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Thread: Laser engine in a Hangar 9 Carbon cub
11/04/2017 21:42:03
Posted by Phil 9 on 11/04/2017 21:28:40:
Posted by Mark a on 11/04/2017 20:45:03:
Posted by Jon Harper - Laser Engines on 11/04/2017 20:07:09:

One chap came in and we just managed to shoehorn a 120 in there but I'm not sure it really needs that much power

I was thinking of the 100 Jon the 80 would be ok I think but for a bit of extra grunt the 100 may be the one.

why would you want extra grunt on this model? the 80 is the closest match to the recommended evolution 15cc engine

Thats a very valid point Phil and your quite right why would I need the extra power when an 80 would suit the model perfectly.

11/04/2017 20:45:03
Posted by Jon Harper - Laser Engines on 11/04/2017 20:07:09:

One chap came in and we just managed to shoehorn a 120 in there but I'm not sure it really needs that much power

I was thinking of the 100 Jon the 80 would be ok I think but for a bit of extra grunt the 100 may be the one.

11/04/2017 19:29:29
Posted by Denis Watkins on 11/04/2017 19:10:41:

The 80 is more powerful than a 15cc petrol Mark

Jon will be along soon

I have an 80 that I could use Denis but as you say lets see what Jon recommends.

11/04/2017 19:01:45

I'm toying with the idea of buying a carbon cub but don't want to use a petrol engine. A nice laser would be nice but which one?.

Thread: E-Flite Radian XL
08/04/2017 09:10:38

The tail on mine wobbles even after breaking it putting it into the car and repairing it with carbon it still wobbles. The wings flex a bit when you loop it but it can take it.

Thread: Radian XL, control throws.
19/01/2017 15:51:20

Set the spoilers on a 3 position switch if you can so you will have them retracted, mid position, and high position. I've also slowed the servo speed down so they deploy at a more controlled rate rather than just popping up out of the wing. They do make a difference and are very useful if you want to lose lift especially during landing.

Thread: LMA v BMFA insurance
10/01/2017 20:59:12

I'm just a humble club member who is happy to pay £33 per year to the BMFA for insurance which gives me piece of mind and an organization to turn to should the worst happen. I think £33 is value for money as I can spend more than that on a meal out.

Thread: E-Flite Radian XL
08/01/2017 20:10:05
Posted by Tony Holmes 1 on 08/01/2017 16:24:49:

Go for it. I am really new to this flying lark with only a few months under my belt. In a mad moment I bought an XL and maidened it two days ago with the help and guidance of two club members. Up it went and wow it was like being on second heaven. Coming down was slow and landing was perfect. It was like having a quick fix, well I think that was what it was like. A fantastic start to 2017 and me an old git. Roll on I am champing at the bit to get up again.

For a big foamie glider they are quite good, just repaired mine as I broke the tail putting it in the car the other day used some ca and a couple of carbon rods and its as good as new.

Thread: spektrum telemetry
08/01/2017 13:50:47

I've flown my foamie's with Orange receivers for a number of years without any issues, whether I would would put one in a more expensive model is up for debate.


Thread: I need a Park Flyer...I think?
11/09/2016 17:19:36

I'd second the Wot 4 foam E or the foam Acro Wot both good flyers that will fly slowly and you can have some fun when you turn the wick up.

Thread: E-Flite Radian XL
30/08/2016 20:08:40

Flew the XL again today and I must say what a stable platform it is it just seems to hang there in the sky. With fingers off the sticks you can turn and have a chat turn back and its more or less where you left it. The spoilers are a great help when landing especially when the wind is gusting.

Edited By Mark a on 30/08/2016 20:11:19

Thread: What's flying over your house
29/08/2016 21:46:55

Had a Spitfire and Hurricane fly over this afternoon heading north so presume they were BBMF.

Thread: Wot4 XL artf Build
29/08/2016 19:32:04

I have one these in my fleet, built it stock and stuck a ASP120fs in the front. Been flying it for a couple of years now without any issues at all a truly great model.

Thread: E-Flite Radian XL
26/08/2016 18:28:20

Chris and I both maidened our Radians today. Chris flew his first and it flew very well mine needed a bit of trimming but was flying well on the second flight. I would advise everyone who has one to check all the glued joints etc as my port elevator came loose from its plastic retainer, spotted before first flight it was glued back in place and all was well. All in all a good very easy to fly big glider and I found the AS3X stabilization system non intrusive.

Edited By Mark a on 26/08/2016 18:28:52

25/08/2016 18:13:31

Put the Radian together today took all of 30 mins to do, maiden tomorrow as the weather looks good. For a £150 its worth having one just as a large hack in my view.

Thread: How far are you prepared to travel to go flying?
23/08/2016 20:47:41

I fly at the same site as ChrisB and it normally takes me 30 mins there and back.

Thread: E-Flite Radian XL
21/08/2016 19:58:01
Posted by Julian Edgecombe on 21/08/2016 19:28:41:

for those of you who have this glider, this notice was sent out recently here in Canada.

Not sure if this applies in the UK, but worthy of note?

Thanks for the heads up Jules I will be checking it but I think it was only the first production batch that was effected.

21/08/2016 19:23:02
Posted by Steve Colman on 21/08/2016 12:38:26:

This is also on my list for a possible FPV ship.

Would like to hear how you go with yours Mark a. Good luck. Keep us updated please.


Will do Steve i'm really looking forward to some nice slow relaxed gliding.


21/08/2016 09:52:58

Just treated myself to one of these and a new DX8 G2 transmitter. Not working for the next 2 weeks so hope get loads of air time with it.

Thread: Seagull Gipsy Moth ( 72
08/08/2016 20:08:28
Posted by Terry Walters on 08/08/2016 08:39:18:
Posted by Jon Harper - Laser Engines on 07/08/2016 15:00:10:

In any event the inverted install looks like it might actually be ok, but if it were me I would go with the upright setup. The little exhaust you have there is what we used to supply with the engines back in the 80's. We replaced it with a bigger one as noise became more of an issue.

I still think that a length of flexi pipe down the side of the fuz will be the best option

Hi Jon, thanks for the quick response. Much appreciated. Now I know there's a good chance of the inverted working I keep that as a fall back position. I'll mount it upright (Putting the mid floor back in! LOL!) and try the flexipipe. Whether I drop it out the bottom or have a go at the horizontal external pipe is a bridge yet to be crossed. Can the length of the pipe affect revs if there's no expansion box?

Cymaz - Hope Bodmin isn't too chocker this morning! Nice set up! Is that a 1/4 scale one. How do you join ali pipes?


Hi Terry

Although I haven't got round to flying my Moth yet due to mainly not having the time or the weather's been horrid I can confirm it will run just fine with the Laser inverted and the fuel tank in its original position without any flooding issues.


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