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Thread: RAF Lettering Font
22/04/2020 10:53:47
Posted by Allan Bennett on 21/04/2020 13:37:26:

I'm having trouble getting the RAF_PW_ATH font to work: My PC uses up-to-date Windows 10, and I've downloaded the font, unzipped the files, right-clicked on the font file, and installed it. I can see it in the list of available fonts in the three programs I use most often -- MS Word, CorelDraw, and Silhouette Studio -- but it doesn't work properly in any of them.

In MS Word if I select the RAF font from the drop-down list, as soon as I start typing it reverts to Ariel. I can type first using the default font and then highlight it and select the RAF font from the list, and it then works, but if I edit or add to the text the new text is in Ariel.

In CorelDraw it shows up in the drop-down list of fonts but, if selected, does nothing when I start typing. In Silhouette Studio it reverts to Ariel font even though RAF_PW_ATH is selected in the drop-down list.

I'm wondering if perhaps I've installed a fake/clone/duff version of the font, so can someone give me a link to the version they used, please?


The one from the link I posted should be fine, I've been using it for quite some time on Windows 7 (32 bit) and am now using it on a new PC (I built it on January 13th, so it's just 3 months old) running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. You can also install the font from the preview of it (click on the .ttf file of the font you want and you will see the print & install options at top left)

I use it mainly in MS Paint and Open Office and it works fine in both of those. The trick is remembering to leave the caps lock off.





Edited By Mark Stevens 1 on 22/04/2020 10:55:26

Thread: Anyone still using a balsa stripper?
21/04/2020 04:18:42

I still have a Kavan one, had it almost 40 yrs now and it still gets used regularly.


Thread: RAF Lettering Font
21/04/2020 04:13:46
Posted by PeterF on 19/04/2020 22:50:43:

I have recently downloaded the RAF_PW_ATH font, although I can not remember from where or I would add a link, do a google search and you will find it. I installed it in Windows as it is a True Type font and you can then use it in Word or PowerPoint or other office software and choose whatever font size you need and print out from that as another option to using a CAD program.

That font and some useful others are still available. I have been using it quite a lot lately on my scale Heli builds as I print my own decals.

You can get it here, Just click where it says download and you'll get a zip file with all the shown fonts in it. Extract that and you can then install them as you see fit. Link

One word of caution, if you do use the RAF_PW_ATH font, make sure your Caps Lock is off or it won't work.


Thread: Benefits of the lockdown
04/04/2020 04:57:22
Posted by kevin b on 03/04/2020 18:05:43:

Anybody had a visit from the J*****s W******es recently, or M****ns ?


Edited By kevin b on 03/04/2020 18:07:18

Nope, even they are working from home now - so if you get an email titled - Ding Dong, Don't open it, it's from them

Mark :D

Thread: Hovercraft
21/03/2020 01:48:10

I remember that original SRN1 plan - I have it but not got around to building one yet.

It's still available - Link


Thread: FrSky Major Update for most TX and RX
21/03/2020 01:42:50
Posted by Andy Joyce on 20/03/2020 18:10:00:

Come to this update thread given I am losing faith in FRSKY equipment having had uncontrolled outputs on servos and drops outs in telemetry, Currently have FRSky OS 1.3.04 installed so should I download the latest files for my X10S or move to OpenTx?

Edited By Andy Joyce on 20/03/2020 18:11:11

Andy - If you check the link at the very start of the thread and read the notes section - The uncontrolled outputs on the servos is one of the issues that has been fixed in the update. So download it and it should be sorted.



Edited By Mark Stevens 1 on 21/03/2020 01:43:57

Thread: Tornado GR4 (150%)
19/03/2020 04:46:27

Often wondered what happened with this one but glad to see you are back at it and it's looking great so far. I'm looking forwards to seeing the finished product, I'm pretty sure it's going to be a stunner.


Thread: Vac Forming
19/03/2020 04:31:54
Posted by Dr. David on 16/03/2020 11:37:29:

Aha! I had forgotten about Votex, thank you everyone, I will give them a call.

I have tried the DIY route, and gone through too many sheets of clear PETG and still did not manage to get a decent result, so I will leave it to the professionals.

david ‹(•¿&bull

Flight....The art of missing the ground.


Yep, been there and done that many times, it is a technique that takes some getting used to but eventually does come good in the end (after a few mistakes of course)


Thread: Boulton Paul Balliol
05/03/2020 23:42:47

Interesting to note the many similarities between the B.P. Balliol and the Avro Athena


Thread: Probable scam?
05/03/2020 23:37:32

Update following the Panorama programme - the call centre owner has been arrested and is in custody


Now if they can catch the rest of them then that would be great


Thread: Boulton Paul Balliol
04/03/2020 02:55:03

Certainly a nice different subject and one that is rarely modelled, (Like a good few many others out there I suspect) This one reminds me of part Ju-87 Stuka but with the wings and tail feathers of the Percival Provost (which didn't come out until after this one)

There is plenty of info available on it though and still plastic kits available which I would certainly be using as reference material Link

There is also a very good thread here with some nice pics of the real thing Link

Some cross sections of the fuz on this link Link

And last but not least, Youtube will throw up some nice videos on this one 

Good luck.




Edited By Mark Stevens 1 on 04/03/2020 03:13:48

Thread: Bargain
18/02/2020 23:53:29

I was in Poundland the other day and spotted those clamps so picked some up. You can never have too many !!


Thread: Hi from me and my KK Fairey Gannet build
05/02/2020 23:46:46

Contra rotating rc electric motors are out there if you do a search and would probably compliment your model very nicely.

Here is one example I found, I'm sure there are cheaper ones out there.



Thread: Chinese suppliers
02/02/2020 03:33:03

I wish people would stop scare-mongering on these things, current death rate is around 300 out of a population of 1.386 BILLION people in China. Hardly anything to be worried about, Flu kills more than that in the UK and Europe every year.

The other thing is, a Virus is a very fragile living organism which requires a host and very specific conditions to survive, it can only survive for a very short time outside it's host before it dies.

So if someone in China with the virus was to sneeze on the packet of your order, be it air freight (extremely cold conditions in an aircraft cargo hold) or on the slow boat for 3 weeks or more shut in a container with no chance of infecting anyone, the Likelihood is that the virus will be long dead before your package reaches you.

Remember the panic over SARS and Bird didn't wipe us out either.

In the immortal words of Lance Corporal Jones in Dad's Army - Don't Panic !!


Thread: Cab anyone ID this model, please?...
01/02/2020 05:04:39

Hi Martin,

No problem and glad to be of help. Check out the tail dragger conversion on the RC forums, it certainly suits this plane well.


31/01/2020 16:39:52

For some reason I can't enlarge that pic but I can tell you what the plane is :

It's a Blackhorse Angel. You'll find plenty of pics and info on it if you do a search.

There is also a video here : Link


Thread: 20 years out of date !
28/01/2020 01:56:04

Made to loop and roll lol



Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
28/01/2020 01:36:41

For me, Yet another Scale Heli build but this time finally finishing a fuselage which I bought back in 1985.

This is one is a Bell 222 UT (Utility) as owned by Halo Aviation in South Africa and operated by Buthelezi EMS in the air ambulance role.

First pic is the model, not a lot left to do now, final fittings etc so not too far away from maiden. The 2nd pic is the real thing




Thread: Phoenix Flight Sim
28/01/2020 00:06:50

Hi All,

Just to answer a couple of queries, Firstly Phoenix will run quite happily on Windows 10 as I have reinstalled it on a new build computer last week - running Win 10 Pro. (The install and updates were very rapid too)

There is indeed a version 6.0i available, I found out much to my surprise when re-installing last week. I thought it had stopped at Version 5.5L when Horizon hobby decided to pull the plug but obviously not

If you want to reinstall - you can do it from here (This is where I did mine from). You will need your original usb dongle to use it though. You can still fly in online sessions too - there is a link on the page below



Thread: Das Ghosten Flugboot
15/11/2019 20:46:05

You didn't really need to go on ebay for the plan, you can get it free here - Link


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