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Thread: DJI Phantom 2 Vision + dead out of the box
07/08/2014 17:30:09

It's probably been covered on other threads and is a bit off topic but demonstrates how harmful some of these things can be ;-


07/08/2014 17:23:06

I have a quad - all GPS'd up etc. but I would not get over-enthusiastic about calling return to home a 'safety feature' as it relies on a good GPS signal and this can be disrupted by official or illegal activities;-


or someone using one of these to stop the boss from tracking them


Then you can fit this


to make sure your FPV works at 10 miles but it probably swamps a 25mW 5.8g control signal....

And 2.4g is not immune


If everybody kept to the rules then it would all be OK but lots of people don't, especially if they DON'T belong to a club or user group.

p.s. I'm not trying to give anybody any ideas as all the devices above are not licensed for use in the UK but you can still buy them.....


Thread: Spektrum DX9 and WOT 4 that decided to do its own thing
25/07/2014 18:38:04

Chris Barlow 1 - I use a DX8 as slave and DX9 as master setup with a switch for transferring control (and the voice) and the auto facility for taking back control i.e. master waggle sticks and control is automaitically back to the master.

Both the DX9 and the DX8 retain the binding through multiple power cycles.

Romeo Whisky - the master must have been bound to the plane and the slave to the master - if the master was switched off then the slave would not control the plane as the binding is incorrect however (and you might have been alluding to this), if the slave changed model from 'Training' to the correct model but the master was left on the plane model then you may (can't confirm) have 2 tx's with the correct binding to a model so when the master was switched on - trouble ensued.

I have experienced that rare coincidence that I bound a plane at the same time as another was doing his (indoors in a hall) and although both TX's claimed binding, neither of us had proper control.

A slightly different scenario may have been that the master was Nigels and the slave was the trainers and I can confirm that if, while wireless buddying, the slave is switched off then control properly goes to the master.

However when the slave is powered on again it will take control if the button or switch is re-activated (will not if defined switch is not re-activated) - found this out when newbie turned off slave TX by mistake...

Not sure how the master was setup but this is definitely one scenario where a 2nd TX can take over a plane.

I always change model OFF buddy model when finished to avoid this.

Skippy (sorry for War & Peace reply)

Thread: Aldi Bow Saw
15/05/2014 19:29:54

Got to agree with Kevin.

I made mine from 10mm plywood and mounted 50mm plastic wheels on the ends with the axle line the same as the wire.

2 appropriately profiled pieces spaced the same as the wheelbase and I found it easy to cut wing profiles as long as the wire was the right heat or the parts stuck together again.

One profile bigger than the other or change one wheel diameter and you get tapered wings as well.

Can't locate it after the recent move or I'd photograph it.


​sorry if it's sucking eggs time!!!

Thread: DX9 Owners thread
31/03/2014 19:20:28

As Colin C says, the DX9 has to be the master which is bound to the plane or the trainer function works backwards - the student giving control back to the instructor instead of the instructor taking control.

I also use the DX9 in wireless mode and also in Master Override mode which negates the need to hold any switch in - just move the sticks and you have control back.

I strongly recommend setting up the voice option to warn when control is moved around - the student hears this and knows what's going on as well.


Thread: Police turn a blind eye to lane hoggers
02/02/2014 19:43:00

Speedo speeds - The UK law is based on the EU standard, with some minor changes. A speedo must never show less than the actual speed, and must never show more than 110% of actual speed + 6.25mph. So if your true speed is 40mph, your speedo could legally be reading up to 50.25mph but never less than 40mph. Or to put it another way, if your speedo is reading 50mph, you won’t be doing more than 50mph but it’s possible you might actually only be travelling at 40mph and the speedo would still pass the regulations.

To ensure that they comply with the law and make sure that their speedometers are never showing less than true speed under any normal circumstances, car manufacturers will normally deliberately calibrate their speedos to read ‘high’ by a certain amount (normally about 4mph high at 70 for British market cars with MPH speedos).

As your satnav is not the designated device by which a car’s speed is measured, it does not need to incorporate any fudge factoring but is still subject to both positional and computational errors but should be well within 1% of true speed when travelling in a straight line with clear sky (no trees or buildings etc.) - going round corners would result in a lower speed calculation as the calculation is point to point and not total distance travelled.

Funny enough, the Satnav tends to be more accurate at high speed than low speed as the +/- 'X' metres positional accuracy is a smaller percentage of the distance travelled between calculations at high speed.


Thread: James May's Toy Stories
05/01/2014 17:59:49

Off topic but in defence of Top Gear...

TG is one of the BBC's most profitable franchises and is snapped up all over the world.

it's made for a specific audience who also don't know a camshaft from a crankshaft and are probably a generation or two younger than most model builders on here who do know how to clean the points and check the spark plug gaps on a ford cortina.

Horses for courses - I too don't watch it anymore and find the topics quite frankly, stupid but millions of people like it so keep making them and selling them worldwide and use the revenue to make 'proper' TV progs - my remote works just fine when it comes on.......


Thread: Had my first tree attack today!
28/12/2013 17:13:52

I've had similar problem with shock fliers many times but use a 2nd hand 11M roach pole with a large hook on the end and nylon kite string to lasso the plane and gently ease it out of the tree from a distance using a tent peg as the pole will not support the weight on its own but will guide it around the branches.

Paid about £15 at a boot sale for my pole but new ones are less than £30 on fleabay and they fit in boot fine.


Thread: What's up with UK HobbyKing website today?
28/12/2013 16:52:35

Same here but all the stuff is in my basket ready for when it does start working properly.


Thread: DX9 Owners thread
28/12/2013 16:48:49

Had a few flights now with the DX9 and it seems fine (as expected at this cost point!).

I also had the chance to put it up against my old DX8 and a wireless beam (see this thread) and although contact was lost, it seems to be regained faster with the DX9 than the DX8 - no scientific proof here but the same Zagi flown through the beam recovered faster with the DX9 - is this a result of the twin antennas I wonder?.

The set-ups from the Spektrum community have helped make the transition quicker as well.

Another thing I have found is that digital trims (buttons by side of sticks) and sub-trims are different from DX8 so cannot be transferred across when manually inputting models into DX9 - the DX9 seems to have finer trims even though the setting is identical but this will be easily sorted on first flights although I tend to change the servo pushrods to eliminate sub-trims so might have to do this again.

Still a very happy bunny.


26/12/2013 14:56:11

Well I've joined the the DX9'ers and updated voice and firmware to 1.02.

First impressions are very good but strangely the only RX's that have caused any hint of a problem are genuine Spektrum (NanoCPX & Visionaire) - they don't seem to bind first time with Romford Rosie stating 'Bind Failure' but they do bind in the end with Rosie announcing 'Telemetry' - neither have telemetry so maybe that or the AS3X is the problem.

Orange, Lemon and GC bind first time.

Now to gradually change settings across from DX8 and then I might try the wireless buddy with the kids next door.

Happy New Year


Thread: Joining a Club, how hard can it be?
16/11/2013 06:11:41
I must admit I was thinking more of NEW members and not existing members and didn't consider existing members taking advantage.
The clubs I've joined both have joining fees and have rules about having to re-join if membership lapses more than x months.
Can I withdraw my 2nding :-P
15/11/2013 16:12:30

I'll 2nd that proposal - we don't have to go pro-rata but a reduction 6 months thru the year would be most welcome I'm sure.


Thread: DX9 Owners thread
15/11/2013 10:13:02

Anyone care to comment on the range check of these?

Is it better i.e. further away, with the twin antennas especially as you can't 'tilt' the antenna like on previous TX's?

With Xmas coming I can't decide on DX9 or Lancaster!.


Thread: Shot down in the middle of nowhere....
15/11/2013 10:05:31

Before we all go off on a brand bashing contest, I purposely did not say which brand of radio I was using but I will add that the receiver is a cheap as chips GC one which is only for park flyers so may not have the best RFlink in the world - the post was more to inform you all that there is some gear coming into use which should be considered in the investigations of unexplained crashes - particularly when near to the ground such as on landing approach????.

I will certainly be adding a quick check using my phone before I fly somewhere I'm not used to.

I've checked availability of these in the UK and they are being sold in limited quantities by ebuyer including (according to comments) using a signal booster to increase range - possibly more spurious signals.........

Looking at images of the antenna and access point, they both have CE marks on so presumably are OK for sale and use - Joe Public would think so anyway.


14/11/2013 19:44:45

Please bear with me - all this needs telling or you won't believe it....
There I was taking advantage of a short spell of sunshine and low wind to fly my small 3D Yak about when I kept losing control in one particular area of sky (low down, not high up).
I stopped flying and decided to check the footie scores on my phone - imagine my surprise when the phone was indicating wireless access point available.
Why was I surprised?? Well I was down in the dunes at least 3/4 mile from the nearest houses or habitation so where was the signal coming from? nobody else was in sight for at least 250 metres so it could not be another phone.
As I walked back towards my car the signal disappeared but walk back 10 paces and it was full strength - confusing.
Curiosity got the better of me and I spent the next hour walking about like Mr Bean with phone held high backtracking the signal to find one of these attached to the outside of a cottage and it was pointing towards a sailing boat moored maybe a mile and a half or more away in the estuary.
Further investigations on the net have revealed that these routers and antennas are becoming popular to beam Internet from somewhere with good broadband to somewhere with poor or no broadband and they have a range of 50Km.
All I can say is that my Yak with 2.4GHz radio is being 'shot down' whenever I fly through the beam ( I think It's called swamping).

Just a heads up that technology is being used to expand WiFi without consideration to it's effects of other users and may just cause models to be shot down with no apparent reason.

Thread: How do I.......
11/11/2013 18:27:26

You learn something new every day - fascinating thumbs up

Thread: Disaster
08/11/2013 21:01:07

With respect to the place where this, and other models have experienced problems, is there any lighthouse or radar station within sight (not necessarily next door) or any weather station.

As I have mentioned on an old thread - I experienced problems in North Devon on beach when I flew through a microwave link between Instow and Lundy island some 8 miles away.

Just a thought and these dustbin antennas seem to be springing up everywhere.....

Also - was there a train going past at the time - a lot of trains now have wireless available which might (Ollie - come in here!) cause interference.

I know I can't fly my micro helli anywhere near my BT router without it going haywire.


Thread: My First and hopefully Last experience of been Burgled!
01/11/2013 20:01:58

Good post Daz, given me food for thought if the anything similar ever happened to me and I hope it's of help to Scott.


Thread: Absolute Beginner trying to build a UAV
29/10/2013 20:55:31

Ryan, despite some words of doom and gloom, IMHO you've done the right thing in asking experienced people for help - we all had to learn sometime and I'm sure you will get lots of help and advice including any appropriate safety tips along the way.

As Wolston Flyer says, the connections are pretty simple in theory but a bit more of an overview of size, configuration etc. might channel more detailed info your way.


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