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Thread: And now for something completely different
11/03/2018 09:52:35

BEB - Things that I've needed the most whilst learning - feathering shaft, main shaft, tail boom, tail blades, main blades, U/C struts, perhaps one of those main gears laugh

Thread: Bungee length
09/03/2018 10:00:59

I bought this and found I needed to double it up in order to get enough twang. 5m of bungee and 10m of line ought to do it for you.

Edited By Gordon Tarling on 09/03/2018 10:01:22

07/03/2018 12:21:51

A bungee setup for a glider type model is quite different from one to launch an EDF model, so please tell what sort of model it is and advice will be winging its way to you. smiley

Thread: Jeti DS16
24/02/2018 09:55:22

My DC-16 must have been bought at about the same time as DickW bought his, I know it was one of the first batch into the country. Firmware updated several times over the years and I replaced the battery for the higher capacity one a couple of years ago, as I feel that 5 years old is plenty old enough for any battery which a model relies on. Thought about upgrading to a DC-24, but the 16 does all I need so I haven't bothered.

Thread: Solarfilm
22/02/2018 09:29:31

I've used Oratex a bit and it's great stuff - probably a little easier to apply than Solartex if that's possible. I covered my 1/4 scale Tiger Moth wings and tail with Oratex silver and it's proven to be a good choice over the years. Not easily marked when applying it and doesn't seem to sag in the hot sun. The only real downside is the price and only you will know if it's worth that to you or not. The same company also produces a range of colour matched paints and similar products, though I'm not sure how widely available they are in the UK yet. You can expect Oratex and other 'Ora' products to become a bit more readily available in the UK, as at least one model shop has told me they've ordered it in to replace Solartex.

Thread: help required ubec
02/02/2018 12:18:46

Any UBEC worth its salt will continue to supply an output up to the point of the input dying completely. Output voltage will always be lower than input voltage and if you're not using the correct number of cells on the input, you may lose some protective aspects of the device. As the others said, either use a different UBEC or a 3s battery.

Thread: Covering iron
01/01/2018 10:41:48

Take a look on Ebay for either 'mini iron' or 'quilting iron'.

Thread: Lipo storage, slight swell
28/12/2017 12:24:28

There's a very good reason that the battery manufacturers send their goods out in a reduced charge state. I don't think any battery manufacturer has ever sent batteries out with a full charge. Storing batteries in a cool place at the correct storage voltage is the best way to ensure a long life.

Thread: Selling up
12/11/2017 11:33:32

Jaycee - very sorry to hear of your health problems - the others are right in that having something in the way of modelling to do can be relaxing and help take your mind off of other things. For stuff you really do want to sell, I always reckon it's worth trying the item on the BMFA site first - more likely to hit the target audience and NO selling fees! Good luck whatever you decide to do.


Thread: Kings Lynn Model Shop
08/11/2017 14:34:58

If you should want to visit KLMS, be warned that it's a warehouse with a small front counter. Collecting anything is no problem, but you won't be able to browse as you might in a 'normal' model shop.

Thread: What soldering iron wattage?
08/11/2017 14:32:17

My recommendation would be for an 80 to 100 Watt iron that's temperature controlled. I use the Weller one - it's a bit pricey, but it's excellent for soldering many sizes and types of connector. A touch of rosin based flux on the joint will also help a lot, but whatever you do, don't use phosphoric acid anywhere near electrical connections.

Thread: The right prop for electric motors
04/11/2017 13:36:11

The page you linked to actually says 'no electric propeller allowed', which is not the same thing at all. In fact, there's a tickbox to add a Menz 24 x 10E Electric wooden prop to the order for the motor! They are referring to dedicated electric props like the APC Electric series which will flex far too much at those high power levels. If you use a 'proper' IC type wooden prop, you shouldn't have a problem, however, a carbon type will probably be a bit safer if it's going to run at high rpm.

Thread: T Nijhuis Halifax build
30/10/2017 13:17:01

There's a link on Tony's site which gives a recommended power setup and that link takes you here - **LINK** Tony knows his stuff, so going with what he recommends would be the best way to go. If you want cheaper, then find equivalent motors, ESC's etc. on the Interweb. There's no need to get the LMA involved unless you anticipate a weight of over 20kg. A working failsafe on the motors is, however, a requirement.

Thread: Hobby King costings
27/10/2017 10:01:28

Try putting the item concerned in the shopping basket to see how much you'll actually be charged. The website has gone downhill since the last big update!

Thread: Good movie to watch on BBC TWO 13.00 and later on on BBC i-player.
17/10/2017 13:16:47
Posted by Mark Kettle 1 on 16/10/2017 23:30:08:

What a scoop Gordon, great picture yes.


16/10/2017 15:49:01

We were lucky enough to be able to see Burt's original bike when we were in NZ in 2010 - I'm sure it didn't look quite that pristine when Burt was racing it! It's in the middle of a hardware store in Invercargill, NZ - considering that much of the hardware sold there is unique, it's a fitting resting place for Burt's bike. BTW, wifey had to drag me out of that shop!p1000625_small.jpg

Thread: FMS Models
23/09/2017 11:52:01

I have a Flightline P-38 and am very happy with it. I haven't felt the need to replace any of the hardware so far, though I did replace the wheels for something that had better looks. I also have an FMS P-47 and the difference is like chalk and cheese - it flys nicely, but the quality is nowhere as good as the P-38. As much as I love Corsairs, I think I'd choose the Spitfire in this instance.

Thread: Transmitters for DSMX indoor receiver/servo modules
22/09/2017 10:48:08

John - why not make a 'bridge box', then you can use your Jeti tx for everything - that's what I've done.


Thread: Now I didn't know that
18/09/2017 13:02:31

If setting the throttle throw to more than 100% is going to cause the ESC to blow, then it's time to find another make of ESC.

Thread: Home made adjustable CofG frame/cradle thingy
18/09/2017 12:56:58

Erfolg - the balancer which Stevo shows is this one - it breaks down easily for storage and should be available from your local Multiplex dealer.

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