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Thread: Not as I remember . . . ?
28/08/2012 14:24:23

I am beginning to think I should have gone. Don't like camping, haven't got a tent, hotels probably have to be booked months in advance.

The older you get the more excuses you make......


Thread: Twin brushless config'
28/08/2012 14:12:04

I have a twin electic DH88 Comet Racer. Axi motors, Jeti controllers. These because previous experience has shown those manufacturers to generally produce good quality products, if more expensive than some.. No problem with different performance at all.

As GrahamC says it is important to remove the BEC power connection from one ESC. Also with his comment about programming. On one ESC, not of the above make, I inadvertently introduced a 'power curve'. Done on one and not the other, this could produce the effects you describe, though I suspect it is unlikely in your case.

PS: for a while, Multiplex has a power set for their foam twins with one controller driving two brushless motors. Sounds a little unlikely, but they did. I would think you had better not shut down the motors totally in the air. Whether you risk trying it with yours or not is up to you.smiley

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Thread: Hanger 9 Sopwith Camel (Pig) Land-Dings
28/08/2012 11:44:23


Your comment on 'slow acceleration' is interesting. On fullsize I was taught to slam the throttle open. Then the torque is 'set', and rather than have to make adjustments for both varying torque and increasing rudder effectiveness you only have to do the rudder. and even that comes quickly up to it's 'final' setting due to the constant flow from the prop due to the sudden, and fixed, setting of the throttle.

Love the Camel. There is one in my LMS. The video makes be want to buy it.

Thread: hobbyking UK let down
28/08/2012 11:27:47

Fine. Take exception. Your bluster makes no difference.Try this. You have a good 'experience' of anything. Does not in any way mean the next person will or they won't. It is 'anecdotal' and statistically meaningless. There are papers on this, look it up. You won't, of course. Easier to take umbrage.

Of course it is hearsay. I am not judging HK or anyone else. As an 'observer' because I am a potential customer, I look for the experience of others. , as in 'I am thinking of an AcroWot, what are they like? Don't you?

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28/08/2012 09:28:51

Codename John,

'Having no experience'. People are always saying this about everything under the sun. It is meaningless. I have no personal experience of all sorts of 'orrible diseases or car crashes, but probably wouldn't like them. Nor would anyone else who makes 'no experience' comments..

Having got that off my chest, If I bought from anywhere and it was ok I probably wouldn't make a comment, but I might if I was dissatisfied. So such things may have a negative bias built in. But even then they act as a 'warning', maybe unfairly. There have been others here. One guy has been trying, with frequent phone calls and emails to get his money back from a supplier after it was agreed three weeks ago. No replies at all, but they were happy to sell to him in the first place.

They may be generally OK too. But if 'warnings' give you doubts, you can usually get much the same thing elsewhere. There a few HK things I like (EDF). but I would be 'concerned' until they turn up and are OK., having read this, biased or not. That's normal.

Thread: Hanger 9 Sopwith Camel (Pig) Land-Dings
28/08/2012 09:06:54

I just suggested common axle too, I missed the previous post on the subject. You are stuck. The 'too fast' people have said is irrelvant, whether it is true or not. Its at the end of the landing and the plane does not know what happened before. Even the bounces.

DO take the time to try a locked axle. No guarantees though.

28/08/2012 08:50:47

Try -

Remove the axle from the U/C and replace it with a brass tube. Run the axle through this and fix the wheels so they are locked to the axle and must turn together.

My Flair Atilla did this (on tarmac, never been flown off grass) and that fixed it. Have never flown it from grass but yours looks pretty rough.

Seems daft, but you sound desperate. What's to lose?

Try not to bounce so much smiley

Thread: West Wing Beguine r/c build
28/08/2012 08:34:13

Had a look at the RipMax site. Your local model shop  will be able to get this, or any HobbyStores

KMS 2208/09

That's just right and it is £22.50. 1900 rpm volt so thats fine. Use 7 x 4 prop on it

The motor should be abot 1 inch diameter and 1 inch long and weigh about 50 grams. The one you showed me weighs 100 grams and so must be bigger.

Those servos are fine

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27/08/2012 17:13:46

Battery and ESC looks fine. Motor is more than twice the weight of the Axi I suggested. Might be bigger,i n which case too big. Maybe you can't rely on the '22', though the RPM/volt is right. Look at Ripmax web for KMS.

Thread: Not as I remember . . . ?
27/08/2012 17:07:20

To be fair, The Nats are not a 'show'. They are more a 'competition', and some fun flying for free fight and indoor, with the show part not its main function.

Thread: Damaged wing, Glue ?
27/08/2012 16:34:48

Epoxy will do. In fact the 'best' builders of foam wings, individuals or ARTF manufacturers, use epoxy to stick the balsa on.

Thread: hobbyking UK let down
27/08/2012 16:24:40

All I can say is that I read the thread through several times before making the comments and went back to the the particular comment before I made each indiviual point. Except for the solar one. There are enough adverse ones to make me wary. It was mentioned that UK warranties may not apply. It may also be said at at least one poster (I say 'at least' because I am not checking again) believed he was dealing with the UK warehouse when he was not. And we don't seem to get replies from the UK warehouse operation. Maybe it is not their 'policy' whatever that means. Only from one far away individual in 'Hong Kong' as if that was not a part of China, with which, because of its size, we might see as rather overbearing.

Neither am I the only one to comment on 'Lucky Stuff'. It is not the name, it is the complete disconnection with what they are selling

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Thread: Bending 2mm steel wire?
27/08/2012 15:20:29

Perhaps not 'odd' But all other 'piano' wire is sold as Standard Wire Gauge. In the US it is AWG which is different.. Probably because of the American Revolution. Metric piano wire would be nice. K&S uses inches.


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Thread: hobbyking UK let down
27/08/2012 14:51:22

Lots of bad comments. Lots of excuses. Warranties apparently not honoured. Why 'Lucky Stuff'? Odd name. Bloke in Hong Kong has all the 'answers' if that is what they are and if you can find him . Somone scared by the contents of a PM. They won't see any of my money. Just seen an ad for solar power. Save £10000 in tax. Great, I believe that.

I did not come down in the last shower of rain..

Thread: Not as I remember . . . ?
27/08/2012 14:38:43

I'm browned off too. Everything is dumbed down, instant gratification. Magazines are vehicles for advertising, no product is ever criticised, except for minor things. and the reviews are just boring ones of endless 'me too' ARTFs, all the same, and built by people who have no interest in what they are doing. As someone here said, 'Five Extras a day will feed the family'. Even when the undercarriage falls out, as it usually does.

And do I really want to go and see Ali and the like? He enjoys it, and is extremely good. But he buys them totally completed and even has flunkeys to carry them out. Form of advertising. Get enough of that on TV.

The only thing left is free flight, control line and model boats. But they are hardly 'spectator sports' that are worth going a long way to watch someone else doing. But you don't see all the ARTF. I have no interest in boats, But at least the mags are not full of the things.

But I don't see myself as a 'consumer' in the model aircraft world. No more than I am when I buy a packet of seeds.

Old, yes. Grumpy? My friends/wife don't see me as so. And what I see in this site is refreshing.

Thread: Ducted fan theory and practice
27/08/2012 12:58:07

That's interesting. My 'conventional' EDFs show something similar, though I have not measured with the care you have, on the 'They go, so who cares?' basis. Maybe I was more interested when I was younger. I put my results down to the stationary, and blunt ended, centre body.

Nice to see some pictures and a graph of reality. There seems to be little interest in motor matching, the fan itself, why the Schubeler is so different from the Wemotec but gives the same result, etc.

The lack of angular effect is interesting too (but does not seem to be considered by anyone, modern or old, as it is 'obvious' that they are important). They are always at an angle, but I am not going to saw mine off, ruining the unit, to see if they don't matter.

Last year I made a 120 mm fan from scratch. Powerful motor, fan, centre body, duct. Us 'rude mechanicals' do things like that sometimes. When I 'cleaned up' the flow straighteners, without altering their angle, as they were rather thick, the thrust went down. They are of airfoil shape.

And why to all mine work better with the spinner removed than with it on?


Thread: Servo Extension Leads
27/08/2012 12:29:55

Yes, but Futaba (for some obscure Japanese reason of their own) are a bit diiferent. You have to carefully cut a tab off, and file a slight bevel bevel on each side of the surface where you CANNOT see the metal parts. Make sure you do this for long enough, or they won't go fully in.

Thread: Sussex Models
27/08/2012 10:44:49

I don't use them much, I usually design/build my own so I can use anywhere, but when I have, I find them excellent. Most important of all, when they advertise something on their website, they have got it. Many others have not. Occasionally some of SMC's stuff says 'out of stock', but not much, so if I want something online, it is now the first place I look. Pound or two more or less, who cares?

Happy with them. May well use them more.

I find HobbyStores good too. It is part of Ripmax, but go into a shop and they have other stuff as well. There is one close to me (Southampton). Ripmax, though a personal visit to HobbyStores shop will also get you stuff they have not got and don't normally keep. Business sense, they get my money when others say "haven'y got it, can't get it".

So happy with them too. Other than for 'specialised' stuff I now don't bother with any others. Don't need to. And I can be hard to please.

Thread: Battery Type
27/08/2012 10:22:10

Flying Brian,

Iv'e got an MPX and a Spektrum. Had a look out of curiosity. The ouput circuitry chips are the same (number) if not make. Some don't have the makers name on them, or not readable. And exactly the same number of chips in near enough the same physical arrangement. And they look identical on a scope, MPX and DSMX at least.

Look out for 'ZigBee' it is a consortium of chip manufacturers who have agreed similar specs for 2.4 stuff. Again 'general purpose'. I believe, but am not sure, that Jeti use it in their new transmitter.

As for Futaba, r/c is only a sideline, and yes, they do make many of their own chips.

27/08/2012 09:58:39

Not depressing. Realistic. You don't think all these 'mini suppliers' invest millions, maybe billions to design, develop, and produce the lipos, do you? Thunder Power were the first, and are still the biggest, and they don't. They just have a smallish place in Las Vegas..

It's like cars, For some years Mercedes always came with Continental tyres. Now they come with some other make. Because they gave Mercedes a better deal when contract renewal time came up.

I notice Overlander must have changed their supplier for their 'Sports' lipos. My older ones, purchased about a year ago, have different actual cells in them than the new ones.

No harm in that. A whole lot of car alloy wheels, whatever the cars (and motorcycles) thet are attached to, are made in a Ford plant, which makes nothing else) in Australia to 'your' design, 'you' being BMW, Mazda, or whoever. The biggest employer of Turkish workers outside Turkey is BMW. Lots of Mercedes are made in South Africa and you buy them here.It is called the 'Global Economy' and its good.

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