread: Shopping for Batteries
30/08/2012 01:23:26


Warranties , contracts, 'agreements' and the SoGa are not connected. Some here seem to think they are.

Neither you or them can get out of it. But of course, 'you' are not compelled to invoke it. But the  SoGa  ALWAYS exists, whatever you have agreed to..

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29/08/2012 16:35:46

Sometimes the cheapest is the best deal. Sometimes it isn't.

But if anyone always buys the cheapest then they must be careful about whingeing if their LMS is not there nexr time they want one length of 1/16 square balsa.

Thread: Jet! When Britain Ruled the Skies.
29/08/2012 16:19:57

There's one modern plane with more fixes than structure. Have a close look at the BAe Hawk. No doubt there are others. But yes, I am sure that their is no real difference between the skills of different aeronautically minded countries. It is just that the 'common perception' in the UK is that we are exceptionally good at it. Though I think we might have done better to have bought the Rafale rather than the 'committee specified and designed' Eurofighter. But last time we used anything French in a plane was the Hispano-Suiza engine in the SE5. Not sure that's strictly true, but you get the 'political' idea.

Best to blame the tradesmen and the production line people. They always blame the 'lower ranks' if there is a problem. Musn't blame each other, we are in the same clubs.(not model clubs!).

29/08/2012 14:53:22

According to Waterton, Glosters chief test pilot the Javelin was a total disaster. Not because of government, the board, evil foreigners, etc., just because the designers would not listen.

The Meteor wasn't too hot either. He said the handling killed a whole lot of RAF pilots, because of the terrible handling with an engine out and the flaps down.

Because, in his words, the designers had put the engines out a long way to give clearance for the imaginary propellors.

I'm just the messenger!

Thread: Buying Expensive Gear from Forum Adverts
29/08/2012 14:31:56

OS 32 heli engine. Reason for sale, upgraded to OS 37.

Apart from oil stains, unmarked. Runs perfectly.

All true. (I really do have this clapped out engine, and the new 37 did 'upgrade' the heli, from non-working to ok. Of course you can't see from my nice picture that the cylinder plating, after 7 years of use, is worn down to the brass. Runs perfectly but won't lift the heli.)

Honest Powell, frequent poster and long term BMFA member.

Thread: Ducted fan theory and practice
29/08/2012 13:36:00

Swissflyer, About 30 volts on load and 70 amps.

The figures you show don't agree with the ones on the Hacker site I looked at a couple of weeks ago. The B50L (of any rpm/volt ) is 1300 watts and the B50XL is 1700 watts. If you just mistyped when you said 'X' and meant 'XL' then that agrees. Finding the B50L not optimum, though good, I then purchased the XL. I did not look at the 'regular' (short) B50. The 'Max' seems to apply to all windings. I ignore the '15 sec' limit and it seems ok. I gave up high rpm/volt motors when my (expensive, and purchased for the purpose) Kontronik Fun 600-17 (1700rpm/volt) got too hot on 5 cells and 1000 watts with these fans. My mistake, not Kontronik's. Bought their matching gearbox and it is in a hotliner now. Fine.The only way to get the watts up is to use a high voltage, which means low rpm/volt. Not too far, my Mega 30/45/3 at 900 rpm/volt is also in another plane now!

PS: I just noticed you aked about the other motors. They are a couple of Mega 30mm winding length  (like a Kontronik Fun 500) motors are are simply too small for the thrust I was looking for.

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Thread: Hanger 9 Sopwith Camel (Pig) Land-Dings
29/08/2012 12:58:11


The instructor said "Take care, the supply of Camels is not unlimited". Presumably there was no limit on the supply of pupils.

29/08/2012 12:55:17


I amended my post, but you may miss it.


You will notice on the Reeves video that when a tiptouches the opposite wheel does not leave the ground. Thus too soft sspinging rather than the narrow track, though that won't help.

29/08/2012 12:41:52

The Atillla was fine for 12 years before the axle got bent (roughly equal on both sides). The tracking,no toe in or toe out was still fine. Fixed the out of vertical of the wheels and it is ok again. Even with the wheels bent out is was ok until it started to accelerate.

Springing? My Atilla always bounces on landing. My other planes don't so it is presumably not me. I sprung it by cutting off the rigid axle, putting slots like you Camel, and soldering the new axle to the middle only of the old one. Made no difference.

The wheels are not 'fixed' to each other

You will notice on the Reeves video that when a tip touches the opposite wheel does not leave the ground. Thus it is caused by the too soft springing.

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Thread: Jet! When Britain Ruled the Skies.
29/08/2012 12:32:22

One problem with Civil aircraft was BOAC continually changing their minds. The management was certainly autocratic.

The book say some of the board of one firm was 'above thinking mere money'. No doubt the shareholders would have been very pleased about that.

But you can't put it all down to those influences..

Incidentally, I used to go to Hawker Siddeley at Hatfield a lot to use some test gear we did not have.. Stayed at the nearby Comet Hotel. At the time the Chinese were buying Tridents. The hotal signs and so on were in Chinese as well as English. They liked a beer or two.

Thread: Hanger 9 Sopwith Camel (Pig) Land-Dings
29/08/2012 12:23:02

The wobbling about and tip touching of the Reeves on landing is caused by his too weakly sprung undercarriage. The ground is smooth and looks hard. Just as well have a monowheel in the middle.

29/08/2012 12:06:23

Sorry for the Big Letters but I want to be sure you don't miss it.


When they got bent by my incompetence and I didn't notice them.. And if his sprung undrcarriage is like that when taxying it will be no use as a shock absorber when landing.

PS: Flying is fine, though he says it is tail heavy. A Camel is supposed to be like that. On average, took a WW1 Camel pilot three months from his first Camel flight to get a real fist on it. Thirty percent of first Camel flights were lethal.


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Thread: Ducted fan theory and practice
29/08/2012 11:40:50

SwissFlyer. I will check if they are. My motors of sufficient performance on a 90mm MidiFan or 90mm Schubeler are the Hacker B50 17L and the B50 12XL, of which the latter is far the best. The others are no use.

Efficiency? I feel that if the motor gets no more than 'warm' at long periods of flat out running then it is efficient. All the power is going to the fan. I increase the voltage until 'warm' is reached, regardless of what the motor manufacturer says. Voltage does no harm. Excess current causes heat, and as I said, warm only. The XL motor series is rated at 1700 watts continous. It's fine at 2000. The shorter L series is rated at 1300 watts. Too hot after a few seconds at 2000 but the thrust is much the same until it gets hot.

As long a motor as you can get, as the diameter is limited, 1200-1300 RPM/Volt is the key on these, and I presume all other 90mm fans. Less RPM/Volt if you don't mind 12 cells or more. Heat sinks just disguise a heat problem, but they waste the same power.

PS: My new Schubeler 'integrated motor and ESC' 128mm HST fan is rated at 9 Kilowatts. Won't be flying it for some time.- designing and building an own design T-33 (my intended plane) will be very time comsuming and 3 metre span ARTFs are too expensive!

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Thread: Hanger 9 Sopwith Camel (Pig) Land-Dings
29/08/2012 11:08:01

I agree about the 'pre-turnover' issues. It's all right at the end. The rest is interesting but not relevant, much of mine included.

But I think your lowered nodeweight will fix it.

We will try to keep quiet. Please tell us what happens. (my big box is now on the tablesmiley)

Thread: Problem with Smart Screen Filter
29/08/2012 11:01:14

All I can suggest is you disable SmartScreen. I didn't even know there is such a thing. (Windows7, Windows Live Mail).

Thread: Twin brushless config'
29/08/2012 10:55:47

'Receiver battery and BEC together'

The Kontronik 'Jazz' ESCs, (if BEC equipped, which some of mine are), recommend precisely that in their instructions, saying that the BEC should be considered only as a backup for the battery. So presumably they would not mind 'seeing' the 5V from another ESC either. Which is where we came in, or part of it.

I avoid BECs in any other than my small planes. Ever since the ESC melted in my Flair Atilla. It is so stable that I did not even notice at first. No harm done, but I had a long walk.

I am sure Peter is correct. The logic in an ESC will require a steady 5V. So why not supply it to the outside world too? Of course, the opto coupled ones don't - it can be asking a lot to supply an unknown current demand at 5V from a possibly 50 volt battery (damn these EDFs) and if you forget that you can use the advantages of opto coupling.

But we still don't have any firm answers to the OP's problem.

Thread: Fast Lad
29/08/2012 08:20:08

Me too.

Thread: Anyone electrified a Gangster 63 Lite ?
29/08/2012 08:17:29

Bob H - the best ever.

Totally agree.

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