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Thread: Hanger 9 Sopwith Camel (Pig) Land-Dings
29/08/2012 08:10:58

The elevator controls the speed, the throttle controls the height. In all the fullsize books. No elevator, no real speed control. And the SOLE purpose of trims is to take the strain off your hand. Nothing else.

Thread: Twin brushless config'
29/08/2012 07:59:38

Chris has got a bigger one than I have. (My little one flies much better with the new, more washout, wing.)

I would never use a BEC on an 88 inch model. Separate radio battery.

Edited By Mark Powell 2 on 29/08/2012 08:06:03

Thread: Hanger 9 Sopwith Camel (Pig) Land-Dings
29/08/2012 07:47:56

Not too far off, I think. Here's another one. Use a petrol engine, then you can 'blip' the throttle like the real one did!

The fixed axle is more useful on takeoff. Did wonders for a Flair Legionaire.

But - many modellers don't have a clue how to land properly. But I do NOT think that applies here.

Edited By Mark Powell 2 on 29/08/2012 07:53:49

29/08/2012 07:39:45

I tried casting a lead weight in the (alloy) spinner of my Topflite Spitfire, using the spinner as a mould. Then shook it out and glued it in with 24 hour Araldite. Needed.less than half the weight of it mounted above the engine. Worked fine, but I never 'liked' it.. The radio battery is above the engine too. No room underneath, the throttle servo is there.

Lathe? Milling machine. No. Just wire and a brass tube from your LMS. and a soldered on 'key' for the wheel. ten minutes in all.

Edited By Mark Powell 2 on 29/08/2012 07:44:26

29/08/2012 07:08:26

Again, just a thought. If you use the correct size Flair wheels, they are REALLY heavy, compared to (say) the Williams. Might be able to remove a little of the noseweight. And they are right at the bottom....

Thread: West Wing Beguine r/c build
29/08/2012 06:55:27

One thing I did find with the KMS motor I bought. The supplied flange nut to hold the propellor on did not fit the adapter. It appeared to but it didn't. Probably an isolated incident. If it us the same from your, use a nut from your 'odds and ends' box. But as you might not use the 'attached to the case not the shaft' supplied adaptor, it may not matter anyway. (The Axi motors, at more than twice the price, don't incluse any accessories at all.)

Thread: Twin brushless config'
29/08/2012 06:40:26


not really. I am not an electronics 'expert' but I do fiddle around. Many Hi Fi amplifiers have lots of output devices in parallel, driving the loudspeaker. As do our ESCs. And both the motor power and the receiver power are 'output devices' of the ESC.

Probably it is said because it it 'obvious' rather than correct. But I am not going to blow two up just to check!

Thread: Hanger 9 Sopwith Camel (Pig) Land-Dings
29/08/2012 06:12:17


Skid/surfboard/sea anchor - beginning to remind me of the old 'Pylonius' cartoons from many years ago. BUT - it has been said that a 'three pointer' means the angle of attack cannot change later so it can't bounce. Unable to regularly test that theory myself.

Bouncing - come on, could you lot do any better on THAT surface, fast or not? His friends have all tried it. Doubt everyone is in a 'bad pilots club' and I don't think I could do any better. It is pretty rough. Not sure about all these finer 'directional ' refinements on that surface. And the real one was a stupendous bouncer, so I read.  These 'full size' niceties are all very well., but on a model it happens too fast. And full size planes are much weaker, so you have to do it.

Although I was one of its advocates I am beginning to think that fixing the wheels together won't make a difference.. Send to USA? No - I could remove the present axle, make a 'fixed' one in less than an hour, particularly as the original, as far as I can see, is attached only by the 'O' rings.

There is one of these in my LMS at the moment, or at least there was a couple of days ago. If it is still there this morning I am having it, particularly as you say its no longer made. I don't really like ARTFs, and there are lots of plans or scale drawing for the Camel. It is just that I have found all WW1 biplanes to be much the same. Got a Flair SE5A and a Puppeteer, can't be bothered to build a Camel, this will do. Its nice 'sit' in the air, from the video, and the 'Winged Victory' book, have convinced me to spend more money. Again.

I will make the weight modification but no others. I will try to fly it skillfully (unlikely).

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28/08/2012 23:05:21


I'm going to get one of these, landing not included.. I use a concrete surface. May be better. Or not.

That, then build the old and huge Keil Kraft Falcon seen on another thread. A further thread has restarted my interest in EDFs. This site is costing me a fortune!

Thread: What is going on here then
28/08/2012 22:47:30

My thought is that it is a 'follow me through' device for instruction, with the pupil tranmsmitter inactive.

Oh, just saw BEB's post. Wasn't there when I started, so he wins the prize.

Edited By Mark Powell 2 on 28/08/2012 22:50:26

Edited By Mark Powell 2 on 28/08/2012 22:51:29

Thread: Hanger 9 Sopwith Camel (Pig) Land-Dings
28/08/2012 22:11:52


lowering the weight looks a very good idea. But I was surprised to see some of the weight it at the side., thus higher up than it need be. I would have added it to your lower piece.

I think the smaller wheels might make it worse. Do not do them at the beginning, as changing two things at once won't tell you which has worked, and unless you put the original wheels back you won't know.

Fixed axle. I would have just built a new one from wood/wire from my LMS rather than sending to the USA., to me it only looks a couple of hours work plus painting. And don't bother with the fairings until you know it makes a difference. But I do not know your circumstances. I note in your video that the existing UC seems bound, but not soldered, in some places. May not matter as I don't know if it wobbles and jams or not.

Note these are just 'thoughts', I am not telling you what you 'should' do.

Thread: Jet! When Britain Ruled the Skies.
28/08/2012 21:51:32


'Nearly, but nor quite'

I an beginning to think that with a few notable execeions, the UK is simply not that good at aircraft. The government, the customer, the 'authorities', the 'long lunch' bosses, 'foreigh political manipulations', etc. are usually blamed.

Could it be that our designers are just not as good as they are cracked up to be? I can design a 'nearly but not quite' F3A model, and the other factors don't come into it. But I am no Paysant le Roux. Perhaps they aren't either.

Thread: Hanger 9 Sopwith Camel (Pig) Land-Dings
28/08/2012 21:26:16


I was taught by the RAF chief test pilot of the Empire Test Pilot School at Boscombe Down, who enjoyed light aircraft and taught us, in our typical low powered training aircraft at weekends because he enjoyed it.

Thus his techniques may well have been very different from the norm, but I knew nothing else and have done it that way ever since.

Models? I slam it open to get it away from the ground ASAP. On my grossly overpowered 72 inch Astro Hog, this usually happens long before I expect it to. But I am not a particularly good model pilot!

PS: What is the optimum climbing speed of this Aircraft? 70 knots, Bob. Why are you doing at 71 then, do it right and you have a greater margin or error, not that errors are allowed in my instruction.

Edited By Mark Powell 2 on 28/08/2012 21:27:01

Edited By Mark Powell 2 on 28/08/2012 21:35:59

Thread: Jet! When Britain Ruled the Skies.
28/08/2012 21:08:43

On the Caravelle, Trident, VC10, the rear enfine configuration has many many disadvantages, or, perhaps more accurately, the wing podded aircraft have advantages. Other than 'executive' jets for 'important' people they are dead.

The VC10 had a short takeoff run due to its clean wing and undisturbed flaps.. They overlooked the fact that runways, particularly in 'undeveloped'  countries (sorry, not PC, meant 'developing' countries), where they tend to be short, can easily and cheaply be extended. No towns in the way, no nimbies. Which of course they were. To match the 707.

Edited By Mark Powell 2 on 28/08/2012 21:10:37

Thread: Probuild, Blandford, Dorset contact details
28/08/2012 20:36:13

They know who you are. Call from a mobile, not yours if you have already called them on that, or a different land phone, from a completely different telephone area if you can. Do NOT suppress the 'Call ID', that may make them suspicious..

From other posts you should let it ring for a long time - they do not  appear to answer quickly.

Please tell us what happens.

Edited By Mark Powell 2 on 28/08/2012 20:38:22

Thread: Scam / Spam Warning - classified ads
28/08/2012 20:23:46

I used to get tens, if not hundreds. My email security was set to a high value so they were sent to the appropriate place, where I could erase them.

Then I changed the security to a lower value and have them got rid of at the control centre so they do not reach me at all. Now I do not get any.

Note I have used terminology in this post such as it is not possible to determine from it which mail system I use. People watching may not be our friends.

Edited By Mark Powell 2 on 28/08/2012 20:24:10

Thread: Hanger 9 Sopwith Camel (Pig) Land-Dings
28/08/2012 20:07:46

Anyone interested in the Camel should read 'Winged Victory' by V M Yeates. First published in 1934 and many reprints. It is purportedly a novel but is really autobiographical. Very highly regarded by WW2 fighter pilots, who sought it out.

Might even give an understanding as to how your model behaves. After reading it, if I had a model like yours I would move the CG back a bit and live with the resultant characteristics. Camels were deliberately designed to behave like that. Otherwise you have got a Sopwith Pup!

Agree with Alan about rudder.

Edited By Mark Powell 2 on 28/08/2012 20:08:39

Thread: Buying Expensive Gear from Forum Adverts
28/08/2012 19:34:28


You do say 'Forum' in your title. Personally I would not worry too much about buying from the classifieds on this site as they are 'our sort of people'. But of course there is no checking of our credentials when we join, but a swindle victim would soon draw the attention of us and the Mods if it happened. Even better if you recognise the advertiser as a regular poster. Same goes for BMFA classifieds, and a swindler would have to join the BMFA, paying its subsciption to do so.

EBay. Never bought anything, have not had a reason to. And from what one hears, less and less inclined to do so.

Thread: Built up vintage kits?
28/08/2012 19:13:32

Sussex Model Centre do the US 'Easybuild' kits (findable on their website). They are small, up to 50 inches span, most of them from US manufacturera of the 40's and 50's. Rubber, but alterable to radio. Don't know if they are any good or not. A Lysander, available in two sizes, among others

I think the Southerner Mite can easily be changed to polyhedral. Both the original Keil Fraft Southerner kits had this option. It's only a wing joint.

Edited By Mark Powell 2 on 28/08/2012 19:15:37

Thread: Probuild, Blandford, Dorset contact details
28/08/2012 19:06:10
Posted by FunnyFlyer on 28/08/2012 17:17:48:

I know Mark Powell's can be a blunt posting, opinionated old git at times - but this time he does have a point!

Business' must serve all customers from all of their sales channels - not just personal callers and show buyers.


I, of course, think of it as the ability to go straight to the point, this ability given by my extremely high intelligence smiley

Edited By Mark Powell 2 on 28/08/2012 19:07:38

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