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Thread: Acro Wot ARTF (balsa) chat
27/01/2013 14:29:26
Posted by Greybeard on 27/01/2013 10:44:01:

I have one of these waiting to be assembled so I have read through this thread with interest. I have just checked the wing bolts and did find one of the claw nuts to be threadless so they will be changed. I also checked the component weights which indicate a flying weight of 6lb 5 oz when it is fitted with the planned OS FSa-72 to this may have to be added the balancing weight.

I had one of the early Acro Wots in the 80's which I flew on a OS FS90 and quite enjoyed it so I thought another as a sports flyer would be nice and was tempted by this ARTF version.

The ARTF version goes together ok the only fiddley thing was trying to feed the closed loop wires for the rudder down the fuselage in the end i used the inner of a long snake and feed that down the fuselage first then screwed the end of the loop into it and pulled it through. Changed my mind about the .61 and fitted a .52 instead so we will see how we go.


26/01/2013 17:08:44

Evening all.

Just putting the finishing touches to my Acro Wot ARTF. I've fitted a SC .61 two stroke to it and was wondering which prop to put on it ?.





Edited By David Ashby - RCME on 27/01/2013 06:27:04

Thread: Whats your favourite part of our superb hobby?
20/01/2013 10:04:19

Only been in the hobby 5 months or so and i'm hooked, went solo in November what a feeling that was. The banter with the lads at the club is great and the advice even better, of all the different hobby's i've done over the years this is the most enjoyable and rewarding.

Thread: Engine mounting
17/01/2013 13:17:21

Hi all.

A spot of advice please.

I've started to put together a ARTF acro wot and i'm going to fit an SC .61 two stroke motor in it and i was wondering what mods to the engine mount are required. I have not got the engine yet its still in the post. I don't really won't to have to start messing with the firewall so would i just need to enlarge the mounting holes on the engine mount to get the required width.




Edited By Mark a on 17/01/2013 13:33:40

Thread: Acro Wot Mk2 ARTF (Wood) - Elevator Push Rod
14/01/2013 10:02:19

I think its the same as the Wot 4 and that works ok. Hope to have my Acro Wot delivered today.


Thread: A Second restored full size Lancaster
03/01/2013 10:10:52

If anybody can get this Lanc back in the air its the Panton brothers, good luck to them. East Kirkby is well worth a visit i 've been a few times the night time taxi runs are the ones to see with the Merlins spitting flames and you get that bomber airfield atmosphere aswell.


Thread: Anybody been flying today 1/1/13?
01/01/2013 13:52:06

Hi all.

Just got in from the field after a couple of hours tearing around the sky with my Wot 4. Had a great time nobody else there so the sky was mine.

Here's to a year of fun and safe flying.



Edited By Mark a on 01/01/2013 14:18:52

Thread: Another local shop bites the dust.
27/12/2012 17:21:17

We must try and support our local modelshops i fear once there gone there gone, sure the inter web is good but my local. Kits and Bits in Coventry is very good. I bought some servo's from them last month and their price's were spot on with the inter web price's and i had the servo's there and then not having to wait days for delivery.


Thread: Clevis pin failure
18/12/2012 16:20:01

Hi all.

Thanks for all of your comments interesting reading all. The clevis had failed in flight i had no rudder control on the approach.The plane was only lightly damaged with no damage to the tail at all but as a picked it up off the ground the rudder flopped over and pin was missing from the clevis as the clevis was no longer attached to the rudder horn.

You live and learn thats what i say no real harm done.


17/12/2012 19:34:23
Posted by Tom Wright 2 on 17/12/2012 18:30:40:

Side slipping to loose height on finals usually involves use of top rudder . but it would be usual to add some speed on top of minimum safe approach speed and even more so if there is the possibility of wind shear or turbulence. At the round out phase the speed is coming off rapidly and if the stall is imminent then crossed controls could cause a spin entry condition which is observed from the ground as yaw and wing drop .


Your discription just about says it all Tom, with the plane on approach the nose was pointing approx 45 degree's from were i wanted it to be and when i couldn't kick it straight with the rudder i did apply some aileron and power as i did that she did stall in. All glued back together now will flight test the weekend if the weather play's ball.


16/12/2012 15:55:53

Out flying my Wot 4 today, checked it over before i went and checked again at the field and all seemed well. About half way through my first flight when i noticed the tail giving a wag when flying across the wind so bought it in for a landing from the west and there was a 7-8 mph 90 degree cross wind about 5 ft from touch down when the tail swung tried to correct it but down she came. Not much damage it is repairable but i did find that the clevis pin for the rudder was broken so the rudder had no control. Would this have caused me to crash ?. The clevis is a metal one has anybody had this happen to them ?.


Thread: What RTF trainer plane would you recommend for a newbie.
09/12/2012 17:07:55
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 09/12/2012 15:35:06:

Well you're very fortunate Mark. It isn't a model I would recommend to a beginner. The WOT4 has no dihedral - put in aileron and it rolls, take the aileron out and it,....just stays there. Now that's great for aerobatics and is exactly what you want - a plane that goes just where you point it and stays there.

But, for the vast majority of beginners this is not what you want - they'll just quickly get out of shape, panic and the result is "splat".

The ideal for most beginners is really a model that will almost fly itself. Generous dihedral and a long tail moment combined with a large tailplane area. The dihedral ensures that when you put in the aileron it will roll, slowly, when you take it out the model will automatically right itself. While the long tail moment makes the model very stable in both pitch and yaw.

Now I'm not saying you can't learn with a WOT4 - you indeed are living proof that you can! But its not recommended for most people. If you are young, learn fast, have quick reactions and a good instructor on a buddy lead you can probably learn to fly on an Extra 300 - but I wouldn't recommend it! smile


Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 09/12/2012 15:35:29

Point taken sir, its all down to your ability but at 45 i ain't young.

09/12/2012 13:24:41

My first plane was a WOT4 and i had no problems learning to fly with it. Just turn down all the control throws and it becomes a joy to fly. Once you have gone solo just turn the throws back up a bit and have some real fun without having to buy another plane.


Thread: Which prop Hangar 9 P-47?
28/11/2012 20:19:38

Thanks for you thoughts guys.

I've ordered a Xoar 14x7 warbird prop form Kings Lynn model shop and we will see how we go.


28/11/2012 16:17:24

Hi all.

Getting all the bits together to start building my Hanger 9 P47.

I will be fitting a SC91 four stroke and was wondering what size prop i should go for.



Thread: Hanger 9 P47
06/11/2012 17:48:00

Thanks for your thoughts guys.

I will get a load more flying time in before i fly the 47.

One of the club members fly's warbirds and has said he will keep an eye on me when the time comes for the maiden flight.


05/11/2012 19:24:12

Hi all.

Been flying a few months now (ic powered Wot4) and am looking at buying a Hanger 9 P47 as a first warbird. From what i've read its an ideal first warbird what are your thoughts.


Thread: Is the Wot 4 a suitable trainer?
27/09/2012 19:02:53
Posted by Lee Smalley on 27/09/2012 10:22:13:
Always makes me laugh when learners state that a wot 4 is a perfect trainer, how many people have you taught to fly?? Each pilot is different! A wot 4 is perfect for one person, yet a disaster for another, the reason why most people recommend actrainer is it almost always ensures success

I didn't say it was the perfect trainer i stated it could be used as one also in my post i did state it depends on your ability as you say each pilot is different and the Wot 4 suits me.

26/09/2012 19:16:35

In a word yes, i'm training on a ARTF Wot 4 with a sc 46 engine and so far its all going well.

My instructor thinks some of the trainers are too easy to fly but it of coarse depends on your ability. All the control throws have been turned down so the wot'y is very easy to handle not as easy as a trainer but easy enough for me to do rolls and loops after only 3 fligths. i haven't done a landing yet just approaches so landings are next.


Thread: WOT 4 issue
29/08/2012 08:59:14

Hi Guys.

Thanks for your thoughts.It is a ARTF so i'll make it work using the slot on the wrong side but RIPMAX 's QA department must be blind not to spot this error as the instructions clearly state that the slot is on the right veiwed from the rear.I'll let you know how i get on.


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